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Kayla's first threeway

Before me and Donald got together, I dated his buddy from college Eric. Eric was fun at times, not the best boyfriend or looker, but he had a nice sized dick and was a great lay. While we dated, Eric liked to have me get dressed and made up kinda slutty before we went to parties or bars so he could grab all over me in front of his friends to make them jealous or envious or something. One night we were supposed to be going to a party at Eric's friend's house, but that wasn't what happened.
Turned out Eric said it was a party to get me to put on makeup and wear a tiny jean skirt, tank top, and these thigh high heeled boots with a lacey pink bra and thong. When we got to his friend Paul's, it turned out it was just me and the two of them. I'd never met Paul before but he seemed sweet and had a handsome face. Against my better judgment I drank rum with them while we all laid on the mattress to the pull out couch watching t.v. Paul left the room a while and Eric immediately had his hands on me. I climbed in his lap and started to kiss him passionately ass his hands slid under my skirt both cupping my ass and brushing against my clit. I told him I wanted him badly and he worked my skirt up over my ass then slipped my thong off. We started making out as Eric lifted me up to finger my tight pussy, then as I began to cum I laid my head on his shoulder where I caught a glimpse of Paul standing there, dick in hand, staring at my bare ass.
I looked back at Eric and he smiled at me seductively before telling me Paul wanted me bad. I told Eric I wasn't sure what he was getting at and started to pull my skirt back down when Paul stepped over and yanked it back up. I was a tad surprised by his boldness, so I hesitated when he asked if I was going to make them "work for it?" I looked back at Paul and shook my head "no" before I turned back to find Eric's dick out. I wasted no time wrapping my lips around my boyfriend's cock as I felt Paul's hands on my ass and thighs.
Eric pulled my head up off his dick and offered to switch places with Paul. I was surprised to find that Paul (a shorter man) had a cock thicker than Eric and almost as long. He let me suck his cock as Eric stripped, moved up behind me, then in one violent thrust he shoved his whole dick into me. I tried to squeal, but gagged on Paul's dick instead. As he pounded my pussy harder and harder, I came more and more. I couldn't stay quiet and kept on squealing, whining, and gasping loudly when Paul wasn't shoving his dick down my throat. When Eric pulled out of me I raised up (from leaning over Paul's lap) to turn and kiss him, but instead he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me onto my back.
Paul then climbed over top me, spread my legs, then reminded me we'd just met less than 2 hours before that. I told him I felt like such a slut, and he just told me I should've felt like a slut. Before I could raise my arms up to shove Paul off me he pressed down on my chest with his left hand and used the right to take aim and plunge his big hard on into my slippery pussy. He was very aggressive about slamming into me hard for a few minutes, then he pulled out and moved to the side so Eric could take his place for a few more minutes before yanking out and making me suck him to orgasm and swallow his cum.
When Eric then left to run to the bathroom, Paul told me to climb up on his dick. I tossed my shirt and bra aside then slowly lowered myself over him until I felt his throbbing shaft. I pushed the head of his dick into me, then suddenly he grabbed my ass and forced me down on him as he started to ram up into me. I nearly started to cry he fucked me so hard, but then Eric returned and Paul let go of me. I pulled away from Paul a lil' upset with the treatment, so Eric asked if I wanted to stop. I refused to say I'd had enough, but I told them they were too rough. I was asked again if I wanted to stop and refused to throw in the towel, so Eric left me there as Paul grabbed me and shoved me face down on the mattress. Paul pounded the hell out of my pussy for almost an extra twenty minutes after Eric, bringing me through two more orgasms before he pulled out and sprayed jizz all over my ass and up my back. I ended up passing out there and woke the next day with both men.
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excellent story...
Thanks for sharing...
5 years ago
Love the story, wish I could have had some experiences like that in college!
5 years ago