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I caught a train part 3

So in the morning I arose from the sleeper car bed, still pondering in my mind what just happened last night and what is to come. I cleaned up and went to eat breakfast. It was a very quite time in the dining car which I more then enjoyed. Just then a voice said," may I sit here with you?" I looked up and there was Taylor smiling at me. I smiled back and said," sure....please do!" So Taylor sat down across from me and ordered his meal. Oddly enough our meals came at the same time and we began eating together. I paused and said to Taylor," that's a big meal there, are you gonna be able to finish?" He said in response,' I'm sure I will...I mean I have some pounding to do tonight." We laughed a bit even though it was true...his cock had a date with my ass. So we both finished our meals and looked at each other. We wanted to kiss but there were too many people around so we just held hands under the table.
We both partied the diner car moments later. I went to the lounge car and he went back to his seat to do some work. I was amazed at the morning views that were to be had and yet the fucking I was about to receive that evening. Then a attendant on the train brought me a note and It was from Taylor. It read," meet me in the restroom downstairs tonight baby...I have some lube and my fingers so your beautiful ass is mine." I was nervous...I hadn't been fucked like this even though several women have fucked me but not in this way. You know the more I thought about it through the day the more excited the act became. My mind could see Taylor slowly putting his thick cock in my ass. The sight of him on top of me.. our asses touching or his hips to my ass technically and his cock deep inside me got me hard a bit. luckily I didn't have to wait to long.
It was 8:30pm I came out of my sleeper compartment clean upstairs and downstairs. I hurried along the corridor and went downstairs to the restrooms. I knocked on each door to see if Taylor was in them but nothing. My heart sank as disappointment arose...I mean I guess I wanted it especially the feeling of his cock inside me but yet maybe this just wasn't gonna happen. Just then as I turned around there he was...with lube in one hand and his cock waiting to fuck me. We looked around to see if anyone was coming or around and luckily there was nobody so we hurried up and disappeared into the restroom and locked the door. Immediately our bodies crashed against each other and our kisses pushed our buttons. It wasn't very long for our clothes to come off and our cocks to say hello intimately especially being in clothes quarters. I love our cocks to embrace...rubbing together as we slid them back and forth, it really turned me on, as well it did Taylor. In fact Taylor was so hot he got between my legs and sucked me deeply in his mouth. Once again My stars I did love another man sucking my cock! it felt amazing as his lips slid down my shaft and up it. I wanted to cum in his mouth right then and there! Just as my enjoyment was driving me insane Taylor said," baby I need you to bend over" So I did...spreading my ass for his view. He immediately reached around and began stroking my cock hard. Then his mouth and tongue found my balls to which set me up for this.
I lost it when Taylor began eating my ass...his tongue stabbing my anus, his hands pumping my cock I was gone. Right then and there I gave in. Taylor's tongue was replaced by his fingers and moans almost lost it for us and Taylor began finger fucking me. It was happening...soon when my ass can take Taylor's cock I will be ready for him and his load of cum inside me.
So he stopped eating my ass and jerking me off...he motioned for me to sit on the seat and spread my legs apart. I did...he grabbed more lube and found my ass with his fingers. He explored my ass deeply and teased my cock and balls with his tongue as he kept at it. My body fiercely started to jump as he pounded me. His tongue was flicking my balls and lips sucking them deeply I couldn't take it anymore! My cock twitched fiercely as streams of my cum shot out of my shaft and all over my belly. Taylor popped my balls out of his mouth and slowly stopped finger fucking me to see my cum. He said, oh yeah!" "I love making you cum!" He watched as the last drops of my cum spewed out and my cock stop twitching. Out of my pleasure I said," I need your cock inside me...fill me with your cum now!" Taylor got up with his cock hard as a rock and grabbed my legs and put them up in the air, spread them apart and laid his cock right on my asshole. Then we heard voices coming and paused a bit.
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