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Amy's New Daddy

Amy was frightened as she entered the school’s front
office. She hadn’t done anything wrong and yet had been
called to the office during school announcements to
pick up a detention. What, she wondered, had she done
to get a detention. She often smart-mouthed teachers
but had always stopped when warned her behavior was out
of line. Had some teacher decided at last to give her a
detention without warning her?

It didn’t help that her home-life sucked. Her mother
and father had divorced 5 years earlier and she hadn’t
seen her father since. Amy’s mother had since taken to
da... Continue»
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Camping Trip

This was to be a really fun camping trip. My friends and I had it all planned out, but at the last minute many of them bailed out. So it was just me and two guys and two girls and our teacher, Sara Kerns. To make matters worse, we only had three tents, so two boys went in one tent, the girls went in another and Mrs. Kerns and I would share a small one. Now, I had known Mrs. Kerns forever. They lived next door to me as long as I could remember and now she was one of my high school teachers. She is an older lady, grayish brown hair and warm brown eyes. She looks much older than she is, wrinkl... Continue»
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College Matron Educates Young Men

Kathleen had been the matron for 4 years now at a private 13 to 18 boy’s school. The majority of the students were residential and it for her duty to supervise the dormitories each weekend. Unfortunately the school was in a remote part of Scotland and her isolation had virtually finished her social life.

At 38 it had been some years since she last had a sex life other than with her own hands or with items she could find to push inside her pussy. She had a comfortable figure, Kathleen had large sensitive breasts which she had to restrain with a substantial bra. During her regular mastu... Continue»
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Linda's Web of Seduction #2

So about ten years later, after having witnessed Linda fucking two black bulls, and after having fantasized over those images and sounds for nearly ten years, and even after having moved to another side of town, I was excitedly surprised to run into Linda at the store one afternoon. She was in the grocery store getting a few things and I was grabbing a six pack. We chatted like long time friends even though we had only limited interactions before, and Linda seemed genuinely excited to learn I wasn't married anymore. I learned that she was riding the bus (she had always rode the buses) so I off... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r in Law

I've always had a crush on my Wife's youngest s****r, Gina, which for the most part I've been able to hide. She has an amazing pair of tits and her ass stops traffic but unfortunately she knows it. As beautiful as she is she's real high maintenance and I actually feel sorry for her husband who takes a lot of crap from her. I've had a pleasant relationship with her but all that changed a couple of months ago.

One afternoon I was off of work and had the house to myself. I was working on e-mail in our office and decided to surf a little porn. I don't know why but I put my Bose headsets ... Continue»
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The Discrete Beach Exhibitionists

How far do you think you could go, I mean sexually and I mean right out in there in the public domain…how much do you think the people would tolerate regarding open but discrete sexual expression before the line was crossed…before someone would be offended, before it would just become a lewd exhibitionist act…before the cops or someone would intervene…well we had discussed this many times (Layla & I (Slowhand)) and decided to test the waters and explore the boundaries…push the envelope by engaging in a tasteful discrete sexual act in an adult public setting…Layla agreed to give me a handjob a... Continue»
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Sissy finds real man on bike ride

James had always had a secret bi side, he had a girlfriend but had never been with a man before.
He always fantasised about being used and abused by a real older man, someone that would use him as the sissy he was.

He'd had lots of offers online but never had the courage to actually arrange a meet.
James LOVED to secretly dress in women's underwear, he would wear his girlfriends panties almost everyday under his work trousers , he loved the thrill of knowing he was wearing them while in a room full of people , sometimes he would pull the waist band up higher than his trousers, it excite... Continue»
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Her hands on my face, my hands around her waist, and her cool lips pressed to mine.

It felt like a dream.

Let me start by saying that things like this do not happen to me. I hear and read stories about people getting ridiculously lucky, having their wildest fantasies fulfilled. It just doesn't happen to me though. I love my boyfriend and our relationship. He is my best friend and I'd do nearly anything to make him happy (within reason), but there is a split part of my mind that doesn't stay true to him. Half of me is all for dick and getting banged until I scream. The other half wanders ... Continue»
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Girls on Display

"Oh no, you can't have brunette-on-brunette," Jessie cut me off. "She needs to be a blond or a redhead." This conversation took place over the phone while I was at work, so I had to be cautious as to my choice of phrasing. Further complicating the matter was the fact that on just the other side of my office wall was my young, light-brown-haired employee whom I was just talking about, having suggested her to my other brunette friend over the phone as a potential partner in our escapades. What I thought was an a natural choice apparently didn't qualify, though.

Abby, my employee but friend lo... Continue»
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Well i can say this was an shock in woods run..

getting ready to head to the gym, so i decided to take run for a lil warm up. when i work out i dont wear underwear cause i sweat bad, so i wear black silky long shorts so they don't stick. i find this entrance in the brush so took it. pretty smooth but jump hear and there but no problem good for exercise, about a mile down there were stairs going down pretty steep i might say. I took my time down for cool down you might say. At the end were about knee high brush about half mile at least i a hill going up. I ran thru the thick brush and got to the hill, took a break it was thick.Good run cause... Continue»
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Pam Mark Hall

INTRO: If the intro looses you, sorry. This is a back story to put the times in context. In the days of analogue technology (i.e., records, cassettes, 8 Tracks), it was possible to eke out a living as a musician. People with a few hundred dollars could make a record, have a few hundred printed, placed in the trunk of a car and go on "Tour." Selling records as one went along. This was all in hopes of some large producer or radio station would notice the artist and the gravy train would start to roll.

Pam Mark Hall, at the time just Pam Mark was an eclectic recording artist
... Continue»
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An unexpected invitation

It seemed like a no-brainer: of course I accepted Tina's invitation to go with her on her short summer holiday, once I finally understood what it was that she was proposing! No matter how well you get on with your boss, it's always so disconcerting to be called in and be told to take a seat.

I was a junior payroll clerk, my salary reflecting my lowly position and the fact that I was still training. Meanwhile, my tendency to indulge my interests in and enjoyment of the theatre, films and dining out ensuring that, what with rent and the rest, I had almost nothing left of my mediocre pay packe... Continue»
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losing my virginity

I feel that I must share my first experience with you all, I was just 16 at the time and like most 16 year old guys I was constantly horny, I had always had a very flirty relationship with my stepmom who was very sexy and in fact it was her who gave me the talk about the birds and the bees, She was a brunette with the sexiest feet you could imagine they were so well kept and silky, We were talking about relationships one night when I plucked up the courage to tell her about my foot fetish she simply replied with "Ok well that's nothing to be ashamed about, its very kinky" I told her most girls... Continue»
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Pozed at the bookstore part 3

Part 3
I had never been fucked by more the one guy at a time and now I had just received my fourth load of cum up my fuck hole. All bareback. And even though I had been led to believe they had all been tested negative for HIV I was informed after the first load that they were all poz loads. And there were at least a dozen more poz infected cocks that we're going to breed my negative ass. I had just fucked a poz infected ass that was full of toxic poz cum and had shot what was probably going to be my last negative load.

As my softening dick slid out of the poz pit I had just fucked ... Continue»
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My first proper bi fuck

So this is about the first time I was properly fucked, I had been fucked once before but being my first time it wasn't that enjoyable....

I had arranged for a local guy I know to come over one day, I was just supposed to give him a blowjob as I had on a few occasions before, but this time I had on some sexy knickers. I opened the door to him in my red thong and a t shirt and lead him into the front room, He was sat on the sofa and I had put some porn on the TV to help with the mood. He unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled out his cock, he was clearly excited as it was growing rapidly in h... Continue»
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The Teachers Tale

DeleteThe Teachers Tale
It was a blessing, for once the staff room was empty and quiet. I was on a late lunch and had no more classes that day. Some marking for Friday then thankfully the weekend beckoned. The loud door knock dragged me out of my day dreaming, it could be a pupil or an ancillary staff member, no matter I called that they should come in. I recognised the voice immediately when she said "hello Sir might I speak with you", it was Harriet one of our six formers due to finish school the following day. Without a glance I asked her to come in and sit down. When did turn around I was... Continue»
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Velvet Crush's New John

“That’s my mom, that’s my grandmother and, of course, that’s me.” I said as I pointed out all three of us to my boyfriend, Anthony. We had been talking about my porn career and how I had gotten into the adult industry, so I showed him one the last films that I had shot with my mom and grandmother. It had been a huge orgy, bukkake film that we had shot together, each of us taking on 100 different Japanese men, whom our producer had gotten from our fan list posted on our online websites. They had volunteered to be in the shoot for a chance to fuck and cum on their favorite, extreme porn stars. A... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter



One Year Earlier…

“Is that all you’re gonna eat?” Franklin asked as his mother sat down with her plate of toast and a glass of juice.
“I already had some sausage,” she replied with a snicker as she bit into her toast.
They were both still naked and Franklin was still enthused with the whole situation. His mother wasn’t a supermodel by any means, but compared to all the mot... Continue»
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Cumming from just looking at a beautiful vagina

This may seem far-fetched, but I had the unique opportunity of putting a pet theory to the test. When I was a teenager and in college I often thought that given enough (or even a little) time I could ejaculate just by going down on a woman, assuming her vagina was attractive enough. And, let's face it, as a lifelong pussy lover, there have been very few vaginas that I didn't find aesthetically pleasing. Of course, invariably performing cunnilingus typically resulted in 69-ing, intercourse, or at least a token handjob. So the opportunity to test this theory was always (happily) interrupted ... Continue»
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Angie pays the price (or does she?)

Previously: ----
In just a few days during the summer holiday shutdown at the factory, Angie managed in a couple of sessions of sheer unadulterated a****l lust to, not just cheat on her husband Gary, but to contrive to have sex with four black studs and now she has to live with the consequences of her actions:

For the whole original story of Angie’s first story read:

That Tuesday evening was the worst in 34 year old Angie’s young life so far with her mind in a turmoil as she tried to come to terms with the consequences of fulfilling... Continue»
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