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Juicey Lucy

It was a cold, wet Friday night in the east end of Glasgow.
bugger, lost as usual, I thought to myself. I was trying to find my way to my friend’s apartment. I was going to be staying there for a couple of weeks while he was on holiday. It was really just for his piece of mind, as he doesn’t quite trust the neighbourhood! I was looking around, confused, trying to find a road sign for directions, when, suddenly, I saw a figure standing at the bus stop ahead of me. I pulled over and rolled down my window, the shadowy shape leaned in, and to my surprise it was a beautiful dark skinned goddess with a cleavage you could fall into and never be seen again.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts as they rose and fell, the only thing stopping them from falling out her top was two very obvious points sticking through the thin material. Can I help you ?, this soft and deeply sultry voice said, if you could ?, I replied and asked her if she knew how to get to my destination. Oh, I know where that is, but it’s very hard to describe how to get there !. The only ‘hard’ thing about this situation was my throbbing cock, and it was getting harder by the second. Just as I was about to say thanks anyway and head on my way, she spoke up and said, I could show you, if you want ?, BRILLIANT, I blurted out like an over excited schoolboy.
I opened the door and she jumped into the seat next to me, my god, I thought to myself, she had on the smallest mini skirt on I’d ever seen, and my cock was beginning to try and rip its way out of my trousers by this point. Go straight on for a bit and I’ll tell you when to turn, she said, her voice snapping me back to reality. As I pulled off down the road, she turned to me and said, hello, my names Lucy, what’s yours ? , it’s Andy!, so where were you going, when I took you away from your travels?, I’ve just finished work and was heading home for something to eat and a hot shower, she said. I’m sorry to take you out of your way, your not really, I only live a couple of miles from your flat, so its not that bad.
We talked as I drove, I couldn’t keep my eyes from wandering all over her body. I found out that she was a podium dancer in a city centre club. She was 34 years old, but looked about 21, I’ve never seen such a naturally beautiful woman in my life. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard, I swear she could hear it! She told me to turn at the next corner, I looked straight ahead for a second, looking for the turning and as I looked back round I saw that she had moved slightly in her seat to get comfortable and in doing so her miniscule skirt had rose up just enough for me to realise that she had nothing on below it. Shocked, the car suddenly darted across the road, are you ok ?, she asked, I had to think fast and replied
I swerved to avoid that cat in the road, I didn’t see a cat! she said, No, I thought to myself, but I certainly saw a lovely pussy!
Eventually we reached my mates place. So I parked up and we got out of the car. I said, thanks, I’d probably still be driving round in circles if you hadn’t been so kind! You’re very welcome, I enjoyed the company, she replied. I took a leap of faith; and turned to her just as she was about to walk away. As I took you out of your way and you were so helpful, would you consider letting me make you something to eat first, and then I can run you home?, That would be lovely! she said, with a sexy little smile on her face, at which point we headed to the lift and up to the apartment.
As we entered the flat, I turned and took Lucy’s jacket and hung it over the back of the chair, this is a great flat, she said. I explained about looking after it, as I headed to the kitchen, turned and said, have a seat, would you like a glass of wine or something ?, a twisted nipple would be lovely!, I did a double take, A WHAT ? I blurted out, then she replied, it’s a cocktail, but a vodka & cranberry will do nicely if you have that instead! Lucy asked me if she could use the bathroom to clean up a bit, as she felt grubby after a hard, tiring shift. I shouted through to her, of course! make yourself at home and explained where the bathroom was.
I headed into the kitchen to get the drinks and start making something for us to eat. A few minutes past and I shouted through that her drink was out and where would she like it, a voice came back, could you bring it through here for me, please? I lifted the glass and headed through to the bathroom.
Not thinking, I just opened the door and walked in, at which point I just about dropped the bloody glass, Oh Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise! don’t be shy, I heard her say, come in. There before my eyes was this goddess, standing in the shower, lather all over her body, warm water cascading down over her firm watermelon sized breasts and Jesus H Christ, those nipples were ever larger and harder than I could have ever have imagined when they were sticking through her top! Why don’t you come and scrub my back for me, it’s always more fun when someone does it for you!.
At this point I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough; I was like a virgin about to do the dirty deed for the very first time, STOP! I thought, deep breath, relax, ahh! that’s better. I finally got undressed and walked over to the large shower area, by this time my cock was about as hard as I’ve ever felt it, standing out in front, proud and ready for action. I joined her under the caressing warm water and immediately our lips were locked together, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth like a serpent. We were entwined this way for what seemed ages, until I pulled my face away and just stood gazing up and down at a body that should have been sculpted from exotic black marble, do you like what you see?, she asked. I certainly do! Your cocks looking like it will fill me up very nicely! she said.
I grabbed her firmly and spun her around. She placed her hands against the wall, as if she was being frisked by the police, at which point I reached my hands round from behind and took hold of those beautifully firm mounds of flesh, squeezing them as hard as I could and twisting at her nipples till she squealed. I started to nibble on the back of her neck at the same time, her legs gently buckled, oh my god! you’ve found my weak spot already, Now, let me see if I can find yours?.
She slipped deftly from my grasp and spun me round so that my back was against the glass partition. In one of those slow motion moments, she slid purposefully down the length of my torso, kissing and gently running her nails over my chest, biting my nipples as she passed over them. Suddenly, a glorious warmth engulfed the entire length of my cock. My God! she deep-throated the whole thing in one smooth, silky movement. She started to suck up and down my shaft with such skill that I could barely contain the up-welling of my hot salty seed. She seemed to sense this point of no return in me and sucked even harder and faster. I couldn’t hold out any longer and just as I felt myself explode, Lucy plunged her lips as hard as she could right to the bottom of my shaft. My cum sprayed down the back of her throat with such force I was worried she would choke.
As I finished emptying my balls and as she sucked the very last drop out of me, she said in a knowing manner, now that the frantic urgency has been taken care of, we can settle down to some good, hard, unrushed fucking for the rest of the night! I thought to my self, if this is just the starter, my god I cant wait for the main course and dessert!!
I took a towel form the rail and turned to Lucy. I slowly started to rub the towel down her beautifully sculpted back and over her firm perfectly proportioned round buttocks, then slowly down her long slender legs. All the time, kissing and nibbling her sweet tasting, chocolate coloured flesh. I turned her round and started to run my towel covered hands up towards her luscious dark lipped pussy, I was on my knees and in the perfect position to part her beautiful lips with my fingers. As I did I unveiled her pink, dripping wet flesh. I could smell her sex, it was enthralling. I softly stuck out my tongue and teased her sticky warmth with its tip, she moaned, loudly. I continued on my way up to those massive breasts, at which point I took one of her pert nipples between my teeth and bit down as hard as I dared, Lucy let out what sounded like a yell of pain, I stopped biting, but she immediately snapped at me that she liked to have pain as part of her sexual desires.
Lucy picked up our drinks, and deftly, I lifted her up in my arms and carried her towards the bedroom, kissing her deeply as I went. She leaned over and sat our drinks on the unit next to the bed. As soon as she had, I spun and threw her onto the bed, she let out a soft moan of pleasure as she landed.
I turned around to light the myriad of different sized candles that were strewn around the room and when I turned back round she was lying there with her eyes closed and her hand was firmly pressed between her legs, with two fingers slowly, but deliberately rubbing her now proud clit, that was standing out like a bullet. She was staring at me, biting her bottom lip seductively. I climbed onto the bed and got into the ‘69’ position, Lucy opened her eyes, tilted her head back and stuck out her tongue, skilfully putting the tip deftly into the eye of my rock hard penis. The shivers that shot through my body were astounding and they only got stronger as she enclosed the tip of my penis between her pearl white teeth, and with a soft but firm pressure, she ran her mouth up and down my shaft, biting slightly harder with every stroke.
I leaned over to the bedside cabinet and picked up a good sized candle that I had lit earlier and an ice cube from my drink. I held the candle a foot or so above her heaving breasts, then slowly I tilted it, letting the hot wax drip slowly onto her dark inviting nipples, she jumped, so I took the ice cube and cooled the clear burning liquid. She gasped and panted as the intense feelings that this was giving her tore through her nubile body. I then started to lower the dripping candle down the length of her body, cooling it as I went, as I reached her, by now, soaking wet pussy, I leaned forward and pulled back the smooth shaven hood of skin to reveal her engorged clit, then without warning, I poured a large flow of the hot liquid wax over her clit, I watched as it ran down between her moist lips, covering and filling her beautiful valley. This time I let the wax harden by itself, so that the gentle pain lasted longer for her pleasure.
I pulled the hardened coating from her pussy, blew out the candle I was still holding and proceeded to push it slowly into her waiting, aching hole. She was tight and I had to push it a little harder, I started to pump it slowly in and out of this goddess for a few minutes all the time playing with her wax covered nipples. She was groaning so loudly at this point, I was sure the neighbours must have been able to hear her clearly. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and ordered me to pull the candle out, as she was desperate to feel the real thing in her. I did as she commanded and spun round between her legs facing one of the most magnificent sights that I have ever seen, this heavenly bodied angel, lying there, legs spread wide with now solid drops of wax covering the length of her upper body. I moved in closer, bent forward and placed a gentle kiss on those inviting pussy lips.
There was a sigh of anticipation from her, but suddenly she screamed, stop being so fucking gentle, fuck me like your own private whore! I didn’t, I just straightened up and placed the tip of my member on her dripping mound. My cock was shining with the wetness of her mouth. I pushed forward and entered her, entered into a warmth that was unexplainable. The deep heat that was coming from her love canal was enthralling. I pushed deeper until the full length of my sizable manhood was in up to my balls, I started a slow rhythmic action, pulling out completely then pushing my manhood all the way back into the hilt. I did this for a few strokes, while Lucy lay there with eyes shut once again biting even harder on her bottom lip.
She growled at me again, harder! I had intended to gradually start speeding up, but fuck it, if she wants it hard, then hard is what she’ll get. I grabbed her ankles and hauled her legs up and over, onto the bed behind her head. I placed my hands on her legs pinning her down even harder to the bed so that she was bent double, with her arse aiming to the ceiling unable to move, and then, I lifted myself up on my hands with the tip of my knob pointing to her inviting opening. I dropped forward as fast as I could and rammed my entire length into her as deep as I could go. I started pounding my rock hard cock into her so forcefully, that you could hear my balls slapping off her arse with each thrust. The bed was creaking with every violent thrust I gave, Lucy was screaming with pleasure, encouraging me to keep going deeper with each and every push.
She had started gouging her nails into my arse cheeks by this point. They were like razors and it was bloody sore, but I was loving every minute of it, it just made me pleasure her more. She was right, pain IS pleasurable at certain times. I could feel the heavenly build up of my cum, heading up my shaft ready to spray it into her, she must have felt the throbbing too, as just at that instant she stopped me and told me that she wanted me to shoot my load down her throat. I happily obliged, moving round to her face. She took me into her mouth once again and she started to suck ferociously, I couldn’t hold it any longer and exploded like an atom bomb, straight down the back of her throat. I could hear her gagging as she tried to gulp down my salty seed as fast as she could, she struggled to take the massive load that her hot tight pussy had inspired me to produce, so I pulled out and finished off over her face and those glorious breasts.
Exhausted, we lay back and fell asleep in each others arm. When we woke in the morning, sweaty from the night before, we had a repeat of the previous nights shower scene. Finished, we dressed and I ran Lucy home and arranged to pick her up after work that night. We shared every night of my time in Glasgow, and when my mate tried to give me money for looking after his place, I refused and said no thanks, as I have been paid in full already. He looked at me funny and asked what I meant, but I just left him guessing !!
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4 years ago
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