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Keith comes clean

Keith is a good friend of mine, he had I go to the local titty bars together every chance we get. He doesn't know but my wife has told me how he comes over when I'm at work to have sex with her. On this evening he and I were setting at a placed called the Hot Spot on Piedmont Rd in Atlanta. We talked about how hot each of the ladies where that night. Out of the blue he said your wife could dance down here. I asked him if he thought her body was good enough. He had been drinking just enough to say what he was thinking. He said are you k**ding? She is hot. I tried to put him on the spot and I asked how he knew. He said I've been swimming at you place and have seen your wife in her smallest bikini. He said her shaved pussy is totally sexy. I laughed and said it isn't shaved. He got a confused look on his face. I said she had it Lazar done. It will never have hair on it ever again. I told him it was my idea, that eatting her pussy is best when its hairless. He slipped up and said I know. I laughed at that.

As we were drove back to my place so he could get his truck I said you know what ? He said what? I said said when I was telling you about my wife's smooth pussy you said it was better eatting that way. He said no I didn't. I said yeah you did but that's OK , why don't I let you eat her tonight. He said are you joking? I said she will be in bed when we get there so you go on back and eat her. He said if you are serious I'll do it.

When we got there I unlocked to front door and we came in , he started down the hall toward our room and I was right behind him. He opened our door very quietly and stepped in and just as I started to enter he put his hand up and said hold on a few minutes. He then closed the door and I heard it click locked. I tried the knob and it was in fact locked.

I sat on the couch in the den to wait. I fell asleep and my wife woke me at around three in the morning. As I woke I saw headlights going down our driveway. I asked what is going on? My wife said get up you cuckold pussy. I asked why she said that? She said Keith just spent the last hour and a half fucking me in our bed while you waited out here. I said he fucked you? She said yes, twice. Then she said I'm tired and if you want to eat my pussy you had better do it now it's running down my legs.She headed to the bed and I followed. She laied down and I begain to eat her well used vagina. I had to fuck it so I put my hard dick in all the way to my balls in a single stroke. She was so loose and wet I couldn't feel anything. I guess she couldn't either because she went to sleep while I was fucking her.

The next time Keith came by he and I made small talk about that night. He told me he had a good time and that he would like to do that again.. I said I spent to much money that night and it will be a little while before I can go again. He said no not that, I want to have sex with your wife. At the moment my wife spoke up, she had been around the corner listening. She came in the den and said well come on I'm already wet. She took Keith's hand and led him to our room. Again I tried to enter and again Keith pushed me back and locked the door.
I went into the den and starting watching TV. I looked at the time and it was five after twelve noon. A movie had just started and I got caught up in watcwhing it. It was a two hour movie and he was back there the full two hours. I heard the door unlock and Keith came down the hall. He was fastening his belt. He said sloppy seconds are on if you are in the mood. He laughed and left. As he was backing down the drive I walked back to my wife. She was laying on her back with her legs spread. Her eyes where closed. As I crawled into the bed she opened her eyes and and asked I were hungry. I asked her what they had been doing for two hours? She said fucking. I said he fucked you for two hours? She said yes of course. I started licking her and she grabbed two hand full of my hair and pulled my face in as tight as she could. I couldn't breath at first. She told me if I wanted to try and fuck her that she would try and stay awake. I did my best and there wasn't enough friction to cause me to cum. She wasn't getting anything either. I stopped and jerked off while she talked dirty to me. She told me how Keith had hurt her pussy with his thick cock and that she was going to keep fucking him even if it ment that she would never be able to feel my pathetic little penis ever again. I was about to cum and she said he wants my ass hole too. I bearly got out he wants your ass? She said yes and I'm going to let him fuck my butt next time he is here and make you watch. That did it, I popped.

Two weeks later I came in from work on Friday afternoon and saw Keith's truck at our house. I pulled into the garage and walked in the house. I looked everywhere but no one was in there. I grabbed a beer and started out to the pool. There on the deck was my bride and Keith. They where both naked and covered in sweat. I asked if I missed anything. My wide said Keith just finished fucking me in the ass. I looked at him, he said I know she told you that you watch but I couldn't wait. After all she was naked and her ass was just to inviting. Well was it fun I asked my wife. She said I came twice just from him stretching my butthole. She told me to get naked and join them. I went inside and striped naked. I got us each a beer and went back out to join them. Keith's cock soft was longer than mine is hard. My wife pointed at my little soft peter and told Keith that's why my pussy us so good. He thanked me for not ruining that pussy. Then he and my wife laughed.

After relaxing a downing a few brews my wife got on her knees and started blowing Keith back to a full erection. She turned her back to him and sat down on his thick cock. It took her a couple of strokes but she was all the way down on him. I thought he was in her pussy but when she pulled her feet up and placed them on his knees I saw his cock was actually up her ass again. She told me to eat her pussy while Keith fucked her ass. I did as told and I could feel the heat coming from his dick . My wife came over and over. Keith went on for the longest time. I got tired of eatting her and went for a beer. I sat and watched them fuck for a good fourty five minutes after I stopped eatting. They finally stopped and she just sat there while her played with her tits. As she stood up I could see his soft cock being stretched by her tightened butt muscles. She walked pasted me and brushed my cheek while saying that's the proper way to fuck a woman. She went into the house and Keith followed. I sat there a few minutes then went in. I heard the shower going in the master bath. I sat in the den and waited. They came out of the shower and went in to our room . I got up and walked to the door. I just knew it would be locked but it wasn't. I sat and watched him fuck my wife over and over. He can fuck more than anyone I've ever seen. He fucks my wife at least four or five nights a week.
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Oh yes!
3 years ago
Should have gotten the hubby's ass too
3 years ago
Love to have her dance with me! Keep me cumming!!!!
3 years ago