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Too many black dicks for mr

Too many black dicks for me

This time Victor and I had chosen again the warm and sunny Jamaican beaches to spend a nice week, far from the cold NYC winter.
Victor had rented a nice little cottage close to the beach.
On the first afternoon, after sunbathing during the morning, my loving husband told me he was going to a golf club that somebody had recommended.
I stood there relaxing, sunbathing a little more; reading a good book and enjoying the view of a black gardener working at the back yard. He was a young man with a huge bulge in his shorts that I would have shagged at the drop of ... Continue»
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Gabi’s trip to the sex shop – Part 5 of a True S

Monday – Gabi’s trip to the sex shop – Part 5

I was window shopping with my 45-year-old girlfriend Gabi after getting off the train. We slowly made our way into a side alley towards one off the sex shops.

‘Ever been to a sex shop?’ I ask Darling.

‘No, I told you before. I’m not sure if I’m that type of girl. I’ve been quite happy as I am without sex toys’ she replied

She was wearing her long winter coat, a skirt and a blouse. In her coat pocket were still her slip and bra, which she had removed in the train. (see Part 4) As we walked through the door we were greeted by a 30 some... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 4)

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 4)
by Claude van Feinbode

My knees were a little weak as Rachel walked out of the room. I realized that I was keeping my guest waiting and I quickly dressed in blue jeans, black button up shirt with French cuffs, jacket and comfortable shoes. I splashed some cologne and walked out of the master bedroom.

As I walked down the stair towards the main sitting room I heard Gina and Jenny talking while music was playing at a low volume. I smiled and marveled at how Gina had the ability to make anyone feel at home.

"Claude," Gina said. "Its a... Continue»
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Straight guy blow job

Im just like you. I wasn't even curious. I was the right amount of horny and d***k and was seduced by a guy. It wasn't any different than being with a woman. My advise though is to not talk and have the lights dim.

I have done it three times. The first was out of pure frustration. My wife stopped putting out i got frustrated and started to look for women on craigslist. Finally after several months or maybe a year, i did meet one girl but we had nowhere safe to go. I got a hand job in a parking lot, but that was it.

Every time i posted I got a ton of guys offering blow jobs. Finally, ... Continue»
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Better Licking Part 1

Oral sex is fine, Chris thinks, as long as he is the one getting. He definitely does not believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

He's always been that way, even before we were married-even when we were having raucous, no-holds-barred sex (well, obviously, almost no holds barred sex). Chris has always been up (so to speak) for any kind of sex, straight or kinky, except licking my clitoris. In fairness to him, he did sort of try it once or twice, half-heartedly and only for a few seconds. Then he dismissed it as "not his thing". (It wasn't his thing I was worried about; it wa... Continue»
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Tammy Goes Black After the Prom - Part II (Tammy&#

Tammy Goes Black After the Prom – Part II (Tammy's version)

My husband is a great guy and I love him very much. He uses his seven and a half inches pretty well so he's not too bad in bed. He's a good provider, husband, father to our daughter and he farms. We have sex sometimes once a week and most of the time he satisfies me unless I have something else on my mind. Sometimes when we would be having sex he would ask me if I would like to try a black cock and I would always tell him no. That I was fine without it, but I think he would have that on his mind while we were screwing because he wo... Continue»
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My third Bi-Encounter I Finally Taste Cum!

I wont bore you with going over the same waiting scenario of the next week, all i can say was the level of anticipation was even greater, and unlike the week before this time there were no doubts in my head about meeting him on saturday, now that id had felt, and tasted a cock, i knew even though in nthe future i wanted a relationship with a girl, i could see me always wanting to indulge in manfun, and although i craved for my first piece of pussy, i would always need some cock in my life.

The next Saturday dave was on his own in the pool, so i dived in and swam to the side of him, and be... Continue»
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131 Avis`s Birthday bash
Jon had treated me to a fine restaurant and bought me a beautiful antique cameo for my birthday, but said after dinner was through; he had one more surprise for me. He had made me dress in a black silk bustier with straps for my black hose and 6” stiletto heels, no panties; over which I wore a short black dress showing off my nice cleavage. On the way home he made a detour and I knew he had planned a meeting for me with at least someone else. We stopped at a nice home, walked to the front door and rang the bell. Opening it was a large black man and immediately ... Continue»
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Ja i cehinja-ja 19 ona 51 (me and czeczh mature-i

I tako ja u klubu u Zagrebu, prije par godina, ja sam tad imao 19 (bio sam razvijeniji u tijelu dosta,te sam djelovao starije,ali ona je znala koliko god imam,napaljena jako zenska), ona je rekla da ima 45 ali saznao sam poslije da ima 51, stojim za sankom i prilazi mi onako starija zenska i gleda u mene ko u zlatno tele.. Ja njoj kimnem i ona meni kimne, i pita me kao ''Mozes mi pricuvati torbicu?'' na engleskom, ja rekao nema problema, i ona otisla do wc-a i vraca se nakon par minuta i zahvali mi se sto sam joj pricuvao torbicu, i pocne ona pricu samnom, bezveze neke glupe stvari je pricala,... Continue»
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Breaking In....

I am not entirely proud of what I did, but put yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe you shall understand. See, I have been working overtime at the managerial aspects of my work lately, so my sl**p schedule is completely broken. But at least that night I am getting a nice, relaxing sl**p. It is the first one I had had for weeks, in fact. Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that I was rudely jolted out of sl**p by a sudden, loud crash coming from downstairs. Here is what happened that night.....

Hesitantly, at that moment, I gaze over at my alarm clock, barely mak... Continue»
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A b*****r's Debt ( Happy Birthday to Me)

Another Saturday I thought to myself as I settled down at my computer with my coffee. As had been my routine for the past few months, I opened up an in-private window and typed in my favorite porn site. As usual I searched for new videos of redhead teens, searching for one who would remind me April and the weekend that we had shared. I could never find just what I was looking for but still, the memory got me hard. I finally found a video of an old guy and a sweet young redhead with a passing resemblance to April, her tits were a little bigger but her face and shaved pussy were pretty close. Le... Continue»
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Double penetrated wife

This story is 100% factual and happened just as I'm telling it.

My wife fucks outside of our marriage. She has several regular guys that either come to our house or she will go to their place for sex. She always does this while I'm at work and I only get to hear about it afterwards.

One Saturday she and I where setting out by our pool having a few adult beverages when Eric ( one of her regulars ) came by. He and I talked very little but he and my wife talked quietly about something that wife apparently liked. And after several more drinks they became more open to what they where talking... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 3)

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 3)
by Claude van Feinbode

As Jenny and I drove towards Gina's home I noticed that the rain was becoming more intense. What rivaled that intensity was my acute awareness of Jenny sitting quietly next to me. I'm sure she was nervous about meeting my girlfriend. Many who meet Dr. Poldanz are intimidated by her reputation as a physician who happens to be a television celebrity. Some of the tabloids have given her nicknames like MD MILF or Doctor Madame. She thought they were hilarious and sometimes dressed very provocatively for her appearances ... Continue»
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The house slave 2 - fucked and soaked in piss

A sex event of this dimension will unique for a long time. Mistress Elisabeth had invited women from all over Germany: who wants to humiliate a slave boy, to use him sexually or to have fun at water sports, is welcome!
After only one day the maximum number of 50 participants had already been reached. Each of them paid for their respective interests and got a band, so that they could later assign faster.
There were young girls, who were hardly older than 18, up to ladies of mature age. Women with different bodies gathered together naked on the second floor of the villa. Only their faces were ... Continue»
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weekend fun

The weekend started with my wife and I having fun with a new girl we had met at the local lingerie store. Kathy was a fun young girl that had just started at the store and I found out she was a virgin and very inexperienced at sex or sexual stuff. She was 20 about 5” 120 lbs, shaved pussy and small tits.
Friday night we had introduced her to the world of crossdressing strap on sex with men, oral sex, pussy eating and I had taken her cherry and fucked her deep and filled her with cum. She loved it all so we decided to have her stay and we could continue with the lessons in sex. That night wh... Continue»
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It Began at the Doctor's Office Ch. 02

Leah knew that they needed groceries, but she was overcome with exhaustion. All she wanted to do was drive home and curl up in bed for an afternoon nap.

She parked in the garage and went in the house. Her son followed behind her.

Before heading upstairs, she wanted to touch base with her son. She needed to make sure he was able to deal with everything that happened that morning.

"I'm exhausted. Come on upstairs with me, honey, and let's talk things over quickly before I lay down."

He followed behind her to her bedroom. He remembered with a pang of guilt that her bedroom was planted... Continue»
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Wrong glory hole :(:(

Me (Faye) and my husband (Dave) regularly frequent the porn shop about 10 miles away and make use of the video booths in the back. We are both late 30's live in a nice house and have no k**s. Neither of us were to bothered about k**s so Dave had the snip a couple of weeks before our latest trip to the glory hole. This way we never have to use condoms anymore. Dave is average build with a decent size cock which satisfies my needs, I am tall slim and busty, natural blonde hair and completely shaved downstairs.

So on the Saturday night of our visit I happened to be in my fertile part of my cyc... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2) by Claude van Feinbod

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2)
by Claude van Feinbode

"Help me," Jenny said. She was crying silently.

"It's all right. Let me help you…." I said.

"Oh…god. I didn't want…I mean, what….your hands are cold."

"Yes. Let me help you stand." I said.

Jenny still had not noticed that her skirt was above her waist. The cold air in the room had made her cock smaller than when I saw it in the briefest of flashes when she toppled backwards in her chair. Now I got a good look and saw that she had no pubic hair. She took care of herself as meticulously as her long nails. If I ju... Continue»
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My First b**st

It was 9:30 am, and I had to go home to get some papers I’d left there. I entered quietly, because I didn’t want to wake Scott. Exactly why I didn’t want to wake him was a mystery to me: we had been dating for several months, and he’d moved in with me a couple of months back. He had been looking for a job since I’d known him (except for a short-term stint helping a friend out with his yard business), but he didn’t rise early enough to find one, it seemed to me. He assured me that these days, everything is done online, and he was really busting his ass to find work, but it was really hard since... Continue»
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My Wife Talks About her Night Out

Normally I waited up for my wife whenever she went out but I was really tired tonight and so got into bed early. Also, we had, had a fight before she left and so I wasn’t really in the mood for a d***ken ‘round 2’.

I was drifting off to sl**p when I heard a car pull up outside. I listened as the car door opened to reveal sounds of giggling. It was my wife returning later than I had expected. I was too tired to make an issue of it and so decided to pretend to be asl**p.

I heard her stumble into the house and eventually make her way upstairs. She came into the bedroom and slipped herself u... Continue»
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