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my true first time

The following story is 100% true. I have changed the names etc for obvious reasons.
This is the story of my first cock experience. It happened when i was s*******n. Living in rural england my mates and i would all hang out and we would make hang outs. Sometimes an empty garage sometimes a self made hut in the local woods. They were just places to hang out, meet up, and get high at. There was about eight of us. We wernt a gang or any of that shit. We were just all around the same age and into the same thing. So anyways. One day after college i went to our base to see if ne one was about. I ar... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 4

While some will want to know what happened to Part 3, reading my comment at the bottom of Parts 2 and 3 should explain this. It is MY error for mis-labeling that is the problem. My apologies for this error.

I reported for my briefing the morning after my WILD first night with Kim, Wanh, and Nigel. It went almost exactly as I had anticipated, except I spent more time in the Colonel's office playing " Do you remember so-and-so, or when________ happened?" It was a good two hour visit with an officer I both liked, and HIGHLY respected. We had the Sergeant Major wiping tears of laughter sev... Continue»
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Tranny Night Out

Tranny Night Out and One Kinky Session
Guess I should start by explaining myself, as a young guy I always knew I was not the same as a lot
of my friends and enemies for that matter, girls had no interest in me at all apart from ones who were
long term friends.
I knew something was wrong but never worked out what it was till one evening whilst dating a girl
named Becky I had met on an online dating service who seemed to accept me for who I am.
We had been dating for 3 months or so and I always loved the feel of her stocking clad legs and
seeing her in sexy lingerie, but I secretly was al... Continue»
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Physical Education

Amelia was 18 and following an over zealous tackle with a hockey stick had been getting a strict talking too by the head. She had then to go and get cleaned up before heading back on the bus, she didn't want muddy legs and a short skirt just wasn't cool.
She put down her bag, undressed and got in showers, after that long telling off the other girls had long gone.
Max was the male pe teacher late 20,s fit and doing his last rounds before heading home. "bl**dy hell, they've left the shower on, he entered the changing room and noticed clothes all set aside curiously he explored carefully and no... Continue»
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Hot Day in the Lakes

In 1995 I was dating a girl who found it very hard to keep her clothes on, at every opportunity she was keen to lose all inhibitions and take off her clothes. We had been staying at various b&b's around the Lake District touring around seeing the sights, and to be honest having loads of sex.
it had been red hot and this girl like I said wore very little, the smallest shorts long legs and fantastic body. We had been driving up the West Bank of thirlmere lake and we spotted a lay by overlooking the lake and to the right a partway down to the lakes edge, we took a couple of drinks and headed for... Continue»
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Tiny Tim

(MF, size, huml)

Hi, my name is Tim. Last year I turned 57, I'm divorced and c***dless and I've actually had sex exactly 57 times in my entire life, one day for every year of my life.

I have a small problem, my dick is only two inches long when fully erect and not even an inch when flaccid. Needless to say, it's pretty hard to satisfy a woman with equipment my size.

Yes I was married, but she was a religious woman and we didn't have premarital sex of any kind until our wedding night. You can imagine w... Continue»
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Busty Young Teacher Gives Private Lessons

Busty Young Teacher Gives Private Lessons

By billy69boy

Life was good, mused Diane, as she left the fertility clinic and headed to school. She was excited at the prospect of adopting twin 16 month old b*****rs, even though she was aware that they were going to be a handful. She had to give her husband Terry all the credit, though. After suffering the heartbreak of finding out they couldn't conceive a c***d of their own, it was Terry who suggested they adopt. She didn't mind her frequent early morning trips to the clinic to receive her hormone injections, so she could produce mother'... Continue»
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Train foreplay

Waiting at the train station I was hoping janney was going to make it, the train arriving into the station and no sign, then she showed looking exactly as I had asked, heels stockings and mac.
Only question now was what was underneath?
Needn't worry a quick flash down her top told me everything I needed to know :)
Janney was naked all except those black ruffle pants she showed me in those photos.

We boarded the train and unfortunately standing room only, so as we stood I discussed a repeat performance of our hotel meet but this time a bit more upmarket and with a few whistles and bel... Continue»
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My first Blinddate

I got here at xHamster meets a young asian woman. Her profile and photos have convinced me immediately. Wow - what dochist for a sexy and hot wife Adele. I wrote to them and found them very personable, friendly and funny as it was. For me fits with Adele all coming together: It looks good, is warm, friendly, and did so, even humor. On just such a woman, I'm all about, it was just my type :))

Without hesitation I packed my bags and flew to England to Adele. I had never previously married to a "blind date". But with Adele I gathered all my courage, and we knew each other already from some of... Continue»
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My wife and I, our early life....

I have another story on here, but this starts much early. While not 'high school sweethearts' my wife and I got together at a young age. we were married not to long after that, I was 21, she was 20. This isn't maybe a hardcore sex story, although sex is certainly invloved, its about two young people in love, bonding over our situation. Her parents, my parents thought we were both crazy for marrying so young, but we didnt. I had a job with our local gas company and she was a secretrary at a law firm. We made ok money for two young k**s but knew things would change,

5 months after we were mar... Continue»
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A great day at the beach

It was a very warm day and I decided to go to the beach and try to catch some sun and maybe look at some tits if I was lucky.
I was feeling a little frisky and decided to just bring my thong swimwear, meaning I would have to wear it or go naked. Don't worry. I was going to a nudist area. I didn't want to scare anyone!
As I got out to the rocks down by the water's edge I was getting a little nervous. Nervous and excited! On the one hand, I regretted bringing my thong, but on the other I was getting very horny from my own boldness.
I pulled off my t-shirt, my shoes and my shorts. Then I looke... Continue»
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The Contract Meeting Part Two

She slid the contract from the envelope. Into plain site it came with the words 'Contract of submission' in a bold font at the top. She read, every now and then a smirk appeared on her face and occasionally she raised an eyebrow! She read up to the appendix and said that it all appeared to be acceptable. Now read the rest I said! the appendix contained the hard and soft rules.

I had written it at the far end of the spectrum, no holds barred, anything goes! I was pleasantly surprised when the only thing she wanted changing was the reference to fisting! I said that I would rewrite the sect... Continue»
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I had a story written for me! *squeal!*

Thank you Aug18 for this amazing story! It made my panties pretty wet reading this!!

Smiling.....british guys make you a little moist

Lying you down on the bed, I slowly peel down your black lacy knickers, the sweet smell of your wetness fills my nostrils as you feel my breath over the short hairs of your cunt.

"Lick me", you lips touch you inner thigh, I glance up and smile.."Where?" I reply and before you can answer my tongue runs the length of your slit....before resting on your clit.

Your sighs say it all as you feel my tongue go to work on your pussy, fl... Continue»
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wifes younger lover

We had just returned to the area to live having been away for several years, my wife Sue had arranged to meet a long term female friend for lunch in a local pub., I dropped her off she was going to ring me when ready to be collected. She as usual looked fantastic although 56 years old she exercises every day is size 8 -10 with a gorgeous figure, she always turned heads.
She rang me about 4pm from her mobile for collection, whilst on the phone I heard a male voice speak to her, I asked what was going on, she said a guy had just said she looked lovely and goodbye as he was obviously about to le... Continue»
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And Jane came too

And Jane came too

Judy and I had often spoken about a lady joining us as she had now seen john with another man she felt it was time to let john see her with a woman, I had often spoken about Jane she was a close friend of mine, who knew I was seeing a married couple but that was all although I was pretty sure she had worked out that we all played together. Jane had never asked any questions but I had the idea that she was up for some fun, one afternoon as I stood in the bathroom watching Judy masturbate in the shower I asked if we could all meet for a drink, I think she came as soon as I m... Continue»
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dinner with Martha

officer who worked the city. worked a predominately black area for few years. had dinner at local church and from there had invites to homes. I would visit the homes as invited at dinner time. One such invite was Martha. She was widow woman who had c***dren older than me. But she cooked good food and just tired of no one to cook for. Martha and I talked about her life and mine. I looked at pictures I thought was her daughter, NO that's me. I was 26 and had 2 c***dren by that time.
She still looked good but well hidden by the dresses she wore. Song came on the radio and she ask me if I would ... Continue»
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Dominated by a married guy!

If you have read my previous posts you'll know that I'm a big cock crazy man-whore. I'm thirty years old and I've been a cock slut since I was 12 and been taking it up my ass since I was 17. So I've had my share of cock. And from the beginning I've been a submissive bitch. I like the whole thing of being abused by a superior man. Call me a whore, slap and spank my chubby ass and humiliate me for my tiny 3 inch dicklett!

Initially it was my mouth that served as a willing pussy. First for my neighbour and then for virtually all the guys from my class from ninth to twelfth grade. Drinking cum... Continue»
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First Bi experience!!

Whats up yall, if you read my profile youll know im bi...well this is how it happened.The STory is long but its oh so worth it!!!! I went away to college and it happened around 2 years ago. My roommates went home for the weekend and i decided to stay because the girl i had a crush on was going to a party. Her name was Stacy she was an inch shorter than long legs C-cup blonde and an ass like a nectarine. She knew i had a crush on her and was such a tease about it. We went to the party together and to my surprise she was all over me, we were hooking up and was rubbing my cock over my jeans it wa... Continue»
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Sexy weekend alone...

I had worked hard all week and kept my hands off myself after work. I got off work at 11pm and went home and went to bed. I slept well and woke up without an alarm clock after 10 hours of sl**p. I made coffee and pored a cup while I ran a hot bath. I like taking sweet, soapy baths. I listened to classical music and soaked until I heard rain began pouring on top of my metal roof so I turned off the radio and listened.
I shaved down like I do when I have the time. Everything except my legs and arms.I do shave my legs sometimes in the winter if I know no one will see them. My legs... Continue»
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Threads: The Island

Edwin looked at the pile of paperwork on his desk and rubbed at his eyes. It had been a really long day, and only midway through what was bound to be a long week. It had begun with his friend Danny's death two days ago, and since then the Island had been a hive of activity getting things prepared.

In a couple of days time Danny's c***dren would arrive on the Island, having just found out that they were triplets given up for adoption, and they'd be meeting here for the very first time. On top of that he had a burial... Continue»
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