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First Time

I was working with this guy in a night club, he was friendly we got on well together. After some time he invited me to dinner at his place, lots of good booze and food. Well I accepted, great night, great food and much wine with coffee and cognacs after. I was going to leave and he said you have had a bit to drink why not stay the night? I said so you have a spare room, he said no but a king size bed and I promise I wont bight. So we took of our clothes and I hopped into bed in my jocks.

The lights went out but I had this tingling feeling, couldn't settle, feeling what if he touches me, fe... Continue»
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if you read my blog on my profile , you can see my background into how i got into the porn shop business..
i thought it might be fun to share some of my personal stories: things that i have seen & done while working at the many different porn stores across my city. this is one of my many experiences that i will never forget

ill just name it.. my porn shop confessionals =)

i worked at this particular porn store from 2006 - 2010. usually porn stores are very hidden. usually they are in some abstract location where privacy is held to its highest... Continue»
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A Lesson For A Cuck.

Here I am sitting in this room next to my beautiful and lovely wife. I still don't know what this is all about or why we are here as I sit in this strange large room with other couples waiting. It's almost as if we are all in a doctors office as one couple gets called into a specific room ever 15 minutes or so. "Honey, why are we here?" I ask. "Stop nagging me with dumb questions darling, just wait and see!" she strikes back. It's a bit cold in this room, but yet she is wearing a mini skirt with heels on, plus a shirt that shows off her tight stomach. Most of the women in the room are wearing ... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation: Pt. Seven "Triple Frott

For the next hour or so we sat on the couch playing video games. We were still completely naked and enjoying every minute of it. As we took our turns the other two would try to distract the one playing by grabbing his cock or tickling his balls. It was so much fun, being totally relaxed and letting whatever happened, happen. It wasn't long before the three of us were becoming to horny to focus on anything other than our cocks.

We got up from the couch and made a circle on the floor facing one another, our three fantastic cocks only inches apart. Slowly we moved our hips forward forcing the ... Continue»
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A Vigorous Workout

John parked his car in the gym parking lot and climbed out. He looked around the lot and then made his way inside. He greeted the woman at the desk and showed his ID. John was white, in his late thirties, and kept himself fit. He stood over six feet tall and had dark brown hair and eyes. He ticked his head at a few of the regulars he saw almost every day and they returned the gesture. He walked into the fitness center, where all the cardio machines, free weights, and other exercise machines were located. It was sparsely populated since the facility would close soon.

John spotted his ... Continue»
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Business Trip

Tom’s phone rang at the end of the day, just as he was packing up to leave from his office in northern New Jersey. He sighed and picked up the phone. It was his boss, telling him that he was needed in the Boston office first thing on Monday. It was Thursday. His boss also told him that he would be traveling with his colleague, Tessa. Tom smiled when he heard that news. Tessa was a very attractive woman who worked in another department and the two of them had a little flirtatious friendship. Both of them were married, but Tom’s relationship with his wife was a trainwreck of co-dependency... Continue»
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Slacking Off

Kelly rolled out of her bed and looked at the clock. “Oh no,” she gasped. “I’m going to be late again!” She then waved her hand at the clock and chuckled to herself. “She’ll never know. I’ll just go in the side entrance, just like the last ten times I went in late.”

She took her time getting ready. Fussing with her hair in several different styles. Then she opened up her laptop and watched a couple dozen silly cat videos. She watched one in particular several times of that Japanese cat Maro trying to squish himself into a tiny little box again. She looked at the time and finally de... Continue»
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Working Late

While sitting at his desk, Jack’s IM window opened. It was a message from Priya, one of his coworkers who needed his assistance.

Priya: Hey, when is this report going to be completed?

Jack: Let me look it up. What is the report number?

Priya: 35603.

Jack: Next week.

Priya: Ok, great. I have a bunch more questions if you don’t mind.

Jack: Not at all. Why don’t I come to your office. it will make it easier.

Priya: Really? That would be great. :)

Jack grinned as he packed up his computer and headed over to Priya’s office. He always looked forward to seeing her as... Continue»
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A holiday of firsts

Not long after the events mentioned in the previous story, my sweety and I found ourselves heading into Germany for a well-deserved, and more importantly, nice and private vacation near the beach. The idea of having that small brown canvas love nest to ourselves for slightly over three weeks was almost unfathomable. Next to already being a couple of permanently horny adolescents, the prospect of having the other to ourselves for almost a month had kicked things into high gear to say the least. Hardly being able to keep our hands off each other was one thing, but as we sat at her parents breakf... Continue»
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Transformed Into A Shemale

crossdresser – leather – virgin – shemale – lingerie – thrusts deeply – clad cock – tight denim

I was 18 when I first had sex with a man. This is the story....

I am a very hot looking guy. I say that knowing that some may consider me vain, or arrogant, but over the years I have had so many women and men tell me how fine I am, that I know it is true. I am 35, blond and blue eyed, 6'1," 180lbs, with a tan athletic body and a 7" beautiful cock. I have been dressing up as a sexy girl ever since I was 18 years old and had my first experience with a man. The following is how it all star... Continue»
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Curious WM 30 Ch. 05

oral – anal – cum slut – cream pie – cfnm

I sat in my car trembling with excitement. I wanted to stroke myself but Angela had ordered me not to cum. She wanted me to save my cum for tomorrow! Tomorrow would be one week since I met Phil; one week since I first sucked his cock and started down the road to becoming their slut. I wanted to jack-off but Angela wanted me to wait.

My fingers idly touched my mouth and felt the cum that was still on my lips and chin. Angela had let me leave their office with Phil's cum on my face! I looked for a tissue but I didn't have any so I tried to r... Continue»
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shy wife

For our first wedding anniversary I took my wife on holiday to Greece to enjoy the beautiful weather and relax on the beach.
There was a huge shortage of beds on the beach but on the second day an older local approached us as we searched for one in vain, introduced himself as Eli and said that he had a house further up the beach and could give us a couple of beds if we liked.
We gladly took him up on his generous offer and accompanied him along the beach. As we chatted I could see him checking out the topless girls tanning their breasts.
His house fronted onto the beach behind the wal... Continue»
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Rose, my slutty neighbor, part 2

After the horny “voyeur” action I had with my neighbor Rose I didn’t see her for a long time. Winter had arrived and I went to the house for a weekend to check that everything was OK! My wife was visiting some friends so I went alone.

When I arrived to the house I had to take away a lot of snow which is very heavy work for an office rat like me. Finally it was done and I went inside and made myself comfortable in the sofa preparing myself for a relaxing weekend. I had poured myself a drink and was reading a book when the phone rang. It was Rose. She asked me if I could come over to her hou... Continue»
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I arrived at my friend’s apartment unannounced, late and half dronk. I’d been drinking and after starting to drive home decided I’d better not. Bob’s apartment was in a direct line from where I was to my own place so I stopped to crash on his sofa. I knew where he kept a spare key so I let myself in quietly then settled down to get some sleeep in his front room.

I didn’t even know if he was home but it didn’t matter, wouldn’t be the first time he came in and found me in his living-room. After I kicked my shoes off and stretched out I began to listen to the night aroun... Continue»
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Best Friends with Benefits

Best Friends with Benefits

When I was fifteen my buddy and I started to watch porn together. And quite regularly. At first we would just watch and laugh or comment, and poking fun at those straight actors - actors who would appear in the film but never got naked – as they could only watch the action going on right in front of them.

Time went on and it became more frequent and once in a while I or he would bring a movie over with good sex scenes. Actual good scenes. Great scenes, in fact. We did this so frequently that we became very comfortable with one another and even eve... Continue»
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My shy steam room adventure

hi sorry guys/girls for the long wait this was last week and felt so compelled to right up as much as i remember enjoy :)

It was a stressful day. My first time travelling for work. It was 10:30pm already and I had just got back to my hotel room after a day at the client followed by a dinner with my workmates. My light blue suit was feeling uncomfortable and tight. I needed some time for myself to bath, watch TV, just unwind and not thinking about work.

I placed the laptop on the desk, took out a mineral water from the bar fridge, turned on the bedside lamp and as I got up to go and turn... Continue»
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Horny Memories

During the early years of the 1990's I was fortunate to land on my feet after a rather disastrous few years of the previous decade. Due to work travel commitments I had to move to the north side of our city. I answered an add for house share accomodation- 'guy or girl wanted to share three room house, Brisbane North'. I spoke to one of the current housemates there and after some talk he suggested I come look at the place.
I loved the place even before I went inside. It was of an old colonial style, these days fetching quite a lot in today's market and had bay windows, large bbq area out the ... Continue»
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Vanessa and the Girl Next Door

Vanessa and the Girl Next Door

I’m five feet eight, slim, a little too slim in the breast department for my own liking but I hadn’t had any complaints. My eyes are brown as is my hair which is cut short. I live in my own house and have done ever since my divorce ten years ago. I’ve had a couple of flings but nothing too serious.

About nine years ago a nice couple moved in next door. They had a teenage daughter called Julie and one night she knocked on my door saying she had forgotten her keys and could she come in for a while to wait for her mum to come home. I said yes an... Continue»
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Couldn't cum with shaved gal, came hard with

When I was in college in the late 1990's, pussy shaving, at least as far as I had noticed, had first become an 'in' thing for females to do. I had hooked up with some of these 'pioneers,' and while I never preferred them to their full bushed counterparts, I was able to perform. My junior year I lived at a popular college apartment building. Kind of like Melrose Place, where the guys and gals all got to know one another and there was a lot of messing around. One night, I got together with a gal on my floor, Carrie. She was cute and though she was technically older than me by about 4 month... Continue»
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My hook ups with a sexy SSBBW

This is a true story of my multiple hook ups with a sexy ssbbw.

I met a super sexy SSBBW girl on a dating site named Kelly and we started chatting. I love big girls and she had a beautiful voluptuous body with long red hair and I instantly had the hots for her. She had nice big tits, a big sexy belly with soft rolls that made my cock turn rock hard thinking about running my hands up and down her body while squeezing and licking those rolls. Her thighs were so thick and soft, which drove me crazy thinking about spreading her juicy thighs apart and wedging my hips in between them to g... Continue»
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