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This is a print version of story My Fantasy Girl Part 2/ The motel by garywest from

My Fantasy Girl Part 2/ The motel

If you read my first story you will know this is true.
I was looking for a lady that would let me fuck her between her tits which is something I have never done.

Tonight was the night we were finally going to meet someplace besides a car.

I was waiting for her in the parking lot wondering if she would show up at all and what tonight might be like.
I still remember those nice big tits and how soft they were.

Now I see her car pull in and she parks next to me and smiles. She gets out and I tell her I didn't know if she would even show up. She said I told you I would be here and here I am.
I went and got a room and she followed me in the room and turned around, smiled and hugged me.
We sat on the bed and talked a little bit. She than told me she had to go to the bathroom and for me to get ready.
After she closed the door I started taking off my clothes and just as I got my underwear off she came out.
She was wearing her blouse with it open and those great tits peaking out. They were about the size of g****fruits. She came to  the edge of the bed and I spread it open and slid it off.  Wow, they were staring me in the face. I reached up and squeezed them and put them in my mouth. She moaned a little bit than pushed my hands away and got down on her knees between my legs.
My dick was already coming to life but with her tongue and lips it was nice and hard now.
I told her she had to stop or it would be all over with.
I pushed her on her back on the bed and straddled her chest and put my dick between her tits. She took her hands and wrapped her tits around it. 
This is what I was waiting for.  I was like a teenage k** and I started fucking those tits before they would go away.
She told me to slow down but I couldn't I had to cum between them.  She than saw I was not going to slow down so she said "yes, baby fuck those tits"  That is what I did and I came between them and all over her tits.
My fantasy had finally cum true.

I rolled off of her and watched her rub my cum into her tits.
She smiled and  I told her how great it was.
Now ,I said to my self what next.
She knew I was spent so we talked some more, all the time I was playing with those tits.
I than slid my hand down to her pussy and started rubbing it. I played with her clit and would stick my finger in her pussy. She reached down and grabbed my dick and started squeezing it. She was getting wet and I was starting to get hard.
She than said "I like it from behind" and got up on her knees with her ass facing me.
I took the hint and got behind her. I slowly slid my dick into that wet pussy. She moaned and pushed back at me.
I started fucking her ,but I couldn't leave those tits out.  I reached around and grabbed those tits and fucked her while I was squeezing them. I let go off them and grabbed her ass. I started concentrated on her cuming since she had already been so good to me. I would go slow and fast trying to give her what she wanted. This was hard to do because I could explode at any minute. She finally started saying faster and I did. She came and moaned and pushed her ass all the way on my dick.
She asked me if I came and I told her I was waiting for her. I told her to say where she was and I leaned back.
Now, the only thing touching between us was her pussy and my dick. I slowly fucked her , because I was really close.
I could see her tits swaying and I think that is what got me closer.  She could tell I was about to cum and reached between her legs and grabbed my balls and squeezed them as I came. MMMM did that feel great.
We where both spent and layed beside each other. I told her I had to take a quick shower because I had sweet all over me.  She said that's ok because it was good sweet.
I jumped in the shower and jumped back into bed.
I told her how great this was and I would have never imagined it like this. She said she had a great time and she couldn't wait till next time.
I still couldn't stop staring and touching her tits but she liked it and smiled.
After a while she reached down and started stroking my dick. It felt good but I told her I don't know if I could do it again.
She smiled and pushed me back and crawled between my legs.
With her tongue and mouth she got me hard again and gave me one heck of a blowjob and swallowed my cum, what was left of it.
I couldn't wait till next time.
I Will tell you that story later.
I am also telling you that this really a true story I had with my  Fantasy Girl
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