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This is a print version of story My Wife's Sister Part III Final by setxcpl1000 from

My Wife's Sister Part III Final

My Wife’s Sister Part III Final
My wife and I had retired to our bedroom so that I could play with her now shaved pussy. I had been waiting to this time since we had taken a shower. My wife informed me that the blowjob I just got from her sister was so that I’d last longer while fucking her. I asked my wife if there were other plans and all she would say is I’d have to wait a see, but for now just enjoy the moment. My wife disrobed then helped me undress all the while caressing me. I just could get enough of the site of her shaved pussy, something that didn’t happen often since we’d been married. I had her lay back on the bed and processed to lick between her legs working my way to her honey hole. By the time I got there she was very wet. My tongue continued to probe every area of her pussy darting in and out as I would occasional insert a finger or two inside her rubbing her G-spot. It wasn’t long before she grabbed my heading pulling my face forcefully into her pussy as she had her first orgasm of the night. Then in a move that again doesn’t happen often, she grabbed my face giving me one of the hottest kisses I have her tongue licking her juices from my face.
She then had me lay on my back and she sucked my cock until it was to her satisfaction. She mounted me but did not insert my cock inside her instead she spread her pussy open and straddled my cock rubbing back and forth. I had the pleasure of seeing her shaved pussy surrounding my cock as she continued to rock. She then grabbed my cock placed it just at the entrance to her pussy and inserted just the head teasing me. She then lowered herself down my cock disappearing inside her. She would slowly rise up and down as if dancing gracefully with my cock. Every few minutes she’d have us change positions. I then used a vibrator on her to get her to the second orgasm while she sucked her juices off my cock. In reinserted my cock so that I could feel the last spasm of her orgasm when she scream out something that I didn’t quite catch when the door to the bedroom opened and in walked her sister. Her sister stood there looking at us my cock still inside her sister.
My wife was now telling me to hit it hard she wanted me to fill her with cum. As I was picking up the pace her sister, stepped toward me and reach around and started massaging my balls. My paced quicken and I unleashed again a load into my wife until I was drained. I then pulled out and her sister took my cock into her mouth and sucked whatever I had left then licked my cock clean of both cum and my wife’s juices. It was then that my wife opened up he legs and her sister did then next thing that shock me, she began eating cum out of my wife, when she had a mouthful she brought it up to my wife and they begin to pass my cum back and forth between them. This was the hottest thing I think I ever saw in person. When they finish I was instructed to give her sister an orgasm using the vibrator. It didn’t take long for her sister to reach one. We then all laid in the bed me in the middle when my wife asked if I saw anything that I didn’t like. I told her that all I saw was very hot and excited me to no ends. As we all fell asleep for the time being.
Sometime several hours later I was awaken by a warm sensation engulfing my cock. Thinking it was my wife I looked to my right and saw her sleeping. I knew immediately then it was her sister sucking my cock. My wife feeling the movement under the covers woke up smile at me then kissed me. It was then that she noticed the bobbing up and down from under the covers. She sat up and pulled the covers back exposing her sister who didn’t lose her focus. Her sister just looked up at us. My wife then took a position next to her sister and they both gave me a blowjob with them kissing occasionally as they switched off. My wife then looked at her sister and said I think it’s about time for you to fuck my husband. Her sister looked at her and said are you sure to which my wife answered yes. Her sister then moved up on top of my and begin rubbing my cock at the entrance of her very wet pussy. She slowly placed the head inside as it parted her lips. She then slipped my cock inside her. She was a little tighter than my wife but her wetness allowed my inside easily. She began riding up and down on my cock while my wife was behind her feeling her sister’s breast as I fucked her. I heard my wife say that she thought her sister was about to reach an orgasm when she reach around and began to rub he sisters clit. Needless to say this was all her sister needed to reach an orgasm. I could feel her pussy spasms then she collapsed and lay on top of me with my hard cock still inside.
My wife then suggested that I get on top of her sister and pound her sweet pussy until I fill it up with cum. Laying my sister in law on her back she spread her legs opening up her pussy for me to see up close for the first time. I placed my cock inside her and started fucking her for all I was worth, while my wife told me to give it to her. My wife seeing my breathing increase knew I was about to blow telling her sister to get ready. About that time I heard her sister scream she was cumming and at that same moment I exploded shooting my load inside my sister in law. I then leaned forward and gave my sister in law a passionate kiss, following up with kissing my wife while still inside her sister. I pulled my cock out dripping with cum and watched as my wife inserted two fingers into her sister cum filled pussy scooping out some then bringing it up to her sister who took my wife’s fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean. My wife then leaned in a kissed her sister with them passing cum back and forth until both swallowed what was left. My wife then said that her sister would be staying with us for a few more weeks and that she was ours to do with as we please to which her sister replied I hope that includes a lot of fucking as we laid there till sunrise. All the while I’m thinking this is a dream come true two hot naked women for my pleasure.
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fucking hot will read again and again
5 hours ago
Great story Keep Me Cumming!!!!!
4 days ago
Pitty it was the final chapter id love to read more
5 days ago
Dude...that was hot AF.  Outstanding
5 days ago