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Just what the doctor ordered

This happened this very morning, and thought I would tell you all about it.
I had to visit the doctors this morning, nothing serious, just a check up. When I was in the waiting room, a chap came in who I had talked to on a previous visit some time ago. He recognised me, and came and sat next to me. He was friendly and quietly spoken, older than me, about 58 or 60, medium height and build, with slightly thinning brown hair, but handsome all the same.

The doctors were running about 40 minutes late, so Peter and I chatted for a while, putting the world to rights, and talking about Christmas plans etc. We got on well, and he suggested that maybe I would like to join him for a quick coffee after our appointments, as he only lived around the corner.
I said that would be nice, and that we would wait for one another after we had been seen.

I left the doctors room, and Peter was waiting for me. We walked the very short distance to his house, entered, and went into the kitchen, where Peter switched on the kettle to make coffee.

I sat at the kitchen table, and we continued to chat about all sorts. I asked if he was married, to which he replied that he was divorced several years ago, and now lived on his own, and hadn't really been bothered about finding anyone else as he was too busy, but missed the sexual aspect of a relationship.

He then quite openly admitted that he liked to masturbate to relieve his tensions, and often watched porn, and in recent months enjoyed the sight of men cumming.

I explained to him how my bisexual side had appeared, telling him briefly about my neighbour and our fun, and that I hadn't done anything or been with anyone, male or female, for a long time now.

Peters eyes seemed to widen as I recounted the stories, and a definite bulge started to appear in his trousers. He suggested that perhaps we could help each other out with a little relief of our own. This gave my own cock a reason to wake, and liked the thought of playing with a man again.

Still sitting by the kitchen table, I lowered my hand to the buttons on my jeans, and slowly undid them, with Peter following suit as he undid his belt and lowered the zip. In unison, we slid hands inside, and pulled out our cocks, which I have to say grew rapidly once in free air.

We watched as each other slowly stroked our own shafts. He was about the same length and girth as me, and had neatly trimmed hair just around the base, mine,as usual, was clean shaved.

We watched each other intently, and our breathing became just that little bit deeper. I asked Peter if he had ever had a guy suck his cock, to which he replied no, but when he watched porn he wondered what it would be like.

I took this as an invitation, and repositioned myself on my knees between his legs. I slid his trousers and boxer shorts down and off his legs, and started to lick the shaft of his now very hard cock. Peter tensed as I did this, and then moaned loudly as I took the head into my mouth. He told me it felt fantastic, so I slid it further, past my tongue and into the opening to my throat.

Peter leaned back in his chair, and spread his legs wide as I began to suck on his cock in a deep and rhythmic fashion, my mouth watering, covering his heavy balls in saliva.

After a while, my knees began to hurt on the hard tiled floor, so asked Peter to lie on the kitchen table. As he moved, I asked if he had ever had a cock in his own mouth, to which he replied no, but would like to try. I moved to his head and held my cock in my hand as Peter put his tongue out. I started by gently rubbing his tongue with the engorged head of my cock, coating it in his saliva. Slowly and tentatively he began to open his mouth, allowing me to slide a little more in as his tongue continued to flick around.

I reached down his body and gripped his shaft again, stroking in long lengths, as he began to moan. I asked him if he was enjoying this, to which he just moaned and nodded his head, not letting my cock from his mouth.

He stopped and told me that he wasn't ready to have someone cum in his mouth just yet, to which I replied that I would deal with that. 

I moved to the end of the kitchen table, and now standing between his legs resumed my sucking of his still very hard cock.
I stroked my own cock as I took his deep in my mouth, Peters hips moving in a thrusting rhythm to meet my mouth. I pulled at my cock until I could feel my spunk was ready to boil.

I stood and held Peters cock in front of me as I jerked my own, and watched him smile in surprise as I yelled out, my cum flew from the head of my cock, landing on his hard shaft in my hand, running down to his balls and covering his shaft in hot sticky spunk.

I smeared the last drops from the head of my cock to his, then began to lick and suck it off, swallowing my own salty sweet cum, as I pumped his shaft with my hand, waiting for his load too.

I didn't have to wait long as Peter began to tense up and moan loudly, his pelvis bucking as he began to shoot a huge amount of cum into my mouth, leaking from my lips as I tried to suck and lick as much of it up as I possibly could, swallowing the sloppy hot mess he had given me. 

Peter began to relax as I licked the very last of his cum from his slowly softening cock, I made sure I got it all.

I walked around to Peters head, and held my limp cock in my hand. A bead of my remaining cum glistened on the head. He saw it and knew he had to try it sooner or later, so he opened his mouth and took my cock in, sucking the last drops from me. He gave a satisfying 'mmmmmm' as he did so.

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excellent. liked how it went at his house. especially you cumming on his cock(hot, fresh cum feels good) and then sucking your cum off and his out of him. My ex-day "made" e do that on him 1 time and I want to do it again. nice that he learned about tasting cum
2 months ago
I just finished reading this and all the other stories and WOW they all made my old dick hard and cum all over. Thank you. 
3 months ago
a great story, well told.  you have a talent for telling the erotic gay story, Thanks for sharing
8 months ago
Wow!  That was so hot!  Right now, I'm so horny wanting to have a cock near me to suck it hard and get his juices in my mouth them hoping to get fucked.
10 months ago
very hot..
10 months ago