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cinema 5

walking back to where I was sitting i could feel my face very hot , and was feeling like feverish all over , i didnt worry about feeling like this because i recall the same feeling the day I met Ise , I sat down and I felt more secure here in the dark at least my expression was not easy to see . A couple of minutes later i saw Ise walking up the aisle towards where I was sitting , here , brought you a coke , he said , ah thanks , I replied . the coke was very cold and this help putting down my temperature and with small sips waited for the movie to start .
i have stopped judging all this situation on the basis that was the first time I felt like this , so i decided to just do as u felt at the moment without remorse cause after all it was between us and we werent hurting anybody , so even i felt kind of nervous ,I was at easy knowing I wasnt really doing anything too bad , and the mixture of curiosity and sexual arousal was taking over . I knew I wasnt going to tell anybody anything of this , It was going to be a secret between Ise and me .
the movie started and I soon got taken by this jungle atmosphere I really liked , Tarzan has been one of my all time heroes , Ive almost forgotten about Ise , until he whispered , hi buddy , it looks u really enjoy the movie , yes I do , I answered , i wanted to ask if I could put my hand here ? placing his wrinkled hand on my thigh , its ok i said , after a couple of minutes I started to feel his fingers caressing my thigh , I realized now that i was loosing my concentration on the movie and was fixed his touch , my system started to change , my hands a little cold and sweaty , my face gaining temperature , and my cock starting to feel alive , i could feel blood was making it twitch and grow , his hand started going upwards finding no resistance , soon i felt he was lose to my cock and just wanted for him to go on , again he whispered , want me to stop , no i replied , and his hand was now scanning my cock that was full by now , mmmmm he said , somebody was waiting for me here , now his fingers were all o0ver my cock , i felt flying , just my eyes fixed on the screen without watching , it was all an incredible sensation ,the truth was this old dude can drive me up the walls , he said i forgot how big you were and i think its has grown since , maybe you want to just feel mine and compare , he slowly grabbed my hand and moved it towards his lap , placing it and letting it lay there , if you want to take ur hand out no problem just do so , i was just there absent to any thought or reply but just left it , I could feel something warm under it , his touch has almost stopped like waiting for my reaction , slowly i just closed my fingers a little and felt the shape under , thick and started like gripping what was under , started to travel and soon was on the edge where the head starts , this is the first cock in my hand i thought and looks that i started big , my fingers were now tracing the mushroom head , it felt really big , i fastened my grip a little and i closed it gripping this cock head , needed all my hand to grip it , i knew i could stop now i just wanted to play with this huge cock no matter what , he was so calm and that was perfect cause it wiped any fear . he now started again on my cock and i realized i was very horny indeed . we were just looking the screen but all the attention was on our cocks , his was feeling harder and bigger , jesus , can it even get bigger , I lost notion on time until he moved passing his other hand and i saw he was going to open my fly , is this ok with you , i nodded , if you feel like doing the same just feel free , i said nothing to this , now my engorged cock was out and he slowly started to move up and down , he now moved my hand from his lap , and doing some with his own again took mine and like before just placed it there and moved to keep working on my waiting swollen cock , gripping it again he whispered , boy you have a very nice cock here , and added , and huge today .
I was now felling warm nude skin under my hand and obviously was his cock , now free , as the first time i started very slowly moving my hand , as before he stopped moving his , proven to be a winner . slowly i closed my fingers on his cock around this thick and veiny shaft i could feel like it was moving inside like veins pumping blood , i moved my hand upwards and felt his big apple head , oh it was big , I felt impelled to look at his cock in my hand which i did , even there was dark , I could see my hand gripping his cock head moving my hand downward i could now see all the bulbous head in a lighter brown tone than the shaft, i couldnt say it was beautiful but it was getting my complete attention and i was wanted to keep touching it , what you think he whispered , its huge I replied , you like , he asked and I surprised myself saying , yes i do you want me to put it away , he asked , no I want to keep touching it , I replied and I saw in a rapid look that he was looking at me , with a friendly smile on his face
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keep going...so far it really good stuff
4 years ago