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Mom and the Doggers

Mom’s into Dogging.

My Mom ditched my Dad five years ago, she always said it’s because he was a dirty ratbag who cheated on her, but now I know differently. It wasn’t until one of my best mates told me, that I found out the truth about my Mom and here’s the story.

So I get a phone call from my friend and he’s out of breath, having ran from somewhere and then he reveals why.

“Barry! I’ve been somewhere tonight and you’re not going to believe me over the phone, so can I come and see you?”

“Sure nobody’s in come over?”

Ten minutes later he’s rattling my letter box and I let him in. He’s still out of breath and in some sort of shock. But I bring him some water and we’re standing in the kitchen. It’s about half past eight in the evening and dark outside.

“Right listen, don’t go lairy okay? But your Mom, is out now in some parking lot that I found and there’s these men standing around jerking their dicks at her while two others are spit-roasting her.”

I punched him right on the jaw and knocked him on his ass.

“Don’t talk shit about my Mom, she’s just out walking the dog!” I yelled at him.

“Man, I’m serious, I wouldn’t make it up, she's doing it right now, and other people told me she’s there nearly every night. All you have to do is see for yourself?

He’s rubbing his jaw and I helped him back to his feet. I drank some water too and suddenly came to realize maybe it’s true, the signs are there, she goes out at the same time every night, with Arthur, our dog, taking an hour and a half to walk him, she comes back and immediately takes a shower and goes straight to bed, I reckon she’s fantasizing about what happens there.

So I let it slide tonight and hold on until tomorrow and I’ll follow her to find out for myself…

… So all day at college I’m thinking about what my pal said, and made a plan to follow Mom tonight, I scribbled a note before and would leave this on the counter, for her to read, when she gets home after whatever she’s supposed to be doing. I spent lunch with my girlfriend, but didn’t say anything about this to her, she’s a rifle mouth and she’ll get the rumor round so fast.

So college ends and I head home, and get in before Mom, she can’t know that I’ll be following her so she can’t see me at all, and I hide quietly in my room. At five o’clock she’s home, makes some tea, and eats her meal, watches a bit of TV, then heads up to change her outfit for her dog walk with Arthur, he’s in the garden getting excited.

At 8:30 she leaves the house and I spy out the window that she’s wearing a long fur coat and knee high boots. She walks to the gully and turns left then I head out to tail her, I leave the note on the counter and begin to follow Mom. After about ten minutes she turns down a field siding and then reaches a parking lot, I am not far behind, but I have to keep back because if Arthur sees me I’m sprung.

On the side of the parking lot there is a small set of walls and I crouch behind, to get a better look. Inside the parking lot I see a low back pick-up truck with it’s tail down, on the back of it are hay bales, and on the floor are milk crates to step on, seven men are stood waiting under a lamp, and two men get out of the pick-up truck as Mom gets there.

She ties Arthur to a sapling and heads towards the pick-up truck. I can see clearly from my place and I know that she really means business, Mom steps up on to the milk crates and then sits on the end of the tail gate, all nine men shake her hand and it all begins.

Seven men gather in a semi-circle, the other two wait patiently to see what she does. She starts by unbuttoning her coat, and takes it off, she lays it open on the hay bales, I can she’s wearing only a black bra and panties, with suspenders and pantyhose on, I can see her humming bird tattoo on her right tit and the love heart on her shoulder, with my Dad’s name on it.

Her boobs look huge inside the bra all pushed up and waiting to come out, the men started to take their dicks out, just like my buddy said and they begin to jerk, nine men jerking their penises to my Mom, who likes what she sees and makes for her clasp and takes off the bra, she has piercings through her nipples, never knew that til now, she gives the bra to the man waiting to fuck her I guess. Her bra cups fit on his head and he's wearing them like a hat.

My dick hardens which I didn't expect to happen, but I continue to watch. Next she stands up and takes down her panties, her hairy muff comes into view and she gives the panties to another guy, who wraps his cock around them and jerks through the material. Nine men are staring at my Mom’s clam.

She likes that too and splits her fanny lips with her fingers to moisten herself, I can see up inside her and now I notice she has her clit pierced too, and a small bell hangs from it, I can hear it jingle as she shows the men her strumming style, figure eight motion and she’s sitting on her coat, thrilling the guys, their dicks are hard and so is mine, but she’s my Mom and I shouldn’t be seeing this, but what the heck I’m here now!

Now I’ve seen more of my Mom than I ever imagined. For thirty-nine, she looks really great.

Next one man moves toward her and climbs the crates, steps on the truck and she sucks his big dick with her mouth long slow slurps and throating him like a sword swallower and she’s really very good, the other guy moves too and she jerks him hard and fast. Her fist grips him tightly and he’s hard as a rod. Seems like she’s been doing this stuff for quite a while. I take out my cock, It’s all too much to take, and the cold air welcomes me and I begin to jerk slowly too.

The bloke being jerked is now fondling Mom’s tits and suckling like a baby on those big nipples, and the blow job guy is tingling her bell for her. She’s moaning a bit now and looks almost ready for penetration. She lays back on the hay and he crawls between her legs and the jerked guy now gets his blow job after kneeling to her left. Her legs are high in the air and I can clearly see she's opened up and ready. The man has his hands behind her knees ready to enter her.

I check on Arthur who’s growling because he thinks she’s being attacked, but soon quietens back down once the guy pushes his length into her cunt, from where I can see he’s almost all the way in her and beginning to thrust at her, the other seven guys are closer now and jerking faster, the bloke with the panties is now sniffing them.

I’ve shot my load already and pack my dick away to carry on watching, Mom is being fucked hard and fast now, Mom is moaning and whimpering with every thrust, so much so that the blow job guy isn’t getting much action anymore.

He takes control and turns her on to her hands and knees, I can see her big ass in the air, then he gets in the way for a moment to push that dick of his, into her cunt from behind, he slams in and out of her quick and clean, I can hear his balls slapping against her.

Two of the guys have shot their wad already, but just get tissues and try again in a couple of minutes. She’s sucking on the first guy’s pole again, she really likes his better I think. Three more watching guys come on their hands and the ground they’re standing on, Mom stares round to see them straining their cocks to her and she’s moaning more now too.

The guy thrashing her pussy is getting tired and she’s been fucked for about half an hour now, but she just swaps positions. She gets off the hay and the guy lays down on the floor, she settles her asshole on the tip of his cock and eases down slowly, then she leans back and puts her feet on the guy’s thighs and the second man then slips his dick up her snatch.

Whoa! I’ve never seen double penetration before and especially not my Mom for fuck’s sake. My dick hardens again and I take it back out to jerk once more. The two guys start to fuck Mom and she’s making more noise, sounds like she’s having an orgasm, and you can clearly hear her swearing that ‘it’s fucking so good.’

I’m jerking to my Mom again, what's wrong with me? I should find all this appalling, but somehow it’s really sexy too. She’s a real pro bouncing on the guys lap while the other slams her pussy. She looks so sweaty and two other men produce their come for her, that’s all seven now and me as I cream on the wall with a bit of noise, but glad she didn’t hear it.

The guy in her cunt pulls out and comes on her tit, she rubs the stuff into her skin as the other guy is still wrecking her asshole. She’s going so fast that she’s yelling, ‘Oh my god yes!’ He’s getting tired now and softens to allow Mom off his lap, then he climbs down from the truck and she sits on the milk crate, takes him in her mouth, straight from her ass.

Long thrusts again with her cheeks puffed out as she gobbles his rod waiting for his cream to arrive. And when he does finally come, it overflows down her chin and over her tits, he’s yelling out as he comes and two more men have whipped their spunk out too, the guy with her panties has jizzed all over them.

Now the fucking is over and she grabs her bra from the guy and puts it on herself, loading her heaving tits away, but let’s the panties remain with her admirer. She sits up and takes her coat back and puts it on, then I skulk away before she sees me, and I head home, my head is buzzing and confused, but also have to admit it was the sexiest thing that I ever witnessed. I ran back and took the note away from the kitchen counter, and hid upstairs again.

About ten minutes later Mom returns home, calls out for me that she’s back but I don’t answer, just in too much shock to reply. My Mom is a real goer and men love her. She did her usual thing, went to the shower and then right to bed, not surprised after what she’d just done.

The next day I rang my friend and told him I went there, he promised not to say anything else to anyone, but reckons he’s going to watch tomorrow.

I also called my dad and fessed up about spying on her, then he told me his side of the story, that they used to go together, he’d fuck her in front of the guys watching until one guy brought another woman with them, she was curious as to why her man disappeared from the pub for an hour, then Dad took her out to do the same and that’s when Mom caught him.

I can’t believe I have perverted parents, to look at them you’d assume they’d hate that stuff, but they are really into it.

Been four more times to watch since and then told Mom I knew everything, afterwards she said she wouldn’t stop going and was organizing a Gangbang for her fortieth birthday, and I shouldn’t be there, so I promised not to follow. Although my friend filmed it for me anyway. So that’s the end of it really.

My Mom really does like dogging.

The End.
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Nice,more please!
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Wow!! What a great story had me cumming in no time flat!!
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super nice!
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