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My ex's sexy text confession pt.2

He was about 5'9 a good 175lbs dread head . Pretty eyes ... Eye candy tbh . Me and him was talkin for a LIL minute a while back . He was cool asf pot head . Gentlemen . He was potential tbh until the night it happened ... Moving on........ We met on ig actually & talked damn near everyday for about 2 months . & we had never chilled fr fr like on some Dolo shit . It's always been a crowd so one night I was at home ( not alone ) and he called me . He said u tryna get out tonight ? I was like to do what ? He was like shit just smoke a blunt & chill I was like cool . My day had been some bullshit ... Continue»
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Turning Tables

30 January 2012

I was definitely not the brightest student in the level, but it really doesn’t matter today. It was the first day of orientation and there I was standing at the front of the parade square – with a pretty hot girl next to me.

She was dressed in her white PE tee and black FBT shorts, showing off her slightly tanned skin. Her sleeves were rolled up in the morning heat as she held up the plastic placard telling everyone in OG3 to come our way. Her long legs were simply irresistible and I found myself staring at them.

Students wearing all sorts of secondary school uniforms ... Continue»
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The Sub

I had a long week of dealing with short tempered people and was looking forward to going out with this gorgeous woman that had moved into my neighbor hood a couple of weeks ago, she seemed to be a bit of brat but I figured what the heck right it was a chance to get to know someone new, we had met at the local coffee shop a few days before .

I had bought my coffee and was walking out as she was placing her order the person she was with seemed to be a bit confused about her sudden change of attitude she appeared to act as though this person owed her something and this guy looked her over and ... Continue»
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The Contractors Jizz hit the floor!

So..yeah.. I guess you could say I was a touch pissed. The sub-contractor tiling our downstairs shower gave me his final bill and it was $400 more than he told me on Monday. I know what I'm paying him hourly and there is no way in hell that he worked those extra hours. I called him last night and asked that he get here a few minutes early today so we could do the final walk around and talk about that extra $400.

He showed up this morning about 6:45 and we inspected his work. It's a solid A-. I wasn't going to let him leave with his stuff until we covered what that extra money was about.... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [4]

Stella loves how hot wet and wanton Saskia gets from her continuing confessions of how she became my sexy sub.
Saskia was as surprised how her shy try to seduce me suddenly turned sour. And how her first ever spanking went.
Stella sighs, as she realises how her confession of submission to me is hard to explain to any newbee in this realm.
Saskia tries to help her to tell her many more dirty details of sudden surrender to become a shere submissive slut.

Stella secretly thinks back at the moment I finally succeeded at breaking into her backdoor, her best guarded so far.
Saskia... Continue»
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Young bottom fucked by old store owner part 2

This is a continuation story. I had successfully seduced a older store owner into fucking my ass in the back of his store. Since then i kept day dreaming and flashing back to that moment. I remember the fear and excitement. I remember his hard cock in my mouth and ass. But most of all the feeling of his cum load shooting deep into my hole. That day when i went home i remember stripping naked in front of the mirror looking back at my ass admiring my figure and comprehending what i had done. I spread my hole to take a look. It was slightly wet still and a little red. I couldn't help but think ab... Continue»
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Whipped for Cheating on My Sugar Daddy

My forty-two year old Master is very good to me, not only is he my lover but is also my “Sugar Daddy” he gave me a job and a car, I want for nothing. I am his total slave, he can fuck me and I will suck his cock whenever and where ever he wants. At home, in his office and in his limo. My ass is always his, sometimes as often as four times a day. The problem is sometimes when Don leaves town I see the opportunity to have a “younger” college age man like myself.

I usually go a party and pick up a guy for a one night stand. I tell my new partner I am into BDSM and enjoy being the recipient ... Continue»
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Nurse and the UPS Driver

I have been sucking our UPS man Calvin’s cock for several weeks now. I am a Nurse at a Doctor’s office and have to stay after work to wait for late arriving UPS packages. This gives me the opportunity to suck good old Calvin’s 10 inch black cock. As a bored 38 year old divorced mother of two sucking Calvin’s cock had become the highlight of my week. I even let him cum all over my face or shoot his huge load down my throat. I had never swallowed before for any man and at first I felt like such a slut gulping down his thick creamy sperm. It tasted a little like bleach with a little salt in it,... Continue»
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So, I started seeing this girl in my 20s and she was hot and wild in the bed. She was hot tall nice ass great breast stunning in the face, and did i mention a freak in the bed. I noticed early on that she was very dominate in the bed, she was always in charge of the positions and how often. But that didn't matter it was nearly daily.
She kept her pussy shaved and had her clit pierced she only wore sexy panties and bras no granny panties or boring bras colors bright pinks and purples were all she had. she loved to dance around for me and and put on shows, she was great. So as ususal we were ... Continue»
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My wife's first time surprise

My wife’s first time surprise
Author: Chris Christopher
All rights reserved!

Background: This is a true story from way back when my wife and I were totally monogamous. Years before this happened, when we were married, she was that rarest of things – a virgin.
It all happened so fast. We didn’t really plan it. In a way, I wished we had planned it. Then the excitement could have lasted a lot longer.

So what am I talking about, you might ask? Well, this is the true story of the first time my wife and I ended up in bed with another couple.

We had planned t... Continue»
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Britney First Time !!!

Kentwood Louisiana USA 1999

Britney was in a good spirits as although it was a schooldays it was her 16th birthday and her step dad Denny had promised her a present to remember she was halfway to school when her stepdad pulled up alongside her in his car. Come on Jen get in you can skip school today your present won’t wait but not a word to your mum, ok Denny she agreed and got in her small skirt rising up to an almost indecent height as she sat and put on the safety belt and the car drove off.

The car came to a standstill on a car park in front of a warehouse building Denny said right l... Continue»
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Sex Survey: Females Firsts [1]

I invite all my fine female dear readers to respond to this sweet sexy survey of their first time erotic experiences.
I take my inspiration from a very successfull short blog, in terms of the ever growing number of responses it gets.
I try to be a bit more precise in my private intimate inquiry, stating several sets of questions related to this subject.
I hotly hope we will get to read loads of cunning comments from warm women wanting to share some sexy secrets!

I often wonder how much women differ in erotic experiences, some start early, lots of them sometime in their teens.
I... Continue»
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My First On-Line Meeting #5

I wake up naked next to her. For a second I didn't even know where I was. Entangled in her. We were wet because of the morning dew. I look around... we sl**p on the terrace. The sun was up... probably around 10am. Her hand never left my dick. She was caressing it, slowly, like in between dreams. I started to get hard... come back to sl**p she said... mmm, like if it was that easy with her touching me... so she open her eyes and look at me... thirsty... and her tongue found the way inside my foreskin... oh how I love that... a couple of minutes later my cock was like a rock... but she kept play... Continue»
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Jon, Jerry and I went back into the living room to relax after my episode with Jerry. Sitting on the sofa next to Jon, he asked me “Did you like your little surprise?”. “Oh yes dear” I started, “It was fantastic”. Leaning over, Jon kissed me gently, “You want to be with him don’t you baby?” he asked as he backed off a bit. “Yes” I could only answer. With that Jon got up, went over to Jerry and motioned him to go over and sit next to me. Jerry came over and as he sat down, I rose up and once he was settled, I laid across his lap so that I was facing him. “You w... Continue»
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my friend - part 8

My friend 8 - Doctor (part 1)

With DIY, one's body takes the knocks and sooner or later one has to visit the doctor. Today was no different. the bathroom renovation came to end on a happy note and with break away a few days away, I decided to have a check up before I left.

I checked in with secretary before being told to take a seat. As I sat there my thoughts drifted to how drab this place is, grey with posters of meds or body anatomy on the walls. Oh God, even the magazines, who wants to read about some tablet that no man can understand.

I sat there bored and falling sl**p. Parts of... Continue»
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Jade and Tamsin Part 1: The Seduction

Jade was lying on her bed, worrying again about her best friend Tamsin who'd been down recently. Having been together for 5 years since they were in their early teens, Tamsin's long term boyfriend, Mike, had split up with her a few months back. She'd done everything she could could keep him happy over the years, never looking at other guys, pleasing him in bed, and keeping her body in good shape. She'd even had a boob job for her 18th birthday, taking her from an A cup up to a perky and full D, but ironically this was what caused Mike to split with her, with him saying he'd always loved her bo... Continue»
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Caught Bonking the Mrs by her Mom.

Caught Bonking the Mrs by her Mom.

I’m Dave (28) my wife Jo is the girl next-door type (26) brunette, 36B tits, long legs, pussy with a small landing strip and an attractive face. I married her some may 8 years ago. She loves sex and, comparing her with my earlier experiences, she is fantastic in bed or anywhere else. Her parents John (59) and Samantha (46); John is something in banking and only has time for spread sheets. Samantha is an older version of my wife but doesn’t have time for me or anyone who earns less than her husband. I have taken the hint and avoid them whenever I can but C... Continue»
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Mr. A watches wife cheating with BBC.

After making it to work I found out I wasn't needed and headed home to spend the night with my wife. As I was driving down my street I noticed a beautiful black Lexus parked in my driveway. I had no idea what to expect as I quietly opened the front door. Instantly I realized what was happening. The sound of my wife moaning and screaming filled the whole house. I took a moment to listen to the sounds of passion my beautiful wife was letting out before I silently made my way upstairs. As I made it to the top of the stairs I paused and heard the incredibly nasty comments she was making between mo... Continue»
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Latest story of the mother in law

This happened last week I was home working from my office and wondering about her since I have not mess around with her in long time.All I could think about was her big boobs and the last time we did it which was like month half ago.The last time was good one she stop by to drop off some homemade pies for us as I came out of my office she was in the kitchen and I just stop and look at her god she was hot with her sun glasses on and yoga pants and she had zip up long sleeve shirt that look like a spandex bra because they looked huge I could see little peak of her nipple through the long sleeve ... Continue»
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first cock suck

I'm married, but I was curious about what it would be like to suck a cock. So I placed an ad. After screening through all the replies and exchanging some pics and very hot and naughty emails, I met this married man at his house while his wife was away. We were both kind of nervous, but I had told him about what turned me on. So we went into his bedroom and he took off his pants, exposing his cock, which was already starting to stiffen, and asked me to take off my pants too. I was a bit unsure about how to start, so he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed down a bit, and said, "Be a good ... Continue»
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