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It's Too Small Cuckold

My name is Jen. I'm 28-years-old, 5'6", brown hair and eyes, and 36C-24-37. People consider me very pretty. Probably a 9 out of 10. My face is cute rather than sleek, is what keeps me from being a 10, but my body always gets lots of nice stares-from men and women-whenever I wear anything tight. Why downplay it in my own journal, right? My plump round ass and shapely thighs especially attract attention. Usually I dress modestly, but sometimes I intentionally wear my revealing yoga clothes around town if I feel like a little extra attention.

My husband, Mike, is 5'11", also dark hair and eyes... Continue»
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How I became my Roommate's Bitch Gay PT3

It was easy to keep myself busy at work – too busy to have time to think about recent events. I made it all the way to five o'clock without once feeling the need to reexamine my sexuality or my relationship with my roommate but as soon as I walked into the door of the apartment, as soon as I laid eyes on that couch – the one that John had stretched back in just a couple of night ago while I sucked his cock for the first time – it all rushed back to me.

I was both drawn to and repulsed by it. I sat down in his seat and turned the television on, flipping through the channels aimlessly. I cou... Continue»
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How I became my Roommate's Bitch Gay PT2

I awoke the next morning angry. I couldn't believe what I had done the night before, or rather what John had done to me. The deal was a handjob, quick and simple, but he made me go all the way and suck his cock. Then he promised to tell me when he was ready to cum so I could move away but instead he shot his load right into my mouth without a hint of warning. I wanted to walk right into the next room and punch him.

The anger soon became shame. He had f***ed very little on me. I had agreed to the handjob, and when he asked me to use my mouth I had willingly complied. He may have broken his p... Continue»
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How I became my Roommate's Bitch Gay PT1

The first time I saw her, five feet, one hundred and no pounds of tits and ass I didn't think anything of her. She was just another one of John's girls. The second time I saw her I took note, but a two-night stand wasn't completely out of the question for my roommate. It wasn't until the third or fourth time that I started to take her seriously.

That woman had some kind of spell over John. She started coming over practically every night and always seemed like she was in a bad mood. She would complain about John's job, or about the small size of the apartment. She would yell at him for look... Continue»
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Brett and Tammy said "No Touching..."

Their ad read “WM to watch us, no touching, you can masturbate, but respect boundaries”

Since I could not find a couple to play with, I thought this was the next best thing. I sent them my stats and photo and arranged to meet them Saturday afternoon. They are and attractive couple about 15 years younger than me. Their names are Brett and Tammy.

When I arrived, we had a drink on the back patio to get acquainted then headed into the bedroom. They started kissing but seemed not to know how to get started so I said, “Why don't we all remove our clothing.”

I saw them both ... Continue»
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The shemale transformation part 2

So as is was my turn. Sasha keep raming me. I tried. To shit on her dick but it didnt. Work she said Mmmm. I know a friend of mine that loves. This kinda play ill be sure to tell her to pay u a visit. But now u need to clean my dick off.she said now suck it bitch and so i did it not like i had a choice. She said she was going to cum and that i must. Swallow it part of the transformation. I tried. Not to put she grabed my head and pulled me in her dick when in my throat i felt her boldge as her cum rushed into my stumic.she said enuff for now well for me any way. I said what. Do you. Mean she... Continue»
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An exhibitionist wife - Car park fun.

On Friday night Mrs O went out with some colleagues after work for a few drinks to celebrate a birthday and as usual i agreed to pick her up from the station when she got back. She sent me a text to say was on the 10.07 and should be back around eleven so i got myself ready and drove to the station.
While i was waiting she sent a couple more texts telling me about her night out and that she had caught her tights on a table and had to take them off so i asked her if that was all she has taken off and she replied with a message that read "so far" with a little devil amoji which made me laugh b... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 6

Rick got back to the flat just as Chris was about to disappear into his room.
‘Where have you been, Rikkie? I thought you wanted a bit more of what you had last night.’
‘I got held up at work, my supervisor wanted a word.’ Rick thought a half truth would be enough.

Chris grinned at him, ‘Still wearing them I hope? Show me.’

Rick went pink, but he did as Chris asked and undid his jeans pushing them down far enough so that Chris could see he was still wearing them.

‘Good, Rikkie. Here, take this fresh pair, We’ll have to get you some of your own, won't we?’ Chris handed Rick a pair of... Continue»
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Close Encounters Of Olden Times:: 4Why She it Ther

Once upon a time a long time ago I hear a story about a man at a restaurant eating lunch and reading the sports pages all by himself; the only person in the whole dining room at the time with maybe 30 empty table for.other patrons to sit someplace where it's not crowded or noisy like can get around other people sometimes. In walks the second customer into the empty dining room and she's looking all around for where to sit; she could've sat at all but one table, probably most people would've sat a few table away from the first guy, but not this girl, this girl sits at the table directly across... Continue»
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Close Encounters Of An Olden Kind: 3. Condoms Lo

In this instance the commanding officer was a very good looking woman who had in from a neighbor straight for the weekend. As it happens to turn out, I'm new there and neither of us know anybody either, so, from nothing, had to come something. We made our own private party within the party and things where going great between us. We talked just the two of us about lots of differs things, but not about sex. We had just met, our friends her one friend was the host so she was alone, and the people I went with were busy talking to their old friend which I didn't feel like doing just then. So ... Continue»
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My Ex Wife and My step dad the preacher

I will leave this up to you to imagine if this was real or just made up.

I was married to a beautiful Hispanic woman. I have always had a major thing for Latina woman. She was the love of my life. The sex was amazing and I was always trying to make her comfortable during sex in order to open up to me. One night I started to share a story from my teens. I kind of knew once I shared this with her it would open a door. I was telling her I had peeked at my step dad who was a southern Baptist preacher. I was in shock when I saw that he had a huge cock. It was the biggest I had ever saw. It had t... Continue»
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Enslaved Chapter 7

The three of them... Madame Vesta, Quentin and Gustav Heine, were once again seated at the luncheon table.
„I understand, Mr Osman,“ said Madame Vesta, „that you will be staying until the end of the week.“
„That is correct,“ nodded Quentin, “I am finding it most relaxing.“
„Good,“ said Madame Vesta. Gustav Heine grinned at him.
„Did you have that Petula this morning?“ he asked. It was a question, not so long before, which would have made Quentin feel rather embarrassed. But no longer.
„Yes... as a matter of fact, I did,“ he answered.
„Any good?“
„Nothing special,“ said Quentin casuallly... Continue»
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Enslaved Chapter 5

When Quentin returned to his cabin, he felt a little light-aheaded. He was still quivering inside from what had been happening. It had been an incredible experience... and Quentin could not recall when he had enjoyed anything more.
Whipping a naked woman was wondeful!
Quentin showered away the sweat from his body and then lay naked on his bed. The guest cabins aboard the `Paradise´ were large and exceedingly comfortable. A complete contrast to the bleak cells the slave girls occupied! A bottle of champagne would not coe amiss, thought Quentin, and put out his hand to pick up his bedside tele... Continue»
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d**gged Danced & Drained (Looking ba

It was Tree’s works Summer Dooo. They’d decided to have a night out as a way of celebrating the end of the College year.
She’d told me who was going on the night out, the girls in the office and a couple of guys to a place not far from where we lived.
Her friend Nikki promptly picked her up at 7:30pm, there were already two other girls/women in the car. She kissed me and said don’t wait up I’ll probably be home about 11:00ish
In the past she’d send me e-mails and I’d look who else she’d sent them to at the same time and who had sent them to her originally, sometimes I wondered if she’d send... Continue»
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After Dinner Delight

After Dinner Delight

It was the Saturday before my birthday. Tree said she’d try and get the c***dren to bed early and cook a nice meal for us. Whilst cooking she needed to pop out to get more wine, the recipe had used more than was first anticipated.
“Can you wash up and get the bath ready while I’m gone?” she asked.
As I was just playing on the computer I said “No problem”.
For saying she was just nipping to Tesco she looked rather tasty. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. I’d never known her go shopping without wearing one before. It made her boobs look bigger and sexier.
I got... Continue»
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It was a while in the planning, choosing a suitable evening, shall we choose a Friday or a Saturday, what shall we wear, arranging an overnight babysitter, planning the route and making sure we had enough pennies to have a nice evening. We'd promised ourselves another night out at X-tasia before Christmas. We'd been once before at the end of August and whilst we were both nervous had a good time even if it was just the fact that we were together alone. This time we had a better idea of what to wear or to put it another way what one could get away with, which was just about any... Continue»
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It started off the same as any other evening that we plan when we go out together.
Teresa went for her shower while I stayed downstairs with the c***dren. She finished and slipped into some clean casual clothes while she went to pick her Mum up who would be babysitting for us this particular evening.
I took this opportunity to take my shower and shave.
It’s not that often we get to go out together, but when we do I really enjoy it; little did I know how different tonight.
By the time Teresa got back with her Mum I was out the bathroom and half dressed. I put on... Continue»
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The Sex Club

The Sex Club ( part one; the introduction )

I had only just recently heard about a sex club in town from my boyfriend. Apparently it had been going for about a year now, and had a membership of round about 100 people of both sexes. He offered to accompany me there on the next party night that they were holding.

When we arrived at the club, I found out that there were only ever 3 rules

1 ) On arrival, you must leave all of your clothes at the reception desk, along with all of your hang ups and inhibitions.

2 ) When a male or female asks you to do something to/for them, you d... Continue»
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Dreams Cum True

I was 21 and in my last year of college and was only a few weeks from graduating. It was a Friday and I was hanging out with some friends outside of class when this black guy came walking toward us. He stopped and yelled for my friend Max. Max introduced him as Tyler but he went by Ty, they were in a few classes together and also went to the same gym. Max and Ty continued their conversation away from us. I couldn’t stop staring at Ty. None of my college friends knew that I was bisexual and have always wanted to get with a black guy. Max came back to the group a few minutes later and said... Continue»
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The Promotion Part 2

Saturday came around soon enough. Faith’s trial promotion had been announced to the other staff and on the whole had been welcomed. Still, it felt strange to be giving the orders to her former colleagues.
“Mel, could you restock aisle two,” she instructed the tall, pretty blonde. “There’s a few things needed.”
Mel rolled her eyes and sighed exaggeratedly. “Blimey, first day as the boss and already throwing her weight around…”
“Just do as I say, minion!” Faith said, equally playing it up. Mel laughed and headed off to do what she’d been told.
At that moment, Martin’s voice came over the PA ... Continue»
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