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Jenny on the boat (deployment fantasy)

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Jenn and I had been up to some antics on the work-ups, we were in the unique position of being the only 2 people in a very secure workshop and we used that to our

advantage. There weren't many people that were allowed into our shop, and even fewer could walk in on their own, even so the locks on the doors always provided

enough notice for us not to be caught in a compromised position. The first work-up, aside from some shared glances, was short and uneventful, we stayed close to shore

and really didn't do much. The second work-up was when the fun really started, we were 2 weeks out of port and extremely bored so while watching an episode of

family Guy on my laptop Jenn suddenly confessed that she got so horny on the last work-up that she went home and rode her husband for an hour straight. I looked over

at her and asked why she didn't just masturbate, she blushed and said that she wasn't comfortable masturbating in the berthing area with other women around. We were

sitting close together, to see the laptop, and I could see that her flush went down her neck and disappeared behind her shirt. She regained my attention by asking if I

masturbated, it was my turn to blush when I replied that I did but I caught her glancing down at my groin before she asked me how often. I told her I masturbated about

every other day, then I asked how often she normally masturbated to which she replied that she almost never masturbated and instead she would have sex with her

husband or just go without. I was about to ask another question when she continued, saying that something about being on the ship made her even hornier and she felt a

strong urge for sexual release but she just wasn't comfortable playing with herself when other women were around. I had a lot to think about, and I had to do it quickly,

in almost no time I decided to take this conversation even further, I told her that if it would help she could masturbate in the shop and I would help make sure she didn't

get caught. We both looked at each other, the pause was very intense, and then she asked if I was sure because she would probably need to do it at least once a day. I

grinned wide and said that I was perfectly ok with that and that she just needed to let me know anytime she felt the urge. She practically flew out of her chair and said

that she was going to the berthing, I watched her big ass as she walked away and then fought the urge to pull out my hard cock.

She was back in short order and closed the door looking nervous, I asked why she looked so nervous and she unzipped the front of her coveralls and pulled a vibrator

from the waistband of her blue cotton panties and asked if I would mind if she masturbated now. I sent her to the back of the shop, the most out of sight spot from the

doorway, and took up a position in a chair at the desk watching my laptop and thinking about what she was doing to herself back there. I was almost through the second

episode of family Guy when she came up, the arms of her coveralls tied around her waist but the zipper open all the way to the crotch. I told her that her zipper was

open and her panties were showing, she replied that she didn't care while she sat on the desk in front of me. She told me that she needed my help, no matter what she did

she couldn't get herself off and if she didn't cum she was going to go crazy. I asked what I could do to help and she leaned forward to put her hand on my cock, softly

stroking it through my coveralls, and told me that she needed a hard cock inside her to cum. I told her that if we were going to do this then we should do it right, we

should be available for each other anytime we needed it and that this would only happen on the boat, she agreed without hesitation. I decided to take advantage of my

higher rank and sent her to the back again, I told her I wanted her to strip to just boots and coveralls with her shirt nearby so that she could be presentable quickly in

case someone came by with work. I gave her a few moments and took the time to loosen my boots in preperation for stripping when I went back, I also wondered if she

would be put off by the hair growing on my cock and balls since shaving in a communal shower was problematic. When I felt that I had given her enough time I walked

to the back with my coveralls unzipped and cock visibly hard in my boxers, I rounded the corner to the workspace and there she was. She was on her hands and knees

with her coveralls around her ankles, her pale body was completely naked otherwise and she was a very sexy sight as she held her vibrator against her clit. I couldn't

help but pull out my phone to take some pictures, I snapped about 2 dozen pictures and even took a minute long video of her moaning and pushing her hips against her

vibrator. I put down my phone and started stripping, she heard my boots when the fell to the floor and opened her eyes to watch me strip completely. I had been lifting

weights consistently for 10 months so I knew I was in good shape, the way her eyes played over my hard muscles showed that she agreed, but when the time came to

take off my boxers was what really got her going. She licked her lips and moved closer as I started to push my boxers down, when my 7 inch cock popped out less than

a foot from her flushed face her entire body shivered in what looked like a small orgasm. She shook for a few seconds before leaning forward and taking the head of my

cock into her mouth, I let her fellate me for a few minutes before I pushed her back and pulled my boots and coveralls back on, ready to pull in my shirt and zip my

coveralls at a moments notice. She turned around and resumed her doggystyle position, looked over her shoulder and told me to shove my cock into her pussy now or

she was going to explode.

I stepped forward and knelt behind her, I placed my cock at the sopping entrance to her pussy and told her that if I fucked her I wasn't going to stop until I came inside

her, she moaned loudly and said that she didn't want it any other way. With that out of the way I pushed forward, slowly sinking my cock into her hot hole, enjoying the

vibrations of the toy on her clit until I was fully inside her, I pulled back and repeated my entrance slowly over and over until her legs shook and she begged me to fuck

her until we came. I took a few POV pictures before setting aside my phone again, grabbing her wide hips, and a****listically fucked her until her body tensed and a

low growl escaped her throat, at that point I couldn't hold back any longer and buried my cock as deep as I could force it before filling her with hot cum. I relaxed and

started to lean back, reaching for my camera I switched it to video and caught a perfect shot of my cock withdrawing from her swollen pussy followed by a veritable

torrent of our combined juices. I put my camera down again and picked up her panties, I wiped up the juices flowing down her legs before balling them up and pushing

them inside her, this brought her out of her post-orgasmic stupor and she asked what I was doing. I explained that unless she wanted fuck juice all over her coveralls for

the rest of the day, then this was the easiest way to stop the flow, she wasn't happy about it but agreed that next time she would bring tampons. As I got dressed I

watched her pull her coveralls part-way up, reaching for her bra she stopped, looking at me for consent, and I nodded knowing that we didn't need rumors of sluttiness

to spread if she was seen braless around ship. We cleaned up the evidence of our encounter, sprayed some cleaning solution to mask the smell, and went back to

watching cartoons.

We spent a great deal of our off-time in the shop as well, it was quiet and away from everyone, and was generally a better place to spend time than in the cramped

berthing spaces. So it was no surprise when, after the end of our shift she came back looking nervous again, before I could even ask why she opened her coveralls and

removed a handful of tampons, she explained that she had her period the week prior and these were all the tampons left. I counted and there were only 8 and we had 16

days left on ship this time around, I told her that for the next workup she should bring at least 1 for every day we would be out, more if she could. This sparked an idea,

so as she went to secrete the tampons in the shop I opened Notepad and set about making a list. I had already scoped out some hidden places in the shop and I knew

which equipment cases were suitable for some modifications as well, so bringing some sex toys on board would be fairly easy. When she came back she had a question

on her mind, I could tell from her face, I leaned back and asked what was on her mind. She told me she had been talking with her husband for weeks about getting her

nipples pierced, she was scared but he really wanted her too, and she wanted to know what I thought, as she spoke she unzipped her coveralls and pulled up her shirt.

She was braless and her modest sized tits sagged a little, but pleasantly, and took my first good look at them. They were pale and lightly freckled, the nipples were wide

and looked like they would get quite long, the aereola behind them was wide and lightly colored. I loved them. It wasn't hard to picture them with nipple rings and I told

her I thought that it was a good idea if she was up to it, she thanked me and then surprised me further by pulling down her panties. Her pussy was covered in hair, I

hadn't noticed before but it didn't look like even so much as a trimmer went near her pussy, she even had a trail of hair from her belly button to her pubic hair. She

nervously asked me what I thought about the hair, her husband had started asking her to shave, she liked the hair but was curious about having a bald pussy. I pulled her

to me and ran my fingers through her long pubes, I found her clit and started rubbing it slowly as I thought. I finally looked at her and said that I thought she should shave

it the week before out next work-up, her husband could enjoy it, she could enjoy it, then I could enjoy it and if she didn't like it she could grow it all back out because I

thought it was very sexy like this. We went back and forth for a bit before she finally relented and took me at my word when I said I liked her big bush, I moved to lean

back in my chair but before I could she grabbed my head and pulled my head into her pussy. I decided to play along and slid my hands into her coveralls and around her

hips to grab her ass and pulled her pussy onto my tongue, I tongued her to orgasm standing right in front of the door and when she finally came down from her high she

half-collapsed into my lap. We spent half the night sitting in the shop talking about our newfound relationship and what we could do better the next time, after coming out

of her shell she certainly wasn't shy now.

The rest of the deployment went smoothly, I couldn't keep stuffing panties in her cum-filled pussy without attracting attention for her doing laundry so frequently, this

meant we had to make the 8 tampons last which we managed with handjobs and oral. Barely. The last day is always hectic, berthings have to be packed and cleaned

which meant that most people slept either in sleeping bags or in their shops and I hated sleeping bags so I opted to catch some mediocre sleep in the shop. I was

watching Boondock Saints when the door opened and Jenn came in with her last bag, walked to the back and began to strip. When she was completely naked she laid

down on the bags and told me that she wanted to fuck until I was dry, happily I obliged the lady and 30 minutes before the muster she inserted the last tampon and pulled

up her panties. Gingerly standing up she used a moist towel in her bag to sponge off the sweat and excess juices after handing me a twin towel, I wiped down quickly

and dressed before scouring the shop for evidence of our activities. It was only after finding none that I sat back and remarked how surprised I was that the tampon was

managing to hold in all of our cum, she laughed and said that she could still feel our cum moving inside of her. We made muster and were released until the next muster

an hour later, back in our seclusion we ate breakfast bars from our bags before she surprised me again by kneeling between my legs and quickly pulling out my cock.

For the next 30 minutes she sucked on my cock, never letting me cum, and when they knocked on our door as everyone headed to the formation she stood up and said that

she would finish when we got back. Unfortunately the formation was to tell us that the birds were ahead of schedule and we would be leaving sooner than planned, we

were given 5 minutes to get our bags and relieve ourselves before waiting in the hangar bay. Jenn and I locked eyes and quickly joined the rush back to the shops, inside

she went to the bags, dropped her trousers, laid back on the bags with her hips in the air, and motioned me over. By the time I reached her my trousers were open and

my cock was out, she pulled her panties to the side and pulled out the tampon carefully, letting gravity hold the fluids in place. I got between her legs and looked at her

to ask, but she was already telling me that we didn't have time to clean up the mess from fucking so she wanted me to jerk off and cum with just the head of my cock

inside her. She grabbed my hand and spit in it, then told me that I had 60 seconds to cum in her pussy or I'd be jerking off in the barracks until the next 6 week work-up. I

wrapped my hand around my hard shaft, her warm spit providing perfect lubrication, and placed the head of my cock at her entrance as I started jerking off. She

watched the clock on her phone, giving me a warning at 30 seconds, another at 45, and counting me down from 50 until I came when she counted 1 second left. Resisting

the urge to thrust my hips deep into her, I shot my meager 6th load of the night into her hot, hairy pussy. She pulled me forward and sucked my cock clean as she

reinserted the tampon and got her panties straight, when I was soft and she was ready we stood up, pulled our pants up, and took off at a run with our bags.
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the spacing thing has got to go. the sentences should never be broken up...story is good but there may be just a little too much background story but i'm a man and i like getting to the actual sex act fast....think about saying a lot with the least amount of words
2 years ago
to balldad1955: Thanks, glad you liked it. I didn't realize it had been up for so long...
Awesome story!
3 years ago
Nice the way you explain how things are in your shop. You give enough back ground so people are not going huh... how is that... and you don't go overboard either. Enjoyed how you describe things and it was enjoyable for me, as a woman. I think I have told you before sometimes guys write in a way that is not as readable for a woman.
4 years ago