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Lesley part 37

Big Al Mcpeevie pulled his car into the car park and parked in the reserved bay marked 'Manager'. It was 0730, Sunday. The day before he was due back. It was quite a warm morning and he was dressed as if he was heading for the pool. Had he worn a Bermuda tee shirt or a 'kiss me quick' hat and he would not have looked out of place....for the beach or pool....not work!

"bloody hell, boss. What are you doing here? Thought you weren't due back till Monday or Tuesday?" Exclaimed a startled Dot, who nearly dropped the tray she was carrying. She stared in amazement at the attire her boss was actually wearing, wondering if he had taken time to look in the mirror before leaving wherever he'd come from. Hawaiian shorts, tight, pink, short sleeved shirt were hardly office dress wear.

"I've hired a car to come straight from the airport! Thought you'd all have missed me.", he replied. "Make me a tea, Dorothy....I'm parched!"

"Ok boss"

"Who's in today?"

Dot smiled to herself. 'Not back two fucking minutes and he's wanting something to fuck' she said under her breath. "Sylvia's just doing breakfasts with young Harry, and two agency girls....then she's got meds to do".

"Ok...Tell her I'm back, and I want to see her at 900am. I'm going to my hotel later.....Where's all the people from?.....there's flags flying everywhere?"

"Rugby.....don't you follow the rugby, Mr Mcpeevie?"

"Me?....Na. Far to energetic."

'Bet that's the truth, ya fat fuck' she said, again under her breath....."I'll get your tea".

"And a bacon butty!"

"Yes sir", she replied, shaking her head as she walked away from him....'ya fat bastard', escaped her whispering lips......


Lesley lay in the bath, Sunday morning, glad it was her weekend off. Foe just under 24 hours she had done absolute nothing, save cook a few meals for the k**s, and put some washing through the machine. She was worn out. Her memory of Friday night, was a blur ot alcohol and sex. And she had lots of both. By the time Kevin and her were dropped off on Saturday morning she had been awake for over 27 hours. And, of course, if she had taken into account that she hadn't had much sleep, the previous night...through shagging Kevin most of the dark hours....that could be the reason she was so tired.

She recalled the night she had entertained the stag party, and how she had worn all of those young lads out, but, how energised the event had left her. Not like this time. No! After she had waved goodbye to the equally tired, Kevin....she could have cried. She was so....drained! Her body was so....used, her brain...mush!

After a shower and glass of water she had went to bed, settig her alarm for 2pm. She had fallen asleep immediately.

Lying in the bath, that Sunday morning, she tried to recall what had all went down, at Robs, on Friday night. She shivered at the memory, and her fingers found her slit. As normal...access was easy.

The cab drive had been where she had lost her knickers. She remembered that. Rob had insisted she remove them....quite loudly, and the cab driver had adjusted his interior mirror, for obvious reasons All three of them were in the back of the five seater, open planned rear of the taxi, and where Lesley had been seated he had a perfect view. "Lesley!..... Your knickers please!" He had demanded, and she had obeyed, giggly, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do....raising her skirt and pulling the thong down her legs. Her sex was still sopping from them fingering her in the nar. She was to far gone, to care, anyway.....


Rob had been delighted with his chance bumping into Lesley that Friday afternoon. After ringing for a taxi too take them home, he had logged into his Cloud, wifi account, and sent an email to all his paying followers....all his fellow pervs, who were all eager to see Robs, slut! "Log in from 7pm!..,, It's showtime!" Was the simple message he sent into cyberspace. That would suffice.

His plan, originally, had been to get a live show, involving himself, Lesley and the Scotsman who was her boss. Circumstances had presented this as an opportunity and he put his preferred, chosen plan, on ice until a later possible date. This would do for starters. Pound signs, clouding any thought of mishap. After all.....what could go wrong? Nothing. He'd done this for years....and made thousands. Tonight would be no fact it might break all records. Financially that is... He'd taken a whole viagra tablet....just in case!

Thirteen hours later, on arriving home after delivering his two fuck buddies to Lesley's house....he checked his account. Smiled....and went to bed.

"Nice one...." He said to the vacant room. "What a girl!"


Driving home to Manchester, Kevin couldnt keep his eyes open. He too, was knackered. He turned the radio up loud, then opened both windows. Nothing, in the fear of an accident, pulled into a motorway stop, and went to sleep. His dreams were of a sexual nature, and happened to reminisce of an event that happened in the non too distant past.


On arrival at Robs house, Kevin had been caught with the bill for the taxi. His tip had been a pair of ladies panties, which, he not surprisingly, was very pleased with. He drove away, inhaling their musky smell, and stroking his own extremely hard cock. He guessed at the sort of evening that slut was undoubtedly going to have. He couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams, the miles and miles of cock she would take.

Once inside, the marathon began. The only things that flagged were the occasional softening of spent cocks. Medication and extremely good oral skills cured that. She was a woman possessed. What Lesley had planned for her time with Kevin, had turned into a bonanza.....a festival of male dominance and female obedience. She disobeyed nothing. Subservient to everything.

For the watching thousands she was a wet dream of no comparison.

Again and again she accepted the hardest cocks she had ever had...stretching into positions her electricly wired body demanded. She sucked cock straight from her non douched backside and flickered not one iota. When she felt Kevin's 7" cock, easing into her nonlubed arse hole, while impaled, cowgirl style on Robs 9" dick.....she momentarily passed out. Not with pleasure....with pain! The forcible continuation of him pressing forward with his dry entry of her bowells brought her back to her senses. She had garbled her protestation to use some oil, to which he had pulled out, and simply spat on her fuck hole and plunged back in, unmercifully. Rob squeezing her nipples hard... then her clit, distracted her. She lost track of time and life after that. How many times she came, no one knows. How many times she drank sperm...she guessed at...possibly 4....maybe. What she did know, was that by the time she was sent down stairs to make tea for her stallions, her legs were like jelly and she had had too hold on tight too the banister to save falling. Her backside was red raw, and her breasts, visibly bruised with the assaults they had endured during the continuous battering she had taken for the previous God knows how many hours. Her head also throbbed, caused from both dehydration and
lack of sleep. Most women, it was true....who could have suffered the fate Lesley had had imposed..would have been phoning the police, for help.....Lesley was making tea....for them....then hoping for more! As she had waited for the kettle to boil, she had found a clean cloth and soaked it, then cleaned her battered mess of her pussy, and bum hole. Cleaning off the dried and drying cum stains. She had winced at how gaping her rear passage was, and how tender her pussy was. Touching her clit inadvertently, had sent a little shockwave to her addled brain, telling her how much she had loved the pleasure she had taken, no matter how the 'torture' had been administered. She recalled when she had been sandwiched between them, Rob in her arse, and Kevin ploughing her cunt.....she recalled, not the physical battering, but, the verbal attack. She heard two male voices, one in each ear....calling her every...slut...cunt...bitch...worthless mother fucker....whore...fuckpig....under the sun! And fucking loved it. The accomplement of voices and double penetration played her spasmic muscles like a finally tuned orchestra. She remembered squirting three times, possibly more, And, as to how many lesser, but still powerful orgasms, she had, ....who knows.

The tea cups were later emptied into the sink, hardly touched, as on return to the bedroom, she was greeted with the sight of two naked men, lying on the bed stroking their own cocks, waiting on a suitable person to return and relieve them. She didn't disappoint, and within minutes she was gagging on a 9" cock while being anally sodomised, again, and being forced to accept the aforementioned 9" cock further into her welcoming throat.....

Kevin came, shooting his filth, deep, into the 49 year old sluts bowells. Rob, came, shooting his, by now, weak, stream of cum, into the sluts belly. Lesley, came...then....simply, passed out! A cock, still lodged, in each of two of her three fuck holes. Her breathing was ragged, until Rob pulled his cock out of her mouth, piping it on her face. They let her sleep.


Lesley jammed three fingers into her pussy, near fist fucking herself...she brought herself to otgasm, stifling a loud wail in the process. Water had spilled everywhere, onto the floor......she had thrashed about so much. She didn't care. All her all consuming thoughts were of....was sex. All she wanted....all she needed, all she desired and craved....was sex. She didn't have the brain power, or capability to rationalise that maybe she had more than a slight problem going on with her out of control sexual needs. No...nothing. Just the realisation that in less than 24 hours, she would probably be bouncing up and down on the appendage of the huge cocked,,returning Scotsman. She of course, lying in her masturbation bath, had no knowledge that, as she recovered from orgasm, her large bodied lover from north of the border, was standing in his office, holiday shorts round his ankles, and his testicles being bathed in saliva from the ever ready slut...Sylvia. She also had no knowledge that the verbal abuse her lovers had given her, paled onto insignificance, from the verbal battering Mcpeevie had given Sylvia. There again.....She also deserved it!


"Sit down....Sylvia. You look tired. What's problems here, I hope"

"No no!.... How was your holiday?"

"Och, it was ok. Drinking beer, eating paella....screwing oor Mary! Normal holiday. She was disappointed, though. Didn't get tae fuck anybody new! She wiz gutted...must be getting auld!"


"Never mind that shit....when's Lesley back in?"

"Er.....not till Monday late shift....why?.... Is their anything I can help you with?" She said with a smile on her face.

"You know, Sylvia.....I have met and fucked some of the biggest sluts that have walked this planet....and enjoyed every fucking minute of it! But, you....never, ever, have I met such a cunt as you! Lesley's your 'friend' but you'd stab her in the back to get some hard cock intended for her! Now, bearing in mind these missing patient notes, I'd like to find out why you are such a cunt, before I fuck ya slut brains out. Why?..... What's going on in your head?....why try to take away some cock from ya wee friend."

"Oh...sorry...I was" Sylvia didn't understand what was going on. When Dot had told her he was back, and wanted to see her, she had immediately felt moisture building in her hungry hole. She had envisioned being on her knees by now, his cock firmly lodged in her willing throat. This character assassination was unexpected.

"How many times have you been married?"


"And boyfriends?"


"How many have ya cheated on"

A pause....."All of them" she replied eventually, hanging her head.

"All of them?.... Fucking hell....I'd hate to be married to you! Oh...maybe, your arrangement was that it?....your men were happy for you too spread ya legs?"

" didn't."

"There's a surprise!.....not! Take off your clothes...I'd lay the euros left in my pocket that your nipples are hard as fuck and ya gash is dripping. Ya predictable, Sylvia...a slut of the highest!"

Sylvia knew He was right. Both parts of her body mentioned, were excited. She dropped her blue nurses too the floor, stepping out of it and kicking it under his desk.

"Whoa....stay like that for a while....fucking lovely. You suit that colour...."

Sylvia was wearing matching, deep pink boy shorts and push up bra. She looked stunning.

"How many men have you had in, say....the last month?......remember the 'notes'!....don't dare lie!"

"Well...there hubby, and just, two others...I think"

"YOU FUCKING THINK?.....what about he one of the 'Two'?"

" Was trying to forget about him"

" you were! Come here...."

Sylvia walked over to him, and looked down at him as he pulled a cup to one side.....then taking an engorged nipple in his mouth and sucking and biting it, intending pain, not pleasure. She winced in pain, but didn't complain. As he bit, he slipped a finger into her accepting gash and felt the walls of her vagina contract and grip his finger, as it forced its way into her body.

"How many have ya ya many men have ya fucked?" He said, pulling down on her insides, trying to hurt her more.

Sylvia liked enhanced her pleasure. She had masochistic tendencies and flinched, but more with a sigh of pleasure than pain. Mcpeevie thought he was losing his touch, and endeavoured to ramp it up a bit.

"Sylvia...ya such a slut....I'll bet you'd fuck your own son? You would....wouldn't that right?"

"No... No....I haven't"

"That's not what I said....I said 'you would' not 'you have'.."


"I mean....I'll bet he wanks his teenage dick, listening to mummy screaming her way through yet another orgasm....let's face it Sylvia.....ya the noisiest cunt that's ever been shagged. That's fact! He must hear ya hubby dipping his cock into this honeypot....twice a night? Eh? "He chided....vigorously slamming his fingers in and out of her squelchy Love box.

"Oh...oh...that's good!"

"Tell me....or I'll stop"

"Yes yes....I know he watches!! I've seen him....god...oh god!.... I'm gonna cum".

"Sit down!" He ordered, pulling his fingers out of her hungry hole....with a 'plop'.


"Sit fucking down!"

Sylvia sat down in the chair opposite Mcpeevies desk...her breast still hanging out of her pink bra.

"First old were you?"

Dropping her head she quietly whispered "fifteen"

"Couldn't wait till ya were old enough, eh?.....couldn't wait till ya were 16! Who with?...,, ya dad?...ya teacher?... not another fucking abusing priest? Haha"

"My boss. I worked in a cafe. As a a waitress. I was in love with him" she replied, head still bowed.

"Silly fucking girl!"

"I know that now. He was a good teacher. We did it everyday. Even on my periods" she said honestly.

"What?.... Ya arse?"

"No the shower...washed my mess away. He shared me with his friends.....I still loved him"

"Um...I see. You must have had a lot of cock in your many?"

"Hundreds....between two and three" she said, tears running down her face. "I need sex. I'm a nymphomaniac. I've had medical attention for it."

" get cock on prescription!" He shouted, roaring with laughter.

"No....I've been seeing a psychother****t who gives me psychosexual counselling."

"Huh....didn't fucking work you tried to fuck him!" He said jokingly. Her no response stopped him laughing as he realised he was right. Many a true word,said in jest! Sprang to mind. "Fuck did, didn't you"

"After I gave birth, I suffered from post natal depression.....I still do. When I feel really low and think I'm going into with someone new, makes me feel better. It just happened...I was feeling really low...I....I....I offered myself to's one of the few times....I....I...he turned me down, and his assistant had to console me. I still see him. I haven't offered myself to him since."

Realising her modesty was incomplete due to her boob exposed, she put it back in her bra, and sat more upright in her chair.

"I'm not proud do what and who I am Alan. But, unfortunately for me, this is what I'm stuck with. Depression is a horrible disease, and fighting it is all I can do. If I have to do what I'm doing to keep it at bay....then that's what's gonna happen. I love shagging. Full stop. I've not gone three days without sex for nearly twenty, and I'm not going to stop now! None of my partners, current or past, have been able to satisfy me,, that's why I fuck about....that's why I allow people like you to use me any way they want. Sorry....I don't mean to offend you!"

"None taken....ya still a cunt. In my eyes. Fucking about on your partners is one thing.....but...friends....that's so, bad. Have you fucked your friends husbands?"

"Er. Yes. Many times"

"Ever found out?"

"Ones son saw us"

"Oh dear. Did he tell?"

"Blackmailed me"

"Serves you much..£50?"

"No.....blow job, then he fucked me.... It was a long time ago."

"Good enough for you!.... Who's ya bairns dad? Or don't ya know?" He bellowed, howling.

"Yes....I know. His names Paul. It was a one night stand. He didn't believe it was his. Dna testing proved it was."

The phone rang and Mcpeevie picked it up. "I said I wasn't to be disturbed!...oh...right...ok put her through.....hello doll, you ok. Been washing all morning?"

"Aye, fucking right,'s the lucky bitch? That lassie, said you were in a meeting and weren't to be disturbed. Tae me, that means ya having ya way with some Geordie scrote!"

"Aye ya know me well Mary doll....I've got that slut Sylvia in here. Sitting in her she is!"

"She's the gid looking Send a pic tae"

"Hold on!"

"Right, sicko!.....get on ya knees and swallow this" he ordered, standing up and dropping his bright shorts, exposing a near, fully hard thick as fuck, 8" cock.

Obeying his demand she was soon in one of her favourite positions and devouring the best cock she'd ever had. The man she hated....the appendage she adored. Her eyes smiled as she posed for picture after picture, all the while loving and worshipping the enormous truncheon of blood engorged meat. Had he asked her to suck Ernie Hedleys cock she would gladly have done so....she had no morals. Whatsoever!

He checked the array of pictures, and just decided to send the lot. He grouped them together, in a file and forwarded them on. Unfortunately he pressed the wrong location, intending to send them to Mary, solely. The file containing pictures of a near naked senior nurse, sucking the cock of the sender of the photographs, was inadvertently sent to all owners of iPhones, chosen in Mcpeevies shared file section. Included in this list was his general manager, of their company...who opened the file just as he was sitting down for Sunday lunch. He studied the first photograph.....recognition immediate. "What the hell!?"

"What's that dear?"

"Mmm. Somethings come up. I'll be leaving for Newcastle. Straight after lunch!"

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