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Exxxatcy Conventio 2010 Chicago,Iliinois July 18th

I attended the Exxatcy Convention just outside of Chicago,Illinois yesterday. It was a Great Convention. Sea J Raw a new Porn-Star just about a year in the Buisness was absolutely incredible. She took's pictures with her fans topless and on a Bed Can't wait to get my Photo's back from developing. During the time of taking pictures and signing Authographs she was Sucking A Huge Dick(Lolipop) actually it was HoTTTT!!!!!! And she also let me spank her ass & fondle her boobs a Bit!!!! I meet Hillary Hooterz A Natural Babe!!!! God she was a turn on!!!!
She let me Oil up her Boobs and just feel all over them,then Wow she Kissed me on my left Cheek!!!! Legend Ginger Lynn was there, Adam & Eve's contract girl Alexis Ford,Sarah Jay,Tay Stevens,Just some many to mention.
Well I did something Extremeley Stupid and let one of the Girl's (Kleio) from Burning Angel.Com hit me in the Back with a Plastic Bat. I didn't make it through the first round. I was just hoping to get a Lap~Dance. Well thats all for now. Paul Kruse Porn-Lover Chicago,Illinois.
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just need to know when there one here in so-cal, would love to go thanks
6 years ago
sounds fun
7 years ago
I may check this out next year. Weird it was in Chi-town but Id hit it for sure if it comes around next year...
7 years ago