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Glistening Mom

All throughout my teenage years I had a fascination with my mother that was a
little beyond typical love of a mother. I simply didn't know what it was until
I was about 16 when it hit me like a flash that I had a crush on her. However
it was awkward because I didn't feel this way all the time. When I got horny,
I masturbated to several fantasies about girls I knew, girls I didn't know,
lesbian imagery, and sometimes my mother would creep in there. That didn't
happen until I found a videocassette in my parents room. I put it in and
played it.

To my astonishment, it was a home movie that my father made of simply my
wearing provocative clothing and masturbating herself. That's all it was, 4
hours worth. She'd dress differently in different scenes, but she would end up
lying on the bed with her hand between her legs, playing with herself. Now
this astonished me as a teenager. I never thought of my mom as this sexual
object of passion and sex. I watched her writhe around on their bed in
ecstasy, in clothes I didn't even know existed. She rarely ended up completely
naked, but there were a handful of scenes that she ended up wearing nothing but
high heels. That was it for me. I started masturbating to this tape daily.
Imagining her on MY bed in these clothes, and playing with herself for me. My
imagination then boomed with lustfilled images of making love to her, her moans
of pleasure not because of her fingers, but because of MY fingers, tongue, and
cock inside of her. I couldn't believe myself thinking these things, and made
sure they always stayed hidden, and that I didn't go too out of control with

Well, that all changed in the summer of the year I was 19. Yes, I still lived
at home but I already had concrete plans to move out and into an apartment to
start college the upcoming fall. Well, it was a warm summer day and my father
was gone to work. It was my day off and I was with my mother alone as I was on
all of my days off. However, this day was different. It was the first day of
the summer that my mother would pick up her yearly sunbathing routine. Now,
since I was 15 or so I would always find immense enjoyment from watching her in
her oh so sexy bikinis and on the occasion I was used to help rub suntan lotion
on her body. Everytime I did this I would get a huge hardon and would get a
little nervous while talking to her. I wasn't ever sure if my mother noticed
either one.

Well, I was mowing the yard on this day coincedentally, so I was in luck.
Everytime I came down the long side of the yard with the mower, my eyes could
gaze upon my mother, shining with her own sweat as she laid motionless with her
sunglasses on in the reclining lawn chair. My cock grew in my shorts even as I
was busy mowing the yard. After I got finished, I put the mower away and was
going to go inside and shower when my mother stopped me as I passed by.

"Chris, looks like I'm gonna need you. I need to turn over to tan my back
before I get burned, so could you grab the lotion on the table and put some on
me?" she asked.

She asked so innocently that I immediately treated this time just as I had all
the others, with innocence in return.

"Sure mom," I said, fetching the lotion. She turned over on her stomach and
even at 40 years old, my mother had a beautiful ass and a somewhat overly thin
figure that I found incredibly sexy. She had the sexiest, smoothest looking
legs, and her skin color was already nicely tanned. It didn't take long for my
cock to start up again. I hid it well and sat beside my mother on the lawn
chair, who had taken her sunglasses off and had gotten completely comfortable
on her stomach. I put some of the lotion on my hands and began to rub it into
her back and shoulders. Even though I had done this several times, I was still
nervous enough to start up a conversation that had nothing to do with
sunbathing or the fact that I was rubbing lotion into her body.

"So did you and Dad have a nice night last night?" I asked, referring to the
fact that they went out together on a romantic evening out for my dad's

"Yeah, it was okay."

"Where did you go eat?"

"Emeralds, that Italian restaurant downtown," she said softly, her eyes closed.

My hands continued to run around her back, looming towards her bikini bottom.
Even knowing this was all normal, I became even more nervous as my hands made
contact with her bikini. It wasn't a thong or anything, but god, her ass was
just so beautiful. I ran my hands down her cheeks and began my decent down her

"Wow, expensive place," I said with a hint of anxiety in my voice, and I guess
the moment got into me because the next thing I said wasn't something bad, but
it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to have come out at a time like this. "You
looked really beautiful in the dress you wore."

I felt my face get a little red from giving her such a compliment. Luckily, if
she turned to see it I could pass it off on the heat. However, she didn't turn
to me, instead I simply saw a wide smile crease along her lips while I
continued to rub the lotion into her legs.

"Well, who'd have guessed that I could have gotten such a sweet compliment out
of my own son?" she joked.

Slightly relieved, I replied "Oh, come on mom. You know you can turn heads
with the best of them."

"Oh, really? I can turn heads with the best of them huh? So who are you and
what have you done with my son?" she chuckled as I could swear her own cheek
flushing with a little red of its own that was not there a second ago.

I laughed, again nervously, as I said "You are so modest mom. I bet 20 guys
were checking you out at Emerald's last night when you were with dad. I know
that if I had been there and seen you walk by, I'd have taken a longer look."

Gulp. I had taken a really big step there, and I had a really big knot in my
stomach. I still continued to work the lotion into her body, although my
nervousness was causing me to rub areas I had already covered. I was
mesmorized by her beautiful body and now the mood having turned to that of a
teenage flirting situation. I loved my mother very much, and in that I
realized I was treading on very thin ice. But I wanted her in a way I wasn't
supposed to, but I couldn't help it. It was all I could think of.

"My my, you are making me blush here," she admitted freely. "I don't see how
such a handsome young man as yourself would have ever noticed if an old bag
such as myself with no breasts to speak of walked by you, even if I was wearing
a revealing dress!"

"Old bag? Oh, please....you haven't got so much as a wrinkle on you anywhere,
I mean trust me on that. I can see from my vantage point here. And I happen
to prefer women who are natural um....up there, and for a natural woman you
have absolutely beautiful.....well, nevermind."

I almost giggled I was so nervous in saying what I was saying to her.

She smiled broadly. "No, go ahead. I have absolutely beautiful what?"

I was taken aback by this, but I managed to force down the lump in my throat to
say "You mom, have beautiful breasts."

"I do not."

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!" I protested.

"Uh, well how would you know mister?" she chuckled.

I returned "Well, I can just tell by looking at them."

She moved from under my rubbing hands and turned back onto her back to face me.
My heart was beating rapidly now, and I was very anxious.

"You mean these?"

And in a moment I shall never forget, my mother slid her bikini top off of her
shoulders and let it slide off her arm completely. My eyes widened and the
bulge in my shorts became very hard to contain as I stared at my mother's
completely naked breasts. Her nipples were already hard and perky, and they
too were glistening with some of her perspiration.

"I-I-I.....yeah, yes, um. Those." I looked around nervously as I was scared
someone would see, even though we were the last house in the subdivision and
nothing but forest was beyond our backyard.

She giggled. "No one is going to see Chris. So your saying you prefer women
with breasts like this?"

I gulped yet again and stammered "Um....why definitely. In fact, EXACTLY like

"What are you saying Chris?"

I swallowed deeply again as I tried to get up and hide my obvious erection, but
she pulled me down by the arm to where I was sitting again. Slowly, she slid
over closer to me.

"Are you saying that you want MY breasts?" She teased, and I noticed her lick a
bead of sweat that had collected above her lip from the side of my eye.

"Um....no, well." I smiled and gathered some courage up and said playfully,
"You don't need any lotion on those by any chance?"

Never in a million years expecting a positive answer, to my huge surprise she
said, "Why now that I think of it, yes, I just might."


"And I just don't think I have the strength to do it myself. All this heat
just wears you out ya know? Would you mind?"

With that, she leaned back in her lawn chair, closed her eyes, and put her
hands back behind the head of the chair. She really wanted me to rub lotion on
her breasts. I was in awe. But, not letting the opportunity fade away, I put
some more lotion in my hands and without the slightest hesitation my fingers
made contact with my mother's nipples. It was so gentle I saw my mom's mouth
open in a slight gasp. It was almost as if she wasn't believing it either. My
hands then continued to take my mother's breasts completely into my palms,
caressing them, rubbing the lotion all over them. I pinched her nipples gently
in-between my thumb and index finger as I was working in a sexual and innocent
way if that was possible. I was completely consumed by the desire to make love
to my own mother. It was overwhelming. And little did I know that the same
desire was deep within my mother relating to me. Because at that instant, she
pushed herself up from lying down and embraced me. My hands flew off her
breasts thinking she was convinced this was the wrong thing to do. However,
when her arms wrapped around me and before I could move I felt my own mother's
lips pressed against my own, I realized the impossible. Me and my mom were

My lips opened softly and our tongues intertwined within our mouths. I heard
her moan into my mouth as we kissed passionately, an overwhelming i****tuous
lust in our eyes. I was bound and determined to quench that lust today. We
kissed furiously, trading wet kisses by the second, our lips merged together in
sheer craving. I kissed my mother as no son was meant to kiss his mother, but
it was too overwhelming for me to care. I was in a loving liplock with her and
I wasn't about to break it. In the meantime, her hands knew no guilt as they
unbuttoned my shorts, yanked them down, flew back up to my boxers underneath,
yanked them down, and took hold of my incredibly hard erection in her hand. I
too forgot about the guilt and passionately groped my mother's breasts, ass,
hips, and thighs with every ounce of my body. Our kiss finally ended, having
lasted nearly 5 minutes, and she shoved my face down into her breasts quickly.

I began to hungrily suck on my mother's hard nipples as I ran my hands all over
her beautiful body. I was in heaven, just seeing my mother without her clothes
so up-close was driving me crazy. I had to have her. I loved her so much, and
I wanted to show her that it knew no boundaries as my tongue darted over her
nipples. I would lick them for a moment, then allow my lips to cover them in a
suckle. She softly moaned as I moved my hands down from her hips to her
thighs, slowly moving in between her legs. She was still wearing the bottom of
her bikini, but even with the sweat from her sunbathing, I could tell she was
incredibly wet. I kissed down her sweaty, salty stomach until I got to her
bikini and quickly removed it. My mother was now completely nude right before

I would have rather we taken things much slower now that I think about it, but
at the time we had a crazed lust for one another that had to be satisfied right
there, and right then. As soon as I got the rest of her bikini off, she
grabbed my face within her hands, looked me right in the eyes and said "Eat me
Chris. I want you to eat your mommy out right this second!"

With a growl I moved my face in-between her legs and could smell my mother's
arousal as I neared her pussy. I had never been so turned on in my life. I
dived down between her legs and directly into her pussy with my tongue. I
licked her sweet pussy lips softly at first, but due to our excitement we both
wanted me to go faster. I licked up and down her slit, and as I was doing so
began to quickly alternate my tongue between her wet juicy cunt and her
throbbing clit. I nibbled on it gently, and rubbed it between my lips, pulling
and tugging on it, sliding my fingers inside my mom as I did so. I heard her
hard breathing quickly turn into moans as I thrusted my fingers inside her, her
juice covering my fingers.

"God, that feels good, honey! Don't stop, please!" she cried.

I licked up and down, side to side, in and out, until her legs clamped tightly
around my head and I just put my whole mouth over her pussy and let my tongue
bounce wildly on her clit.

"YES baby, YES! Oh! Oh! I'm gonna cum!!! Please don't stop!!!"

I had no intention of stopping as I grounded my tongue as fast as I could over
her clit, flicking at it with all the speed and passion I had. I loved my mom
so much, and I was showing her right this second just how much. With a loud
cry she came, her pussy spasming around my tongue as I lapped at her juices
while her breathing slowed and her orgasm subsided.

"Oh, yes. That felt so good Chris."

I thought that was all, and that everything would return to normal right then
and there, my face soaked in her juice, but I was wrong.

"Now I'm going to make you feel good baby."

Without another word she moved me to where I was now lying back on the lawn
chair and she climbed down and took my hard cock in her hand. She looked up at
me with her beautiful eyes and took me into her mouth.
"Oh, that feels good Mom," I said as I writhed on the edge of the chair,
holding her head with both hands. "Oh, I want you so bad mom."

Then my lovely, sexy mother started sucking me extremely hard, keeping her eyes
closed as she nursed contentedly on the aching stiffness of my hard-on. I
couldn't believe it. I watched her go down on me, our eyes locked in a
passionate but love-filled stare. I felt a surge in my body, but she could
feel it too and took her lips off of my hard aching cock. I had a moment of
disappointment, her leaving my cock before I could cum, but I soon realized
what she was after. With that, she slid her body on top of me. We kissed
again, our tongues dancing together wetly as then she rolled me over until I
was on top of her. We continued kissing momentarily, and then she broke the
kiss, looked into my eyes and uttered the most beautiful words I had ever

"Chris.....take me. I want you inside me."

She spread her legs and locked them around my waist as I looked down at my
beautiful mother lying beneath me, my most forbidden fantasy coming true right
before me. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and her pussy was so
beautiful. As I said before, looking back I wish everything would have lasted
longer and meant more, but this was in the hot summer heat in the light of a
newfound lust for each other and it wasn't surprising when my mother reached
out and took my hard cock in her hand and guided it swiftly against her pussy,
parting it, and moaning as her own son pushed and penetrated her outer lips
into the place of my birth.

Spreading her long tanned legs wide, I positioned my prick at the entrance of
her wet gaping cunthole and pushed inside quickly. It slid in easily, and
within seconds I was plunging rapidly in and out of my own sexy mother's hot,
juicy quim. Her legs were locked around my waist, pulling me into her as I
fucked her. Sweating in the hot summer heat, we both moaned loudly as our
thrusts swept us along, urging us to move faster and faster. I began fucking
my mom's hot cunt hard and fast, and we both
felt the rising tide of our i****tuous orgasms quickly. In very little time at
all, my mom started cumming, smothering her cries in my neck as she hunched and
pushed against my deeply thrusting cock. Her convulsing pussy grabbed me and
milked my cock, and soon I felt the fast rising surge deep in my loins.

"Oh, oh, oh!!! Yes, here I cum.......give it to me baby, give me your hard
cock!" she cried as she squirmed under me.

I gave it to her alright, as I started pistoning in and out of her hot cunt
with a passion. Here I was, my dream of having sex with my mother coming true
and I couldn't have been happier. I rotated my hips so that my cock stirred
her insides, then started slowing down my thrusts to almost tease her, and with
her breathing I could tell she couldn't handle it.

"No baby, don't tease me now......fuck me, fuck me like I'm your slut!"

I started getting so aroused by her words that I started saying similar things
back to her.

"Mmm, you like that mom? You like when I'm going faster and faster? Well you
know what mom? You are my slut! Yeah, ohhhh, I love fucking you mom, I love
you so much. Ahhh, yeah I'm getting there mom!"

"Oh! Yes honey give it to me, don't hold back, fuck my brains out! Yes, yes,
I'm cummmmming!!!!!"

I felt her inner walls tighten around my cock and that was all I could take.
She started cumming, I could feel her juices surround me as I fucked her as
fast as I could, really fast until my cock simply could no longer contain my
orgasm. I let out a loud moan and shouted "Oh, God mom!"

She lifted her body into the air to meet my final thrust, and with a scream of
her own, I shot my load. I started shooting stream after stream of hot cum
right into my own mother's cunt. The same way my father had created me
nineteen years ago, I was doing to my own mother. Wave after wave passed, and
finally my cock was drained deep within her cunt, and I collapsed on top of

We kissed and fondled one another for a few minutes before somehow managing to
drift off to sleep in the sweltering heat, which of course had been amplified
by our powerful sex.

I had just humped my own mother.

And we would do it several more times after this. Everytime we had a chance.
On my days off, whenever dad fell asleep early, and even when we went out to
eat as a family at a formal restaurant. Dad waited while me and her went to
the restrooms. Well, she snuck me into the women's restroom and we had sex in
one of the stalls! I simply hiked up her skirt because she was wearing no
panties, and she yanked out my cock from my slacks and I thrusted it in her
right there. In less than 2 minutes I was filling my mom with more of my hot
seed. Needless to say however, I got her pregnant. We simply refused to ever
use protection, and in the end it caught us as my mom gave birth to a very
healthy baby boy. After him however, my mom had her tubes tied so that she
couldn't have anymore, but at least I was still able to fill her with cum
everytime we had sex. And believe me when I say, everytime we had sex. I love
her to death and wouldn't trade her for any teenage girl in the world.

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