Discovering dad and my uncle - Part 1

This is a work of fiction. And is in no way meant to condone this
kind of behavior.. Although some of the characters are based on real
people, none of this ever happened, except in the recesses of my dirty
mind. Please dont read this if you are offended.

I remember the day it started like it was yesterday. Even tho it
was more than 40 years ago. I was 18 years old then. I was raised by my dad.

When i got to school that day, i found out that because of a major
water main break in the building, we were being sent home, and the school
wouldnt be open again until the end of summer vacation! I couldnt
believe my luck! This meant that i would have even more time than i
originally thought to spend with my dad. He had tried to get the first 3
weeks of my summer vacation off, but, because of scheduling problems, he
had to take the week before i got out of school and 2 weeks after.

So, here it was, 930 am, and i'm walking toward our house,
expecting to see daddy sittin at the kitchen table drinking his morning
coffee. A thought that never failed to cause my little cock to get hard.
Before i continue, i guess i ought to fill you in a little about my
dad... My daddy(who was in his forties at this time) was a big ole teddy
bear of a man. He stood about 5'8" and wieghed around 250 lbs. He was
by no means fat, even tho he did have a bit of a belly- and always had a
bit of butt crack showing above the waistband of his pants, and he had
copper blond hair everywhere on his body, except for where he most wanted
it- on the top of his head. He spent most of his time at home (well when
no one else was around, anyway) wearing nothing but an old, worn out,
dingy, pair of bvd briefs. Which was fine with me!! Because, tho i had
no idea why yet, i loved lookin at him like that. Especially early in
the am, becuase his "fellah" (our nickname for our penises) was almost
always hard, and it made my "fellah" tingle when i saw him that way. My
cock was really hard then just thinkin about it, when i looked up and saw
another car in the driveway. Wow! it just couldnt get anybetter than
this, (boy was i in for a surprise) Uncle Pete was there!! Uncle
Pete was my"godfather", and my most favorite person (well except for my
daddy) in the whole world. Seeing his car in the driveway kinda put a
damper on the tingles in my cock, because, i figured that if he was there
daddy would be dressed. But, what the heck! Uncle Pete oh boy!! Well,
i guess i better descibe him too, while i'm at it. If my daddy was a big
ole teddy bear, Uncle Pete was a really big ole teddy bear. Daddy's head
only came up to Uncle Pete's shoulders, and he out wieghed my dad by at
least 50 lbs. He was also very hairy (jet black hair everywhere..even on
the top of his head- a fact he really enjoyed letting daddy know every
so often) Okay, now to continue....

So, imagine my surprise, when i came bounding thru the back door,
that neither of them were sitting at the kitchen table.. as a matter of
fact, the house was empty. But, that couldnt be, i thought to myself...
Both of their cars were in the driveway, parked infront of the garage....
Aha!! i thought, they must be out in what my dad referred to as the rec
room. (He had spent most of his free time over the last month or so,
turning the garage into a kind of playroom for us. He even had blocked
off part of it and made a bathroom- complete with a shower,) So i
headed out to the garage. Because of the way daddy had constructed the
bathroom, once you came thru the door at the back of the garage, you had
to walk thru a short little hallway, before you came int the "rec room".
As i walked in, i noticed that the room was dark, but i knew they were in
there, because i could hear the radio playing, and a kind of flickering-
which meant daddy had pulled out the old super 8 projector and they were
watchin movies. I really thought this was kind of strange, i mean
afterall, why would these 2 guys be watchin home movies this early in the
day?? And another thing i thought... why were they so quiet? whenever
Uncle pete was around, one could always tell he was in the room because
he had that kind of a voice, that you couldnt help but hear even if he
was just talking in a normal tone of voice. I immediately knew that
something was up so i just kind of tiptoed up to the edge of the wall and
peaked around the corner.

The first thing i saw was Uncle Pete. He was naked except for a ratty
old tee shirt and a pair of his thick old work socks. He looked kinda
weird, because he was being illuminated by the movie that was playing on
the projector, and he was squatting over someone's head, who was also
naked... and there was another man standing next to Uncle Pete, also
naked AND his hard cock was going in and out of my uncles mouth. Wait a
minute!! i know that tattoo (it was afterall, my name, "mikey" inside a
little heart, on the bicep of the guy lying on the floor!! (which i just
noticed was wet) Thats my daddy!! and he's lickin Uncle Pete's
asshole!! I took off my clothes and walked around the corner. The first
person to see me was the guy who was happily face fucking my uncle. ( i
didnt know all these words yet but it sure didnt take me long to learn
em) As soon as he saw me, he pulled his cock out of Petes mouth and said
uh oh!! we got company.... My uncle didn't even get a chance to react tho
because i was already on my knees and sucking my daddy's cock. which by
the way, was wet and tasting very salty. Uncle pete stood up, which gave
daddy a chance to see who was trying to suck his cock. And when he saw
who it was he started cumming and cumming and seemed at the
time to be at least a quart.. i didnt know what to do until Uncle pete
was down beside me licking up what ever was spilling out of my mouth.
The other guy came over and started shooting his cum all over my uncle
and me.

After things calmed down a little, (and all the cum was licked up)
Daddy got up off the floor and picked me up and sat down on the couch
with me on his knee. "Mikey, (to this day- the only person on this
earth, who i will let call me Mikey is my dad) I guess you were gonna
find out about yer old man eventually, but to tell you the truth, this
isnt the way i wanted it to happen." "this is "grown-up" stuff.... you
shouldnt even be here...." "now, i want you to go back in the house and
wait for me... I'll be in in a couple of minutes, we need to talk, but i
cant do it here naked with piss and cum drippin off of me..." " I'm
gonna take a shower and i'll be right there..." "No arguments!! no,
Uncle Pete isn't leaving.... as a matter of fact he's staying with us
permanently... so he'll still be here after we have our little talk...
and no you aren't in trouble, but i have to get myself back together...
so just go on inside and wait for me...

I went back inside the house, i thought for a minute about putting
my clothes back on, but, daddy didn't say anything about that, so i
didnt... i just sat at the kitchen table waiting for him to come in from
the garage... He came in shortly, evidently deciding against taking a
shower, he had his ole familiar BVD's on and nothing else.... He sat
down in the other chair, (we only had 2 then it was a very small kitchen)
and beckoned me over to sit on his lap.... Damn he smelled good!! I
always loved it when my daddy first came home from work, he'd give me a
big bear hug and i was immediately enveloped by all those "manly smells"
sweat, cigerette smoke, (camels) and his breath smelling faintly of the
beer or 2 he always had on the way home... But, all those smells were
much more intense now, and i could also smell piss. (which i decided
right then , was also one of my favorite smells) He looked down and
noticed i was still naked and my little cock was as hard as it could
"Why didnt you put yer clothes back on?" he said.

" I don't know daddy... i guess cause i like being naked?" i said

My daddy got his "serious look" on... This was the look he reserved
for when i was either in big trouble, or he had bad news... He proceeded
to tell me that what i saw in the rec room, could not be told to anyone,
and especially not to be mentioned in front of the "furies" his term
for his 3 old-maid s****rs. (they lived on the other side of town and
every so often, usually on a sunday, they'd show up to make sure us two
"boys" were ok. - i think they did it just to make my dad's life
miserable for awhile, but he said no its just that they need to take
care of people) he also told me that if anyone knew about what was going
on today, they'd probably cart my daddy off to jail and i wouldnt get to
see him again until i was 18. I started to cry. I couldnt bear the
thought of my daddy being taken away from me, and thinking that he would
be in jail because of me was just about all i could take. My daddy
hugged me and rubbed my back, and said,
"Don't worry, Mikey, no one is gonna take me away from you, but you
just cant tell anyone ok??"
I sniffled a little more, and breathed in more of that wonderful scent
comming of him in waves, and said,
" I won't tell anyone daddy I promise!!"

About this time, uncle Pete came back in, dressed much the same way
i had just seen him- except he had a different ratty old tee shirt on and
a jock strap.
"Ben has gone home for awhile, i let him take my car, he said he'll
call later to find out if we are still having dinner together later."
I ran over to my uncle and gave him a big hug. (f***e of habit i guess
.. whenever i got to see uncle Pete, - eversince i was able to walk
anyway, I'd run to him and give him a big hug...) - of course this was
the first time i had done it when he was practically naked- and our
respective heights being what they were- put my face right in the middle
of his jock strap. boy ! did that smell good... Uncle Pete didn't even
miss a beat, he squatted down like he always did, kissed me on the
forehead, rubbed the top of my head, and said
"Everything okay Spookers?" (Spook, Spookamagook, and Spookers were
his pet names for me) then he looked over at my dad and grinned, "Well,
Bill, i guess the cat is out of the bag now huh?"
"yup, i guess it is.... what do we do now??" daddy said...
"Well.... I guess thats pretty much up to you, we talked about this
before, we planned on telling Spook here that i was gonna be moving in
this weekend, and i told you he's a smart k**, it wouldnt take him long
to figure out what was going on. I guess you told him that "mum's" the
word right?"
" Yeah, you did.... but somehow i didnt think that cumming off all
over my son's". Daddy couldnt stop himself from grinning, "face, was how i was gonna tell him
that his godfather and I were lovers" he finished and started to
"What are you laughing at?" Pete said, also grinning..."I just had
a picture in my head, of the looks on the "furies" faces if it had been
them instead of mikey who walked in on us"....... at that, Uncle Pete
broke out laughing.....(the "Furies" had disapproved of my uncle Pete,
since he and my dad were k**s. I still remember the row they had with my
mom and dad, when they found outthat my parents had decided that Pete was
to be my godfather, and that if anything ever happened to them, Pete
would be raising me as his own.)

Meanwhile, there i was standing there naked, my little cock as hard
as id ever felt it in my life, with my face just inches from my favorite
uncle's well worn, cum stained, pre-cum soaked, pissy smelling jock
strap.... So, i did what i thought was the right thing to do in this
situation, i opened my mouth and started sucking the head of his dick...
"Hold on there, Spook! I'm not so sure you ought to be doin that..."
"Why not?" I said.. "You and that man Ben were doin it... and i like
it so why shouldnt I"?

"Because, we've got some more stuff to talk about." Daddy said
"And besides, the front curtains are open! i really don't think this is
something that i want seen..."

Uncle Pete's uncut cock, was almost as hard as mine was, and
looking over, i saw Daddy's was well on its way to being hard as well.
"Mikey, stop that for now and put yer pants back on." Daddy said,
trying (and not doing a very good job of it) to sound stern. "come over
here, we're not done talking yet"

So, reluctantly, i put my undies back on and walked over to my father,
who folded me up in his arms. "I guess youre a chip off the old block
afterall... a cock hound just like yer father.." I reached over and gave
his cock a squeeze, and nodded my head. "Look, son (he only called me
that when he was bering his most serious) you can't tell anyone about
this not even one of yer little friends from school... we could get into
some serious trouble."
"Don't worry Daddy i won't tell. and besides, i won't be seeing
anyone from school for quite awhile anyway..."
" I still think you're a little to young for this....." he said,
looking thoughtful.
"Yeah? well, you were 6 and i was almost 8 when you started sucking
my dick" said Pete. "and you started it..." pete was grinning now...
"and if i remember correctly, i was 8 1/2 the first time you pissed
in my mouth." "while i was licking yer asshole" daddy said.
"Daddy.... my "fellah" is so hard it hurts.... " i said "
and i have to go pee"

Daddy looked over the top of my head to Pete, and Pete looked over
at my dad...
Then as one they said " I think its time we headed for the rec room"

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