My Youthful Exhibitionism led to My First Sexual E

I started exploring my sexuality when I was young. I used to walk back from our apartment complex's pool and I would wrap a towel around me and take my suit off. As I walked I would let the towel fall off at least a dozen times before I got home. Usually no one was around to see what I was doing, but the thought of people peering out at me in their apartments, studying my body, getting boned by my 'accident' got me off a bit.

I remember a few years after this fascination, we moved into a house with 3 separate units attached to it. My family and I lived in an upstairs unit that though separate, still tied into our house, but still had a back/side entrance.

I used to look out the window and see our neighbor, an older gentleman, just leaning on the fence and looking out onto the street. He was this white guy, farmer's tan, had to be older 40s or 50s, very tall and thick, not muscular but not fat, just solid, and he was always wearing tight 'dads jeans' with this white tank that had to be just as old as he was. I always wondered why he'd hang out in this part of the yard, just idly waiting on something to happen. He was no more than 50 yards away from my room. My plan was to wrap a towel around me and go outside and around the house as if I was checking on something that needed my immediate attention.

The first time I did it, I was pretty hard when I walked outside, and I was nervous as shit. I didn't look at him but I knew he was watching me; I could feel a thick tension rise as I walked past him, and then when I continued down the side of the house. As I went around the house, I let the towel drop and he saw all of my smooth naked body. I then peered back around the building to see him craning his neck to see more. I took a breath and did it again as if I had found the problem and was now returning to the house, of course letting the towel drop again before entering my side entrance.

I repeated this a few more times, lingering more and more, slowing the pace of my walk each time, switching up the length of the towels, getting smaller and smaller, always giving him more to look at. I did this nearly every day over the spring and summer months that I first moved in.

One day a repairman showed up as I was outside in my towel flashing the neighbor; he told me he needed to see something inside our house. I was strattled. I really didn't think about anyone else interrupting this cycle I've been performing. I said okay, and went straight to the staircase and I let him upstairs. I was scared but figured he was legit; he was formal with his introduction, he had on the uniform, and I didn't know anything about maintenance work. I led him up the stairs into my apartment, then I asked what he was here for, and he told me that my parents needed some work done. I thought it was odd because I never heard them say anything needed to be worked on, but I continued to let him work on what he needed to. He asked where their bathroom was, and I led him there.

As he started to prepare for his task, I scanned him up and down: he was just as tall as the guy I've been silently flirting with outside, very buff, and extremely hairy. He wore a full workman's body suit, sort of a cross between demin and navy, with his name on the front, "Chuck". I found out he was hairy when he started to undo the buttons of the top part of the body suit and removed the top half off of him. He was wearing underneath nothing by a gold necklace.

"Sorry, but I'm gonna be working with water and it might get messy. Do you mind?"

I shook my head in a 'no' fashion.

"That's good. Hey, what's your name?" and he pointed to his name tag. I told him mind and he asked, "Where's everyone else?" I said my parents are at work and won't be back for another six hours, and my siblings are off in camp. He smiled and made jokes about me being king of the castle, I blushed, and we started talking about random stuff.

What was crazy was my boner grew and ached again. What was even crazier was that Chuck noticed this far earlier than I did, especially since the towel I carried had been on the floor this entire time. Chuck said he didn't want to embarass me in my home. Though I could see in the bathroom mirror that my face was beet red, I said, "Nah, I feel comfortable in my own skin in my home." He said that he could tell, seeing that I have been pre cumming the entire conversation. I couldn't say anything, but what I did was grin, looked down, and started playing with the pre cum of my dick. But what was said next truly shocked me.

"Can I have a little taste?" he asked. My entire body froze, but I squeaked out an "Uh huh." Chuck, still on the floor, crawled over to my dick, rose his head slowly, and started to lap up my pre cum. I let out this loud combo of a squeal and a moan. "You like that?" he asked and I just nodded. The things I did with this intriguing stranger this a pivotal moment for me, opening up my world to new things about connection and attraction , having my senses played with on a higher arousal level. But I knew that encounters like these wouldn't end with this one man.

My attraction to older men began with a ravenous appetite.


One was an English teacher, a subject that I love and loved more because he was teaching it. I was about to learn some college level composition and happy for it too to help me get ahead for when I get into college, when I stepped into the door for the first time and saw a 6'5" mammoth. I could still remember what he was wearing because it was so distinguish and unlike the others; black pin strip slacks, a white button up that were short sleeved, showing off his massive, hairy arms, hair that sprouted from the sleeves down to the wrist mind you, a loose neck tie and a full beard that seemed freshly trimmed. Contrasting from this tall b**stly brunette were striking sky blue eyes that lit up his face. He welcomed me with a smile and a "Hello there! Welcome to Pre-AP English! What's your name?" His voice was so low that it shook nerves from places I haven't discussed yet. His teeth were perfect and porcelain white. I introduced myself and was forever hooked on find a man like him when I break out of high school.

A few days later, after all the homework and projects were laid out, I scanned the internet  searching for men that looked like him. Apparently I didn't have to look that far when it comes to the internet; the bear community is rampant with bear love, hairy chests, arms and faces, giving lovingly bear hugs to all their bear comrades. What I was afraid of was that they may never accept me because I wasn't hairy enough, or tall enough, or big enough to find a bearish man. Then coupled with this community is the Daddy/Son fetish. I have to admit that I was a bit fearful to dipping a toe into this field but after looking at a few pictures, I was a bit surprised, and a little titillated...ok, a lot of titillation was going on. It was basically older bears fucking younger men that find older men sexy.

I guess venturing through the bear's cabin gave me a gateway to finding other older men attractive. From what I've observed, older men know how to please their younger counterpart in ways that person has never experienced before. It's like they are teaching him how to have sex effectively. I know that sounds a bit sterile, but effective sex with a targeted goal have having an amazing orgasm at the end is way much better than two nervous boys haphazardously fumbling around in their bedrooms with sophomoric concepts of how parts should be licked, sucked, touched, and inserted. Why not rely on the tetuledge of an older, more knowledgeable man who's hands have worked over many a bottom to give you grand instruction on pleasing both who you're attracted to and yourself? Why second guess with a naïve youngster when a man can show you what's right and what's wrong? I shrug to the comparison and delight myself in reading Bear/Daddy erotica and watching "Over 30" porn videos, imagining my body being ravaged by a rough, rugged man, from head to toe.

This is what I hide from my other family members, friends, and my girlfriend; it's increasingly difficult also being with her after seeing how fucking hot her dad is! But a part of me loves the mystery in exploring this part of me. Like studying further into what makes me tick, what makes my nerves stand up, what truly makes my groin grow thick and girthy.


My knees were buckling from under me; I felt like I was going to collapse to the floor. He must have noticed and guided me to the toilet to sit. My bare ass felt the cold porcelain, sending shocks throughout my body; I leaned back and more shocks from the coldness of the seat. Chuck ran his rough hands over my limbs to warm me up, to calm me down.

"It's okay, little buddy. I'll get you hot in no time." He lowered his head onto my leaking cock. I let out an even louder gasp: a moan extricated my mouth that I never knew my body could even produce. His mouth was something around my cock I never knew I could feel. It was as if I could understand why all those men in the porn videos made such contorted faces. This felt like a level of heaven I never dreamed of reaching.

Chuck and his hands were adventurous. As he bobbed up and down on my cock, he would continuously suck, and his hand clasped onto my silky smooth scrotum while using his pinky to lightly play with my taint. The other hand traveled over my thin torso and ran across my hard nipples. I breathed heavily. Pressure was growing in my groin, heavier, thicker. My cock was raging, roaring to expel this hot cum into his mouth. And as I thought about the need to expel everything in my nutts, I shot. I shot extremely hard into this stranger's hungry mouth. He clasped underneath my legs as I lunged my torso upward into his mouth; he pressed his head deeper onto my groin, making sure that my entire dick was engulfed, ensuring he caught every drip of my youthful seed. My mouth was opened wide with exclamation, my eyes rolled back and blissfully tearful. Chuck then slowly lifted his head off of my spent cock. He gently jacked it off, studying how it glistened in the fluorescent light. I looked into his dark eyes with lust and fear, not knowing what to do next, not knowing what I would have to do to this older man. But I wanted to do it; I wanted to return the favor that was done to me. I thought if I can give that much pleasure that I was given, then I had it in me. I had something adult to give. I was becoming one of them now, the elite, the elder, the giver.

I softly said, "Can I try?" but was interrupted by a noise in the bedroom. It was the man I flashed in the alley way.

I jumped up in fright. All of my body was nerved, my eyes wide, unable to breathe. Chuck slowly stood up, raising his hands. The guy from the alley kept his stance and whispered, "Don't worry." It wasn't until both Chuck and I noticed that this man was stroking his cock through his button down fly. "I think he wants to join..." then he looked down as to ask for my name.

"I'm Tyler."

"Johnson," the stroking man in the shadows replied quietly. "Can we do this on your parents bed? I'll volunteer to clean it up after we're done." "Umm...sure, I guess." I was truly stunned. I didn't know what I was getting myself into with all of this. At the same time, I rationalized that this is happening because I honestly asked for it. I had been flashing Johnson for weeks now, and I did flash this repairman, and in all occasions I was sprouting a raging hard on with a constant stream of pre cum for many sessions of lubing and fucking.

I walked out from behind Chuck and slowly walked towards Johnson as Chuck followed. I could feel both men's eyes traveling over every mountain and valley of my body. My dick was especially hard and red as I walked into a new pivotal moment in my young life. I didn't know how this was going to end but I did know that I was going out at the other side a changed boy, a more knowledgeable, experienced boy.

Johnson started to take the pillows off the bed. Chuck told him that my parents wouldn't be back for hours so we had time to do whatever I wanted to do. Johnson looked at me with a slant grin. I looked down in a sort of embarassed state.

"Buddy, don't be embarassed. We all play with one another from time to time. Your daddy probably has seen, or even messed with another guy's cock before." That statement has been stuck in my head to this day; the image of my father having any kind of gay sex was not possible, but I never thought I would be getting naked with two older men willing to have sex with me.

The bed was stripped down to the mattress so that if anything were to happen, it could be easily cleaned. Chuck came up from behind me and wrapped his massive, hairy, tanned arms around my body, kissing my thin neck, graving the middle of my stomach with the tips of his fingers. I could feel that he was naked now; I could feel that nearly every inch of him had to have some hair on it. It was coarse but not scratchy. As Chuck tongued my neck, I saw Johnson undress: he took of his soiled tank to expose his hairy, sweaty chest and belly, then he dropped his pants to show himself wearing a worn, wholy jockstrap that barely contained his thick cock and balls. He licked his lips as he fondled his junk. The added creepiness in his new demeanor, this new uniform of hairy, gently muscled, Daddy-bodied, Olympic wrestler in a two decade old jockstrap intrigued my curiosity of how he kinky he got during sex. I started to think about what he must have thought about doing to me all those times I passed him while showing off my body, what images he created in his dirty mind while seeing me flash him. He played with this dark nipples which made his bulbous bulge twitch and jump, then a bit of ooze peaked through the stretch fabric.

I pressed myself against Chuck, crawled on the bed, and headed towards Johnson's hefty bulge. "Yeah, come over here, boy. Please Daddy." 'Please Daddy' rolled around in my head as I kept my sights on this barely covered cock. I was inches away and about to reach out until Johnson stopped me and instructed me to only use my mouth to release his dick. I was delighted by the challenge and obeyed. I started by just licking the ooze off the fabric. Very salty. Very bitter. It smelt putrid. I don't think I liked it, but it was part of the body so I kept soldiering on. I found the cock head and mouthed on it as if I was actually sucking the cockhead. His dick grew turgid and popped out from underneath the jockstrap. It was massive; the shaft was thickening into a soda can's girth. The length traveled down his thigh. My eyes widened as I heard, "His gonna have a hell of a time getting that up his cunt." "I'll help with that," I heard from behind, then I felt this warm, wet worm squirm vigorously around my hole.

I yelped in ticklish excitement and bliss from this amazing new feeling. As soon as I was gasping for my mind to wrap around the concept of my ass being eaten by Chuck, Johnson saw the opportunity for his dick to invade my mouth. My eyes opened in shock again, but I couldn't do much as his massive hands clasped behind my head. "Suck it, boy." The demand was enforced further as his powerful hips pumped slightly against my head. I opened my mouth the best I could and carried Johnson's dick down my throat the best I could. Apparently, I was doing the best as he complimented on how my mouth was way better than any bitch that has ever tried to suck him off. My eyes began to tear up as he fucked my mouth slowly but deeply, traveling down my throat like some cheap pussy he picked up at a bar.

My hole was being worked over thoroughly by Chuck. As my mouth was being stretched, I could feel my hole being tongued expertly. He had me on my knees but my back bent dramatically so my cheeks spread to capacity and my reddening tight hole was exposed to all the elements, including Chuck's unlimited supply of saliva and my generous amount of pre cum. He would squeeze my boy dick to retrieve a gob of my juice and spread the youthful salve onto my hole, my crack, my butt cheeks. Johnson and Chuck had to have been communicating about my ass as Chuck would reach his head towards Johnson's face and Johnson commenting on how good my boy cunt tastes. Chuck licked thirstily and gulped down my juice out of my ass like a cat like up milk from a bowl. He massaged my hole with no only his tongue, but would press his middle finger against my budding pucker. They both chanted and demanded me to make my hole wink, to make my hole open just a little, all the while my mouth was sucking down a soda can and all of his salty juices. Then I could feel my hole being impaled by Chuck's fingers. My muffled moans and my squirming body was getting both of them off. They could see my body reacting to every single touch they applied to me.

"You have four fingers in you, boy. I think you're ready to be bred," Johnson concluded. "But first..." and he started to grunt. Loudly and scarily. "Yeah, Johnson, give the growing boy some protein." Chuck slapped my ass, sending a shock through my body, tightening my mouth at the same time that Johnson flooded my mouth with his Daddy cum. I couldn't breathe. I tried desperately to gain air, pushing myself against Johnson's torso, but he still had his hands gripped around my head like a melon. I gulped. I swallowed. I savvored some of it. Then he let go of me swiftly and shook feverishly. "Boy, that's some mouth you got on you!"

I wiped my tears and gasped for breath, then I wiped my face and noticed that he came so much that it had even traveled through my nasal canals. They both laughed, saying I'm a true cum whore, that cocksucking is literally in my blood. Chuck stood up on his side of the body and jerked my body near the edge. He gave me a pillow to clasp on and another that he stuffed underneath my lap. He then mounted over my ass and stuck his cock in my well-lubed hole. I started to squeal.

"Hey, hey, hey," Johnson crawled on the bed and layed beside of me, "Shhh, it's gonna be okay, buddy. Just breathe. Just breathe, buddy." I felt Chuck's hands grip my hips tightly and my hole stretching open farther than it has ever gone. Johnson then told Chuck to flip me over to my back. "I think I know how to help you relax." I quickly got on my back and my legs raised high. Chuck lined his cock against my tight, puckering hole, and Johnson starting playing with my cock. "Just think about me teasing your boy cock, buddy, okay?" He nodded and I mimicked him. "Yeah, there you go." I stared intently into Johnson's eyes, and he could see everything that was happening to me just by the minute reactions in my expressions. "Yeah, buddy. Just breathe," as he gently stroked my leaking dick. His eyes widened when I gasped from Chuck's dick venturing deeper inside my hole. "Yeah, just push out, buddy. Trust me. Just push out like you're taking a shit." I didn't like that image, but Chuck concurred with him. I looked up and saw a grinning Chuck, saying "Do as he says." I complied and pushed out, giving Chuck permission to go in deeper. "Yeah, there you go buddy," Johnson's voice rose.

Chuck started to pump. In and out, slowly but inserting the entire length of his dick except his head, which keep hitting this one spot in me. My dick would twitch, pressure would stir there and travel like rapid fire, like electricity, throughout my entire body. Chuck witnessed this and said that it looks like he's found my G-spot. At the time I have never heard of a G-spot, but in that moment I wanted more, and that's when I said it: "Give me more of that G-spot." Both Chuck and Johnson softly roared in agreement and understanding of me asking to get fucked royally.

"Yeah, I knew you wanted it, boy." Johnson said as he started to play with my nipples, licking and biting on one while finger flicking the other; Chuck increased his pace while jerking my dick off. I raised my hands and grasped the end of the bed, bracing myself for all of the pleasure that is happnening to my body. I screamed rythmically to the thrusting of Chuck's fucks. Both was enjoying my jubilation, caressing every inch of my body, running their hands along my limbs, over my chest and stomach, around my thin torso and underneath my ass. "Yeah buddy, you gotta let me taste that sweet boy juice you got in your little balls. I know you got more in you," Johnson demanded. Chuck fucked harder, faster, I could hear his balls hitting my ass cheeks, I could feel my legs buckle and numb. I jerked furiously against Chuck's torso, wrapping my lacky legs around him, riding horizontally on him as I began to spray my cum everywhere. A deep-voiced celebratory roar filled the room against my boyish squeals; my groin was on fire and my hole was getting warm, then filled with fluid. I looked up at Chuck's shooked face, eyes blood shot and widened, mouth opened and contort, a deep, monstorous cry at me. Johnson was transfixed with the situation, "Buddy, your cunt has now been popped good. I can't wait for my turn."

Chuck backed away, exiting my hole, and I could feel it gape open. "No, no, no. Keep that seed inside of you." He lowered my legs, cupping his hand against my hole, making sure the surge of jizz didn't flow out my thoroughly stretched boy pussy. He wasn't totally successful as some got on the mattress. I was gettting nervous about it, but Johnson told me to quickly stand up, turn towards the bed and bend over. I did was he said, with Johnson gently positioning my stomach against the mattress, my knees slightly bent, my hole opening again with a gentle stream of white fluid running out. Johnson licked up the residue off the bed first, then he licked around my hole, licking my cheeks, my crack, then he licked my hole. It was so relaxing getting my worn, whimpering hole massaged with his soft lips and warm tongue. Johnson then fingered me. "Damn, that cunt is wet as a pussy, but much tighter." I thought, 'Tighter? After a half an hour of stretching me up?' I moaned as he found my G-spot. "It's this button right here, buddy. Just so you can help the next guy find it for you." Not knowing where my mind went, I just blurted out, "Thank you, Daddy." Both men chuckled, Johnson replied, "You're welcome, son."

Chuck got on the bed, still naked, "You didn't get to suck me off, son." I looked up and said I'm sorry. He stroked my head and said, "No need to apologize," and motioned towards his groin. It drooped just inches from my lips; I raised my head and clasped my lips around it. He then adjusted onto his knees and calves, held onto the back of my head, and began to skull fuck me. I was now used to it; now I was a pro. I can call myself a certified cocksucker. Johnson stood up behind me and lined his dickhead up against my now gaping hole. He entered me easily, but not so much that it all of him went inside. My mouth tightened around Chuck's hardening dick as Johnson worked on stretching open. It was getting tough to take him: my hole was starting to rip and he got in so deep that I felt something else stretching in me. That's when he said that I'm unlocking my second chamber for him. Chuck applauded his reach and my new skillful cunt. I continued to squirm beneath Johnson's body which helped with getting used to the massive girth of him. He pulled in and out, each time harder as if he was trying to knock down a door, and each time I grunted. "Yeah son, take that dick." My grunts got louder and louder as Johnson fucked me. He began to bang my ass so hard that the bed squeaked; Chuck matched Johnson thrust for thrust, each side of me was being poled thoroughly. They were enjoying themselves, using my body like a human fleshlight, fucking me as I sucked up as much of their bodily fluids as I could. They looked intently at one another, knowing that the other was going to seed me deep. They both chanted rounds of 'yeah's and 'there you go's, 'take Daddy's dick's and 'that a boy's. I was getting worn out but my nipples where hardened, my dick was continously leaking, my ass was on fire with lust. I busted my nutt!

I busted my nutt hard. I convulsed and shook like never before, like a switch was set off inside my body. My torso jerked and seized rigidly; my mouth tightened and gulped. Chuck and Johnson were attached to me, receiving all the joy my biology was displaying on their tumescent, succulent Daddy meats to the point of simultaneous erruptions. I don't think I have seen this in any porn video this happening, but both men shot their load at the same time: my cavities were flood generously. I tried my very best to get every drip in me to not upset them and to not destroy this bed further. My holes were sloppy, over fucked, wet, slimmy of man cum. I grasped the mattress trying to take on these bahemoths of sexual masculinity, attempting to injest everything they were offering me.

Chuck fell onto the bed exhausted. Johnson dismounted and staggered to the bathroom. I laid there, my skin glistening in sweat and cum from the three of us.

Chuck shook intentionally to get the lust out of his system, stood up, stretched, then slapped my worn ass as he walked into the bathroom to get dressed. I rolled onto my back to see Johnson heading towards me. He picked me up and asked which room was my bedroom. I told him and he took me there, laid me on the bed and gave me both a moist towel and a dry one. "I'll clean your parents' bedroom while you rest here, son, okay?" I replied sheepishly, "Yes, Daddy." He left my bedroom as Chuck came in to inform me that the work is done and how he enjoyed his time here. He put this card on my nightstand and said his personal cell number is on there if I wanted to do this again, then he left. I heard the two of them speaking outside my door and and I drifted to sleep.

Next thing I knew, I woke up to my baby sister shrill screams. My eyes widened in shock and I jerked myself straight up in bed. I was fully clothed: khaki shorts, my school's t-shirt, no underwear. I got up and walked out into the hallway towards the living room to my mom saying, "The repairman did a good job with the bathroom. Did you oversee him, Tyler?" I nodded, trying to make words into sentences. She and the rest went into the kitchen as I snuck into my parent's bedroom. It was as if nothing happened. The man scent was gone. The smell of Daddy cum was gone. The thick heat in the air was gone. I was shocked. I was also relieved.

I then heard footsteps from behind, and then my sister screaming, "you peed in your pants backwards!" She laughed crazily. I screamed my denial and ran into the hallway's bathroom, and quickly closed and locked the door behind me. I fumbled with my clothes and was aware of something in my pocket: I reached in and pulled out Johnson's tattered jockstrap. I gasped, but quickly covered my mouth. The smell of it triggered all the lustful moments that happened to me. My dick ached and my asshole twitched. Then all the recreational pain flooded through around my hole and my cock. I stopped myself from spiralling into nostalgia, and I looked at myself from behind in the mirror and noticed a wet spot. I dropped my pants and noticed I was still dripping Chuck and Johnson's cum. It ran down my legs.

"I'm going to take a shower, Mom!" I yelled.
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