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domination of alice

my name is alice im 28 years old brunette 5 ft 5 inches average to good looking looks wise fittish body from working out and 34 c tits , i have and always a bit of a pushover i split with a recent boyfriend over this he said i never argue i dont know what it is but ive always been the same i enjoy pleasing people in a bit of a submissive way from way back
i work as a p.a at a local firm ad recently was promoted to senior p.a for the managing director who was a women
her name was mrs adams she was 5 ft 7 inches about 35 years old and black i would say very attractive and fit also , it was my second week working for her when she called me into the office "alice i see you have gym gear is there somewhere local i can join and work out in " sure mrs adams i replied my gym is just around the corner i can take you there after work if youd like i have a free guest pass ,she accepted my invitation and we arranged to leave at 5.30
for the rest of the day she seemed to order me around a lot and seemed stricter than usual then around 5.30 she came over and said "ok alice lets go " i gathered my things and took her to the gym i tried to make small talk but she didnt want to know ,i signed her into the gym she never said a word she just followed me to the changing rooms and
got changed and went to the gym i just went and did my normal routine we seemed to finish at around the same time
as i was getting showered and changed i noticed she was extremely confident strutting around completely naked she had a great body i noticed her pussy was completely bald and probably stared a bit too much in truth she was quite beautiful , she never spoke to me she just got up and left .the following day at work she never said good morning to me when i said good morning to her she just ignored me then at about 10.30 she asked me to come into her office by now i was nervous wondering what i had done wrong she had me do some dictation for her and then as i ws about to leave she said to me " alice did you like staring at my pussy yesterday in the gym" , i was speechless i just stood there open mouthed " well "she said" speak " i just froze , at that moment she ushered me over to her she unzipped the leather skirt she was wearing and put one foot on her desk which made her legs widen out , i was mesmerised she had a pair of sheer white panties on i could see her bald slit through her panties , "come and take a closer look
alice "she beckoned ,i dont know what came over me but i walked towards her "get on your knees and smell my
pussy you know you want to " and she grabbed my head and pushed me to the floor i was now inches away from her pussy "put your toungue out " i put my toungue out she bent over and spat in my mouth "tell me what tastes nicer my spit or my pussy " and with that she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side displaying her beautiful pussy all glistening "lick" she said i dont know what came over me but i started licking her pussy up and down she grabbed my hair and pulled me away "greedy little slut slow down put your toungue out and dont you dare put it back in your mouth
im going to show you what to do " i put my toungue out she grabbed my hair and manouvered my head and started flicking her clitoris over my toungue after a while she started fucking my toungue with her pussy then from nowhere she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to a chaise she had me lie on the chaise with my head where your feet would usually be she slapped me hard around the face and said "get that toungue out im going to to introduce you to my arse pretend your toungue is a cock "she then put her legs either side of my head slipping her panties off in the meantime and then she pulled her arse cheeks apart i could see her amazing cherry she then dropped her arse on to my toungue i dipped my toungue in her arse and licked her anus " deeper " she said "fuck my arse with your toungue slut" this went on for around 5 minutes then she started alternating sliding her pussy up and down my toungue then round to her arse and back again my face was covered in pussy juice as she was very wet at one point she squirted all over my face from start to finish i must have eaten her arse and pussy for around 25 minutes she finally squirted once more all over my face and then she finished she wiped her wet pussy on her panties tossed me her panties and said "wipe your face with these and you can take these home with you so you can smell what my pussy tastes like tonight when your on your own now get back to work" i wiped my face on her panties which were pretty wet anyway and left i hadnt said a word in all that time i placed the panties in my handbag and went about my job mrs adams never spoke to me for the rest of the day i couldnt believe what id done it never suprised me as i was a very sub serviant person always eager to please my own pussy was wet too id gone to the ladies 3 times during the day nd played with myself whilst sniffing on mrs adams panties and made myself cum all 3 times , the next day same thing my morning was greeted with a blank silence then at 11.30 she called me in the office as i walked in she was naked from the waist down apart from today she was wearing sheer white panties again and stockings and suspenders
ok slut i have lunch at 12.15 and mr adams wanted some morning sex this morning so you have a special present waiting for you she took her panties off and ushered me towards her put one foot on her desk again and said "clean me " i started to lick her pussy it was wet and salty i presume mr adams cum i spent around 10 minutes cleaning her pussy then she un hooked her leg from the desk gave me her turned inside out panties "take these to the ladies and clean them with your toungue and then bring them back to me use the hand dryer to dry them out " i got up and did exactly what she said i sat on the toilet sucking the crotch of her panties then dried them with the hand dryer i knocked on her door she summoned me in she was still naked from the waist down i gave her her clean dry panties she put them on then she walked over to me and kissed me i opened my mouth to recieve her tounge she licked all over my tounge and mouth " tastes nice my husbands cum doesnt it " i nodded she then asked me what i was doing saturday night i told her nothing she told me to come to a dinner party at her house just some close friends and their husbands
" be there at 8.00 and make sure you look sexy wear this " and she gave me a bag ,when i got home that evening
i looked in the bag and wrapped up with expensive paper was a beautiful white dress very see through short and brand new also matching white underwear the panties were crotchless and suspender set with sheer stockings and a pair of white heels designer all brand new there was a letter attached it read to my little white slut prepare well for the weekend youll be staying the night but wont be sleeping a lot mrs adams the next day which was friday mrs adams never showed up at work but she sent me a text saying she had made an appointment at a very expensive spa for me at 2.00 the next day and to be there . the next day i followed her instructions and arrived at the spa just before 2.00 sitting in reception was mrs adams she grabbed my arm and introduced me to a girl called sylvia who was also black "this is alice the girl i told you about can you give her the full treatments " sylvia laughed and so did mrs adams i was led off to a treatment room and sylvia told me to take my clothes off naked she said i did as i was told full body wax first she said as i lay down she covered my legs pubic area and under my arms with wax strips and gently removed them repeating the process
3 times then she made me turn over and kneel in a doggy position legs apart and she then applied wax strips to my anus " mrs adams likes her white sluts to be hairless at all times " i just allowed her to do it i was then hooked up to a colonic irrigation machine and for the next 45 minutes had an intense colonic irrigation treatment ,then it was off for a massage which was very relaxing next i was back with sylvia and she then spent 30 minutes rubbing scented oil into my body paying special attention to my arse and pussy and tits then it was off to the hair dressers where my hair was coloured and highlighted and styled beatifully whilst my nails and toes were painted i felt like a queen when i was done
sylvia returned looked me up and down and said " get some sleep white girl youll need it " i returned home id never felt like this before my pussy was tingling with excitement i resisted the temptation to play with myself but got dressed in the clothes mrs adams wanted me to wear i have to say i looked amazing although the dress was so see through you could see my underwear stocking tops i felt so sexy i arrived at mrs adams house it was magnificent very large i knocked on the door and was greeted by a tall black good looking gentlemen "hi there you must be alice im mr adams please come in " he escorted me in to the front room there were 4 other beautiful black ladies and 4 black guys there all of them very handsome every one was dressed smart formal i stuck out big time in this hookers dress see through showing all my body mr adams introduced me to them all they all were very nice but very touch feely all the ladies hands seemed to linger on my bum longer than was neccesary mrs adams was soon in the room she came up to me and kissed me on the lips slipping her tounge into me for a brief second " you look stunning" she said " have you met everyone "i nodded and mrs adams made some small talk with the ladies and then started to socialise one of the girls rita who was mrs adams best friend came up to me and whispered in my ear "i hear you like black pussy " and she grabbed my arse " nice " and smiled i wondered if mrs adams had told all her friends , what about mr adams i thought .dinner was very nice the conversation was interesting and they all asked me questions about me my family ex boyfriends etc after dinner mrs adams came up to me and asked if i was having a good time and insisted on showing me to my room for the night
when i was in she shut the door and said to me " we have 10 minutes " she removed her skirt and her panties and bent over the bed spreading her cheeks apart i knelt down and started tounging her arse paying special attention to the bit of grissly skin between her arse and pussy her pussy was wet i couldnt help catching some of her juice on my toungue then licking her arse i repeated this aout 10 times i was lubing her arse up with pussy juice and saliva
she was moaning and cumming i was pleased with myself as i caught her spraying pussy juice in my mouth swallowing i was now licking the whole length of her pussy and arse in straiht line motions her head was buried in the bed back arched allowing me full access then all of a sudden she got up turned to me went to kiss me but spat in my mouth i swallowed " thats for turning me on too much slut" she put her panties back on and then grabbed my hand and led me back to the party she then seemed to have a conversation with rita for a few minutes then they both came over to me i was telling rita about how nice the room is your staying in why dont you show her "rita took my hand and led me back to the room i had just come from " tracy (mrs adams ) tells me you know how to treat a black arse and pussy so show me and with that she pulled her dress up and bent over on the bed head buried into the bed just like mrs adams she had no panties on she pulled her cheeks apart and next minute i was burying my toungue inside my second arsehole in the last 10 minutes i repeated my treatment on rita for around the same time her pussy wasnt quite as sweet as mrs adams but tasted nice just the same rita got up bent over and kissed me "youre good girl "she said
then we returned to the party we were met at the living room door by mrs adams " told you she was good " now enjoy the party we have a suprise for you later " the party went on for around another 2 hours i found out rita and her husband were staying the night and the other 3 couples said there good nights and then there were just the 5 of us left
the guys decided to go for a game of pool in mr adams games room while me and rita and mrs adams adjourned to the room adjacent a snug tv room with lots of sofas in it funkily decorated lots of a****l print rugs and ornaments
mrs adams put the tv on gave me a cognac and then her and rita disappeared i was nervous and excited at the same time after about 10 minutes they both returned this time they had house coats on they had obviously changed
mrs adams told me to take my dress off i did as i was told then mrs adams came over to me and snapped a collar around my neck with the words slut on it attatched to a silver lead " on your knees bitch "she said i obeyed she then led me into the middle of the room and made me kneel on a circular padded table facing the tv she then got the tv remote control and in front of me was a picture of a white girl dressed like me kneeling in between 4 black guys sucking their cocks then both rita and mrs adams removed their house coats they were now dressed in black body stockings crotchless and sticking out of their crotches were strapless strapon cocks about 10 inches long and very thick " think we need to get that pussy and arse of yours to use " rita said as she stuck this plastic black cock near my face i took it in my mouth i noticed as i was licking up and down this plastic shaft that the end of the dildo was inserted in her pussy she manouvered her leg so as i could lick her arse and the bottom of her pussy whilst also licking the shaft of the dildo mrs adams had manouvered herself behind me and had stuck a finger up my arse and was fingering my arse then i felt something cold and slipperry on my arse some kind of lube id never had a cock up my arse or licked a girls arse or pussy before this week now here i was sandwhiched between these 2 by now rita had turned round fully so i was just licking her arse and pussy when i felt the tip of mrs adams strap on stretch my arse and the tip was in it was a bit painful but a nice pain she gently pushed a bit more in then i felt some more lube poured on my arse then a further stretching feeling as she pushed more in after acouple of minutes she started to move back and forth gently then after a few minutes of that she started to move back and forth faster i was moaning it felt nice " she takes all of it in her arse rita " said mrs adams "let me have a turn " said rita "im gonna fuck her pussy first " mrs adams removed the cock from my arse and plunged it straight up my pussy which was so wet it just slid right in
she then started to fuck me very hard i felt every inch of this plastic cock fucking me i came a couple of times after 5 minutes or so they swapped over mrs adams came round to my face and rita went behind me mrs adams face was inches away from mine" so you like eating ritas pussy do you slut " yes and yours " i replied she then removed the dildo from her pussy and gave it to rita "use this on the hole your not fucking lets make this bitch airtight" next minute i felt the plastic cock up my pussy and rita was shoving the one she was wearing up my arse mrs adams grabbed the lead of the collar i was wearing and put one leg up on the table she held the lead between her legs and then yanked my head tight to her pussy and said " eat like its your last meal " i duly obliged really getting stuck into her sopping wet pussy and her arse as i was fucked in my arse and pussy by the 2 plastic cocks all of a sudden rita was standing by the side of me but i could still feel my arse and pussy full she had removed her strap on as well and left it up me " told you she was in love with me didnt i " said mrs adams she removed her pussy from my face and said " right stay there slut her and rita moved away i just sat knelt there 2 plastic cocks up my pussy and arse id cum about 6 times then to my suprise mr adams and his friend walked in and looked at me and said " having fun girls " oh yes " said rita "did you enjoy the show " yes we saw everything on the cctv " you girls ready for some cock now " yes please daddy "said mrs adams "use the sluts mouth to get you nice and hard "said rita " good idea "one of them said a minute later i was presented with 2 magnificent black cocks one had to be 12 inches long and the other 11 inches long i licked one after the other mr adams had the biggest cock i tried to be fair to both and give them both the same amount of treatment
i felt them grow in my mouth i was pleased i was turning them on " dont cum in her mouth i want her to clean your cum
from my pussy " said mrs adams "you too " said rita to her husband " she can clean your cum from my arse "
i was then manouvered on to the floor still with the plastic dildos in my pussy and arse then mrs adams knelt on the table as did rita i was right in the middle of them mr adams got behind his wife and ritas husband behind her mrs adams instructed me to feed mr adams cock simultaneously into our arse and pussy 10 strokes each until she said stop and dont at any stage let go of their cocks your in control rita i grabbed both of the cocks wanked them a couple of times to ensure they were hard enough then fed them both into mrs adams and rita pussys the guys started to fuck them i was helping them with my hands wrapped around the base of both of these shafts after 10 strokes i removed their cocks bot were very slipperry i wanked them a few times and guided them to the girls arses theguys helped manouvre their cocks into their wives arseholes and then started to fuck them i still had my hands round their shafts
helping them 10 strokes later i removed their cocks and repeated in their pussys i was getting right into it i started sliding fingers in and out of their pussys and arse as well as grabbing their shafts at one stage i must have had 4 fingers and half my hands up both their pussys after about 10 minutes mr adams said " im gonna cum he was fucking mrs adams pussy " keep his cock in my pussy and stroke his balls " she said i did as i was asked and then i felt mr adams balls tense up and flood mrs adams pussy with cum rita instructed me to put her husbands cock in her arse and stroke his balls which i did and 30 seconds later he came in ritas arse mr adams pulled out from mrs adams " get your cocks cleaned by the slut " she said and then mr adams gave me his by now flaccid cock covered in cum and pussy juice i cleaned his cock and suprisingly he got another erection very quickly i was very pleased then ritas husband presented me with his cock i did the same and he got hard again too ,
both the girls were still bending over " get your head in here said rita i manouvered myself beneath her and she gently lowered her arse onto my face her husbands cum tricklred into my mouth i licked her arse stuck my toungue in her arse and gave her a good clean up "my turn "said mrs adams so i repeated the treatment on mrs adams this time though it was her pussy that was flooded with cum i reallly gave her some attention i felt love for this pussy the way she treats me i had just had the best night of my life , in the night i was woken twice more by both rita and mrs adams apparently their husbands were so turned on they both got fucked again and this time mrs adams arse was full of cum and ritas pussy was so i clened them up ,the next day i got up there was a note in the kitchen see you at work slut it read we have gone out for the day
the next day at work ws back to normal i was getting ignored by mrs adams but then at 4.00 oclock she called me into her office i walked in and there she was with the black strapon on she pointed to the couch and said you know what to do i walked over bent over lifted my skirt and pulled my panties to one side ---- it looks like this is my life now pleasing a black dominatrix and her friends i was happy for the first time in ages long may it continue


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wow so maazing 
7 months ago
Love the story and look forward to Alice being treated like the little slut she is for a long time
9 months ago
I hope they continue to treat her so well, a good spanking and some humiliation would do her good too, I know my ex wife loved it
10 months ago
Yes, may it continue
10 months ago