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Gina´s Gyno Club in Amsterdam #0

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

Internet is so fast. Soon the news reached Europe and a second club got erected in Amsterdam. No wonder, with its name as the lesbian capital of Eurasia! ;-)P Direct relatives of the founder eagerly proposed the first member. We were pleasantly surprised. Look how she looks: tall and slender. Blonde, but smart. Beaufiful face. Blue eyes. Broad smile. Build like an athlete. Her breasts are hardly more than her erect nipples. Both our eldest niece and the girlfriend of her father agreed: together they decided to propose tasty Tessel to open the club. The three ladies from our family w… Read more

Posted by petdyke 7 years ago 3 2,211 68%

STREET STORIES: Like Mother, Like Daughter


In mid-2006 I was with the girl in my pictures under the set labeled: RELENT. Relent as you can see from the pix is a hot girl and our time together was great. However in mid-2006 our thing started to unravel and it was during this time that I met Rene’. Rene’ was about 19 when I met her. She was very dark-complected, about five foot eight inches tall with a slender model’s frame. She had huge eyes and a pretty face- she didn’t really even use make up. I met Rene at one of my client’s homes. As I entered the apartment she was sitting in the living room looking sexy and out-of-place. The one… Read more

Posted by webborelly 7 years ago 6 3,162 96%

first timer-chat

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

got this from a internet forum, OP posted his omegle chat: Stranger: is this justin bieber?? You: don't get any p*o on my weiner Stranger: xD You: please Stranger: um You: This is Biebs. What's up girl? Stranger: um... You: I can prove it You: Baby baby baby You: Ohhhh Stranger: wow very nice You: So what's up? You: Is your clit tingling? Stranger: no o.O You: How old r u? You: 12? Stranger: 15 -.- You: Your clit hasn't dropped yet. Stranger: what does that mean You: You have no sex drive Stranger: well if you're "justin bieber" than yours hasn't dropped either You:… Read more

Posted by HardAlpha 7 years ago 1,148 74%

Detention with Mr Nile


It was 4:30pm and school was out, for everyone but me. I had a detention to go to for chewing gum in class. Bullshit. Everyone chews gum in class and it's me who gets caught? At least it's with Mr Nile though, he's one of the younger teachers, well i say younger, he's 38 and married with k**s but he is some good looking teacher. So i walk in watching as fellow students and teachers go home for the day. A couple of cleaners walking out too, leaving early because it was the weekend. This made me feel great, the pick me up i needed, even the fucking cleaners were leaving earlier than me. But… Read more

Posted by englishdirty08 7 years ago 3 2,357 88%

My Grandmother and me.


Well...where do i begin...my life changed when i got a place at University. Now the course i wanted..was in a Uni about 10 miles from my Grandmother's home town.I'd lived in the South of England with my mum,dad and younger brother and sister.My nan lived up North nearly 300 miles away..so it was decided that i would live with her for a time,just to see how it worked out! She'd get a bit of extra money,i'd get a bit of company.Now we saw nan a few times a year,and she always spent 2 weeks at Christmas with us. She was small,maybe 5-2,(i'm 6-1)grey/blonde hair,a little bit plump with big brea… Read more

Posted by chocandres 7 years ago 9 7,441 91%

Step brother part 2


So it's almost the end of summer vacation and my step brother and I haven't seen each other in what feels like forever. Of course I've masturbated to the thought of our first time and there's no doubt in my mind that he doesn't do the same damn thing. My mom planned a camping trip for a whole week in Maine. I thought this would be the perfect time to have another fuck session with my step brother, seeing he was able to come. I was so excited that I merely orgasmed to the thought of his throbbing cock in my ass again. My step dad and I went to pick him up at his mothers. Of course we weren'… Read more

Posted by Breguigod22 7 years ago 8 5,041 99%

The sinful Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour -


After a good dinner I played a game chess with Justine in front of the fireplace whilst Juliette sat on the couch and trained her reading skills. The frequent stolen glances at me still seemed to heaten up their emotions, and in a strange way to display a sort of sisterly jealousy. I was simply impressed by this welcome affection. I couldn't wait until Justine would utter the need to relieve her bladder before bed time and I would be afforded with another good look at her hidden charms. This then happened after our game was terminated, so I led her to my office. I was well prepared for the ex… Read more

Posted by sushicook 7 years ago 2 1,576 88%

The sinful Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour -


My late father bestowed on me enough wealth to lead a leisurely life style, and mother nature endowed me with a generous member that wanted to be constantly entertained by the most delicious adventures. I owned now suddenly a few houses in town and my walled in villa in the country side. I maintained already two young maids, Justine and Juliette as I called them, the lovely and lively daughters of a certain Mister Beaumont, who was a traveling sales man, and who's lovely wife happened to die unfortunately much too early to finish their education. Well paid to further their knowledge in domesti… Read more

Posted by sushicook 7 years ago 1 1,554 75%

The sinful Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour -


Justine stood before me in my office on the second floor, her pretty sky blue eyes hidden under long lashes, her golden hair well braided and nicely decorated with a purple ribbon. Her delicate hands were clasped in front of her tiny white apron, and under her shortened blue skirt her knees were surely touching as well! With thirteen she was the older of the two sisters - so to say: the role model! So I came straight to the point: »Did you rub the dickel of our new poultry boy?« That came across like a slap into the face and the pretty lass trembled under the sheer weight of the obvious situa… Read more

Posted by sushicook 7 years ago 1,060 88%

He caught me fucking his sister

Gay MaleTabooVoyeur

My GF's 16 year old son had come to stay for the week. He lives with his father who had to go out of town on business. He had gone to the mall with some buddies one afternoon. I was home with his sister Maria and was feeling very horny. I went to her room and asked her if she wanted to fuck. She said yes but she had plans to go out soon so it would have to be a quicky. We got undressed and I laid her back on the bed and slid my cock into her. I was pumping her pussy hard and fast, lost in the pleasure of the moment. We didn't hear her brother come home, I actually forgot he was staying with… Read more

Posted by querico44 7 years ago 9 5,528 85%

Visit With Grandma


Over the summer time I would occasionally visit my grandmother for weekends, sometimes a week at a time. I love my grandma, and she loves me. She was about 58, and still very great looking. She always did light workouts to keep in shape, and she has a nice body. Her tits are very large for her age - not saggy, but firm. She was a very attractive lady for her age. It was late June. I talked to mom and she said I should visit. My grandmother was a very lonely woman, because her husband passed away a few years back. So she was alone. So I would go down there, help her with the house, go jog wi… Read more

Posted by leartiste 7 years ago 11 7,666 96%

Breeding A Mother And Daughter


I met the mother first at a swingers party and I had been fucking her for a bit, she had not really been into the bareback thing, though. Slowly I began flirting with her 21 year old daughter. She was 49 and I was 28. I ended up fucking the daughter a few times and one thing led to another and eventually we got caught but the mother said she was fine with it and wanted to share. The first time we had a 3some the mother noticed I was barebacking her daughter and she told her she was going to get pregnant, mid fuck the daughter told her that she hoped she did, she wanted to be bred li… Read more

Posted by billstew 7 years ago 6 14,566 65%

travellin to sex ocean


that's not long story. only Case statement about me! i will travel to Europe in may. and i want do sex with More women in this part of the world. i am eastern man. and i have problem with my country and my community, in my place or things are taboo, because the religion is a basic in our life. may be i will go to German and Italy and Sweden and Poland. and i make love and sex with 30 women! i want that, if you read my story. please try to be one of the this 30 womans! thank you for all! that's my story.… Read more

Posted by sweetkurd 7 years ago 1 878 28%

Step brother part 1

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

So I've never really been the pretty or outgoing type. My Step brother on the other hand was super sexy and he could makes anyone fall for him. He could have any girl in the world. He was about 5'11, great muscular body, and one hell of a bulge. For all of the 9 years I knew him, I had the biggest crush on him, even though he was partially my brother. So anyways, one night I'm lying in bed, half asleep, and i hear someone walk into my room. I decided to keep my eyes shut and pretend to be asleep. I heard him say my name but I didn't respond. He then shook my shoulder but I refused… Read more

Posted by Breguigod22 7 years ago 21 8,219 89%

Mandy's Panties!


We were staying at the apartment of one of my girlfriend's college sorority sisters. Luckily for us we knew someone in town and didn't have to get a hotel room. Even luckier for me, she was smoking hot. We had gotten into town late the previous evening and quickly went to bed so my girlfriend could rest up for her job interview. The following morning our host, Mandy, had left early for work. My girlfriend showered, dressed and left for her interview soon thereafter. I had told the girls I was going to spend the day walking around the city, seeing the sites and getting acquainted… Read more

Posted by tcg 7 years ago 12 7,109 100%

brother in law helps out

First TimeMatureTaboo

This story took place during Hurricane Charlie in Florida. As soon as we got word that Hurricane Charlie was headed in our direction I began to work at boarding up my house. We lived in north-central part of Florida so the impact was not to be direct but it was better to be safe than sorry. The day before the storm was supposed to hit, I had the house all boarded up. I decided to send my family to Georgia and I would stay and weather the storm. After a few hours on the road, my wife called frantically to tell me that her sister was all alone in her house in Central Florida and her husband w… Read more

Posted by jefffinn 7 years ago 8 5,614 92%

she won't know


just a fantasy.. My buddy Rob came overand we sat around drinking beer and watching a golf game,(yes golf, no football was not on at that time) after a few beers Rob ask me was Jane my wife,I told him she was in the den lying on the sofa,than i when to explain that she had a nasty headache and took some pills that will keep her out for hours. After a few more beers Ron got up to go to the bathroom, as he passed the door to the den he noticed Jane lying there with her legs spread, he could tell Jane was not wearing any panties just a t-shirt and some big legged shorts, this got Ron hard.… Read more

Posted by Alabamajim 7 years ago 15 4,655 87%


Lesbian SexTaboo

UNCLE DAVE’S family THREESOME She could suck a dick better then her mom ever could when she was her age. Dave had discovered his niece’s talents on his first trip home in the summer of 86. Anita had just turned eighteen and she had not seen her uncle in over five years. It was a shock for both of them to realize the attraction that was between them, it was nothing short of pure lust when ever they were even in the same room together. Christine, Anita’ mom and Dave’s sister was more then aware of the pleasure that her brother could give a woman, he had giving her many hours of such p… Read more

Posted by christydee 7 years ago 4 7,653 91%

Watching another woman being used

Group SexTabooVoyeur

I was sitting in my parked car outside a bar in Stockholm. I was waiting for some friends having opted to be a designated driver, preferring to remain home and pick them up whenever they choose to leave. I was parked close to the car park entrance, preferring not to use the park and take advantage of the darkened street, and free costs. I watched as people left, drunk and boisterous, mostly young and attractive, when I was disturbed by a young man coming over to the car, taking out his penis and pissing on the drivers side window. He was deliberately aiming for my face, no shame, opening hi… Read more

Posted by MarieL 7 years ago 8 4,391 88%


Interracial SexMatureTaboo

Numbing through my veins My mind beyond restraint A race horse without reigns A bitch disguised as saint The goddess in my bedside drawer The greatest thing that ever knew me Spoke of how I could have more As just as wildly she ran through me She came to me so gracefully Then left me starved and waiting She warned me dutifully How her touch was so elating There were her blood stained sheets Against my docile eyes so taken My dreams suffered defeats But were steady now, unshaken I knew the smile of the wolf Shone in the bearing of her teeth She was a bomb without a f… Read more

Posted by tipiace24 7 years ago 1 588 40%