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Taboo Porn Stories

When aunty Came to stay


Mother came off the phone and announced Aunty Joan is coming to spend the weekend with us. Aunty Joan was in her 50,s and looked after herself after her husband died 5 years ago.I was always drawn to her massive breasts and shapely legs. Joan arrived late on friday and decided on an early night after her journey. The following morning Mother and joan set off for a shopping trip. I was dozing in bed when they set off. I became restless and was thinking about aunty Joans breasts.I suddenly got up and went into the spare room where she had been sl**ping. There on the bed were joans Dirty pant… Read more

Posted by moby999 7 years ago 10 8,024 100%

Affair of the Heart (Mf, semi-cons, rom)

First TimeTaboo

Affair of the Heart By SpectreOfHell Ben simply wasn't used to being around k**s. He and Judith had been dating for three weeks and had been having sex for two of those, but this was the first night he'd actually slept over. Judith had been reluctant for him to stay at her place, unsure how her daughter would react to it. Trudy was twelve years old and had doted on her father when he was around. It had broken her heart when the man had left without warning, deciding that he'd rather be with a nineteen year old girl than his wife and daughter. But to everyeone&#039… Read more

Posted by Spectreofhell 7 years ago 10 6,222 99%

First time masturbating with another man

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

I wrote this up a few years ago, and many men and women have told me that they like this story. So I figured I would post it here and see what sort of response I get. So I started getting curious about getting with another guy about 8 years or so ago. I had been doing some erotic story writing and cruising chat rooms to meet ladies to send them to. Hoping I might hear back from them on their own masturbation stories from reading them. I had been approached by some guys to cyber together but always said no thanks. Well as it went I talked with a guy for a while and he said his fantasy w… Read more

Posted by tripper87 7 years ago 6 3,208 95%

When Aunty Came


Aunty Joan is comming over to stay for the weekend called mother. Aunty Joan is about 50 years old. She has looked after herself and has a great body. Im always mesmorized by her massive breasts. When aunty Joan arrived i had to carry her suitcase up to the spare room. It was now quiet late and she had had a long journey so wanted an early night. I Layed awake touching my cock thinking about aunty Joans Breasts just the other side of the wall. The Following Morning Mother and Aunty were going into town for some shopping. When they had left my imagination got the better of me and i went int… Read more

Posted by moby999 7 years ago 4 1,606 95%

A wild night with an ex girlfriend Part 1


This is a real story that actually occured last weekend... I was out in the city doing some shopping when I bump into one of my ex girlfriend Maree. Now let me describe Maree she is eurosia (American dad & Japanese mum) 166cm in height with a pair of sexy long legs. Her body is slim with a pefect pair of b-cup tits, her pussy is fully shave now (used to have a small landing strip) and as tight as I can remember. We split about 3 and half years ago due to her moving to Asia for modeling. But we has been hooking up everytime she came back to visit. The last time she was about 7 months ago… Read more

Posted by remi85 7 years ago 5 2,507 97%

my last night


hello, here I'll tell my evening yesterday. At approximately 19:30, a friend came to see me after a day's shopping, is a longtime friend. it shows me who are buying it in his bag, but I do see a pocket. I ask therefore that lurks inside! she said nothing. the evening and continues to invite him to eat. after the meal she said "thank you for I'll show you my last purchase" dress was sexy, fishnet tights, corset and thong. I said "WAW ca area has very sexy" she replied "yes but I have no man therefore the person veras" and I laughed "n… Read more

Posted by masturbalion 7 years ago 4 2,099 49%

Birthday Boy

AnalGay MaleTaboo

I think my f****y has always know i was gay. The way i acted and dressed and my interests gave it all away. So the day I finally came out it was no surprise to them. They continued to treat me the same and so did my friends. The only thing that changed was my mom. The same year I came out, she bought me a dildo for my birthday. This was a real shocker but I accepted the gift and anxiously waited to use it. That night I was in my room and decided to try it out. I started by giving it a blowjob to lube it up. Then I slowly began to push the rubbery shaft into my asshole. It felt great. I slo… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 7 years ago 5 3,284 90%

my real last night


hello, here I'll tell my evening yesterday. At approximately 19:30, a friend came to see me after a day's shopping, is a longtime friend. it shows me who are buying it in his bag, but I do see a pocket. I ask therefore that lurks inside! she said nothing. the evening and continues to invite him to eat. after the meal she said "thank you for I'll show you my last purchase" dress was sexy, fishnet tights, corset and thong. I said "WAW ca area has very sexy" she replied "yes but I have no man therefore the person veras" and I laughed "n… Read more

Posted by masturbalion 7 years ago 2 1,736 95%

Story Wrote about Me....


My Wife, Maria and I decided to look for a new place and were out condo hopping. We narrowed down our choices based upon the condos that had the amenities we wanted and we came across the ‘Condos on the Run’. They had everything we needed and wanted and seemed perfect. So we walked in and were greeted by Frankie. Clad with a huge ring on her left ring finger, this tanned, dark haired beauty’s hair ran down past her shoulder. She was in her late 20’s, 5'8" tall and had a full, chubby figure - she probably weighed somewhere around the 190 lb mark. Her tits were… Read more

Posted by wifefrankie 7 years ago 3 1,588 99%

My Mothers s****r took me outdoors.


This story is not factual but based on fantasies I've had over the years which I've had no control over... Enjoy. I received the phone call returning home from High School. My Aunt Sandra would be in town for the weekend and wanted to take me camping in the hills just East of San Diego. It was just what I needed. A little time away from Friends, Mom and Dad. I had not seen Sandra in almost two years and she was always a woman who could pull fun out of a hat. The older s****r of my mother who was born with natural beauty. high cheek bones, blond hair, tall, Swedish genet… Read more

Posted by ORGASMSrfun 7 years ago 13 5,696 99%

Once upon a time...

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

Urolagnia isn't to everyone's taste, if you'll pardon the pun, but reading a post on a friend's page here reminded me of the first time I encountered it, about 20 years ago. I was modelling in a fashion show and afterwards, Zoe, one of the hairdressers who'd done my hair for the event came on to me. She was wearing a heavy rubber corset over her blouse (she was a very punk girl) and she just radiated a sluttish sensuality. She was about 5.6, with very full breasts on a slim figure, accentuated by long legs and very high heels. She also wore a lot of eye make-up and… Read more

Posted by hornyhung2009 7 years ago 7 2,406 83%

"A Day In A Life"

AnalSex HumorTaboo

Bill had left for work an hour earlier. His last action before shutting the door was a perfunctory kiss on her cheek as he hurried out the door, his mind already occupied on the day's events. Again, he had missed the significance of her squeeze on his upper arm; again he missed entirely, the questioning look she gave his retreating back. "Jay; get up, you're going to be late." Jean shouted at the top of her voice over the edge of the banister. Jamie was a typical angst ridden teenage young man, lazy and disinclined to venture out of bed before the last minute, or he had… Read more

Posted by fotoplace 7 years ago 2 2,372 90%

A Grandpa's Lust


Annie was not an exceptional student. She didn't have many friends, and the ones she did have were considered "bad news" by her grandparents, who had been raising her and her younger b*****r since their mother's death ten years earlier. On this particular morning, Annie had decided she was not going to school. Only 2 weeks away from graduation, 18-year-old Annie had began to test her pending independence, making her own decisions. Her grandma had left for work several hours earlier, and her b*****r had just left to catch the bus. Her grandfather appeared in the doorwa… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 7 years ago 11 5,486 94%

A Cold Night


When my parents divorced I urged my mother to buy a new town house that came with a maintenance contract. But mother insisted that she wanted something with a little more character and finally chose a 70-year bungalow in Fairfax County, Virginia. I must admit the house had a certain retro charm but it did require several major improvements, including a new roof, attic insulation, and, to avoid putting in an expensive new furnace, electric baseboard heating. I'd try to get by to see mother about once a month when I would sl**p on the couch in the living room. Although I was no Mr. Handy… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 7 years ago 5 3,445 91%

A Bike Ride with My Mom


When I went off the college, my parents both went through a sort-of mid-life crisis. I was the youngest of three k**s so when they found themselves with an empty house, it invigorated them and they both found new activities to go along with their busy jobs. My s****rs and I often commented on how they were both more fit and seemed happy all the time. I'm 23 now, out of school and living out of state. Last summer, my parents paid for us k**s to join them for a week at a resort near Lake Michigan. My s****rs showed up with their boyfriends, and I brought my girlfriend, Carole, with me. W… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 7 years ago 11 14,675 96%

Glory Hole

AnalGay MaleTaboo

this one is abit short but I hope you like it I have always liked to go to boookstores and love the gloryhole idea. I have been going to my favorite adult bookstore for years and always get off on sucking off married guys on their way home from to their wives and k**s. It was just a normal day and I was in the booth inserting quarters when I heard the door next to my booth open. I waited for him to get situated and drop his quarters and open his pants....they always do. I rubbed my finger along the hole to let him know I was ready, willing and able. He jacked off a little and put his… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 7 years ago 5 3,081 100%

My 18th Birthday Present

AnalGay MaleTaboo

When I was boy my parents divorced and my mom fell out of contact with me leaving my dad to raise me by himself. We always got by, often moving from appartment to appartment. My dad and I had a very special bond, sometimes it seemed like he was more my best friend then dad. We did a lot together, we went out to see a movie every Friday night, we went on hunting and camping trips with one of my dad"s friends and we always had competitions to see who was better at what sport. Since we were so active we stayed in great shape, both of us having 6 pack abs, rock hard pecs and we could easil… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 7 years ago 5 3,397 88%

Bareback father

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

I just had my 18th birthday. I was in my room reading a book when I heard my dad come home. I ran downstairs and gave him a hug as usually. I always try and grab his ass. But just can"t. My dad is musclar, fair skin. Very hairy and smells of man. I have seen him wank and envy his cock. Anyway. Ieft him to get his food that I prepared and go for a shower. We lived alone so the shower door never closed. I though ill go for a shower before him. I went into the shower. And began rubbing soap all over my body when my dad walks in. He stopped to stare at me 8 inch cut cock. My dad shoc… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 7 years ago 5 2,793 97%

Untold love for mommy and daddy.


Often on nights like this I would stand in the shadows of the door in my bra and underwear masterbating to there love making, my mother was gorgeous she had a cute firm ass the made my mouth water and my clit wet, she had huge bouncing boobs that when my dad licked them I would want to moan with pleasure. As a bi-sexual teenager I also found my dad very atractive, he had a huge throbbing cock and nice sharp cut abs. Tonight as I stood in the doorway secretly watching there love making I got brave and started to moan, I was getting very into it banging my hips into my hand moaning with… Read more

Posted by blonde_monkey_101 7 years ago 5 2,663 90%

Daddy teaches

First TimeTaboo

His daughter was growing up and soon would becoming sexual. He figured it was his job to teach her all aspects of great sex. Her body was developing and the boys were beginning to notice her. He was noticing her sexy body. She had nice big tits and an ass that swang when she walked. She was like a female sex machine. Her mom was gone for awhile taking care of her mother so the dad called her to his room to tell her he needed to teach her how to fuck and please a man. He told her to undress and get naked for this lesson. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and he was surprised to see she wa… Read more

Posted by palygirl 7 years ago 3 2,733 88%