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Caught in the Act - Part 2

Caught in the Act - Part 2

She remembered the torment she'd been through since her husband left that morning. She'd tried to go about her day as normal, but that proved impossible. On three different occasions she found herself standing on the top of the basement stairs. And on three different occasions she'd turned around, not venturing down into Adam's realm.

But the fourth time was different. The fourth time she didn't turn around. The fourth time she found the nerve to climb down the stairs, to enter his room, and to plant her evidence.

And now she waited while he examined her, while he checked her out. And she felt her excitement growing even stronger.

SLAP!!! It had taken Adam nearly 3 minutes to deliver the first blow. Despite the anticipation, the blow still managed to catch Amy unprepared, resulting in a scream that startled even Adam. But she held her position, and she waited.

Like before, Adam waited several moments between each blow, allowing the sting to settle in and the anticipation to grow.

The fourth blow came. SLAP!!!

"Yes," Amy hissed.

That was the last thing Adam expected to hear, and it stunned him momentarily. But he recovered quickly, composing himself enough to deliver the next blow. SLAP!!!

"Oh my God," Amy moaned again.

By now there was an excitement in the air that was seizing control as Adam delivered a series of blows. SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!!

"Harder," his stepmother cried out.

SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! Another series of blows rained down on her buttocks.

She screamed again.

Adam paused at last, dropping the belt to the floor. He reached out and touched the bright red welts that covered his stepmother's ass. She jumped at the touch, but offered no further protest. She lowered her head to the desktop, moaning softly, as he lightly rubbed her enflamed ass.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you liked that." She didn't answer, keeping her silence as he continued rubbing her cheeks.

He slid his hand down her ass to her pussy, meeting no resistance from Amy. Tentatively, he eased his fingers into her, finding her juices already flowing freely. "Well, well, well," he said. "It looks like you really are getting off on this."

There was no response.

He placed his left hand on her back, just below the bottom of the tee shirt. Slowly, he inched the shirt up her back. Still, there was no response.

"Take off your shirt," he ordered.

Despite everything that had happened, Adam was still surprised when, without hesitation, Amy lifted herself up from the table and stripped off the shirt. She turned her head towards him as he looked her over. He started at the feet, then rose slowly to drink in her still firm legs and tight ass. He moved up a tummy that displayed only a touch of baby fat, before pausing to admire her C-cup breasts and the nipples that were perched proudly atop the beautiful orbs. He met her eyes, completing the survey of his brown haired, 5'9" stepmother. Neither said a word. Finally, she turned her head away and lowered herself back to the desktop.

SLAP!!! This time, it was with his hand. And this time it was not as hard.

He slid the fingers of his right hand back to her pussy and eased them in, as his left hand moved towards her breast as it hung below her. He squeezed her tit hard as he stroked his fingers in and out. He could feel her body reacting.

"Hurry," she whispered.

He hesitated briefly. "What?" he asked.

"Hurry. Please hurry," she pleaded, a growing edginess creeping into her voice.

"My dear Amy," Adam said sarcastically. "I'm afraid you're going to have to beg for my services." SLAP!!!

Amy gasped as the blow landed on her tender buttocks. "Fuck me, damn it!" she whispered. "Please, just fuck me."

Adam moved behind his stepmother, quickly undoing his belt and unsnapping his jeans. In a matter of seconds his pants and underwear were bunched around his knees and his cock was in hand, pointed directly at her pussy.

He pressed his tool against the entrance to her womanhood and hesitated. He reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back towards him. "Do you want it?" he barked.

"Yes!" she hissed.

"Yes, what?" he shot back.

"Yes I want your cock in me," she gasped. "Please."

Without releasing her hair, he rammed his cock into her as her arms collapsed and her body was shoved flat against the desktop. He pounded her mercilessly, intoxicated by the power he held over her.

He then released her hair, grabbed hold of her shoulders, and kept pounding his meat into her.

"Oh shit!" she screamed out. "Oh God, I'm cuming."

Adam could feel her body convulsing as he kept up his attack. A moment later he felt his own body jerking spasmodically as he unloaded into her.

When it was over, he collapsed on top of her. They both gasped for breath as the feeling of ecstasy washed over them. It was some time before either of them regained their strength.

Adam was the first to move, pushing his body from hers and taking a step backwards. He reached down and gingerly pulled his pants up, before walking to the side of his bed and easing his body down.

It was a few minutes later when Amy eased herself off of the desk and onto the bed beside Adam. Moments later, the naked stepmother was sound asleep in the arms of her stepson.

*** IV ***

The cobwebs cleared slowly from Amy's head. She opened her eyes and sat up. Slowly, it was all coming back. She was in her stepson's room, on his bed and completely naked. According to the clock on the nightstand it was five o'clock and she'd been out for an hour and a half. Adam was nowhere to be seen.

She flopped back down on the bed and stared blankly towards the ceiling. She should be ashamed of herself, but she wasn't. What she did was disgusting -- unforgivable. But she didn't care. She'd put herself wantonly into a situation that called for her stepson to punish her -- to spank her. She'd bared her body to him and begged him to take her. And take her he did. Rudely, hungrily. And she'd cum like she'd never cum before.

She sat up again and looked around the room. Her clothes were gone. In their place she noticed her white robe -- the silk one that barely covered her ass -- lying on Adam's desk with her white high-heeled pumps sitting next to it. There was a note on the robe. "You are to wear this," was all it said. She looked around. There were no panties, and no bra - just the shoes, the robe and the sash that held it together.

A short little note -- just five words. But she immediately recognized it for what it was -- a declaration of control. In a strange way, her actions of earlier that afternoon had freed her from his control. No longer was she alone subject to the threat of blackmail. Now, if one of them went down, they both went down. Adam was subject to his father's wrath for sleeping with his stepmother, just as Amy was for sleeping with Becky Peterson. She knew that now she could walk away from this perverse scene and regain some semblance of her life.

She rubbed her hand gently over her still tender buttocks and stared at the note. How long she stood there considering the situation, she couldn't say. In the end, the question was simple - how could she go back to the way things were, knowing the intense pleasure she'd gotten from surrendering herself so completely to her stepson?

She took a deep breath and reached for the robe.

A nervous smile crossed her lips as she put on the robe - tying the sash loosely around her waist. She slipped on the high heels and headed for the stairs, not at all certain she was making the right decision.

* * *

It was nearly six o'clock when she heard the door open. She hopped to her feet nervously -- still wearing the white robe and high heels -- and waited by the entrance to the family room. When she saw him enter the kitchen, she smiled. But the smile was short lived.

"Hi, Amy," Adam smiled. "You remember Charlie, don't you?"

"Hey, Mrs. Crenshaw," Charlie smiled, his eyes drawn immediately to her scantily covered body.

Amy had not known exactly what to expect when Adam returned home. One thing she hadn't expected, however, was Adam bringing home a friend. Her eyes darted from Adam to Charlie, and back to Adam. When she noticed Charlie staring at her she gasped. "Oh my! Please excuse me." She turned quickly and started for the door.

"Before you go," Adam said, interrupting her flight to safety. "Could you get us a couple of Cokes?"

She stopped in her tracks and turned to face her stepson. Adam and Charlie were already making themselves comfortable at the kitchen table. She hesitated, her heart pounding in her chest, before finally turning to the refrigerator. Nervously, she opened the refrigerator door and grabbed two cokes.

"Here you are." She placed the cokes on the table between the boys and turned to leave. She made it three steps.

"If you don't mind, could we have them in a glass, over ice?"

She stopped again, just a few short steps from the door. After a moment's hesitation she turned to face the boys. "Sure," she responded nervously.

She retrieved the cokes from the table and returned to the kitchen. As she was opening the cupboard where the glasses were kept, Adam interrupted her again. "Could we have mugs instead of glasses?"

The glasses were in the cupboard in front of her at shoulder height. The mugs were in the cupboard over the refrigerator on the opposite wall from the boys. The glasses she could get with little more embarrassment than she'd already endured. The mugs would require her stretching over her head to reach the cupboard, fully exposing her assets in the process.

She realized what he was doing. He was showing off his prize to his best friend, while at the same time establishing just how far he could push her.

And she also knew that if she turned now and did his bidding, she would be powerless to walk away later. Damn him, she thought as she bit her lip and took a slow, deep breath to steady her trembling nerves.

She turned slowly to face the boys and took another deep breath. "Sure," she answered at last. "Why not?"

She stretched up to the cupboard, grabbed a mug, and lowered it to the counter. She felt a shiver of excitement run through her body as the bottom of her robe slid up over her ass, putting her wares clearly on display for the young men. Excitedly, she repeated the process for the second mug. Only the second time she found herself holding her stretch several seconds longer than necessary as the urges in her body began taking control.

Charlie watched while Adam worked his stepmother -- much as a puppeteer would work the wooden, brainless figures dancing at the end of his strings. Adam had told him what had happened, warned him what to expect. Even so, he was totally unprepared for what was transpiring. Totally unprepared for the naked derriere that his best friend's stepmother had so brazenly displayed to them.

It seemed to take forever for the foam to subside enough for Amy to top off the mugs. When they were finally full, she picked them up, turned and proceeded to the table. Moving between the two boys, she bent slightly at the waist and set them down.

As she did, she felt Adam's hand slide under her robe and onto her ass. She turned towards him as he squeezed her cheek gently. He returned her look briefly, just the hint of a smile on his face, before turning to Charlie.

She closed her eyes when, a moment later, she felt Charlie's hand sliding onto her other cheek. She held her position briefly before she straightened up and backed away, never allowing Charlie to see her lust-filled eyes.

"Will there be anything else?" she asked.

Adam slid his chair back from the table and turned it towards Charlie. "Why don't you join us?" he replied as he patted his lap.

Both boys watched her as she drew a deep breath, released it and moved towards Adam. She eased herself carefully onto his lap and waited for what they all knew was inevitable.

Initially, however, Adam just held her hips nonchalantly, as if having his scantily clad stepmother sitting on his lap was an everyday occurrence. For a long moment, that was all there was. Amy looked down towards her lap, noticing that the front of her robe was barely covering her pussy. She shifted nervously, still waiting, very much aware of the two sets of male eyes boring down on her.

At long last, Adam released her hips and began running his fingers through her hair. The silence was becoming deafening, the tension mounting. His hands moved to her shoulders, lightly massaging them.

She wanted to scream. Hurry, damn you! Hurry!

It was as if he could read her thoughts as his hands slid down her arms and reached around her, each one taking firm hold of a breast.

She closed her eyes and sighed, moaning ever so softly as he massaged her through the robe. He toyed with her bosom for several wonderful minutes as the fire grew hotter and hotter in her loins.

"Untie your robe," he whispered. "Remove the sash and set it on the table."

She raised her head, meeting Charlie's gaze with her own. He smiled slightly as she moved her hands to the sash and slowly undid the knot. Holding the flimsy garment closed with her left hand, she pulled the sash free with her right and placed it on the table. She returned her hands to her lap and waited, still looking at Charlie.

Adam slid his fingers under the robe near her neck and slowly pulled the garment over her shoulder. Almost immediately the front fell open to reveal her full, heaving bosom, with her nipples sticking out firm and proud before her.

And then the robe slid completely free, falling limply onto Adam's lap, where Adam quickly picked it up and tossed it aside.


Amy stared at Charlie while Charlie stared at her tits. His mouth hung open as he watched the magnificent orbs rise and fall with each breath. From the corner of her eye she saw Adam pick up the sash with his right hand while he pulled her left hand behind her.

Her heart fluttered when he began tying the sash to her wrist, but she didn't resist. "You like this, don't you?" he asked.

Amy lowered her head, no longer able to look at Charlie. She didn't answer the question.

After a moment, he spoke again. "I asked you a question."

Still, she didn't respond.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked abruptly.

"No! Don't stop." There was a pleading in her voice, a desperation. She raised her head again and looked at Charlie. "Please don't stop," she whispered.

Adam finished with the left wrist and repeated the process with the right one, leaving about a foot of sash between her wrists. It restricted her movements enough to serve as a constant reminder of just who was in control, yet it wouldn't interfere with whatever the boys had in mind.

She tugged lightly on the sash and found it securely tied, yet with enough slack for her to bring each hand just around her sides.

Next, Adam reached around her, slipped his hands between her thighs and spread her legs wide. His right hand moved quickly to her pussy -- which was already wet with excitement -- while his left hand made its way to her breasts. She closed her eyes and shivered as his fingers lightly stroked her clit.

"And just what is it you want us to do?" Adam asked teasingly as he fondled her bosom and stroked her clit.

By now, Amy was desperate for release. "Fuck me!" she pleaded in a raspy voice. "Please fuck me."

"And if we do that for you, what will you do for us?" he pried.

"Anything," she whispered desperately. "Anything at all."

"Will you be my slut?"

She turned her head as far as she could and peered into his eyes. "I already am," she said softly.

With that, Adam squeezed her tits and shoved his fingers into her steaming cunt. She responded by grinding her ass into his lap and moaning. She closed her eyes as he continued his attack, working his magic on her desperate pussy while squeezing her breasts roughly.

She opened her eyes and saw Charlie standing before her unbuttoning his shirt. She watched as the dark haired 18-year-old removed his shirt and tossed it to the floor. A moment later her eyes were riveted to his crotch as he slid his pants and underwear slowly down his legs, freeing his pained manhood at last.

The sight of Charlie's nakedness, along with Adam's continued attention to her pussy and tits, was all she needed. Very soon, she felt the tingling sensations deep within her that signaled the onset of her orgasm. Her arms strained at the sash as the orgasm hit. She moaned, pressing herself against her stepson's hands as she succumbed to the pleasure of the moment. But she never took her eyes off of Charlie's prize.

As her mind started to clear, she heard Adam's voice. "Stand up." She stumbled to her feet slowly, unsteadily. From there, Charlie took over. He stood beside her, his front facing her side. He rubbed one hand slowly over her ass, while his other hand pulled her bound hands aside.

SLAP!!! Amy jumped unsteadily on her still wobbly legs as the unexpected blow landed on her bare ass. "I understand you like to be spanked," Charlie chided. "Maybe we'll pursue that avenue another time. Right now, though, I've got something else in mind."

He turned her so her back was to the kitchen table and slid his hands under her arms. Lifting her easily, he rested her ass on the edge of the table and eased her down until she was looking up at him from a prone position.

He reached down and grabbed her ankles, lifting them up until her legs were braced against his chest and shoulders, and quickly positioned his cock against her pussy. He hesitated, marveling at the lust in her eyes, and at how he could have such power over a woman 18 years his senior. Then slowly, he slid his meat in.

Amy gasped as he entered her, thrusting herself against him. He placed his hands on her sides as he started pistoning slowly in and out, establishing a rhythm with her grinding pussy. He slid his hands up to her breasts and grabbed her roughly, squeezing and pinching the mounds as they rose and fell with each gasping breath.

As her movements became more rushed, he grabbed her nipples. He pinched them roughly, eliciting a yelp of pain from her, but he held firm. He pulled on them as they both neared their orgasms, his pounding rhythm taking on a greater urgency.

It was Amy who came first, screaming out as her second orgasm built upon the first, leaving her writhing helplessly on the tabletop as Charlie began dumping his cum into her pussy.

Finished, she lay there dreamily, spent from the frantic fucking she'd just received, while her recent sex life flashed before her eyes. She'd always been a bit conservative sexually -- at least she had been before Becky. That affair was by far the most adventurous thing she'd ever been involved in - until now.

And look at her now, sprawled out wantonly on the kitchen table, trying to recover from the orgasms her stepson and his 18 year-old friend had just inflicted on her. She'd even promised to be Adam's slut, just so they'd fuck her. And all this after earlier in the day staging it so her stepson would spank and fuck her.

A slight smile crossed her face. Adam's slut, she thought. It had a nice ring to it.

She felt Charlie's cock sliding out of her pussy.

"On your feet, slut," Adam said. "We're not through with you yet."

She opened her eyes and struggled to her feet, finding it somewhat difficult without the use of her wrists. She looked at Adam, naked now, and smiled wearily. She hadn't actually seen him naked before. Earlier, he'd been behind her when he dropped his drawers, and he'd pulled them up immediately after he'd finished. Now he stood before her with all his aroused glory pointing straight at her. And she smiled again.

Adam grabbed her roughly by the hair and pushed her towards the family room. "Bend over," he barked when he'd positioned her behind the sofa.
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