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I Can't Believe I Did This

First TimeMatureTaboo

I know right from wrong, but today was such an opportunity, I just couldn't resist. My son, who I gave birth too as a teeneager, and I were home alone for at least an hour, something that rarely happens. I knew what that he was cruising the site and he was sitting in his desk chair with his back to an open door, short pants but no shirt on. I walked up quietly, just curious to what his interests were. I figured my dark brown 18 year old son would be fixated on white teen girls fucking black teen boys. But no… Read more

Posted by Monica123 7 years ago 17 10,886 95%

Wifes Best Friend


My Wifes Best Friend I had always thought that Kim was a great looking young mother of 3 . I had gotten to Know Jim quite well over the years and we had a few beers at the summer Bar B Q’s at both our homes . Enjoyed watch the young k**s play in the pool and we even had time with our wives in the 6 person hot tub one night last August . That was when this all begain , it seem innocent enough . The girls had a few drinks and Jim wanted to claim down after a busy day with the k**s in the Hot tub . My wife was the first to jump at the chance which was a little out of charater for her… Read more

Posted by bigcityguy 7 years ago 5 7,537 96%

alone with sis


my s****r and I have been sexually active together for more than 35 years now. we started when we were about 13 or 14, I am a little over a year older than her. we seemed to have at least 4 hours a night,every night alone together because our parents always went out to the local bar every night.we would play house acting as if we were husband and wife, we would undress each other and we touched each other all over as my s****rs touch made me hard, she would stroke my cock fast till I spilled my cumm on her night we found a porno that dad had on the dresser,so we took the video and put… Read more

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He had been watching her for a long time. She was sexy and loved to flirt. He was thrity years older than her but still was handsome and loved kinky sex. Today she walked by with that thin tank top and no bra with her chest pushed out and her huge tits for all to see. He was hard just looking at her. He waited for her to come back by to make his move. He went out in his yard with just running shorts on and as she walked by with her chest raised and the big tits almost nude he asked her to come in for a drink. She looked at his handsome body from head to toe and liked that he only wore short… Read more

Posted by smileforme 7 years ago 4 2,577 86%

my best friends mom


It was a normal July afternoon when I ran into my best friends mom. I had told her about the f****y and what we did for the holidays. I asked her how her holidays were but, she gave me a rolled off stare. “What was that look for?”, I asked. “I don’t know if your “bro” told you or not, but my husband and I split up.”, she claimed. I didn’t want to go into any further details about the issue so I tried to steer the conversation into another direction. But without fault, she kept pressing at the subject. After about another 35 minutes had passed by,… Read more

Posted by dwbrawler07 7 years ago 24 33,673 96%

He shot his load and wrote this....WTF? You figur

Sex HumorTaboo

You are the coolest chick for bringing those feet in my face,the camera got fuzzy alot, if it was HD.....OH MA SOOUL BE CUMIN" RITE ONNA OUT MY BIG PEE HO! ALL women should have the feet featured I WILL DECREE with my fellow foot soldiers, the worthiness of said feet. I see cocks all day and night on this sight that have probably created more lesbians than all the DNA of 20 generations,no some dudes hate feet no matter what, and whats the big acceptable "fetish" ASS ASS ASS-no it's ASS-HOLE_E COLI-HEPATITIS A+ - DYSENTERY- 1000+ SPECIES/GENUS/f****y/ORDER/CLASS/PHYLUM/KINGD… Read more

Posted by Lateshay 7 years ago 5 992 43%

Its a tough job!!!


In my profession I get to see loads of naked people and some of them are so sexy it's untrue. Last week I was running an evening clinic, and I had a woman of about 50 come see me with a bad neck. As I had her sitting up in front of me I felt her hands "accidentally" brush the front of my trousers. I heard her whisper " oooh cock" very slightly, almost impercepably,, running her finger up the front of my trousers. Inevitably I got an incredible hard on and she just carried on stroking me through my trousers until I burst my load in my pants!! Hopefully she will return l… Read more

Posted by pussjockey 7 years ago 1 2,077 45%

Pregnant Becky...again.


I had written about my long lasting lust for my college friend Becky brought to fruition in my story Pregnant Becky. Circumstance had provided us an opportunity for an amazing fuck and I knew that she would be back for more. Not because I am a stud, because that’s not the case, but because it felt so good to be so bad. She had delivered the baby and recovered nicely, deciding to stay home from work for awhile if they could afford it. Her husband made decent money and Becky ended up staying home for longer than she thought…getting bored…and they say “idle hands are the… Read more

Posted by helmetdark 7 years ago 2 2,888 97%

s****r in-law


my s****r in-law was 17 at the time and I was 30. she was staying with my wife an I cause she was haveing problems with her parents. It seems that her dad was strict and would'nt let her go out. Let me tell you that she was and still is one hot babe. I'll call her Lisa. my wife had just come home from grocery shopping and I had just arrived from work. my wife had parked in the garage so the grocerys could be unloaded. my wife went into the house to the secong floor to take a shower leaving me and Lisa to unloading the car. we made some small talk on how her day went and mi… Read more

Posted by velocity69 7 years ago 16 8,541 82%

Taboo Orgy 7

AnalLesbian SexTaboo

Taboo Orgy 7 Darren looked at Trevor and said, “Trev, if you fucking tell anyone in the office, I’ll sack you on the spot and make your life a living hell.” Trevor just smiled and told him to chill out. “ As if I would tell anyone about what happens here tonight and who the fuck on this world would believe me anyway.” Kevin could not believe that these two best of mates were going to fuck each other on a promise his mum had made to his dad. Ann was sucking Tanya’s clit and heard the boys talking and told them to get on with it. They didn’t move s… Read more

Posted by royby 7 years ago 5 3,645 100%

Granny Gameshow (My Fantasy)


A young 19 year old lad name Johnny is sitting on the couch searching through the want adds looking for ways to make some money. He comes across an add that reads: How well do you know your Grandmother? We are searching for men between 18 and 21 who have grandmothers Over the age of 60+ that would like the chance to win Five Thousand Dollars He ponders the thought for a moment, while scratching the side of his head, picks up the phone and calls his grandmother. The phone rings a few times and her answering machine comes on. "Hi this is Beverly I'm not in but leave… Read more

Posted by lexasgreen 7 years ago 10 5,299 100%

Worst 101 Sexual Perversions

Sex HumorTaboo

101. Assphilia:- The desire to put your Toungue on an ass Image. 100. Pyrophilia:- The burning desire to have sex with a partner who is on fire. Tip: lighter fluid works well and doesn't smell as bad as petrol. 99.5. Pyrocoprophilia:- The desire to take a shit on your partner and set the shit on fire. 99. Cropohilia:- Liking for rumpy pumpy in a field of corn. 98. Frodorism:- Lusting after a small person's ring. 97. Dwarfism:- Dressing up in silly pointed hats and wanking over a sl**ping person of the female type gender. 96. Autoerotisism:- Cars, lots and lots… Read more

Posted by hairyseeker69 7 years ago 7 2,488 75%

Hot Cross Buns


I am fed up with the girls on the beach, they show off their great tits and a thong that hardly covers anything, they have great asses. I'm Julie a late 20's girls who is overweight and never looked good, even when I go on a diet it doesn't work. Still I do have some good friends, guys I've known for a long time, of course they aren't the best looking and one of the beach girls would never look twice at them. Then last week I thought up a plan. I told the 4 g… Read more

Posted by horsecock702 7 years ago 6 1,891 33%

Masturbation about b*****r (Teaser Continued)


I layed down in my bed, softly circling my already hard nipples, as if I wasn't teased enough. My body was having heat waves pass through it, my breath was already out of control, and my pussy was pulsating with need...need and desire for my b*****r. Images of him in the shower were sending shocks and pleasure waves, causing my mouth to water, despite me moaning, my cheeks to burn, and my cunt leaking pure horniness. I lifted my shirt, my hands now on my bare breasts, 38B, probably not big enough, but just as sensitive as any others, maybe even more, if I could imagine. I massaged them, u… Read more

Posted by HornyWetWaiting 7 years ago 6 1,926 98%

Masturbation about b*****r (Teaser done)


Here he is standing at my door with the water. So hot and sexy. He is not magazine Cosmo hot...maybe a bit more on a plain side. But his eyes are deep and dark, and his hair is black and curly. And his fingers are so long...oh no I am having flashbacks of him washing himself. I have a thousand of things running through my mind, me masturbating right here right now in front of him, but I dont dare, me reaching out for him to kiss, caress, but I dont dare. Instead I turn to him and say: -Thank you, so much. Could you close the light on your way out, I think I am going to try to sl**p. (As if I… Read more

Posted by HornyWetWaiting 7 years ago 6 2,133 8%

Masturbation about b*****r (Teaser / Prologue)


It was the day our parents went away to a wedding both my b*****r and I refused to attend. That day neither I or he had any plans, so we end up chilling together. To be more honnest, he was chilling I simply got in his way. He was watching The Grudge (the only good thing that was on at the time), and I was sitting closely drawing. It was a cold day and we both shared a blanket our legs entangled, after a long fight over space. I wanted to be near, I loved the way he smelled, and how his presence made me comfortable. However unfortunately Grudge finished early and he went off to the shower and… Read more

Posted by HornyWetWaiting 7 years ago 7 2,105 87%

Taboo fantasy, maybe


Well some say that i****t is best but in this culture it is frowned upon, i*****l or considered immoral or dirty. Well two consenting adults should be able to fulfill their desires and this is a fantasy of mine which may or may not come true. It concerns my very attractive younger s****r. A few years ago she was living in a mother in law cottage and asked me to come over and help, read get me to, install a window air conditioner. Well being my helpless, yeah right, younger s****r I did go over. I got the unit in and runing and while it was cooling the room we sat on her bed and chatted.… Read more

Posted by co35596 7 years ago 10 5,634 99%

Fifth Story: What I've Been Up To Lately

FetishGroup SexTaboo

This is the fifth story of many real stories I have to share. They are in order here: These are real events that happened to me personally, however since they happened at various points throughout the years, I might forget a detail or two and I might make certain details a little more grandiose. But all of the important, major stuff is forever etched in my mind. All names are, of course, comple… Read more

Posted by stephm 7 years ago 6 2,294 93%

Episode 10 revised: mk4 masturbator

Lesbian SexTaboo

Becki and Molly are now 16 and easily recognised from the mk3 masturbator videos circulating on the net. Gemma is living with her 8-month old baby Kit in Kurt's flat in London, invites the girls down for a dirty weekend. Wearing short button through dresses, they catch the train to London. Catching a crowded Underground train their breasts are squashed together hanging onto the overhead grab rail; Becki cannot resist a quick grope of Molly's bum. A rather smartly dressed lady sitting opposite the swaying pair casually lifts the hem of Becki's dress and smiles at the sight of sha… Read more

Posted by dasx 7 years ago 2 1,483 92%

My daughters' friend

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

Ask me how it happened and I’ll tell you I have no idea.. I still don’t really believe it. Toni and Lena are my twin daughters from my first marriage. I don’t know why I say ‘first’ in that way. There won’t be a second. Not that I don’t love my ex wife, I do and always will and she says she feels the same. But we can’t live together. We’re amicable. Very! She still comes round for nookie and has no-one else. Neither do I. We live apart but are still lovers. Yeah, I Know. Complicated. The one thing we do have in common is the… Read more

Posted by pictureman645 7 years ago 22 17,652 96%