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This is a print version of story Little sissy bitch by cummymummy from

Little sissy bitch

cant stop reading this
Alright pet, here's how it going to be're going to do what I want. I don't really care if you like it, I could give two fucks if you do. I want to be in charge, I want a little toy to play with and I've decided it's going to be you. Get naked, now. On your hands and knees. Want you in front of me. I've got a little present to give to you today. Hmmmm....very pretty. Look what I have in my hand pet. Aren't they pretty? Wouldn't the look nice snuggled up against your cock, pulled tight over your balls, that little string gliding through your back channel...mmmmm I picked pink just for you pet. Aren't they pretty? All covered in lace. Awwww you're going to look so nice in these.

Stand up. Just like that.Alright, I'm going to help you step into your panties now sweet. Awww I don't care if you like them or not, I don't really care if you think it makes you a cross dresser....which it doesn't by the way....makes you obedient...and that's what I like!

Now...stop arguing with me and step into them. Yes, just like that. Awww...their nice and tight. Awww look how they frame you. Do you like the feel of the lace on your cock? Feel the scratch of the lace and the string of the thong pulling up tight against your ass...reminding you of your hole. You look so pretty in those panties, such a pretty pussy boy in those panties. Mmmmmm....oh I do love that.

What do you think pet? Hehehe you look a little nervous. Little worried about what's going to happen to you today? should be. I'm in a mood...hehehe...and you? You get to be the toy I play distract me. Oh are a very good distraction pet.

Want you to grab the top of that bed post...ya ya....there is a reason I have a wrought iron four poster bed you there is a top bed post for you to grab hold of. Keep yourself stretched taut for me. Oh you look so cute in those panties. All stretched out for me...mmmmm. I have another surprise for you love.

No! Don't turn around to look. You face forward, let me get my present. I'll be right back. it is. Now...I'm going to get you to bend over the bed. Awww yes...just like that. And I'll push aside that pretty pink thong. I've got something in my hand for you. Oh you'll notice. Hear that click of the lube as I open it and I spread it on my fingers. And I push the first finger into you. Deep. I'm not pussy footing around today. I'm not going to get you all warmed up nice and tender like. I'm not in a tender mood today. Hehe...I want you taken and I want to be the one to take you. So you're just going to have to deal with that alright?

Mmmmm....fucking you with two fingers. In and out of your pretty little boy pussy. Awwww yesss. Awww are you going to whimper for me baby? hehe...I do like that in a man. You like to be my toy don't you? You want me to fuck you hard. Make you whimper, make you moan, remind you that I own you. Every part of you. may not want to admit these things about yourself, but they're true nonetheless. You want me to own you. You want me to fuck your ass. Make you mine. Make you beg and plead. Hehe and you're lucky because I fucking love to do it.

Oh my fingers are fucking you good now aren't they? I can hear those little whimpers that come out of you. Ahhh they make me hot. Love looking at you splayed across my bed. Knowing that I can do anything to you that I want! You won't stop me! You'll just beg for more won't you, you little pussy? mmmm my little toy. Oh can hear me as I pull my fingers out of you. Step back, and then you hear that sound as I pull on my strap on. Pull it up my legs, pull it tight. Lube it up for you. Up on your hands and knees pet. I'm going to fuck you good today. Uh huh...yeah. Grab the headboard of the bed. Hold yourself still for me so I can push my pretty pink cock into your hole. Push it deep. Hear you groan. Know that it hurts a bit. And I don't fucking care. I'm okay with it should hurt. Your mine. If I want to make you hurt, you're going to take it. That's the way its going to be pet.

Ahhhhn...I'm all the way in. You can feel my hips on your ass. And then I start to take you. Fuck you hard. Oh yess. Your cock is dripping underneath you. Making you moan. You don't know what the fuck to do. Those pretty pink panties are all wet...because you're dripping all over them. Making a mess! Messy messy boy aren't you? Yes you are! That's okay. I'll make you lick it all up after! I'll make you suck yourself down, and you'll love it, because I told you to. And if you don't, I don't care, because you'll do it anyway. Because I told you to. And you're mine!
Published by cummymummy
4 years ago
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this is amazing!!
4 years ago
amazingly hot story x
4 years ago
Wow! Very, very sexy story xx
4 years ago
I liked that :)
4 years ago
wow!!! nice...!!!!
4 years ago