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Living in Cockington part 19

I was sat with my shorts around my ankles in the middle of my living room, rubbing my cock as I sat watching some porn and thinking about my cousin Zoe who I had just fucked up the ass.
Then Bridget my neighbours twenty something housekeeper came wandering down from upstairs, where she had just been fucking my teen daughter and sat next to me.
We had in fact fucked a couple of times previous so I didn't bother covering up but continued rubbing my cock.
"Here let me" she said taking over, her soft warm hand gripped my shaft and began rubbing up and down in a nice steady motion.
"So what are you doing down here in the middle of the night?" she asked
"I couldn't sleep" I replied
"So you thought you'd fuck your cousin and then come down here and watch some porn" she smiled
"You know?" I said surprised.
"We heard" she replied
"You mean..."
"Yeah me and Milly heard you both going at it" she chuckled
"Oh god, my daughter heard me" I said very embarrassed
"Oh please, she's seen you fucking my ass, I think she's pass being shocked by you" replied Bridget
I sat back in the sofa stunned and lost for words, Bridget then leant in and started sucking my cock.
"Well might as well put this to work" she said after drooling all over my cock for a few minutes.
Then giving my cock one more big wet suck she straddled my lap, held my cock steady, and then slipped her wet bald pussy down on to me.
We both sighed as her pussy engulfed my hard cock and once she was settled on my cock she started riding me.
"You just need to move on" she said riding my cock
"Accept it happened and move forward"
Her pussy slid up and down my shaft perfectly and her big bouncy tits jiggled away under her T-shirt.
"That's what Cockington is all about, experience your desires and look forward to the next" she continued
"Really?" I asked
"Yes its the towns motto, it's even written on the meeting hall wall" Bridget replied
"That and i'm willing to take it up the ass for a fiver"
"Really?" I asked again
"No I don't charge a thing" she grinned.
Bridget worked my cock bouncing around in my lap eagerly and I was quickly forgetting all about my cousins ass, then she leant in and kissed me, our tongues exchanged saliva rapidly and when she pulled away she grinned at me again.
"What?" I asked.
"Oh nothing, it's just I've been eating your daughters pussy for the last couple of hours and haven't washed since, and now I've kissed you so..."
"theoretically speaking I've just tasted my daughters teen pussy on your lips" I said slightly shocked
Then Bridget leant in and kissed me again.
"How does your daughter taste daddy?"
"Oh god she taste sweet" I replied
"Yeah she does" grinned Bridget still bouncing on my lap.
I then pushed Bridget over on to the sofa, got on top of her, lifted her tanned legs up and started driving my cock deep into her pussy.
"Oh yes, that's the way, fuck me daddy, fuck me" grinned Bridget.
"You would like that wouldn't you?" I replied
"Me fucking you as if I was your father"
"Pound my pussy like a good father should do" she replied before holding her legs up near her head.
I pumped my cock harder and deeper into her wet pussy, Bridget groaned over and over urging me to fuck her more all the while calling me daddy.
I kissed her several more times eager to taste more of my daughters sweet pussy juices as I rammed my cock deep into her cunt.
We rocked that sofa for several long hard minutes until finally Bridget grabbed hold of me, pulled me in to her body and started to buck on my cock as she groaned heavily in my ear.
"Yes you cousin fucker!" she cried
She held me deep in her pussy as she orgasmed for a good few more seconds and I lay on her hot tanned body enjoying her pussy squeezing my cock.
Finally she relaxed and let me go and I knelt up between her legs.
"Oh that was good" she smiled
"But your not done"
Then she got up and held my hand and started leading me up stairs.
"Where are we going?, everyone's sleeping up there"
"Yes they are" she smiled
Bridget lead me to my daughters bedroom door and then gently pushed it open.
Inside I could see my Milly lying on her bed, completely naked, her young teen tanned body exposed for me to see.
Then Bridget took hold of my cock and standing in front of me positioned it at her asshole, before gently inserting it into her hole.
I slipped into Bridget ass and once in, I stood for a second looking at my naked daughters body.
"Come on fuck my ass in front of your daughter again, you know you want to" whispered Bridget.
My cock was harder than it had ever been, firstly cause I was in Bridgets tight ass again and secondly because I was staring at my daughters naked body once more.
"Come on daddy" Bridget whispered moving her ass back and forth on my cock.
I quickly got the hint and started thrusting into her ass, and Bridget gripped the door frame as we both stared at my daughters body.
"I've tasted that sweet teen pussy, and licked those little pink nipples" she said teasing me
I pumped my cock in and out of her tight asshole and she murmured with every thrust trying to stifle her groans.
"Oh god this so dangerous" I whispered
"But it's what you want, you want to fuck my ass in front of your daughter" replied Bridget
"Yes" I replied thrusting harder into her.
"But what you really want is to fuck your daughters ass?" Bridget asked
"No, yes, oh god I don't know" I replied pumping away at her ass.
"Yeah you do, you want to fuck her little asshole, you want to stuff your big hard daddy cock up your young teen daughters little soft ass"
"Yes" I replied beginning to feel my balls tightening.
"Yeah you want to fill her little ass with your hot sticky cum, you want to blow your load deep in her little asshole" continued Bridget
"Oh god" I groaned nearly reaching breaking point.
Bridget then looked back at me square in the eyes.
"I've fucked that little ass with a big black dildo, she's already for you"
"Oh fuck!" I groaned and with that I started pumping my load.
My balls churned and my cock exploded and my cum shot out filling Bridgets ass, my hot sticky load drained out of me as I stared at my naked teen daughter lying on her bed just a few feet away.
With a groan we both came and Bridget's ass gripped and squeezed every last drop out of me as her second orgasm took over her.
I held her hips tight as her ass gripped my cock, until finally she relaxed and gasped for breath and I could ease my dripping cock out of her asshole.
"Oh god that was just so fucking fantastic" I whispered leaning against the door beside her.
Bridget stood up straight and then kissed me again.
"Just watch this" she replied with a naughty grin.
Then Bridget walked into my daughters room, climbed up onto the bed, moved over my daughters sleeping head and lowered her naked sticky ass onto Milly's little cute face.
I watched in amazement as she started to rub her big round ass in my daughters face, and after a few seconds my daughter started to respond and stuck her tongue out.
I couldn't believe it, Milly was now half awake and licking Bridgets sticky cum filled ass, my daughter was now licking my cum from Bridget's asshole that I had just fucked.
Bridget started to moan and groan as my daughter probed her hole scooping out more of my hot sticky seed and swallowing every drop she could taste.
"You taste different" I heard my daughter say.
"It's a new body cream" replied Bridget.
"You like?"
"I love it, I want more" groaned my daughter sticking her tongue back up Bridgets ass.
My cock almost instantly got hard again hearing those words from my daughters mouth and because Bridget was blocking Milly's face from seeing me, I quickly started to tug on my cock.
Bridget grinned seeing me rubbing my cock watching them, and then she leant forward and started to finger and lick Milly's little bald pussy right in front of me.
I watched intensely, tugging hard on my cock as Bridget pushed one then two fingers into my daughters wet pussy right in front of me.
Then bridget waved me over, at first I shook my head but she waved me again and knowing Milly couldn't see I crept into her room and stood at the end of her bed just a couple of feet from her naked body.
Bridget pumped her fingers deep into Milly's pussy, as she ground her ass hard into Milly's face.
"Eat baby eat it" she urged Milly.
I was tugging like mad on my cock as I watched my daughters wet little pussy being pumped, Milly was groaning hard and gasping for air, Bridget was groaning as well as Milly tongued her ass.
It was all to hot, to naughty to fucking amazing for me and as I tugged harder and harder on my cock I could feel my balls tighten once more.
"Oh god" I groaned through gritted teeth trying not to make a sound.
Bridget looked up at me and then opened her mouth ready for my second load.
I shuffled a little closer, tugged a little faster and in seconds felt the churn.
"Cuming!" I groaned
My cock exploded, I felt the first few drops of cum shoot up out of my cock, and bridget held her mouth open ready to receive my juices.
Then she suddenly pulled her head back,and at the same time pulled her sticky fingers from my daughters pussy and unable to stop I blew my hot sticky load all over my daughters naked bald teen pussy.
"Oh god" I groaned as I watched my hot cum landing and covering her little pink lips.
I pumped another couple of blasts all over her pussy until finally I was spent.
"Oh god" I exclaimed realising what I had just done.
"Shut up" whispered Bridget stuffing her fingers into mouth.
It was the fingers she had just been stuffing up my daughters pussy and I could taste the hot sticky juices on them and instantly started sucking on them.
Then I watched Bridget rubbing my cum into my daughters tanned skin, but with a mouthful of her fingers I was unable to stop her.
"What's that?" groaned my daughter unable to see what was going on under Bridget's ass.
"More of that cream, you want to taste?" replied Bridget.
"Yeah" replied my daughter
So Bridget scooped some of my cum up in her other hand and reaching behind her I could hear my daughter sucking it off Bridget's fingers.
There I was sucking my daughters pussy juices off one hand of Bridget and there was my daughter sucking off my cum from the other hand of Bridget.
After a few seconds I decided it was time to leave, so I pulled Bridgets fingers from my mouth and backed quietly out of the room, as I did I watched Bridget licking my cum from my daughters sweet wet pussy and I could hear Milly groaning enjoying Bridget's expert tongue.
I stood out in the hallway, completely spent and new it was time for bed, what birthday party this was, definitely one to remember.
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to scone134: For some reason I put part 18 in but they did not publish, will make it part of 20 in stead.
Cant find part 18 !! Loving the whole series
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