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This is a print version of story Mr. Phillips's Loves My Body by Browncherrygurl from

Mr. Phillips's Loves My Body

When I was younger, I knew I was a little different and I had a desire for men to touch me on the genitals or ass. I used to rub my own little hole at night and stick my finger in myself to feel what it was like. Sometimes after school when my parents were at work, I would wear my mom’s panties, skirts and makeup. Later I hid several pairs of heels in my room to complete the feeling. There were times when I couldn’t wait to get home after school to dress up.

One week, my parents had to go out of town to visit my grandmother who was not doing well. Due to the suddenness of everything, our next-door neighbor, Mr. Phillips; whom we had known for years agreed to watch me for a few days. Though I tried my best to convince my parent I would be fine alone, they were super overly protective, and it was out the question. But it was okay to have Mr. Phillips over since he was the nice uncle type, and I had known him for so many years. He reminded me of Santa Claus in shape and dementor, and always had a joke for me. Once my parent headed out the driveway, Mr. Phillips said let’s watch a superhero movie and that was just fine with me.

As the evening worn on, we watched some movies, ate popcorn, etc. and all was right with the world. As I sat there, on the love seat, I kept glancing over at Mr. Phillips, he had one leg cocked up and the other resting on the couch. His shorts fit so loosely that I could see his cock sticking out somewhat. I didn't say anything but found myself mesmerized, seeing Mr. Phillips's big cock hanging out like that. I imaged what it would be like to touch it but naturally, there was no way I was even going to try. I satisfied myself with just seeing it and we continued watching the movie and stealing occasional glances at his meat. The last movie ended, and I said my good night and heading to my room with visions of Mr. Phillips cock in my head. On the way to my room, Mr. Phillips told me he had watched me through the window a few times “dressing up” and I looked pretty cute as I was modeling for myself in the mirror. I stood there on the stairway as the blood drained from my face. My stomach felt a bit queasy, and my legs felt like rubber. Then he told me to go upstairs and dress up for him. He wanted me completely shaved and perfumed before a came back down. I never turned around to face him, I just slowly marched up to my bedroom. It was such a weird feeling in my tummy, I had been fantasizing, staring about his cock hanging out his shorts all night but this was different. Once in my room, I did as told; got myself nice and smooth; then dressed in my mom’s blue nightie, pink panties, pink thigh-heel stockings and pink heels.
As I exited my room I saw Mr. Phillips in my parent’s room, he told me to leave the heels on and get under the covers. At this point I hadn’t spoken a word since watching movies with him, so I continued that and laid down and pulled up the covers. Before he crawled in to bed Mr. Phillips went to the bathroom, leaving the door open and I could see him hold his huge old cock and start to take a leak. His cock was gigantic, at least I thought so, and he shook it off, came in and climbed in the bed and said good night, turning off the lamp on his side. It felt odd being in my parent’s bed, dressed like a girl with Mr. Phillips’ naked body behind me. A few minutes later, Mr. Phillips inched closer to me. He was almost against my body and I could feel the heat coming from him. Within moments I felt him move his hand as he rubbed my ass, then pull down my panties. Seconds later, his hand was between my ass cheeks, exploring everything! I was actually excited as his hands moved from my ass to my smooth sissy ball sack. It really felt good and better than any time I had played with myself. At one point he had one hand fiddling my balls as the other played with my ass.

I laid quiet as a finger trailed up and down my crack until resting on my virgin sissy button. He moved his finger all around it and then, pushed it against my hole, the pressure was very gentle and slow, but the tip finally entered me, and he pushed a little harder and was inside. He whispered in my ear that I was so beautiful and that if I was okay. I didn't say a word but rather, pushed back against his hand, hoping for his sweet long finger to dig in deeper. I know he must have known I was enjoying this because he began to kiss my ear and neck as he fingered me my butthole and rubbed my sissy balls. I was in heaven with this and the feelings were almost overwhelming, knowing that it was Mr. Phillips and that he knew my secret. I moaned softly gently and parted my legs, allowing him a little better access to me and that's when he took me by both shoulders and rolled me onto my tummy. I laid there, waiting to see what he wanted to do to me. Mr. Phillips removed the covers and skootched to the end of the bed. Next, he, pushed my legs apart while also pushing the bottom of the nightie over my waist. That was followed by gently kisses on both of my cheeks.

The kisses stopped, and my chunky girly globes were parted, and I felt a new sensation of a warm wet tongue licking my tight hole! Mr. Phillips licked all around my young rectum using his long hot tongue and lips and I could feel his warm big hand under me fondling my little dicklet and balls at the same time. His tongue darted all around my pucker anus and then, it darted in and out as I wiggled. A few times I jumped as me power-tongued me, but it felt so wonderful. I didn't want it to stop EVER! He did this for a long time, alternating his tongue in me and feeling my little balls and rolling them around between his large fingers. I could feel the suction over my hole as he sucked my sissy asshole and every now and then, he would gently kiss and blow on just to watch it butthole tighten, then relax.

He pulled away and I still laid there, silent, still, and amazed, but he put his arms around me, kissed my shoulders and told me he loved me. I whispered back I felt the same way, then he moved even closer, his body was totally on top of mine, kissing me on my back, shoulders and neck. I knew this was past where I wanted to go, but I didn't care; I wanted him so bad by this point. Mr. Phillips continued kissing my back as I laid smiling, then, for the first time I started feeling the shaft of his thick grown-man cock rub against my ass crack. I reached back and took it in my hand, I wanted to feel it! He told me I was a good gurl and kissed my shoulder again. I stroked it several times, feeling the hardness and his length, and I even ran my thumb across his piss slot. It was a cock that was not my own or a toy. It was soft and rock-hard at the same time and it was real.

I had no idea a grown man could have a cock like that and I rubbed every inch of it, even though I couldn't even see it.

After a couple minutes, I pulled my hand back and felt Mr. Phillips let his cock rest between my ass cheeks. It was so warm and his big hair balls were in contrast to my smooth little sissy nuts. Reaching for my mom’s baby oil next to the bed, he drizzled my little asshole like a pastry until my young rosebud and ass crack were saturated. He returned back on top of me, and this time I felt his old cock touch my tight little butthole. At first, he just “knocked” at the entrance didn't enter me. But he pushed harder, and I felt my virgin sissy pussy stretch. As his cock pushed inside further inside untouched territory, the stretching started to hurt. I involuntarily pulled away, but he kept saying its okay and to relax. I just grabbed the pillow at the top of the bed, barked into it. He continued pushing it in, very slowly but gently and he asked if I wanted him to stop; each time I shook my head no. He did it so slowly that when the head finally entered me, it felt good but somewhat painful and then after the head passed, I was fine. It was hard, wet, warm and incredible. Feeling his cock inside of my ass was something that I'll never forget. he continued his slow ass assault and finally, after lots of gentle pushing, he was totally in me and I relaxed. He fucked me really slow, kissing my back and neck and with every stoke, I felt the need to push back. I wanted him in me even deeper and as he got wet, he began fucking me faster and faster!

I felt him tense up and his grip on my shoulders was getting tighter and tighter. I didn't know how it would feel to have a man ejaculate in me, but I soon found out! Suddenly felt a rush of warm wetness fill my ass and I knew that he must have done something different that made him feel good! He was sweating all over me and he pulled his cock from my ass. I could feel something warm oozing out and down my inner thigh. As I shifted to reach my hand back to feel my butthole, and I shocked myself with a wet fart that ejected more of his man jizz. Seeing the surprised look on my face, Mr. Phillips rubbed my butt and said that was natural over my apologies He raised up, slipped in bed next to me and spooned me close; and told me that I was a good gurl then kissed my shoulder. As his hairy manly arm wrapped over me, I thought I was glad that it was him that had just taken my virginity and that my boi pussy was broken in by Mr. Phillips’ now deflated old dick.

As I started to drift off in his secure arms, he kissed my lips very gently and then moved down toward my hard little cock. When his lips went over it, I shuddered from the feeling, moaned because it felt to wonderful as he sucked me. Then he licked the head and even put my entire sissy sack in his mouth. I had never felt anything so good and I suddenly felt a strange vibration go through my body! I had cum before several times playing with myself, but this was truly incredible! My little balls just came and came as Mr. Phillips used his mouth on me until my balls were completely empty. Once my spasms subsided, Mr. Phillips rubbed my hair, kissed my forehead and told me it was times get some shut eye while once again spooning up behind me.
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Fantastic!  There has to be more...please>
5 days ago
Keep it up ! Love the stories.
7 days ago
Great story!
10 days ago
Awesome story!
10 days ago
That was sexy!
10 days ago