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First BBC

I've always had a secret fascination for big black cocks, not sure when this began or how it happened, perhaps from watching porn when I was younger. My first experience with a bbc came about a year ago when I was bored and horny at home and decided to go visit a porn theater for some fun. Next to the theater was kind of a dive bar, how convenient, so I decided to go in and have drink or two. The place wasn't busy at all since it was a week day and around 9 o'clock. Went to the bar, ordered a martini and watched some sports game on the tv (not important), when a few minutes later this guy comes in and sits near me, he orders and we started chatting about the game. He was a handsome black guy about my age and little taller and fun to talk with. After a couple of drinks later he gets up, shakes my hand and leaves the bar. So after a couple of martinis I was feeling even more Hornier than when I walked in and talking with this handsome black man didn't hurt either, so I decided to leave the bar and head to the porn theater next door. The place wasn't busy at all and smelled like sex and cum, I knew I was in the right place because the smell was making my cock pulse. I got my theater ticket and went to the back looking for a booth to sit in to watch some porn and jerk off. After surfing the channels I found a hot one of some white guy getting fucked by a bbc and I thought that this would be a good one as I so wanted to be fucked like that. The martinis must have been kicking in because my inhibitions were gone and I decided to take off my pants and have a nice stroke to what I was watching. As I was totally in the zone of slow stroking and watching the video I see out of the corner of my eye this long dark cock poke through a hole in the wall, I thought to myself 'oh hell yes' and proceeded to stroke it and get on my knees and suck on it. This cock was big and thick and tasted so good that I just wanted to suck on him slow so I could enjoy it before he came. As I'm sucking away at the glorious man meat he decides to pull out of the hole and leave and I was 'wth?' Feeling a little let down for a second and peeking through the hole to see where he went, I feel a hand rub my ass and a voice asking me to turn around. When I turned around and looked up, being on my knees, I was shocked and thrilled to see that it was my handsome black friend I met at the bar. Without hesitation and with full excitement I began to take his cock in my mouth and make love to his beautiful cock. I must have been doing a good job on him because his cock kept getting bigger and harder as if he were going to cum soon. I then looked up and saw him looking down at me smiling and he then put both hands on my head and started fucking my mouth and throat until I could feel his warm juices fill my mouth and throat and I swallowed every damn drop. I remember that he tasted really good and I wanted more but he was obviously spent. After he pulled his cock out of my mouth he leaned down and kissed me and told me that next time he wants to fuck my ass, and I totally excepted. After he left the booth, I got dressed and regained my composure and made my way outside and was hoping the guy was still around so I could get his name and number, but he was gone. Damn!
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