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Episode 76: Jessica's Wedding Part 3

I woke up, bound and dripping wet – Alexis still kneeling over my sticky breasts, the two Ami SexBots nowhere to be seen.
“Come on you – get up - time for a shower and breakfast” – she untied my hands, dragging me on hands and knees to the shower by the new leash attached to my collar.

My Domme hooked the leash over the shower rail – turning on the shower, spewing ice-cold water down my 22-year-old chest and abdomen. I screamed until she filled my mouth with a damp washcloth. The nipple clamps dug into sensitive tit flesh while her knee held my thighs apart to ensure a rivulet of water sloshed between my aroused pussy lips.

I carefully applied shower gel to her body and then mine, praying it would shorten this temperature torment. No such luck – she just turned me around, so the water cascaded down my back and between my still-sore buttocks. I think I heard the first thwack before feeling it - as the numbness slowly wore off. She alternated the blows left, central and right to cause the maximum pain; just catching the edge of the jewelled butt plug as a reminder of my lowly status.

Then – bliss – kisses on my neck, hot water and soapy hands from behind massaging my breasts, twisting the nipple clamps, then diving down between my legs to check for cuntal arousal. My clit was tingling, as one then two soapy fingers stroked around the outer lips. My nipples rose against the clamps, giving away the pleasure building between my legs.

I knew I was in trouble when I felt Alexis licking down my spine – her face ending up at butt level, nibbling the soft flesh. She removed the anal plug and inserted her tongue – wet from the stream of shower water. I tried to control the thighs trembling – she knew my climax was close. Long fingernails dug into my inner thighs – she had let go of my cunt and was concentrating all her rage on my arse.

I was pressed flat against the shower wall – legs held far apart as she repeatedly rimmed my arse – round and round. Then suddenly penetrated by three fingers and removed before I could cum. I had to rub my clit to get some relief – it felt hot and rigid – would she notice my insistent fingers?

She certainly noticed the thin trickle of pussy juice running down the insides of both thighs – no chance the shower disguises the flavour. She momentarily stopped chewing my arse to concentrate on directing the stream across her tongue: “Naughty girl – who is getting all excited”?

She pulled my legs and butt even further from the wall – I was now on tiptoe, trying to maintain my balance. At last her fingers entered my aching cunt – lubricant leaking everywhere. I didn’t care any more – the Sub just had to cum – she was my Mistress, but couldn’t tease me like this.

Then suddenly, jerked to my feet, wetness still cascading down my thighs, she unties the leash and roughly towels me dry. “Time to get you dressed for our guests – the SexBots are coming back, and we’re going to get your nipples pierced”.

I hope it doesn’t hurt too much, but anything would be better than these hateful clamps.
Alexis hands me the highly-exposed white thong-panties from yesterday’s collaring ceremony. They slide up my smooth dry thighs to nestle the string of beads neatly between my open lips and butt cheeks. The largest two beads at the front nudging against my clit, vibrating slightly; the largest anal bead taking the place of the butt plug. Alexis has a similar pair in black, with large glowing black beads disappearing between her legs. As soon as they touch moist flesh, the intensity of my beads increases and then settles down to a gentle hum throughout my entire cuntal area.

“Wow – did you feel that baby girl – we are connected. If you so much as think dirty thoughts, my beads go wild. Go on – touch yourself. I’m sure I can feel your masturbation”.

I try to push the cuntal beads aside – they vibrate against my clit, but the arousal is high in my womb, just like when Alexis chews my nipples. My knees are feeling weak – I have to sit down – the wide padded sofa arm will do nicely – pressing in the anal beads. I lean back, legs spread wide – both hands now inside these panties, trying to reach under the beads to rub my pussy. She feels lush – beautifully smooth and slippery – two fingers of right hand inside now. Left hand gently rotating the clitoral beads, buzzing back and forth – fully under Alexis control. Mistress will only allow me cum when she is fully satisfied herself. Her hands pushing apart my knees – her face just inches from my opening – watching, waiting for the first signs of arousal. I am so vulnerable – she has complete control over my body – my orgasm is hers.

She blows gently on my overheated clitoris – it feels like a hurricane – pinning back my pussy lips – opening me up to her lashing tongue. Oh shit – I’m so close – my knees are trembling – I can feel pussy juice bubbling out and running over my butt cheeks – surely she will let me go. Two thumbs enter my cunt – she is tearing me apart – her mouth is now clamped to my clit – all the passion is replaced by pure physical lust. My cunt spasms, squashing her thumbs – they hold fast, not releasing their grip on my inflamed g-spot. She bites my clit – I cum, screaming her name – the climax washes over my entire body – release without a cock inside me has never felt this good. I am now a fully reformed lesbian submissive – Mistress has all the control she needs.
Now, perhaps she will permit me to satisfy her – we swap places on the arm of the sofa – her splayed open pussy lips have never looked so inviting. Her vibrating black beads buzz against my teeth as I attempt to get a grip on her slippery clitoris. I look up timidly – she is smiling – even holding my head by the ears – pushing my face back down into her succulent depths. I inhale her cuntal perfume – soon it could be washing over my mouth and nose.

Each time I flick my tongue against one of Alexis’ cuntal beads, my own panties send a jolt into my clit. I try to pull my white panties down to relieve the pressure between my legs, but they won’t budge. I am locked in like a chastity belt, except that the cuntal and anal beads respond to everything I am doing to Alexis. Every kiss, every lick between her legs, sends jolts of pure energy through my sex.
On my knees, I am reduced to a quivering orgasmic mess, trying to satisfy my Mistress.
Slowly, slowly, the pain and pleasure in my guts subsides as my body acclimatises to the intense thrusting of the beads. Each time I think I am regaining some control and try another lick or suck on Alexis thrusting pelvis, the beads trick my body by exploring a new sensation. In the end I am reduced to just kissing her hip bones while thrusting two fingers between her lips. I can see the puddle forming on the carpet – I am going to be in so much trouble, but this is as nothing to the gushing squirt that Alexis unleashes over my hands and face when she cums. It is running off my chin and dripping off my elbows – a complete frenzied explosion of female lubricant coating my body.

Alexis holds me close – our slippery bodies wrapped together – we kiss – her hands find my breasts – oh shit those nipple clamps are hurting again.

Ami again
Then the two SexBots arrive at the apartment door, Alexis lets them in – my pussy creams remembering the naked passion from last night. Dressed, they seem even hotter – one piece bright-red latex play-suits, split down the front to the crotch (and beyond). The latex gradually turns transparent as they warm up from the cold December day outside, revealing their deep blue skin. We hug and kiss, embracing our lust for each other – hands are exploring human and robotic bodies equally.

First one Ami unhooks my nipple clamp chain from the collar and finally frees my aching nipples into her soft mouth. Alexis jokes I’ll only feel a small prick - the piercing only takes a moment and really doesn’t hurt that bad, compared to her usual breast punishment.

The second Ami stands very close behind – I can feel her hot breath on my neck – her breasts pressed into my back. Her hands slide up under my breasts, cupping them gently – doing something odd to the nipples.

Then, off with the tee-shirt and Alexis holds up a mirror: “They are beautiful, you lucky little Sub”. The nipples are encased in wafer-thin silver, joined by a delicate silver wire, that appears to have the strength of steel. Each breast is covered in a gossamer-fine spider’s web of silver, emanating from the nipple. They look stunning – I can hardly bear to touch them – the wires flex to my natural shape – more like a silver tattoo on each breast. I try a little jump – they bounce perfectly normally, yet Alexis can almost lift me off the floor with the joining wire. I fall on Ami, kissing her all over as Alexis inspects the matching thong spreading out from my slick pussy.

The spider’s web theme continues over each buttock and up across my skinny hips – leaving the pubes entirely bare. The tingle from my silver-encased clit is much more subtle than the earlier beads – I seem to be permanently on the edge of a climax.

“Now for the final part of your uniform” smiles Alexis – she is holding up a beautiful silver choker to replace my temporary black leather collar. I inspect the prominent hallmarks including the year code ‘22’ and the bold inscription ‘PROPERTY of ALEXIS BROWNE’. As Ami is fitting it, I notice the glowing opal lozenge at the front centre.

“Be careful with this baby, it holds your entire emotional history” adds Ami, “Turn down the lights” she commands the apartment.

The lighting fades to darkness as the windows all become opaque – the hazy hologram starts to be projected from my new collar.

“Show us your first girlfriend” asks Ami gently “was she black?”

Oh yes – there was Lizzie on her first day at the new school – tall, slim, tight curly hair, inky-black skin, a broad grin and a well-developed bust. All the boys were around her like a honeypot, but she just brushed them away. The girls in the class all instantly hated her for her stunning looks, latest clothing and dominant attitude. I felt weak at the knees when she stood next to me, pressing her groin into my hip, whispering “I think we are going to get on just fine, little Jess”.

She rotated slowly in the hologram projection, showing off her fabulous long legs and butt, then gradually undoing the buttons on her white school blouse to reveal the blackest nipples imaginable on high, succulent beautifully shaped breasts. Now we were kissing – not yet open-mouthed sucking each other’s tongue, but slightly pursed lips – touching, feeling, sexing. She was pushing me down under the desk, holding my head up her skirt, opening her smooth thighs, rubbing her cotton panties against my face.

The next scene showed us on her bed – hands tied behind my back – face pressed into her bare backside – laughing as she got off on dominating her new sub. Looking back I cannot imagine how I learnt so much that first week: fingering, sucking, tribbing, breast play, anything to get my lover wet. We rapidly became inseparable - always holding hands, dressing the same, same make-up, same broad grin; spending entire weekends in bed together – just happy to be close.

“OK” said Alexis, dragging us back to the present “How about your first cock?”

Me: “Um.. It was Lizzie’s dad. I was staying over at their place – sleeping with Lizzie – she let me out of bed for five minutes to use the bathroom – and I bumped into her dad in the corridor. It was pitch black – I was tiptoeing past his bedroom when the door opened – he was stark naked too – he seemed more embarrassed than me. His cock sprang to attention as I tried to cover my tiny budding tits with one hand, and my sticky pubes with the other. He laughed – peeling my hands away to place them around his erection – then he kissed me. The best ever – tongues and stroking and everything – his black cock grew to monstrous proportions in my tiny pink hands.

I just had to suck it – but not yet.

I continued to the bathroom – he went into Lizzie’s room. Much relieved, I entered the bedroom to see Lizzie’s Dad sitting up against the headboard, his beautiful daughter straddling his thighs, facing him. She seemed to be fully impaled on his cock – surely there was no way she could take all that. She rose, exposing the black b**st, slick with her juices, then dropped, making a fabulous slapping sound against his thighs. I was shocked that any pussy could take such abuse, but with her head thrown back, Lizzie was clearly loving it. Each time he lifted her by the armpits, I slid forward to suck the juice from his shaft, smearing it out between her sizzling buttocks – continuing to lick up her spine as she descended back onto his cock. Occasionally she would lift off too far and his entire cock slid out from between her pussy lips – firstly I was shocked he wasn’t wearing protection and then delighted in the flavour of his pre-cum.

Lizzie explained that he had had the snip after she and her brother were born – now he only fired harmless blanks, but that the sperm still tasted as good, and there was no chance of getting pregnant. I wanted some of that, so pushed Lizzie off him – taking her place in his arms – poised above that enormous cock-head.

“Are you sure, little girl” he grinned. I nervously held my lips apart and nestled the tip inside my body for the first time.

“I hope he didn’t hurt you” both Ami’s leant forward to observe the holographic detail.

He lowered me ever so gently down the entire length of his cock – it must have reached my belly button. Lizzie actually slipped her hand between us to feel the bulge in my abdomen – it felt like he was turning me inside out with a mixture of pain and pure pleasure.

Neither of us lasted very long – he erupted high inside my body, causing the tidal wave of my first cock-induced orgasms. He held me close, thighs quivering from the tension and blissful release. Lizzie and I kissed – she rubbed my tits – I’m sure they were growing beneath her fingers. Several more days of this treatment and they could be as developed as hers. Her dad pulled out for a well-earned rest, but of course Lizzie demanded he fuck her again, because I got all the cream.

Later, at school the effect of my new tits on the boys was spectacular – suddenly I was no longer this mousy, skinny girl of dubious sexuality, but a real slut in a short skirt to be fucked as often possible. Even the girls dropped their hatred of Lizzie, now that her new sub was trained and available for parties.

Back in the real world, I picked up a large cushion to cover up the projecting collar – I didn’t want Alexis and the Ami’s ogling my first girlfriend getting her arse reamed while I tried to comfort her.

“OK – LIGHTS UP” Alexis commanded the apartment “what else can this collar do for my little bitch?”

Sitting on her lap, Alexis hands were all over my tits under the cushion – I felt safe in her arms until one Ami held my thighs apart, inspecting the fit of the silver-wire thong around my clitoris. I giggled, remembering the first time I had inspected Lizzie – holding her pussy lips apart to check exactly where the colour changed from black outside to pink inside. I was fascinated – regularly photographing and drawing her delicious inner walls after licking her lips to open up. Lizzie’s dad loved the photographs of his daughter on my smartphone – flipping to his favourite - getting rigid after a few seconds. My naked Lizzie laughed – opening and closing her thighs to match the poses. The sessions always ended up with us taking turns sucking her dad – he loved to see his white cum on her black face and watch me licking it all off.

Now an Ami was scrutinising my pussy – perhaps checking for any lingering traces of sperm – more likely making sure the silver thong fitted perfectly. Her tongue sent shivers up my spine – my clit was now so sensitive: “Please, please – don’t do that – I can’t take any more”.

I came hard when she introduced three fingers – I may have squirted a little – she looked shocked: “I think we are done here – this little slut is fully sexed up for her Mistress”.

First Orgy
“Right” said Alexis “now show me your first orgy….. just how many girls and boys did you and Lizzie satisfy at that High School end of term party?”

“Um… we helped run the soft drinks bar – nothing alcoholic of course – we were still far too young”.

The hologram showed me and Lizzie in our special barmaid’s uniform – tight, shiny, red figure-hugging leggings. The waistband was rolled down to just above crotch level and held up by 2” wide braces (USA: suspenders), just covering our bare breasts. Lucky it was warm in the room – being topless and covered in goose bumps is not a good look. Most of the boys were pretty cool about our exposed breasts; it was the male teachers who took the most interest, carefully selecting their drinks. Lizzie’s backside seemed fascinating - bending down behind the bar to reach bottles from the lowest shelf. I loved the way the clingy fabric outlined her plump pussy lips and succulent buttocks – I slipped a hand down the back of her leggings when she stood up, fondling her bottom.

“Naughty girl – I love you”, followed by a deep kiss, pressing our nearly-exposed nipples together. We forgot all about serving the drooling staff and students, mashing our tits and grinding pussies together. She pushed me back against the bar – both hands now inside my leggings; I was so wet – her fingers came out all sticky. I fought back, grabbing hold of her nipples and twisting – she moaned into my neck, opening her eyes wide.

“Daddy” she spluttered, looking over my shoulder “what are you doing here?” Her nipples hardened under my thumbs, rubbing her crotch across mine – she was trembling.

“I’m your new Head Teacher” (USA: Principle) he said “and I need to make an announcement to get this party started”.

Turning to face the crowd of nearly-naked students: “Welcome All to this end of term orgy.. sorry I mean party. Just a few rules before we start:

Rule number 1 – Boys if you are going to put your cock inside someone’s body, make sure you are wearing a condom – we don’t need any more infections or pregnancies this year. There is a whole box right here on the bar – in large or extra-large.
Rule number 2 - For those who enjoy anal, make sure you use lubricant – again there are several bottles of different flavour about the room.
Rule number 3- If you fancy your chances with my daughter Elizabeth or her young friend Jessica, you’d better check with me first.
That’s it from me – get your clothes off and get stuck in – I know will”.

He clambered up onto the bar, then lying flat whilst I mounted his crotch and Lizzie his face. The orgy really got underway when he tore through the crotch of Lizzie’s leggings and started eating her out. Mine didn’t survive much longer as I felt another erection pressing into my arse – looking back it appeared to be my favourite music teacher with no trousers – just a big grin. Strong hands were pulling me back onto his erection, luckily wearing a condom – several girls poured coke down between our sweaty bodies for excellent lubrication. His cock slipped in easily – nowhere near as large as Lizzie’s dad’s, but it filled the space nicely. I leant forward to kiss Lizzie, who was loving her dad’s tongue chewing on her lower lips.

I looked up at one point – the rest of the bar staff were adding a sneaky vodka shot into each cherry cola ordered by a topless c***d. A large group of girls and boys were playing a curious drinking / stripping version of musical chairs, where most were beyond caring about any rules. It seemed to involve the girls circling the boys sitting on a row of chairs until the music stopped, then diving for the nearest erection and pairing off. Any girl without a cock to suck had to take a long drink of the spiked cherry cola and remove an item of clothing, ready to start again. Pretty soon the last two near-naked and slightly-inebriated girls were fighting over the last boy and agreed to both fuck him – lucky boy.

The c***dren that had arrived in Pussy Cat costumes were now down to just ears, black panties and an anal-plug tail. The underwear and pussycat tails didn’t last much longer – soon replaced by fingers, tongues and moaning above the loud music.

All teachers and pupils went home very satisfied, with no issues to bother the school nurse.

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