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This is a print version of story Encounter in the train with Indian young man by KittyTranny from

Encounter in the train with Indian young man

A few years ago, in the period i was a transvestite for only a year i was travelling by train. Often i went to the red light disctrict in Amsterdam. I looked around there tot the T-ladies who worked behind the windows and chat with them. Also that day. his time i was dressed sexy feminine with a skirt and see athrough blouse and for the first time i had eyeliner all around my eyes. A female friend had adviced me to do this and explained me how i must apply it. That day i was sitting on my seat in the train and looking outside the window when a dark indian type of guy, a very young guy set himself in a seat a but further away, but in a position he could see me. Het started to look at me very intensively. Then i know for sure things where going to happen. I started dating in that year with men in the paydating circuit. Only once i had done it with a man for nothing, just because he insisted. Now i felt exited to do this again. No money just for my own fun. He noticed that i looked back and after a few minutes he posed himself opposed to me an after staring at me he started a conversation. He was not a gentleman. He was opviously impulsive and exited and direct. Not a classy type. He proposed i should go with him to his house, but my inner voice told me, that would be dangerous. I have no experience with this, i dont know what is normal. Men do not usually do this. Well i in the past as a younger men i did not do this with perfect strangers in the train, but maybe i am not a real man. But he did. he confronted me again and again. But he was creative he proposed we could also go to a bar or something. I said no again. But then i thought when i proposes to got to a quiet spot in the train, i could say yes...... And he did, he walked away tot the door and commanded me to follow him. I did. I did yes i did, i followed a strange young man and went with him to the toilet. There it all went very quick. He pulled his pants down an intuitively i started to stroke him and took his big and hard cock in my mouth and started to give him head as properly as i could, learned from watching other women do it in porn vids. He liked it and pushed my head over his penis with a gentle force. He didnt take much time maybe minutes. But i am not stupid so i thought it would be better if i not swallowed his cum, so i stroked him when i heared and noticed he started to spray and i opened both my hands in a sort of religious gesture for openeness and he came over my hands and my face. Wow he had so much. Such a big load, like five or six sprays over me. When he was ready as expected he quickly left the room and vanished. Since there was no water coming out of the train's tap at the sink i had to clean myself with the tissues. Oeps clumsy there were not enough tissues. I looked also in the other toilet, but only one. I maneged to clean myself enough to go out and left the train. Pffoe. What an adventure. So i could say yes to a man an i can trust them, but a good girl is always prepared and has some tissues of here own when she goes out. ;-) Well guys wasn't that very exiting or what? Ciaoooo
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4 days ago
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4 days ago
to fd8984596: thank you... and it really happened :-)
Nice post
9 days ago