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How I Became a Cuckold

My friend Richard was staying with us for a couple of weeks, and I’d already caught my wife checking him out. I didn’t say anything. The last time I asked her if she was checking out another man, she’d slapped me in the face. Not that I minded that. It made me cum so hard that part of me wanted to accuse her again just to get hit. But I just kept it to myself, and fantasized about the two of them.

I noticed that every day he was there she wore less and less. By the third day he was staying with us she’d stopped wearing bras. The next day she had a top on that she hadn’t worn in years, because it showed so much cleavage her nipples would come out. We had a few drinks with dinner, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. I don’t think he meant any disrespect, but he devoured her breasts with his eyes. And she noticed. She practically poured her breasts out of her blouse and into his face when she leaned across the table to take his plate.

His eyes were glued to her as she walked into the kitchen, and bent over to put the dishes away. He didn’t so much as blink. I thought I would explode! I wanted to jump under the table, and suck his cock. I wanted to tear Melissa’s blouse down, and spill her tits out in front of Richard. I wanted to shove him towards her, and see his strong hands tear her pants off while his muscles glistened with sweat. I slid my hands into my pants, and secretly made myself cum under the table, biting my lip so I wouldn’t scream Richard’s name. I don’t think think they would have even noticed. It was like I was invisible to them. I could hardly sleep all that night thinking about those two.

The next evening I was talking to my wife about a movie we were watching while she just repeated “Uh-huh” to everything. When I asked her a question about her day she gave the same “Uh-huh”, I looked over at her finally. She was biting her nails, and staring into the kitchen. I leaned over a little, and saw that she was staring at Richard’s ass as he was bent over to get something from the sink.

“Melissa? I asked. “Did you hear me?” Still no response. Her breathing was going more rapid, and I suddenly noticed her left hand was playing with the hem of her skirt. “So I killed someone today,” I said.

“Uh-huh,” was her response through her finger as she bit them.

“God, his ass is hot, isn’t it?”


I laughed a little, but cut myself short. It didn’t matter. That didn’t catch her attention, either.

I sat beside her, surprised at how much I got off from her ignoring me for this stud. After several minutes she gasped, and her eyes went wide from seductive, feline slits. I peaked over, and saw that Richard had taken his shirt off. It looked like he had spilled something on it. I looked back at Stormy, and saw her hand clenched the bottom of her skirt with a white knuckled grip as if she had to struggle to keep herself from tearing her clothes off for him. It sounded almost like she was panting like a dog. I looked up from her smooth legs, and saw that a little bit of drool was falling from her mouth onto her bare breasts. That called her attention back to herself, and wiped her cleavage, and turned back to the TV. She looked so stiff, and embarrassed. I wanted to make her feel comfortable, and, also, I selfishly wanted to watch her strip him naked with her eyes again so I nudged her and pointed at Richard wiping his chiseled chest with a towel. She looked at me shyly, but didn’t hesitate to miss any more of the show before Richard got dressed.

She didn’t look away from him again, until he shut the door to his room. Even as he was walking down the hall she leaned over to get a view of his muscular ass in his tight jeans. I’ve never seen a girl check a guy out like that before. Melissa has told me she doesn’t even like guys’ butts, but his was exceptionally fine. Wait… it was just my ass she said she didn’t like. Too bony. Definitely didn’t apply to him.

Melissa was like a wild a****l when we went to bed. My wife and I hadn’t had sex for a year. We’d fooled around a little, but she had stopped having sex with me. I’d tried everything to get her interested in me. She kept telling me she was attracted to me, but I knew she wasn’t. I’m not a bad looking man at all. Just not her type. I’m thin and short and effeminate, and she was definitely more into the strong, tall, and masculine type. When she got with me it was a surprise to a lot of our friends. Again, I’ve been told I’m a cute boy, but she’s model material. She even did it professionally for a while, but quit to go to school. My first boyfriend and I would look at pictures of her on the internet while we jacked each other off. She was a little older now, and had filled out. She gone up to D’s from C’s, and while things from that era still fit her they squeezed tight on her and showed a lot more skin. She was self conscious about it, but everyone agreed she looked better now.

As Melissa and were grinding up against each other I asked if I could take her pants off. She didn't even hear me. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was silently forming words that I couldn’t hear. It was as if she was pretending she was with someone else, and God I prayed that she was fantasizing about my best friend. I slid off of her, but she barely seemed to notice. Her legs were writhing like she was grinding her pussy against herself. I wanted to just watch and masturbate so that I wouldn’t fail to please her again. The last time we had sex she had gotten angry with my pathetic performance. Before we’d gone a minute she shoved me off of her, and told me “Okay, you’re done now.” She says I moan like a girl, and it annoys her. She doesn’t really seem to mind when I moan like a woman while I play with myself. Honestly, our sex life was better now that I wasn’t trying to please her. Sometimes she lets me watch while she masturbates, but I have to get off the bed. I think so she can pretend like I’m not there. She used to let me sit on the corner of the bed and kiss her feet, but the last time I tried that I interrupted her right before she was about to cum and she kicked me in the face. Now whenever I try she just kicks me until I’m pushed off the bed or I go stand in the corner of the room. I moved off the bed now, and brought her her favorite dildo. After I placed it next to her with her favorite lubricant, I went to stand in my corner and jerk off.

I struggled to keep silent as she took her pants off. She was wearing my favorite thong. I knew it was for Richard’s sake, because she hates wearing it for me. I closed my eyes and pictured Richard coming into the room, my wife slowly taking off of his shirt, her legs wrapping around him as he mounted her. Just as I was starting to cum my wife hit me in the face with her dildo. I opened my eyes and she was laughing at me from across the room. “Come over here, idiot.” I ran towards the bed, but, stopping halfway, I desperately scrambled on the floor for her dildo. She giggled at my awkwardness as I got into bed with it for her. She took it from my violently shaking hands, set it next to her for later, and pulled me on top of her.

Despite how badly I wanted to have sex with her, I found myself going a little soft. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to get it in her I got so limp. I wished Richard come in and fuck her right while I got to jack off, but she was so wet there wasn’t a problem and the thought that I never got her that wet made me hard again.

She closed her eyes again, and moaned. Once again her mouth started to form silent words. I pounded her as hard as I could. Since I had already came a little I was able to actually last. She dug her nails deep into my sides, drawing blood even, and started to hump into me as furiously as she could. I just stopped my motion which wasn’t doing any good at that point, and let her do the work. I didn’t know she could be like this in bed. For me she had never done anything but lie still and tolerate me. Once I stopped trying she was able to get her angle just right, and she gave one powerful thrust after another. The first one made me give out a high pitched “Eh!” unmistakable from a girl’s. I was so embarrassed and scared she’d make me stop now. The back of my wrist shot to my mouth, and I bit so hard tears started to flow. Melissa didn’t even notice she was so absorbed. I placed my hands on her breasts, and kept moaning, making no attempt to keep it from sounding like a woman.

At least she'd worked herself up so much that she couldn't keep quiet any longer. A soft “Rich... Rich... Rich…” escaped her mouth every time she pounded herself into my cock. I brushed the side of her face to get her attention, and her eyes half opened at me.

“Do you want to have a threesome with Richard?” I asked.

Immediately she sat up, grabbed me by the shoulders and nearly shouted, “Why!? Did he say something?”

“No,” she looked crushed, and I knew our lovemaking was over. “I just thought you might like to.”

“Yeah,” she replied carefully. “What girl wouldn't like two hot guys on her?”

“So you think Richard's hot?”

Melissa giggle. “Well, yeah.” She eased back on the bed, and got her sex toys ready.

I started to masturbate again, and confessed, “Me, too. I want to watch you have sex with him.”

Her eyes went wide. At the same time she pressed her vibrator into herself, digging her nails into my leg with her other hand. Then it was unmistakable that she was moaning his name, but still softly, shyly, under her breath. She worked herself closer to cumming, getting louder with every moan. I was edging almost immediately, and was just waiting to cum with her. Staring at her lips form my best friend’s name, I wanted to scream his name. I mouthed “Oh Richard, oh Richard,” my lips trembling, along with her moans. She let out one long “Oh Riiichard!” loud enough to be heard outside the door, and I couldn’t hold back from begging her to moan his name any longer. I brushed my lips up to her ear, and softly moaned, “Richard.”

She opened her eyes in surprise, and turned to me. I stared back into her eyes, and moaned again, “Mmmm Richard, Oh Richard, Riiichard.” Her teeth clenched tight as she groaned, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, and she resumed to fuck herself as hard as she could. I started to hump her leg, a privilege she rarely allowed because she thought it was too pathetic, even for me, but I had grown so used to being pathetic in her eyes it had developed into a fetish for me. I started moaning his name faster, my voice cracking into a girly gasp on the “i”. She started to convulse a little, and I knew she was close.

“Oh God, please go fuck him. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! Go out there right now, and fuck him! Please!” I pleaded with her.

It took her a few tries to reply as she shuddered every time she began “Sh… Shu… Shu…”

I thought she was trying to say sure, so I begged harder. “Yes! Oh thank you, thank you. Go fuck him! Go out there…”

She cut me off with a forceful, “Shut the fuck up!” and so I just went back to humping her leg.

“Yes mistress. But please keep moaning his name?”

I was hoping just a little that she’d tell me to shut the fuck up again or hit me, but I couldn’t believe what she did instead. She utterly screamed his name! “Richard!” My jaw dropped. Either she was too absorbed fantasizing about him, or she wanted him to hear. She cried out for him again and again, “Richard! Richard! Richard!” I thought he’d come running into the room. She was screaming like we were being robbed.

I couldn’t even manage to get out our friend’s name I was moaning so loud. I wrapped both of my arms around her leg, and started to hump her leg so hard that it knocked the vibrator out of her hands. She got up on her knees, and I thought she’d hit me, but without breaking she jumped on top of me between my legs. She didn’t even hesitate to move her legs around me, but just slipped my cock inside of her right away. I didn’t think she could fuck any harder than she was earlier, but I was wrong when she was between my legs.

I began to yell too, but it was still just a feminine gasp as she pounded me like a woman. She laughed at me, and slowed down a little. “I told you to shut the fuck up.” I bit my arm to keep my voice down, but it didn’t help much. Still, she started to pound me like a bitch again with just as much energy as before. I tried as hard as I could, but I couldn’t help but start to scream through my arm again.

Slowly, her hand raised up past my chest, and she repeated herself through her moans, “Shut the fuck up, God damnit.” Then she closed put all of her weight from that hand on my neck. Involuntarily my hands shot up to her wrist, and began to pull it to my throat. She looked down at me and could see me begging her to choke me with my eyes. Her panting grew shaky, and she slowly brought her other hand to my throat. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and she closed her hands on my throat as tightly as she could. I saw stars, and my entire world exploded into pleasure. Later she would tell me it’s like I was having a seizure. Also, that it felt incredibly good when I asked why she didn’t stop.

I could feel her cum around my cock, and she rested her head on my chest.

“That was amazing,” I told her.

“Yeah,” was all she said.

“Mmm, if you fuck Richard half that hard he’ll be in love with you forever.”


“Oh, I wonder if he’d let me watch while you two have sex. Oooh! Maybe I’d have to spy on you two. I promise I’d keep it down. Oh God, Melissa! Thank you so much for having a crush on my best friend! I can’t wait for you to become his lover! Would you…” I noticed she was sleeping on my chest. I kissed her head, and finished myself off before going to sleep.

In the morning it hadn’t seemed like Richard had heard us screaming his name in ecstasy half the night. My wife, however, was acting noticeably different. She was serving him breakfast on our couch wearing nothing but a thong and T-shirt, and the T-shirt didn’t cover the thong. Richard didn’t act uncomfortable when I entered the room, and didn’t stop staring at my wife’s ass for even a second.

“Hi, honey,” my wife said all bubbly and making a big wave beforeturning back around to the hot stud she was curled up on the couch next to. Without turning away from him she called out, “There are some eggs on the stove.”

“Well what happened then?” Richard asked her, ignoring me completely.

“Well, I said no.”

“Aw! How come?”

“Weeell… I said no the first time,” and Melissa gave her best flirtatious giggle,and that was irresistible. I thought she’d be fucking another man today. “But, the next time she asked I didn’t say anything.” I’d heard this story before. When we were first dating she’d told it to me the first night we’d had sex. She got into explicit details about her first lesbian experience with a girl she used to live with. It sounded so similar to when I had heard it that I began to wonder how practiced she was at telling this to men she wanted to get hard.

“I’d been up all night wondering about what it would have been like if I’d gone to bed with her, and even though I was too shy to just say yes, I wanted to. She took my silence as refusal, and told me she was just lonely since her and her boyfriend broke up. Wouldn’t I please just go lie down with her?” She had gotten a little quieter, and Richard leaned in so close she could have kissed him. She had definitely told this story to other men than me.

“I still couldn’t say anything! So she just walked back into her bedroom looking sad and rejected. I don’t know how long I just stared at her door for. It felt like forever, but it was probably only like two seconds.” She pretended to laugh, and so did Richard. Just as I had done all those years ago. “But I wasn’t going to lie awake all night wondering what could have been. So I...” she looked slyly at me as she pressed up against him and erotically whispered into his ear. I could see her nipple slip out of her shirt, but Richard didn’t notice he was so absorbed in her story. My mind scrambled for ways to call his attention to it, but before anything came to me that wouldn’t be awkward, Melissa stood up and brushed past him towards the kitchen, giving me a sensual wink on her way by. I lost my train of thought as the two of us stared at her shaking, voluptuous hips. It wasn’t until she rounded the hall corner that either of us moved. Richard turned to me as if he noticed me for the first time, and he probably had, and said, “Sup, man.”

“Not much,” I returned, sitting on the couch to watch some comedy special with him. I wished I had called attention to her shirt a moment ago, but I didn’t regret it too much. That exchange made me feel certain she’d be fucking my best friend soon.


“You still haven’t fucked him?”

“Shut the fuck up! I don’t really care for you whining.”

“I’m sorry, mistress.”

I looked so abashed that Melissa took pity on me. She put her hands on my face, and consolingly and said, “Look, I’m having fun flirting with him, okay? Don’t ruin this for me.”

“Of course, mistress.”

“And stop calling me Mistress!”

“Sorry, master, I mean, Melissa. It’s just that he leaves today!”

“We’ll see him again soon.”

“Okay,” I pouted, and I went to kiss her.

She pulled my head back by my hair right before our lips touched. “What did you say?” she demanded.


“Yes what?”

I swallowed hard, and said, “Yes, Master.”

“Mmm, I kinda like that.” She pulled my hair harder, and spat the word out again into my face, “Master.”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned out again in my effeminate voice.

My wife made another “Mmm” sound, and leaned in as if to kiss me. Once again she whipped my head back right before we kissed. She pulled so hard that I fell flat on my ass with a sissy, “Eh!”

She shoved me towards the door saying, “Go get drinks for the party.”

Right before I was out the door I looked back and asked, “Is that a command?” I paused, and slipped my pants down past my ass. I slipped my penis out from the side of my pink thong, and played with myself as I moaned out, “Master?”

A huge grin spread across Melissa’s face, and she strutted over to me. She stared at me frantically beating my dick, biting my lip as I looked behind me at her. She slammed both her hands onto my ass and dug her nails into the flesh so hard I cried out and pressed my face against the door.

I could feel her breasts pressed up against my back as she leaned in to whisper, “Yes. I command you. Bitch!” and she spanked my smooth ass so hard I had a mark for three days. I screamed out in pain and pleasure, and barely managed to hold myself up I shook so hard. “But first,” she said, “Clean that up,” and she pointed to a mess I had made against the wall. She leaned in as if to kiss me again and whispered, “Bitch,” before actually giving me a tender, loving kiss. I tucked my limp clitty back into my panties, pulled up my pants, and did everything my Master had ordered me to.

When I got back home her and Richard were curled up on the couch together, snuggling. I could see up my wife’s skirt, who didn’t try to pull it back down even though she wasn’t wearing any panties. They were already drunk, but I’d brought more. They greeted me, but didn’t get up.

I went into the kitchen to mix them some drinks. I could hear Melissa giggling flirtatiously from the front room. When I came back my wife had her leg d****d over him, and I had a full view up her skirt. She’d shaved meticulously, and looked completely stunning. I stared, totally lost, until she called me out of my trance, and I brought them their drinks. I cuddled up to Melissa on her other side. We had something on the screen, but no one was watching the movie. Unfortunately from this angle I could tell that Richard didn’t have a view of my wife’s pussy. I casually laid my hand on the bottom hem of her skirt, and played with it innocently while they flirted with each other. Just as I was about to begin to lift it up for him, Richard asked if I could get him another drink. Melissa downed the last half of her glass to laughter from Richard, I gave her a playful cheer, and I went to get them both more alcohol.

I worked up my resolve to lift up Melissa’s skirt in front of Richard by playing with myself while I made them new drinks. It sounded like they were having fun in there, and so I figured I had a little time to pull it out. Getting a glimpse up my wife’s skirt as she cuddled a sexier man had really done a number on me. I heard my wife call out in a playful reprimand, “Richard!”, and they both started to giggle again. I fell against the table and dropped mypanties to my ankles, moaning my best friend’s name under my breath as I stroked myself. I got a little carried away.

I barely managed to bring myself back from the brink, out of breath and a little sore. I pulled my panties up, and tried to hide my erection in my pants. Once I got a hold of myself and grabbed the drinks to bring to my Master and the man she was trying to cheat on me with I noticed that there weren’t any sounds from the front room anymore. I peaked into an empty room with the movie still playing. At first I felt a little disappointed, but then I realized that they’d probably snuck off somewhere to fool around. I carefully set the drinks down on the coffee table. I tried to listen for them, but my heart was pounding in my ears too heavily. It wasn’t a big apartment, so I wasn’t sure where they could have gone.

I carefully peaked into the bedroom, trying not to be caught by them, but no one was in there. I looked in the hall bathroom, but they were gone. “Oh,” I figured, “maybe they went out somewhere.” I was really hoping that my wife had finally gotten some action, but I was alright with it. I was about to peak outside, when I finally figured out where they must have gone.

Slowly, I crept back into the bedroom, and listened in on the master bathroom door. There were soft sucking and smacking sounds like two drunks making out loudly. I barely contained a gasp of pleasure. I pressed my ear against the door. There was no mistaking it, they were kissing each other all over. I bit my knuckles to keep quiet as I slipped my hand down the front of my panties.

“You’re a good kisser,” I could hear Melissa say through the door.

“Uhm… thanks,” Richard panted back at her.

Quietly I pulled out my penis again, and started to stroke it. I decided I was going to make myself cum this time. No more teasing myself. This was almost too much pleasure to handle if I didn’t finally get some release. Then I heard them get up from the other side of the door, and I tiptoed back into the kitchen. I listened for them to come out, and I realized It’d look more casual if I went into the front room. I grabbed their drinks, and made like I was just now finishing them as I walked into the bedroom, almost pouring my wife’s tequila sunrise down the front of her blouse.

“Ooh, sorry.” She said, taking it and starting to sip on it.

“Here you go,” I said as I handed Richard his Jack & Coke.

“I just kissed Richard in the bathroom,” my wife suddenly blurted out.

Richard choked on his Coke a little, but before he could get out some sort of apology or embarrassed defense I whined back at her, “Aw, don’t I get to see?”

Immediately she turned towards him, wrapped both of her arms sensually around his broad shoulders, and planted her barely parted lips against his eager mouth. He didn’t seem sorry about making out with her now. I could see that her skirt was ruffle from fooling around with him in the bathroom, and her ass was bared in front of me. I could feel myself stiffen at the thought that he probably lifted her skirt that way so that her bottom half would be entirely revealed for him.

Richard’s eyes lazily parted, and snuck a glance at me to see how I was taking it. He was staring down at me, right at my crotch, and I just took it in, a dopey smile on my face. He pointed down, and started to mumble, “Uh, uhm…” My wife and I looked down at my zipper together. She rolled her eyes, and turned away, angrily shaking her head.

“Oh!” I said, and slipped my dick back into my pants. “Sorry about that.” I was going to give some lame excuse about I had I had used the bathroom, and that’s what took me so long while they were waiting for their drinks, when my wife interrupted me.

“Were you masturbating?”

Richard looked amused. “Uhm, ye- ye- yes.” I stammered out.

She shook her head again, “God fucking damnit, Mark!” she yelled at me. Richard laughed, and I shared a smile with him. I was glad this new exploration of desire wasn’t too uncomfortable for him.

“I’ll get out of the room, sorry.”

“No, it’s okay.” She said. “Let’s just go finish the movie.”

She took Richard’s hand, and walked out of the bedroom, pulling her skirt down with the other hand. I nudged Richard behind her back, and motioned to her ass she dropped the fold of our skirt over her curves. I mouthed “Oooh”, and winked at him. His eyes rolled back, and he mouthed “God I know!” I put my hand up to my mouth like I was giggling, and, with a sly wink back at me, he lifted her skirt back up with his index finger.

“Stop it!” she yelled, pulling her skirt down, but she was smiling at him. I hung back, and motioned Richard to go ahead with a flick of my wrist. Just as my wife was rounding the corner, I could see him lifting her skirt with both hands. I didn’t hear any more objections as he turned the corner after her.

I sighed with relief now that I could finally blow after all of that, and sank back against the wall behind the bedroom door. I dropped my pants to my ankles, slipped my clitty out from beneath the side of my thong, and began to stroke with both hands. It only took a few tugs to come everywhere.

Once I’d finally caught my breath, I cleaned up and, listening very carefully to make sure I wasn’t interrupting anything, went back out front.

“Well, are you finished?” My wife’s voice held scorn, but I could tell by the look on her face she was just making fun of me. Richard laughed at me again, and I laughed too.

“Yeah,” I said, and then my wife’s scornful facade broke away, and she laughed at me to. I can’t count the nights I stayed up playing with myself picturing all three of us laughing at what a pathetic cuck I was.

I sat down next to Melissa, who was still holding hands with Richard. She said, “I love you,” and leaned over to kiss me.

“I love you, too,” I replied, and she gave me a sweet peck on the lips. She put an arm around each of us, and looked like she was a queen as we snuggled up against each side of her.


Richard had been home for a few months. He acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened, but the morning he left he seemed a little uncomfortable with having kissed Melissa when he was drunk. We chatted with him regularly, and planned on him moving in with us once we got a bigger place. Melissa and I made all sorts of plans on seducing him when he came out. We would lie in bed for hours masturbating sharing our fantasies of a real man being able to give her the satisfaction she’d been craving while I was at work, and she would always scream Richard’s name as she came.

It had been so freeing to have Melissa allow me to masturbate in bed with her. Since he left I couldn’t cum unless I was hearing my wife call out his name. She would let me cuddle up to her and even hump her leg a little now so that I could whisper sexy things about the man she really wanted while she masturbated, but when she got close, she’d kick me away from her like she used to. If I begged for permission hard enough she’d usually let me sit at the foot of the bed and watch her as I beat my clitty, but she freaked out if I got to loud or lost control and tried to kiss her ass and made me go stand in the corner of the room.

We usually began with real plans for seducing him, but it would quickly devolve into us sharing our deepest dreams for Richard. We’d help each other out with our fantasies as if we were writing a story together, and moan his name together as we made ourselves cum.

I came home from work one day while she was on the phone with him. “I gotta go,” she said. “Okay, love you,” and she hung her phone up to come give me a hug.

“Who was that?” I asked.


“Oooh, you said you loved him?”

She giggled in her irresistible way, and said, “It’s not like that. Just as a friend.”

“Just a friend whose ass you want.”

“No!” she winked at me. “A friend that I love whose ass I obsess over.”

“Maybe you should ask him for naked pictures.”


“Why not? I bet he’d do it if you sent him one. Ooh, maybe you two could video chat!”

“It’s not the same without someone here to…” she trailed off.

“Satisfy you?” I finished for her.

“Well, yeah.”

“You can make yourself cum.” I suggested

“No, when I get that horny I have to have sex with someone.”

“Of course I can’t do it.”

“Well, you could, you could.”

“Oh, no. I don’t want to. I mean, I’d explode if you suggested it, but I don’t want you to pretend you’d ever want to have sex with me again. You should get to fuck whoever you want to. You’re too fucking perfect to be wasted on a sissy like me.” I dropped to my knees, and started to hump her leg while kissing her hips. “Please tell me you don’t ever want to have sex with me again.”

“I don’t really get off on cuckolding you.”

“I know, but oh God I do. I have to be cuckolded by you to cum now. It’s better than sex to me when you flirt with my best friend.”

“Really?” Her eyes went wide, and she whispered, “Oh God, you are really pathetic.”

I knew then she was lying when she said she didn’t get off cuckolding me. I took her hands, looked up into her eyes, and whimpered, “Please start fucking my best friend instead of me, Master.”

Her voice was shaky, and there was no denying she got off on this now, as she told me, “I want to fuck Richard so much more than you.”

I cried out as I came right away when she said that, and came all over her legs.

“Fuck, Mark,” she complained, angrily.

“Sorry, master.” I got on all fours, and said seductively, “I’ll fix it,” as I began to lick up my cum off her legs.

She immediately grabbed my head, and violently pulled it over every inch of cum on her legs. When I was all done, she kneed me in the face and I fell on my back. “Oh god, you’re pathetic.”

I lay on the ground trying to catch my breath as she stood over me panting herself. Finally she asked, “Did you prematurely ejaculate?”

“No,” I confessed. “I was touching myself a little, but God that was so sudden maybe I could prematurely ejaculate for you.”

“God, yes! I’m going to starve you until we get the new place with Richard.”

“Okay, but we’ve barely started to have sex again.”

“That’s not what I mean. No masturbating.”

“Is that a command?”

She smiled at me, and said, “I command you not to masturbate.”

“Oh, thank you, Master!” I replied, kissing her feet. “I promise I’ll cum at just the sight of you with a stronger man.”

“Ooooh, good girl,” she told me as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“So who do you fuck when you get that horny?” I asked playfully.

“What?!” she exclaimed, terrified.

“Earlier you said when you get that horny you need to have sex with someone, but you don’t fuck a loser like me. So who would you fuck?” Suddenly, something occurred to me, and I was hard again in a flash as I yelled out, “Oh my God, have you been cheating on me?!”


“Oh, please tell me if you have, please, please, PLEEEAAASE!” I was beating my dick as fast as I could while I kissed the hem of her dress.

“I haven’t.”

“Really?” I said, clearly disappointed, and dropped to all fours again.

“Really,” she said.

“Well,” I shook my ass playfully, like a cat, “We’ll have to change that.”

“Mmmm, yeah we will.” Melissa turned away from me. As she walked back to our bedroom she slipped her panties off from underneath her dress.

I scrambled after her just in time to see her throw her dress over her shoulders before she slammed the door literally into my face. I leaned my back against the door, exhausted. Of course I’m not going in there with her. When I heard her vibrator start up through the door, I shot up and put my ear to the door. When she started to moan I threw my pants off, dropped my panties to my ankles, and started to hump the door.

“You better not be fucking the door, you weird son of a bitch!”

“Sorry,” I pulled my panties back up and started struggling to tuck my hard cock back into my thong when I heard her start to make the sweetest noise from the other side of the door.

“Oh, Richard! Richard!”

I sighed with pleasure, dropped my panties again, and began to fuck the door again, gently and quietly.

When I heard the moan I knew as her orgasm, I heard her shout out, “I love you, Richard!”

I mouthed the word “Richard” with her, and softly kissed the door, but I didn’t cum. Master had commanded it.

I pulled my thong back up, and managed to tuck my penis back into my panties. But before I could get my pants back on I heard the shower running, and wondered if Master would allow me to peek in on her, and the head of my clitty slipped out of the tight lingerie. Seeing my limp, tiny dick that my wife will no longer let near her made me feel so pathetic and ashamed. I flushed all over my body, started to pull on my clitty again. God! Not cumming while she excited me more than I’d ever been in my life was going to be so fucking hard!

I carefully stalked to the master bathroom, and saw that the door was slightly ajar. I lightly pushed it, and Melissa called out, “Would you wash my back for me, love?”

“Yes, Master.”

She pulled the shower curtain back to reveal all of the glory of her perfect body, and giggled at me as she saw that all I was wearing now were those tight, pink panties. My tiny penis grew a little bit and popped out of my thong.

She laughed some more, and shook her head at me. As she turned back towards the facet I saw the lather wash over her full, round ass and I started pulling on my tiny penis again.

“You’re still jacking off?”

“Oh yes, Master!” I replied as I started to beat my dick faster and harder.

“Well knock it off for a sec. Take your panties off, and get in here with me.

“Yes, Master.” I kicked my panties off, and began to cover the perfect shape of my Goddess with lather. Not until I had thoroughly washed every last inch of her smooth, angelic skin did I begin to wash and shave my legs.

By the time I slipped out of the shower in my towel she was wearing a spaghetti strap top of black silk, showing off her new tattoo on her back, fishnets, and a mini skirt.

“Why all dressed up?” I asked.

“Just felt like showing off my tattoo when you take me to the club later,” she replied.

“Let me see it,” I said with a smile, and gently spun her by the hips. “God, it healed up nicely. It looks so sexy.”

“I know,” she told me playfully. “Would you take a picture of it for Richard?’

“Naked?” I said with a wink.

“No!” she said, laughing.

“How about with just your thong peeking out?”

“Ooh, now there’s an idea…” and she started to pull her skirt down to reveal the top of her ass. She laid down, face first, on the floor, and I pulled her skirt a little lower.

“No,” she said, “you have to leave some to the imagination.” She pulled her skirt up a bit more, just barely revealing a hint of her perfect ass for Richard. I devoured every last curve line on her body, and slowly began to kiss her hips. I slipped my fingers into the sides of her panties as my lips moved over the barely visible top of her ass. She used to love when I’d tease her by sliding my fingers down the front curve of her hips towards her hot spot, but that was when she’d actually have sex with me. However, she felt warm and moist, as if inviting me to touch lower and lower. “Mark?” she asked.

“Yes, Master?”

“Take the fucking picture.”

Of course! She wasn’t aroused by me. She was hot at the thought of sending sensual pictures to the man she really wanted. “Right away, Master. Sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

I took a few, and showed them to Master for her approval. She sent the one she liked best to Richard, and we huddled over the phone as anxious for his reply like a couple of teenage girls.

“Hot!” finally came back on the phone.

“Can we at least see what one looks like with your skirt down a little more?”

“Sure,” she replied, and I slipped her skirt down just another inch. After she sent him one more of those pictures, she whispered, “How about a little more?” and slipped her top off.

Shaking, I slowly slid her skirt all the way down her long legs. As I began to take pictures of her ass she started to flex, and shake it, and lift it up. I switched to making a video, and started to stroke my penis. She let me do this for 20 minutes as she posed and danced while I filmed her. Finally, she put her clothes back on, but I kept jacking my cock off in my towel. Involuntarily I yelled, “I’m cumming!”

She yelled “Don’t you fucking dare!” and she tackled me to the ground. She tried to pin my arms behind my back, but I slipped away still frantically beating my cock under my towel. She finally got me face down on the ground, yelling, “Yeah! You fucking pussy!” but I just started to hump the ground. She tried to maneuver me into a leg lock, but I got on top of her, straddling her hips. I pinned her arms down, and we laughed and kissed. She went from laughing to moaning as our lips worked over each other’s. I leaned back so that I could admire her beneath me. Her breasts were shining with perspiration from dancing and wrestling. Lifting and falling rapidly with her heavy breathing. I exhaled, shakily as I repositioned myself on top of her a little. She lifted her hips a little to get more comfortable, and it pushed a soft, quiet moan from me. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, our mouths hanging open. She gave another experimental hump, like she wasn’t sure if we were thinking the same thing.

“Ooooh”, I said as I tilted my head back, and closed my eyes. I clenched my tight ass forward an inch as if I was a woman riding a cock, and she thrust her hips into me over and over. I screamed like a girl, and she humped me so hard that I was thrown off of her. In a fury she backhanded me so I’d roll onto my stomach, and then lifted my hips into her pelvis with her strong hands. She threw my towel aside, and pounded my ass while I was on all fours harder than I ever could have fucked her. I was shouting, “Fuck me, Master! Fuck me, uck me, fuck me! Oh, Master!” at the top of my lungs. She made me scream her name so loud as she fucked me like a wild a****l that later the neighbors told us they heard it, but I just kept screaming louder, “Fuck me, Melissa! Oh, my God! You are my God, and I worship you, Master! Fuck my ass!”

“Yeah, oh God yes,” she whispered back, and pulled her skirt and thong down so that her bare skin was pounding into me as she humped my brains out. I started to hump back into her, and we had a perfect tempo for her massive thrusts to slap into my girlie bubble butt. She tore off her blouse, and pressed her breasts, soaked in sweat, against my back. I started to convulse in ecstasy, and I collapsed face first to the floor as she kept slamming her firm body into my ass. Her long hair glues to her face with sweat, and she blows it out, spraying my back with sweat and spit as I choke on my own screams of pleasure. Her skirt and panties still around her knees, she layed flat on top of me, her ass still frantically clenching as she humps me as fast as humanly possible.

When my body went limp beneath her, Melissa rolled to the side. I turned onto my back, and we lay side by side, panting like dogs. Finally, I got enough breath to say, “Melissa, you are a God!”

“Phew,” she said, “Good game,” and she pushed me slightly to my side so she could give me a painful slap on the ass. She stumbled over to her shirt with her thong still around her knees, and then fought her clothes on over her drenched body.

I crawled over to her phone, and saw that it had recorded the whole fight. Even getting an okay angle for her fucking me in my ass. I got it ready to send to Richard, and then showed it to Master. “Send it,” she told me.

“Wow,” I said, and hit send, blown away by how amazing it was to become a cuckold.

Later I apologized for cumming as she fucked me.

“Bitch! You better have came when I fucked you.” She pulled me to her as if she would kiss me, but just as our lips brushed she spun me around and gave me just a powerful thrusting that I fell over; a moan of pleasure escaping as she slammed into my ass.

She laughed at me lying on the floor, and asked “Richard ever message back about that video?”

“No,” I said, dejectedly.

“God! If a girl sends you naked pictures you should have the common decency to tell her you jacked off to them!”

“I would master.”

“I don’t care about you bitch…”, Melissa trailed off and looked a little concerned. “I’m not being too rough, am I?”

“Oh, God no, Master!”

“Good… because I think I’m starting to get into this, and you might be in for a lot more.”

I gasped, and began to squirm as I masturbated on the floor in front of her. Just as I was about to cum she wrapped her hands around my throat, and told me “I don’t think I could ever go back to pretending your a real man.” I would have screamed with pleasure had she not choked the air out of me.

I finally managed to gasp out “I love you,” when we were done, but she just stepped on my limp penis walking over me.
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