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Love Thy Neighbor

“Hi Mrs. Jones, can Tommy come over to play trains for a little while?”

A neighborhood boy would always come over to the house and ask my mom if I could come over and play. It was always play with his train set or when Pong was released it was to come play Pong and later on Atari. Mom would always say it was okay and to be back “by dinner time.”

When I’d go over there they had several layers of sheer window coverings so you could get sunlight in, but no one could really see out or in unless you stood right up to the window and pressed your face to the glass. I’d shut the door and his dad would already be in a robe and his mom always wore a dress or a slim housecoat type dress. Cotton that would zip up the back. She also never wore panties.

I’d come in and before the door was even shut we boys were already taking off our shirts and pants and we’d always start in our tighty whitey underwear. Once down to our underwear his mom would always want to talk a bit. She’d ask me about school if we were in school, or ask me about my family. She always showed real interest in what was going on in my life. The dad would just sit there waiting. She would also almost every single time tell me what a shame and bad decision it was that my parents sent me to a different school than the one the neighborhood k**s went. If I’d had gone there then I could have played more with her son and the neighborhood k**s. She’d then brag about her son and all that he had been doing since we last played together. We usually played at least once a week sometimes up to three or even four times a week during the summer, but that was only a few times.

After the small talk seemed to be over she’d always tell her “boys” to come and give her a hug and she’d hold us close and always tell us how big we were getting. Because we all knew what was coming my cock and the other boy’s cock would already be hard or rapidly getting there. She’d always feel them and say “my I think you have grown even since the last time. You must be having a growing spurt.”

Then she’d kiss us. She’d always start with her son giving him a full kiss, but never tongue. Just passionate kiss on the lips. She’d then turn to me and give me a kiss as well. And then say “you boys are going to break a lot of hearts someday.” And then we’d lay down on their bed.

So we’d be in the bedroom (they only had one bedroom and all three shared the same bed) laying on the bed and we would be kissing with her and she’d be touching us and we’d be touching her. Then she’d ask us every time to help unzip her dress, which we did and she’d pull it off over her head and her son would always take it and lay it over a chair. Then it was up to her on what she wanted and who she wanted where. She sometimes liked her nipples sucked, but it wasn’t a regular thing. Mostly she liked kisses on her neck and she liked us going for her cunt. By the way she ALWAYS used the word cunt, I think she liked being very naughty even in her language. The boys had pricks or cocks.

She liked us to rub our hands on her mound and combing our fingers through her pubic hair. Once she was warmed up then she’d have us take our underwear off entirely and then at the same time the dad would take off his robe and would usually have a huge raging hard-on. I do remember later on that sometimes we’d have to suck his cock to make it really hard. But during the early years he’d always be really hard.

Then once she was was wet she’d have usually her son between her legs playing with her, licking her, and I’d be sucking his little boy cock. Then we’d switch after awhile and I’d lick her and finger her and he’d suck my little boy cock. We’d do this for awhile and then the dad would always ask the boy who was last sucking cock to come over to him. He would then rub the boy’s cock a few times, kind of jerk it off. Then he’d put us on the side of the bed with our legs dangling off and kneel down and start sucking the boy’s cock.

Once he had sucked that boy to a dry cum then he’d want the other boy to come over and he’d suck that boy to his dry cum. And the first boy would always go back to the mom and continue rubbing her. Then once that boy had recovered and was hard again (which at that age happens VERY quickly) she’d have that boy fuck her.

The boy who was getting his cock sucked by the dad. He’d have to suck the dad off once the dad was finished sucking. The dad would have a huge cum at least it always seemed like you’d be drowning when he came. It would leak out the sides of our mouth, but even very early on we both learned to swallow as much of his load as possible. Remember this started softly at *ix and by *ight we were pros.

After the dad would cum he’d always go back and put his robe on and he’d be done for the most part. We’d finish soon with the mom and then it would be done. Later as we got a bit older they’d ask us to 69 each other and they’d watch. We tried anal a few times on each other but didn’t like receiving. As we got bigger cocks the dad would once in a while ask us to do anal on him. The mom also started to like anal as we got bigger.
This was a very regular thing for almost 8 yrs and then became rare and then ended. As we boy’s got bigger the mom and dad got naughtier and wanted more things. She loved to pee on our cocks and liked us to pee on her cunt. She started to like to try double penetration and what we now call being spit roasted.

As he and I got older and could really cum then the dad would always make sure he got our first loads. Then each boy would usually get the other boy’s second load. Finally if anything was left this usually ended up in the mom.

I played a few times with the mom and dad just on my own, but it wasn’t often. I am positive though that they played with their son very often. It wasn’t until a few years after that it finally occurred to me they only had one bed.
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