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I have been married for three months. At the marriage ceremony I promised to obey my husband. I know this is not always done now, but I really wanted to obey. I am a traditional person, I love my husband and I wanted to be the best wife that I could be.

I grew up in a strict household and during my engagement to my husband he spanked me when I needed it. That made me feel secure. My Daddy spanked me when I was a c***d. When my husband did it, it wasn't quite the same , but it gave me a feeling of security, comfort and being loved that I really needed.

After the wedding I started to learn... Continue»
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Aggressive sexually, and a Female

If sex happens it normally takes two people to tango.

I'm the female part of the sexual duo, and yes I do sex on weekends, because I don't just like sex, I love sex, and the ingenious ways and the things men will do, just to connect with me and have a good fuck.

I orgasm, sometimes multiple times during a good shag. One girlfriend once commented that I was lucky, but I told her that was a bullshit observation, as I had to work at cumming successfully, an imaginative mind, and a willingness, to be as sexually aggressive like a man, and I am sure many men reading here, will testify to hump... Continue»
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My First Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy Part 1

This is a true story about My first Bi-sexual encounter many years ago, id had fumblings with girls, heavy kissing sessions, playing with their boobs etc but id never had My cock touched by another person and I was desperate to get some experience.

One Saturday afternoon me and my mates went swimmng and spent a few hours with the girls in the pool messing around and seeing if they fancied some fun afterwards, but as per usual we were left high and dry.

My mates had had enough so said they were getting changed, but I said I'd do another couple lengths and I'd meet them in the cafe above t... Continue»
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Dinner Date

(WRITER'S NOTE: This story may end up as part of something much larger, so doesn't really have a beginning at the moment....)

Once I had tidied the plates from the meal away into the kitchen, I led Kelly by the hand into the living room. We sat down, and Kelly immediately drew me in for a kiss, her tongue snaking around mine and deep into my mouth, her hand grabbing the back of my head roughly, her fingers running through my hair in a way that I knew always drove me wild. After less than two weeks this woman knew how to push my buttons.
I drew away from the kiss and sighed happily, whi... Continue»
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(Real Stories) European Madness part 2

(Real Stories) European Madness part 2
Of the many free weekends, I had off when I lived in Europe if I ever was horny it wasn't a thing to just hop on the train and head down to the main station. Yes, I could have things in mind that I wanted to do but 9/10 times that was decided for. At times I may have wanted my dick sucked other times I may want to fuck some ass. I am very particular about fucking ass. No disrespect to any bottoms out there but I preferred a curvy ass or thick ass. Basically, I need something visually to get me in tune. I can fuck a slender ass but if the figure is there ... Continue»
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I walked into the house fully dressed as a woman as ordered; I loved it when he tells me what to wear. Today I was in a short mini skirt and sheer white top with no bra. I was barelegged, wearing lacy red crotchless panties, and the new stilettos he bought me were black to match the dress and my long black-haired wig. My makeup was done perfectly and I had cleaned and lubed my hole for his use. I stood still while he closed the door. He ordered my hands in front of me where he handcued them. He lifted my hand over a hook and I stood facing the wall with my hands above my head.

“You look lik... Continue»
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peanut butter jelly time!!!

Laura got home from work at around 5:45 PM. She walked in her door, set her bag down, took off her coat and said hello to her cat. She slipped off her shoes and walked to the kitchen. After looking into a couple sparse cabinets she said to herself, "Hmmm. PB&J it is then."

She pulled down from her cabinets a loaf of soft thick slices of white bread, an extra-large jar of smooth creamy peanut butter and an extra-large jar of g**** jelly. She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually.

"It's so ... Continue»
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mother law part 2

Part two well the next day came and I woke up early and went to her room to see her.I was surprised she was gone must hae went home I was horn as hell and wanted to play with her tits again.My boss was in town and called and wanted to come oer and go oer numbers he showed up about hour later.We where in my office and I heard the door open I figure she was back and yep she walked in m office I look up and about fainted she had on a sports bra and yoga pants good lord they where fucking huge in that sports bra and her yoga pants where so dam tight I could almost count her pussy hairs.My boss jus... Continue»
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(Real Stories) 1st time

I had seen enough porn for years (gay,straight,lesbian). I actually enjoyed beating off more than wanting actual sex. A few cities from where I lived there was a porn store which was one of the biggest in the area. I never really went in there but I saw the traffic going in and out. So my first time going in I saw the video section for the first time. I casually walked over and saw the list of DVD's on the wall but could hear the grunts, groans, and moans of guys fooling around with each other. I was intrigued but nervous as a guy whispered to for me to come over so I walked back to the video ... Continue»
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(Real Stories) European Booth Madness

(Real Stories) European Booth Madness
I used to live in Europe and the culture over there is more open to sexuality hence red light district. In one city they had a huge district and had amazing porn stores. I mean state of the art from porn stores with computers just for viewing porn to high-tech stores and sex booths equipped with stripper poles and viewing rooms. One of the best stores was a couple hundred feet from the nearest train station. The regular booths were upstairs and on the ground level they had all the DVD's and magazines you would want to see. But the cream of the crop was th... Continue»
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Wife's Intro to Pussy, My Intro to Her Girlfr

My wife's curiosity about being with another woman began several yeas ago when she was being hit on by a friend of hers. By the time she got the nerve the woman moved out of town but her curiosity lingered. Then came February 2015.

She and her divorced friend Suk loved shopping together and they would ask for my opinion o clothes they bought, including lingerie.. One evening, as I was checking the fit, I "accidently" brushed my hand against Suk's pussy. She did not say a word until later that night when she and my wife were in a separate bedroom watching a Korean soap opera. Suk told my wi... Continue»
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Always be Prepared

When I was a teenager I was a girl scout. I didn't particularly want to be a girl scout but was made to go by my parents. So for nearly two years I was made to go every Friday night when the other girls my age were going to the local youth club disco and smoking and so on. I completely hated it. I particularly hated Richard the scout leader. He was far too nice and pleasant and supportive for his own good. So much so that he lets us scouts walk all over him. He was so nice he was all the things a girl my age hated. Every time he spoke about being nice to others and always being prepared to do ... Continue»
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You name it

I went at the club with some friends and got d***k. In the middle of the night we went to a mc donalds to order smth to eat and there it was just me,my friends and a couple of people. An old guy asked to join in the table but we were d***k and started talking all kinds of things. He took it as an invitation and sat with us. One of my friends wanted to play truth or dare so we went with it. When my turn came she dared me to sit on the old guys lap
I told her that this was bullshit but he slightly touched my arm and said:I'm waiting. They were incouraging me to do it because I was the one who a... Continue»
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The women gang up.

Her lips are moving so I know she's talking, but I can't hear a word. My eyes focus in on my glass, just ice left melting into a free drink. I see condensation sliding down the side and my first thought is, 'I wonder if she squirts?'

Somehow I notice her laughing and shake out of my trance, I f***e a smile and chuckle. Sure she's cute but she's just not interesting. I'd fuck her but I know this is going nowhere so perhaps I'll turn this date into a one nighter. Good ol' romp in the sack, never see her again. But she doesn't seem like the type to sl**p on the first date, let alone ki... Continue»
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130.Sarah and the silver master part 7

130. Sarah and the silver master part 7

The expected e mail arrived, it said;
Dear Silver Master
What a weird feeling I had as we drove home. We hardly spoke as I clutched my painful bloated belly with both hands thinking I'd never get warm again, I really was freezing as I ignored Toms half -hearted attempt to pacify me, I'm still angry at him as he just stood there in your woodshed allowing you to f***e cold water up into my cunt and doing god knows what to my insides. But there again he just stood there letting Paddy fuck me stupid and he didn't stop then either.
... Continue»
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Never Trust a Handsome Man

My wife married (and divorced) young, and she was very prim and proper when we first met. Thankfully, she’s loosened up a lot since then, but I recently asked her if she had ever done anything naughty when she was young. This is the story she told me.

The year the TV show MASH ended, a local bar had a farewell to MASH bash. My friend Janice and I went. This was a rare treat for me, I never went to places like that.

It was Feb 28, 1983. I was 22 years old, and weighed around 150 at that time. Probably a 36C, my hair was long. I was actually much more social then than I am now, so I didn... Continue»
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My s****r in law

Its hard to say when the feelings i have for my s****r in law first made themselves noticed. I will try to find the perfect word's to describe our adventures. We live in a city of thousands on the coast of Queensland Australia there isnt many words to describe me i am just a average bloke doing a average job in a factory. She (Jenny) is a wonderful women who has a busy but unremarkable life with 4 c***dren and a husband who isnt there for physicaly or emotionally.
We first came together after she had told me her problems and said she wanted to leave.
The first time we actually had sex was ... Continue»
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How I became a Black Cock Addict

I've always been a pretty girl, short at 5'5", 123 pounds with long flowing strawberry blonde hair. My full lips dark blue eyes and long eyelashes as well as my alabaster white skin were great attributes to have, but my long legs and sizable breasts were always what got me noticed by the boys. I could never blame the boys for staring though, my breasts are 36DD's and I always wore some type of short skirt to school showcasing my shapely legs. Because of those good looks, all through high school I was afforded many dates from many different boys. But by the time I was 19, I'd still only had sex... Continue»
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Sex Party & Creampie Gangbang

I stated going to gangbang/sex parties in the early 2000’s. For the most part there would be one or two women in attendance and anywhere from 10 to 20 random males invited. Most of the women were part of a couple and the husband always seemed to want to “direct” the action and insisted on condoms being used. I never liked being told what I could and could not do sexually with a woman, so for the most part these parties were a bust for me.

But then I found a group on Yahoo of all places that held regular parties every week. What caught my eye was the title of the parties: “Bare if you Da... Continue»
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My Cuckold Sissy Fantasy.

OK, So here is my fantasy:
I am 48-year-old man in good condition and I am married to a wonderful sexy woman who is 43 years old. Sex has always permeated my life with strong undertones of dominance and submission from as early on even before puberty. While I struggled with my sexual explorations I remember trying on my mother’s panties and spanking myself with various objects. I would be submissive then I would do my best to fight those submissive tendency’s and become the domain man I thought I was s... Continue»
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