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my gigolo...

i was just surfing a gay dating site & chatting & suddenly this dude popped up on my screen. i quickly checked his profile & imagine my surprise when i saw a hot huge chocolate cock. he was very dark-skinned & his cock had 2 be at least 12 inches long & super-fucking thick. i didn't realize just how long or thick, until i finally met him face 2 face.

he & i start 2 chat & find out we had things in common & we both were looking 4 what the other had 2 offer.....he was a top & had the huge black cock that i craved & i was a bottom & had the tight little hole that he wanted 2 fuck. we agreed on a time 2 meet later that day. i give him directions 2 my hotel & impatiently waited 4 this mysterious stud 2 appear at my door. now keep in mind, the only pictures i saw were of his cock. i had no idea what kind of body this guy had or what his face looked like. i was completely mesmerized by his deliciously huge cock & he was coming over 2 give it all 2 me...
then finally... a much-anticipated knock on my hotel room door...

i opened the door & suddenly my fuck-hole twitched with lust! this dude was fucking hot sexy. he was about 6' tall, dark mahogany complexion, slender but very muscular. he smiled & introduced himself as isaac. he had a gorgeous smile. we had some conversation over drinks, then i just couldn't take the suspense anymore so i just took a deep breath & asked...

" so... stand up & show me if it's really that big !! "

he looked shocked & said " what ? "

" stand up & show me that big fucking cock !! "

he laughed & stood up. he pulled down his shorts 2 reveal his white boxers & i saw that big hot bulge revealed... then as his shorts slid lower i saw almost 6 inches of the large fat cock that would impale my horny asshole hanging out of the leg of his boxer shorts. i know i didn't breathe 4 nearly a minute then he finally pulled his boxers down & exposed that massive thick & veiny weapon 2 my hungry eyes ! it was even bigger than i had expected !!!

" oh my god... it's so big !! " i gasped " your cock is huge !! your cock is fucking huge !!! "

his cock was hard be4 i even touched it. when i reached out & grabbed it, i couldn't even wrap my fingers completely around the shaft, because it was so thick. i just started sucking the shit out of it, like a greedy cock-sucker. he moaned & grabbed the back of my head & forced as much of his huge, oozing, beer-can cock as deep as he could in2 my throat... i gagged a little, pulled off with tears in my eyes & a string of slippery saliva dangling from my hungry mouth 2 the tip of his throbbing 14-inch erection. i inhaled & went right back down on2 it, driving him crazy with the unending depth of my cock-swallowing throat.

" oh yesssssssssssss... " he growled " suck that cock !! suck that big fucking cock !!! "

i love aggressive tops & he fit the bill like i had hoped. he told me 2 strip & i did. i sat back down on the sofa naked & dove right back on2 his cock. there i was, laying flat on my stomach, giving him a view of my hot, round bubble-butt while i sucked his cock. it didn't take him long 2 run his hands down my back 2 rest each of his hands on each cheek of my ass. he leaned over, spread my ass open & i heard him exhale loudly & i smiled 2 myself.

" fuck that's a hot little hole !! i wanna eat that hot cock-hole of yours !!! " isaac groaned

be4 i knew it, he flipped me around & over, facing away from him, with my ass close 2 his mouth & he just dove face-first in2 my hungry hole. all i could hear in the room was the sucking noise of his hot mouth, eating the fuck out of my asshole...literally, he was making out with my ass lips. i was moaning like a bitch in heat, grinding my ass back on2 his hot tongue. he ate my hole like he was starving. i was in heaven. both of his hands slapped down on my ass cheeks, squeezed hard & made my ass shake & quiver. he was fucking my hole with his tongue & i wanted more & more & couldn't wait 4 something bigger. i stood up from the couch, chest red, face flushed with lust & a hunger in my taut asshole that i needed 2 feed.

" come on isaac !! lets go 2 bed so you can fuck my ass full of your cock !! " i whimpered

he smiled that beautiful smile of his & pushed me 2 the bar near the dining room. he just lifted me up & put me backwards on a barstool. he pushed my chest against the backrest, with my ass hanging off the front of the seat as he stood behind me. i knew exactly what was gonna happen & i reached back & pulled my ass cheeks apart as i lifted my ass just enough 2 push my hard cock down in front of the seat, so it was pointing straight down. his cock bounced hard & straight out in front of him. i felt that aching twitch in my asshole again & be4 i knew it, i felt that fat cock head pushing at the entrance of my asshole....he gripped my hips, i exhaled & relaxed as he started 2 push hard 2 get that fat cock in2 my tight hole.

" oh fuck... yessssssssss... " i whimpered " give it all 2 me !! fuck my ass full of cock !!! "

he got that monstrous cock-head in2 my hole & there i was... sitting backwards on a barstool, my cock wedged straight down in front of the seat, my hands pulling my ass wide open 4 his girthy weapon, moaning & groaning, but begging 4 more, while he was slowly feeding my horny hole every elongated inch of that wonderfully huge fucking cock.

" oh fuck !! yesssss... isaac !! your cock is so fucking big !! fuck me !! fuck me !!! " i groaned

he started 2 pick up the pace & every time he'd drive that cock 2 the base, he'd grind it side 2 side & my eyes would roll back. i just pressed my chest tighter against the back of the stool, back arched, ass up & eager, grinding back against him, showing him i wanted 2 get fucked. he started hitting my hole deep... the sound of his hips slamming against my ass & in2 the depths of my hole. i was now holding on 2 the edge of the bar, keeping my grip so that i wouldn't move & 2 make sure that when he slammed that hot, girthy cock in2 my tight hole, i would be braced solid & feel every delicious inch of his ass-stretching thrusts.

" fuck me isaac !! give me that big fucking cock !! oh... yesssss... fuck my ass !!! " i whimpered

suddenly, he pulled his big cock from my ass, flipped me around on2 my back, pulled me 2 the edge of the barstool, lifted my legs, so my ankles were over his shoulders & then shoved all 14 inches back in2 my upturned ass. my hole was being filled like it had never been filled be4. my ass was hurting so well & we had just started. he fucked me on my back some more & with one move, he pushed me further back on2 the stool, then he climbed on above me & hooked his feet on the bottom rungs as i reached down & gripped the top rungs as tightly as i could. he pushed my legs further back until my shins were touching the seat back, my hole even more in the air & exposed while on my back & he dipped that fat cock back in2 my horny hole. as he bent over, his hands were on the sides of my head, bending at the knees, on his feet, he pummeled my hole even deeper. we fucked like a****ls lost in heat, taken over by our lust 4 each other. i looked up at him, wrapped my arms around his back & held on while he drilled my hole deep! my eyes were rolling back, but i begged him 4 more...

" fuck my hole isaac !! oh... yessss... yesssss... fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me deep !!! " i screamed

all you could hear in the room was the sound of his hips slamming in2 my ass & the thud of the barstool hitting the top of the bar with each stroke of his massive cock & the wet noises of his huge cock stretching my hole & using it good. i looked up at him & watched his beautiful pecs bounce & flex as he worked hard 2 fuck me like i wanted & like he wanted 2 give it 2 me, that smirk on his face knowing how big his cock was & how i was enjoying every fat fucking inch of it stretching & delving in2 my horny fuck-hole. i held him there, reached down & felt the root of his fat shaft. i loved his huge cock stretching my taut hole.

" let's get in bed... so you can fuck me like a bitch !! " i whimpered " like your bitch !!! "

he slowly pulled his thrilling cock out of me & as i got up & started 2 get off of the stool, my ass leaked some of his pre-cum on the seat. he had fucked me so wet. it was the hottest thing i had ever seen. he smiled a huge smile & i got on the bed, lifted my legs & waited 4 my new top-man 2 get in position. i brought my feet way back over my head, locked them in the headboard, ass completely exposed & presented as i looked up at him expectantly...

" fuck me again !! " i whispered " i wanna cum with your huge cock pounding in2 me !!! "

in no time, that pole was pounding my wide-stretched hole again. over & over, harder & harder, he impaled me on his hard cock. he continually fucked me over the next 45 minutes, non-stop fucking, grinding, pulling all the way out & then shoving it completely back in2 me... i could feel his cock in my gut, banging me over & over again... hitting spots in me that have never been touched be4... i reached around & held on 2 his muscular ass, feeling those glutes pump & flex under my finger-tips with each hard, pounding thrust... over & over, harder & harder... his hips slamming against my ass... his gigantic cock fucked my hole... wet noises, grunts, moans of pleasure... & then he fucked me even harder! i reached down & furiously pounded my own cock in my fist & pulled on his ball sac with the other, trying 2 make him breed me full of his hot seed. i ached 2 feel him splattering my ass full of cum...

" come on !! fuck my hole !! make me cum !! i wanna feel you cum inside me !!! " i wailed

i could hear the brass bed squeaking louder & louder....faster & faster. the sweet rhythmic sounds of his body slapping against mine & the sound of my asshole slurping on his thick cock.

" fuck my cock with your hole !! " he moaned " i love your ass wrapped around my cock !!! "

i could feel his body tense up, as i continued 2 jack off my cock... my hole was going numb... i could see his eyes close, as he felt my asshole bite down on his big cock... i was cumming !!

" yessss... yesssss... i'm cummming !!! " i screamed " i'm cumming on your big fucking cock !!! "

my body collapsed & was like a rag doll, as he continued pounding his way through my hole...
suddenly, that humongous, chocolate cock was shooting loads of cum deep in2 my clutching asshole... splattering cum everywhere inside me... filling my quivering ass with his hot seed !!

" oh yesss... yessss !! " he groaned " i'm fucking cuuuuummiiiingg !! yesssss... take my seed !!! "

i came all over my own chest & stomach... ropes of cum were still spewing out of his big, thick tool... filling me, expanding me, then over-flowing me... i've never felt anyone shoot a load like that be4. when he was finally done injecting seed in2 me, i heard him exhale softly... his still-hard, dripping cock pushed in2 me as deep as he could, as he then laid down on top of me, smearing my cum all over his chest & belly, as i rocked my hips, milking him dry...

" i love feeling you so deep inside me !! " i whispered " i love being fucked full of your seed !!! "

i slowly slipped my cum-slippery ass off his cock, excused my self & headed 4 the shower. the humidity & our frenzied activity had made me sweat & i was glad 2 feel the hard jets of water cool my milky, pale skin. my cock was already semi-erect as i soaped my trembling body. there was a knock & the shower door partially opened. i noticed isaac's eyes peering through the gap, so i turned & covered myself & pulled the door shut. suddenly he burst in, completely naked & stood beside me under the cascading water, saying absolutely nothing.

the water traced down over his miscreant smile. it followed the the sinuous curve of his narrow shoulders & tightly cut chest, lingering there on his hardened nipples. the rivulets then flowed over the undulating abdominal muscles, tapering 2 compact hips where it glistened on his large, circumcised cock, which was pointed at its intended victim. his cock was just a tiny shade away from pure black & still measured well over a foot long, overhanging his tightly slung balls. it curved over 2 the right like a ripe plantain, so hard that it barely wavered as he moved closer. his athletic legs parted as he pushed his throbbing erection against me. i turned away, but felt his hand grab my waist, running over the contour of my neatly curving butt, then i felt the whole of his body pressed against my back, pushing his hips & rubbing his cock, as it pressed upwards & between the groove of my butt.

" does this mean you wanna fuck my ass with that big cock again ?? " i asked

i could smell the elixir of his earthy sweat. his heavy breaths were in my ear as he nibbled my ear lobe. i turned & took the soap from the shelf. he turned & i firmly lathered his exquisitely smooth skin, massaging his shoulder blades & neck. my hands glided up & down his back 2 the top of his pert unyielding butt. he turned & my hands soaped over the course hairs of his chest & down the solid curve of his biceps & back down his muscular washboard stomach.

" do you want me 2 fuck you again ?? " he asked " do you want my cock inside you ??? "

i washed the scent of our previous lovemaking from his dark skin. he smiled, looking directly in2 my eyes. once again, my cock & ass were aching with desire. i could almost imagine the ecstasy of his manhood entering my body, again. i knelt down in front of him & ran my fingers across his pubes, squeezing the base of his cock, that reared up slightly with each caress. then around his balls & behind them, making him shiver. as i cleaned his firm legs my head drew close 2 his cock. the hole at the end was lighter than the helmet & had the feel of hot velvet, as i brushed past with teasing lips & the tip of my tongue captured a delicious pearl of pre-cum. i turned off the shower & we quickly & roughly dried each other.

" i wanna feel you deep inside me... again !! " i whispered " fuck my ass full of your seed !!! "

he pushed the door & yanked my hand, pulling me back in2 the bedroom. i stretched out on the bed, lying on my side, facing him & he quickly got beside me. his powerful arm pushed me on2 my back. half lying on top of me, he started pushing apart my legs with his knees. he kissed me, with our wet tongues writhing & squeezed my nipples hard, his burning cock now rubbing hard against my inner thighs. he shifted his weight on2 me & pinned down my arms with his hands. one hand released 2 push his engorged cock-head against my tightly puckered hole. in a second he was on top of me, his deceptively strong hands lifted my legs up high & wide. he felt 4 my cum-slick hole with one hand, as the other guided his fat cock 2 my ass.

" slowly... you know you're the man !! you don't need 2 prove anything !!! " i moaned

he smiled & kissed me more tenderly. he slowly pushed his demanding cock in2 me, bit by bit, until it was half in. he sighed. he gently started 2 rock his hips & pushed gently in & out, as he forced a little more of his erection in each time. he put his arms on either side of me, which allowed me 2 reach around his back, then down 2 his ass, as i tried 2 pull him even deeper in2 me. he leaned down & kissed me, as he slipped his tongue in2 my waiting mouth.

" oh god... you are so fucking tight !! " he groaned " i love fucking your hot little ass !!! "

his motions made my whole body tingle with delight & brought goosebumps 2 my skin. his hand ran over my forehead, as he moaned with delight. already a light sheen of sweat coated his back & his fresh man scent was in my nostrils. he raised himself up & put a pillow under my ass & partly withdrew his cock. he pushed my knees up further, remained kneeling & gently thrust himself deeper until his entire length was again buried deep inside me, where he just stopped & held it momentarily. i started 2 jerk my cock as he speeded up his thrusts, one hand resting on his wrist. the sweet rush of pleasure grew with each push, as he breathlessly groaned, his sweat dripped on2 my stomach. waves of bliss washed over my entire body, like nothing i had ever known. i knew that soon i would cum, as his dick started 2 pound harder in2 my relaxed hole & caressed my aching prostate. he reached down & grabbed my shoulders, his rhythm becoming irregular, then he withdrew until his cock was almost all the way out of my quivering ass & then groaned loudly, in ecstacy & pushed his cock in 2 the hilt, his body quivered & his face turned skyward. his back arched & his body stiffened, as i felt his huge cock throb & pulse, so deep inside my wantonly undulating body.

" deep in me !! cum deep in me !! " i screamed " breed my ass full of your seed !!! "

i had almost exploded as he finished, so he looked searchingly in2 my eyes, still pushing with his strong hips. as the ecstasy overwhelmed me & my orgasm came, he groaned & pushed his entire girth fully inside my clutching asshole. i could almost see stars in the sweetness of my orgasm & my hips thrust tight up against his & i tried 2 take him even deeper & shook uncontrollably against his unyielding body as my seed splattered everywhere. my body felt the intensity of my orgasm, as it washed over me, fully engulfed me & then gradually subsided.

" oh yessssss.... i love cumming with your cock so fucking deep inside me !! " i whimpered

he carefully drew out his rubbery, softening cock & he slipped on2 his side next 2 me & brushed his hands over my chest, twirling his fingertips in my cum & then licking them clean.
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