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CFNM with complete stranger

Ok thank for the comments on my first CFNM experience. I know that it was for a gf and that some consider not a stranger, so here's one with a complete stranger. I had just moved into a new apartment community. It was a combination of town homes, condos, and apartments. I was lucky and got a place in one of the two eights story towers. The community also had a convenient store, a bar (that served food), 3 ski hills, 4 lakes with boating and sailing and a 60 team sand volleyball league. It had only two entrances, so once you were home you felt like you were at a resort. Well getting on a team w... Continue»
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Asian Wife Satisfies

I am married to a wonderful, sexy Asian woman. She is a total babe, always getting hit on by other men. She is the perfect submissive Asian type, petite, ivory white skin, long black hair, a beautiful face, very Asian features. Lynn, my wife, and I share a very open, erotic marriage, and while we only play together, fulfilling our sexual fantasies is a turn on for the both of us. Like some guys, I get very excited when other men want my wife. Something about a super, sexy, slutty wife fucking strange men while I watch or join in turns me on. Guys, it seems, love being dominant and aggressive i... Continue»
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A Fantasy of my wife going Dogging

Recently there have been a few TV shows that have mentioned Dogging. My wife is quite a prude and even though she knew it had something to do with sex she asked me if I knew anymore about it. I explained that it was where people met in public and either performed with an audience or allowed strangers to join in, often at car parks or in open spaces. She found the whole idea disgusting and wasn’t amused when I said that if she really wanted to know what happened at dogging sites I should drive her there to find out.

This got me thinking about what I would like to see if I took my wife dogg... Continue»
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In the hotel suite with Beyonce

I want to say in advance that english is not my first language so I'm sorry for any error .Enjoy it!
This is kind of a second part to my first Beyonce story, you can find the first part in my stories. Check that out!

The memory of my encounter with Beyonce was still fresh in my mind even if few months had passed. Every time I thought about how lucky I was, I started to get a boner and I had to masturbate thinking about her sucking my dick or about her asking me to fuck her ass hard. I started to dream about her every night and every morning I prayed she contacted me like she said for a con... Continue»
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My first cfnm experience

My first CFNM experience was in my senior year in college. I had been dating this hot brunette for a couple of years. We had had sex and I had done a striptease for her, but never a true CFNM experience. It's something I'd always wanted. I was packing for a trip and she was over. It was early May and hot. The dorm did not have air conditioning. I was wearing shorts and did not have a top on. She was wearing a modest tank top that showed off her awesome breasts and shorts that showed off her awesome legs. We were talking as we normally did and the TV was on. In the process of packing I was taki... Continue»
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The Cuckold Test II

Danny stood next to Claire as she sat at her dressing table reading the airmail letter that the postman had just delivered. She was naked and Danny wore just his boxers. He couldn’t read the writing on the letter but as much as he was interested in her letter he was fixated with her body. They had been back from Jamaica just over a week now and she still held her suntan. The only real white areas on her body were around her bikini area. The whiteness of her flesh stood out glaringly.

Danny looked down at her pussy as she sat with thighs parted. He had fallen in love with it all over again.... Continue»
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The Cuckold Test III

Danny took the phone from Claire, it was Joe. He had already been speaking to her for a quarter of an hour and Claire came to him from the privacy of her bedroom to hand Joe over to him. “Joe wants a word.” Claire told him.

“How are you, Danny?” Joe asked him.

“Fine,” he replied hesitantly. “You?”

“I am well Danny, looking forward to seeing Claire again,” he told him. Danny could feel his cock stiffening from the sound of another man’s voice talking about his wife.

“Looking forward to fucking her again,” Joe told him. “Your wife is so hot in bed Danny.” Danny glanced down and saw t... Continue»
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Fat Bud Part 2 By BOBtheBEAR

I was amazed. Fat Bud seemed even bigger naked than he was clothed, if that can be believed. He was completely smooth, other than a few chest & pubic hairs. He had such soft, white skin of which he obviously took good care. Unlike most chubs, he didn’t even have any stretch marks on the sides of his massive belly! As he stood in the doorway for a few seconds checking me out, I could see his decent endowment beginning to pop out beneath that belly of his. On a superchub, it is very difficult to tell how big the penis is, as it is constantly being squeezed on all sides by glorious flesh. D... Continue»
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Tribal Justice

Tribal Justice
The convoy of UN relief trucks snaked through the hot desert sun. It was on its way to a village without food for several weeks. Taliban were active in the area so it was not a safe trip. Among the aid workers were five americans,, Two men and Three women.. The women were part of a church group that went on missions to underdeveloped countrys. Little did they know they were being watched,, By Taliban scouts as they traveled deeper into the desert. It was not long that the group became lost,, hours went by as they continued deeper into the desert..Eventurlly they saw tents ,, a... Continue»
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Trapped and Used Restoring my Vintage MG.

Trapped and Used Restoring my Vintage MG.

My neighbour is a recently divorced MILF in her 40ies. Before her separation she always flirted with me, especially when my wife was close by. My wife found this very amusing as I attempt to distance myself and were possible, I would avoid contact altogether. Since her divorce I have hardly seen Sally. Yes I would love to fuck her brains out but my dick and I are very happy fucking my beautiful wife. Until……..

I’m lying on my car trolley sliding under my MG to restore a hand-brake linkage, wearing just running leggings and a T-shit. Hearing ‘clip... Continue»
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Fat Bud Part 1 By BOBtheBEAR

I work at a desk job in a small auto-parts place where the owner, Fat Bud—as he calls himself—hired me right on the spot 3 months ago when he saw my prodigious typing and bookkeeping skills. Essentially hiring me for two jobs, reception AND bookkeeping—for $2.00 more on the hour (at my insistence, of course)—my life has been real hectic ever since. But, the money flows in, and the business is doing even better now, so I can’t complain too much.

Anyway, my boss is in & out all day, usually spending up to three or four hours at the shop at a time, so I essentially run things up front. Fat Bu... Continue»
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Straight Man Taught a Hard Lesson GayMaker

I was working from home when the doorbell rang. It was Ken, a friend of my oldest son, a guy he'd played basketball with in high school. He was wearing a suit and tie. I wasn't sure what he was doing here. My son had his own place now.

"Hey Ken," I said. "You looking for Brian?"

Ken shook his head. "Came to talk to you, actually."

"OK," I said, and opened the door. He walked right past me like he owned the place, went into the living room, took off his suit coat, tossed it over the couch and sat down in the middle of it. Weird. I sat down in a chair across from him.

"So, what's up?... Continue»
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Consoling in strange circumstances _Consoling frie

Consoling in strange circumstances
________Consoling friend’s grieving mother______

Life is more dramatic than drama
Some events are unbelievable and appear to be crazy, taboo and perverted but happens. The persons in the story happen to fulfill their inner desire the basic instinct, some people may call it a****l instinct indecent but the desire prompted by physiological need erupts despite all reasoning, logic, traditions, religious fears, and possible consequences. The story describes a love and romance between two adults triggered in strange circumstances.
It was early morning; I ... Continue»
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Math Fuck 101

Long after the last bell rang through the vast halls of F.W. Harmony High School, Joanne Didier stood just outside room 326. She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder from time to time. Her heart felt like a pair of delicate hummingbird wings, fluttering erratically from random bursts of nervous adrenaline. She figured she'd waited long enough, laying low while dozens of hormone-addled teens pushed and shoved their way towards the first available exit. It was Friday afternoon, the start of another weekend. Joanne did her best to stay focused as she reflected on what she hoped was soon to com... Continue»
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The house slave 1 - fucked and used

The faithful servant Alex brought Mistress Elisabeth her morning coffee into the living room where she waited comfortably on the couch and carefully set the cup on the little glass table. "I think I'd like some "extra milk" today," Liz said, looking at him with a grin. "Yes, Mistress." the slave boy answered, knowing what to do, he knelt in front of her and began to stroke his cock. He did not have to undress, because wearing clothes inside the house was not allowed to him. She loved to see his little dwarf dick suddenly swell to a grand size. She opened her cream colored, silky morning coat r... Continue»
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Fucking Wife While Her Husband Tied

Hi im Rena, married to David, whose f****y owns 6 jewellery showrooms across the state, after marriage we moved into a posh locality, so we can spent our happy times alone, and away from our parents. David is quite good in bed and we both have a good sex appetite. Unfortunately David has to travel to 2 other jewellery showrooms that are quite far from our city. Sometimes he will be gone for two weeks and I would really miss him and his cock.

As we are very active in sex, David had brought us all kinds of sex toys and material... Continue»
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Jenelle Theatre Fuck Part 2

It went on like this for over an hour, with cock after cock using my slutty holes. I was covered in wet slippery cum from head to cunt.
Somebody must had been making phone-calls cos there seemed to be about 50 or 60 men in the theatre now all with their cocks out wanting to fuck my swampy wet cunt ass and mouth. I just willing submitted to their cock-needs and let them fuck me in any manner they wanted.
Phil later told me that at least 40 cocks had filled my cunt with cum, most of which had been pumped into my well fucked cervix. Phil was having a ball sucking all the cum out of my cunt onl... Continue»
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Hot holiday at Barbados

Hot holiday at Barbados

Holiday again, with my loving Victor relaxing at a nice Barbadian beach.

A couple of evenings after our arrival, we were at a beach bar after dinner; Victor was enjoying some local drinks and I had been flirting a lot with a very handsome black man called James, the bartender and his friend Francis.

Around midnight I told my husband I was so tired; I would go back to our hotel room. He said he would come later, after finishing his last shot. I said I was tired, but still I could enjoy a bottle of champagne with him when he would back…

Half an hour later I h... Continue»
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Dog Sitting Boner

I work at a large bank in the accounting department and we had a new employee join us and she looked really nervous so I tried to befriend her and help her adjust and fit in with everyone. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends at work and had her join our hen fest at lunch to listen to everyone’s gossip and news. She seemed nice and had just moved to our city but she was kind of vague as to why she left home just saying that she needed to move from her parents because of personal reasons and this was the only job that paid enough for her to be on her own she could find. While ... Continue»
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]The Last Weekend before School Sample

The Last Weekend before School Sample

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. This is the beginning of a new story….be sure to look through My List for all the other parts. Also, check out my other stories which will be posted soon.

--------- Chapter 1
Early Friday Evening
Pamie and Billy wrestling……

The last weekend of Summer had Kim feeling good; school would be starting on Monday….Yeah! She hadn’t waited to the last minute to prepare for the first day of school like she had so many times before….she had their schoo... Continue»
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