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Fantasy Tribute to Kowilliam

It wasn't like us to meet up with anyone.
The fun was in the ether of the Internet, but here we were! Xhamster just came to reality!

The night was cold but quiet as we pulled into the parking lot of the bar.
We had never been here before, but this is where he asked to meet for drinks! It was surreal. We looked at each other in disbelief as I parked.

A crooked smile hung on Mia's lips. She was already playful and glowing.

She reached over and grabbed me pressing a wet and desired filled kiss hard on my lips.
My tension at the anticipation of the meet lessened. Then while still pressed to my face she slipped her lips to my ear!
"I'm so Horny! This is turning me on so bad! My Pussys dripping for your Hard Cock!"

With that she just pulled away, getting out of the truck and said in a I dare you way, "you coming?" Just like that she set the pace for the night! Just like that she dared me to go into the unknown! And just like that I was away. Walking to a night I never imagined!

We reached the door of the bar and stole another kiss, excited at our adventure to come, and opened the door to see a small dim lit little pub.

We moved into the bar looking for Kowilliam, he said he would already be here, but the place was dead! We look at each other, disappointed but not shocked and say almost simultaneously, "well wanna still get a drink?"

We both know the answer, we order drinks and grab a table in the corner. We chat about how silly this is till our drinks get served by the bartender.

The bartender strikes up the usual casual conversation, saying how she doesn't recognize us, and asks what brings us out?
We say we were supposed to meet someone, a "friend" for a drink! She giggles and says "if ya need a hand, let me know" and with that she gives a very blatant wink to Mia and is off.

The drinks are nice, the place is nice, we decide another round is called for, neither one of us wants the night to just fizzle. So we are off now on what will become a strange date story!

We settle in with our drinks having a playful conversation of what could of happened on our meet and greet, when everything changes with a draft from the door as if the cool breeze carried a whisper on it! We look up and in walked Kowilliam.

He immediately sees us and smiles; and rushes straight to our table with a handshake and a big hug for Mia.

We do the awkward hellos and tell him to pull up a chair. He sits and just waves to the bartender, and she pulls a wicked smile and comes over without a word with a drink for him. He says with a wink "thanks hun" and with a devilish smile she says "well I'll give you guys some privacy "

We make the observation of how he's a Rockstar here, and bashfully he smiles and drops his head and says "nah, just a regular "

We all share a laugh and we start to chat!

The night flows like the drinks, smoothly and a bit too easy!

Mia is getting noticeably tipsy because she's getting brave and handsy! And Kowilliam and I are following suit! All the ease of conversation and drinks give way to things of Xhamster fantasies to be revealed discussed.

We laugh and carry on and talk of the tributes Kowilliam has done, and the pictures and private videos shared!

Mia starts to figit in her chair and leans into mee pulling at my pants. We all share a smile and pretend no one's sees. Kowilliam keeps the conversation lively talking of our shared fantasies and how sexy those ideas are! He follows Mia's lead and begins to rub his pants. Again we all smile and pretend we don't see!

The conversation continues to flow like the lake that's swelling in Mia's panties.

We order yet another round and the bartender comes with glee and this time serves the drinks chatting and complementing Mia on her dress lightly brushing her now heaving breasts. It's this time that Mia sends her away with a thank you, a wink and a very loud slap on her ass.

The air grows thick and dense with sexual tension as the dirty talk continues.

We all seem to just gravitate closer to each other as the table seems to shrink at the talk of fantasy.

Mia's hand again secretly gravitates to my now swelling Cock in my pants, as my hand navigates under her dress and slowly up her thigh to her soaking wet panties! And as if following her cue Kowilliam's hand goes back down to search the now showing Cock in his pants.

We all enjoy the chat and the show no one sees, but keep to the appearance of no one knowing, when everything breaks loose when Mia stops the conversion with a "really?"

Kowilliam and I look at each other in shock and a bit of awkward embarrassment. Both of our hands immediately fly to the table top like scolded boys caught being naughty!When she continues with "two hot super open forward guys, and it's the shy girl that's gotta cross that line?"

The slight confusion and quickened heart beat trepidation is shared by all when Mia with a tiny laugh noticeably grabs my Cock and kisses me deeply. Pulling her head up and looking directly at Kowilliam and reaching over and searching his lap!

Her hand grasps his growing lap as she kisses me again working me through my pants.

And with that same quick interruption again; with a laugh; she just gets up and leaves stating "I have to use the ladies room!"

We sit dumbfounded looking at each other as she walks away.

A silence hold the air till Kowilliam grabs his glass and with a heavy gulp says cheers! We both break out laughing, having no words for what just happened!

Mia floats back to the table, glowing and grinning a predatory smile. She drops between us calling for a round.
The bartender comes over and says "how ya doin darling?"
With a giggle and a wink she leans into her and says "how could I be better? I'm wedged between two Hard Cocks?"
And with that drops her panties on the table! With bottom lip pressed tight between his teeth; Kowilliam says "may I?" Mia smiles grabbing my Cock for all to see; looking at me and say "YES "
I grab her panties up and throw then to him and his face immediately drops into them, smelling the aroma of luster she delicately perfumed them with!
The bartender laughs winking at Mia and says "now it's a party!"

The anticipation is killing me, driving me into a frenzy, pulsing directly to my swollen Cock! It's almost too much and I excuse myself to regroup. I head to the washroom dazed at the scene I'm leaving.

Mia leans into Kowilliam and with the deepest eyes and flirtiest tone dropping from her tongue says "I'll be right back, watch my stuff" nodding to her panties with a list lustful wink! She drops out of her chair and calls to me "wait up" winking at the bartender as she passes!

I slow and turn to see Mia coming to me. Kowilliam watches the glide in her walk as she makes her way to me. And the bartender leans over the bar to catch a glimpse of the show everyone is wishing for!

She comes upon me pressing into my chest and says "baby don't leave yet!"
Before I can say anything she presses into me grinding on my Cock and kisses me deeply!
My breath is gone and I just succumb to her will! She grabs my Cock through my pants and moans "your Cocks so Hard! Excited?"
She presses me against the wall not letting me get inside the bathroom for privacy! She pours down my body like water and just as her face is at my throbbing Cock she turns her head and looks to Kowilliam then the bartender!
She laughs coming back up kissing me hard! Looking to our audience for approval! She has the room, she has me, and she smiles knowing that! Half turning she pulls her dress up the slightest bit to give a peek of the moistened Pussy hidden beneath and waves a finger at Kowilliam.
Kowilliam comes as beckoned and she goes to him pushing him to sit on the bar stool at the end of the bar. The bartender moves to the end taken in by the scene unfolding!

With her audience drawn in for the show with front seat views she steps back to me and unzips my pants letting my swollen Cock fall out for all to see.
I go red at being exposed and she whispers sweetly to me "relax, and no cumming till I say" I barely can breath as my Cock leaks at the extravaganza I'm in! She drops down and slowly moves her mouth to my penis, inching her way to the head! And just as the warm caress of her breath breaks across the head of my Cock she turns her head to Kowilliam!

The air is electric! The tension rolling over everyone in waves!

Mia looks at him and says "Cock out, Now!"

Kowilliam blows out of his pants as if he never even unzipped them! His Cock swelled and Huge and Throbbing for her, for us!

She turns back to me, taking in the picture that awaits her! But before her lips touch the head of my Cock she turns again and says to Kowilliam "you like what you see?" He moans out a yes grabbing his Cock with a firm grip; staring her in the eyes!
She purrs "good, now no touching"
And with that she parts her lips with my stolen Cock! I convuls and so does Kowilliam's Cock!

She draws her head back sliding my Cock so slowly out of her mouth and says "come here!"

Kowilliam is struck in awe but to my side in an instant! Mia stands and takes a step back looking at the feast begging to be eaten!

She throws her head back and winks at the bartender that is engrossed in the show!

Mia steps to us grabbing us by the Cocks and presses us closer together and drops crouching before us. She looks up with dark smoldering eyes and softly kisses the tip of my Cock. The gentle kiss holding tight and she licks her lips tasting me. As soon as we locked eyes she licks her lips again; grinning; never breaking eye contact and moves so slowly to the end of Kowilliam's pulsing Cock! Still with eyes locked she kisses the tip of his Cock, and with a devilish wink she slides the head of his now Massive Cock into her salivating mouth!

Kowilliam moans and twitches a full body shake and in a smokey voice sliding his bulging cock out of her mouth Mia says "no Cumming for you either, till I say!"

Both of us are mesmerized staring down at her. She looks up, keeping our Cocks in her hands, takes Kowilliam and applies his leaking precum to her lips like lipstick and just pulls away.

Mia stands up and just walks to the bar, both of us just staring; not moving as if ordered to wait. She leans over the bar and whispers something in the bartenders ear. They both laugh and Mia leans in and kisses the bartender spreading her dark red lipstick with an active tongue. She presses hard and says "now that's a tip" and then just goes and sits at out table saying "another round!"

Awestruck we pause and then come to our senses and tuck our exposed Cocks away and simultaneously head to the table.

As if stuck in a surrealistic movie we just continue chatting as if everything that just happened was just a fever dream.

This round the drinks went down fast and we all just chatted about life, love and cocks. We joked about what just happened even; as if it was just a joke we all shared the punchline to!

Things just got looser and closer as hands moved to explore under the table! We all melded together as Mia started to work our cocks out of our pants under the table. Kowilliam's hands gently reached out to feel Mia's thigh and slowly drew up to her now gushing Pussy! That's when our hands met, Slowly rolling over each other playing in Mia's moistness.
As we worked Mia's Pussy with our fingers in a dance together exploring and sliding in one after another, she slowly stroked our Cocks. The bartender was watching enthralled with the hidden show she could only imagine! Mia was staring at her and their gaze was locked intensely. Mia nudged her head signaling for the bartender to come over. As soon as she was there Mia said in a soft hush "under the table, enjoy the view"
The bartender slipped under the table and as soon as as she did Mia said "now boys, now your allowed to cum!"
Kowilliam looked at me and I was in exctasy, and we both arched our backs in unison as Mia said in a loud demanding voice "cum for me NOW"
We both released with a****listic grunts. The release was huge with both of us launching massive ropes of hot Cum.
We came so hard we both hit the bartender, shocking everyone; her especially!
Slumping out of breath we both were staring at each other Kowilliam and I becoming one in that moment.

Drained we both just sat there watching as the bartender came up out from under the table. She drew up and was noticeably wet with the ecstacy of the moment. Kowilliam and I both stumbled over each other to apologize when Mia broke in with "last call" and with that punctuated with a giggle; she dropped our Cocks and went over and kissed the cum drenched bartender.

Their tongues swirled in a cum soaked kiss and when the kiss broke the girls headed to the bathroom!

Kowilliam and I just looked at each other with a WTF just happened look. We were silent and drained and just gave each other a nod.

The girls emerged from the bathroom and Mia just came up and said "we're leaving "
Puzzled I just said "alright" and as I went to pay the tab Mia grabbed my keys to wait in the truck.

Shocked Kowilliam came to the bar and said "I'm glad we met, hope everything is alright" We shared a glance and ended the night as it started with a handshake.

Paid up I headed to the the parking lot to see what was up. I got out to find Mia and the truck were both gone. I stood in shock and was just looking about when Kowilliam came out and asked what was up? I said how she just left and was visibly shook. As Kowilliam went to offer a ride, a honk of my horn rang out. The sound came from the back of the bar and I went searching worried what was going on. We both came out around the building and just saw Mia there; dress hiked up, tits out, truck running lights pointed at the back wall!

A smile burned across my face as I walked up to her. As I took her in my arms Kowilliam turned to walk away with a "goodnight" thrown back to us. Which met Mia saying "who said I was done with you?"
Kowilliam stopped and turned with a "me?" face on. Mia pushed me against the wall and said "I'm not done with your Cock"

Kowilliam came up and Mia drenched in light immediately took his Cock in her hand. She began to stroke us together kissing me and saying "you like that?" We both said "YES" and she dropped down and said to me "I want you to watch" at this she began to slide Kowilliam's now Massive again Cock into her mouth.

This time she worked his Cock slow and soft then fast and hard! My Cock was Rock Hard at the sight. She pulled his Cock out and in a voice drenched with desire said "Fuck Me" I immediately slid my Cock into her drenched Pussy forcing her forward deeper on Kowilliam's Cock.

Mia pulled up, grabbing me by the neck and kissing me with the taste of Kowilliam's Cock on her lips. She kissed me passionately as Kowilliam rubbed her tits from behind pressing into us rubbing his Cock into her Ass.

She pulled from me and looked at Kowilliam and said "want to taste my Pussy? Go ahead!" And motioned to my Cock. Kowilliam took my Cock into his mouth instantly, tasting every bit of her, Sucking it all off my Cock!
Mia dips down and starts to give him a hand, Licking and Sucking my balls as Kowilliam worked my shaft and teased my ever swelling head. My body and Cock begin to twitch as they began to work my Cock from either side. Mia instantly knew I was at the point of no return and stops immediately. My Cock swells and jumps as I leak an edged drip of sweetness. Mia tastes it and says "I want to taste my Cum!" Kowilliam says "you stopped me, you stopped him!" Coyly she says "I wasn't talking about his yet!"
She stands Kowilliam up and says to me "I've heard about it so much, I wanna see it! I want to taste his Cum!" I drop instantly and slide Kowilliam's Huge Cock into my mouth! He moans and grabs my shoulders and Mia pulls his hands up to her exposed heaving tits. He swells even more filling my mouth more than I knew I could take! He rubs her tits and and moans and swells and moans and swells till she drops a hand down rubbing her Pussy. She rubs her swollen Clit hard and drives her fingers into her flowing Pussy. She pulls her fingers out and slowly, softly brings them up and rubs them on Kowilliam's lips sliding them into his mouth and whispers "Cum for Me!"
Kowilliam gasps and releases; flooding my mouth and throat, gagging me with his massive salty load till it pouts out all over my face and his balls. Mia grabs my head back and says "don't swallow" and dives her tongue into my mouth and we share the sweet and ample load!

With a gulp and a big "Yum" she spins around slamming Kowilliam's Cock into her now dripping, practically squirting Pussy before he can lose any of his Hard On! And in the same instant; she shoves my Cock down her throat, Kowilliam's Cum still filling her mouth! She slams back on his Cock making it pulse again, then pushes forward swallowing my Cock!

She pushes back and forth, back and fourth....


And again our Cocks in unison swell and shake and we both grab her; and pull her; and Cum!
We Cum together!
We Cum as One!
Her Pussy gushes squirting and overflowing with Kowilliam's Cum as her mouth and throat gush overflowing with my Cum, blowing out all over her face, my balls and legs!

She stands up and wipes my Cum from her face with a finger; into her mouth, then puts a thumb in Kowilliam's mouth and spits my load into his eager mouth. And turns to me and says "Clean Me" filling my mouth with her Pussy and his Cum.

And as I lap up her drenched Pussy she says:

"Nice to Meet You!"

And the night ends as it began, with a handshake!
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Sweet but where did the bar maid go :)
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to purplehaze66: TyTy glad you enjoyed!!!!
Amazing story, thanks for sharing
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Well that would be more then fun
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