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Peggy and Stacy , part 2


So I thought I was in the clear, my wife, and Stacey and Peggys husbands, and noone else at the party knew that me , Stacey and Peggy just had a 3-way. The party continued, people ate and eventually eveyone left, leaving me and my wife to clean up the yard and deck. It was hot tonight and I was still buzzing and really didnt want to clean anymore. Obviously my wifes pussy was still off limits due to her monthly "friend" so I knew she wasnt bribing me with that. Its a good thing many bushes and a fence keep my yard secluded from the neighbors view. I guess my wife was hot too, when she pulled h… Read more

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My Daughter had Sex with Me


My daughter, Katie who is nineteen-year-old, has had to come and live with me after her mother caught her trying it on with her step dad. She had been here less than four weeks and has already split me and my girlfriend up. Now with just the two of us in the house things have settled down. Katie is about five feet eight and a curvy build with long black hair, she must be a size f******n to sixteen but doesn’t look it and has 38dd tits. With as many bras, hanging about the house it is not hard to see the size of them. Sitting in the bath one night, Katie walked in and dropped her jeans and kn… Read more

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Peggy and Stacey, part 1

AnalGroup SexTaboo

So it was Labor day week end and we were having everyone over for a big end of summer BBQ. Everyone was over including my wifes two sisters Peggy and Stacey. Of course Peggy had to stay with us, since she lived 8 hours away. The morning of, my wife went out for bagels and juice so I decided to rub one out using my new fleshlight. Sitting on the end of the bed all lubed up sliding my cock in and out of Jenna Hazes fleshlight asshole. It felt amazing!! I heard foot steps coming down the hall and stopped for a second. It was Peggy in the hall closet getting some towels. I continued to fuck my fak… Read more

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Mom helps injured son - Chapter 7


Chapter 7 The rest of the evening went without incident, as we ate and settled in to watch t.v.. There were a few knowing glances between Tim and I, but for the most part we behaved ourselves. That night I fell right to sleep, not quite recovered from the sexual encounters of my 18-year-old son. The next day was Saturday, Will’s normal day to play golf. He got up at around 7am and showered and I got out of bed as soon as he left the room. I usually got up and made him breakfast before he headed out. This morning I could already feel my libido cranking and a constant moisture between my… Read more

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Mom helps injured son - Chapter 6


Chapter 6 When I awoke Tim was still there beside me, sleeping. I had some time to think about what had happened and to my surprise I felt no regret. I had just had the most incredible sexual experience of my life and I realized that regret would be a waste of effort. My body betrayed my sense of right and wrong twice now and I knew it would again. Maybe it would just be best to try to avoid being placed in a position where this can happen again. A good first step would be to get the hell out of bed before Tim wakes up! I started to roll over to the side of the bed when I felt Tim begi… Read more

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A Tormented Wife

HardcoreInterracial SexTaboo

A Tormented Wife - (m/f, i/r, n/c) "Hello, library, Jessica Holt speaking!" she said into the telephone. Then she froze and was speechless upon hearing the all too familiar voice say "Hello, Mrs. Holt! Ohhhh, I want to touch that soft sexy body of yours again! Ya want it again, don't ya, Mrs. Holt?" Heart pounding and panting for breath, Jessica couldn't think straight nor respond to the question. "Don't ya, Mrs. Holt?" came the question again over the phone. "Y …….yes!" she stammered finally in response. Closing her eyes in defeat, she listened to the male voice on the phone sa… Read more

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Nude Beach

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I was looking forward to this vacation for a long time. I had been working hard and my stress level was at it's highest. I decided to go to Jamaica and just relax at a secluded beach. I checked into my hotel at Negril and discovered it was basically for couples. I asked around and the hotel staff directed me to some nearby restaurant/bars where singles could be met. I proceeded there that evening and although I didn't score I knew I was going to have a good vacation. The next morning I wandered down the beach from my hotel. I was told that this was the most secluded beach on the island. Clo… Read more

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Singles apartment complex

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

I had just moved to Portland and didn't know anybody. I accepted the job because it paid well and I knew Portland was supposed to be a great place to live; lot's of beautiful scenery and a sizable young professional population. I moved into an apartment complex that was geared towards young professionals. The facility had a small lounge in the complex along with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, volleyball courts, tennis and an exercise room. I ran into a bunch of about 8 guys; all of us in our late twenties, single, and fit. We hit the clubs together, went skiing, biking and running togeth… Read more

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My friend and I

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

Me and Ryan had been close friends for about 3 years, we were both 13 or 14 the first time. we were playing a game with our two friends, where we were turning the light off, striking a sex pose and turning the light back on, a little like a photo. After a few goes, we were pretending that he was taking me doggy style and thats when i first felt it, his trobbing hard cock, pressed upto my arse, it was strange to think that I didnt go mental, but, instead pushed back. I was rewarded with a twitch from his cock and I liked it. After a few minutes of different poses, and him dry humping me, he… Read more

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Katy Perry Nasty drunk Fuck


Dont ask me how but the other night I managed to get into the VIP section at a new club in the city. I couldnt believe some of the A list celebs that were there and got an instant hard on when i saww my favourite celeb slut Katy Perry was there wearing as usual a very revealing tight outfit that showed off her huge cleavage. She seemed pretty drunk already as she was very loud and stumbling around laughing. I couldnt keep my eyes off her or her cleavage and thought her tits might actually fall out at any moment. She seemed to be annoying everybody with her loud drunken behaviour and aft… Read more

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Shock mother-in-law proposition! (part 2)

First TimeMatureTaboo

Having had my unexpected surprise encounter with june last week, i have done nothing but fantasise about her since! After having had my mouth around her incredibly erect nipple and to have her gentle wrapped around the length of my cock i now see a different side to her that i had never imagined existed. Despite the fact that what happened was totally wrong, i just cant stop myself imagining taking her up on her offer and seeing what comes of it! Since that day i find myself having the same fantasy over and over again, it goes like this... Having arranged with june to come round to her hous… Read more

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Katye By The Door

AnalGroup SexTaboo

KATYE BY THE DOOR BY L. LEACH and R. W. WYATT The doorbell rang.  My hands were wet from washing dishes and I was not in a good mood today. I looked around for a dry towel and ....three, four more rings...dang it! Wait just a fuckin’ minute will you??  Drying my hands I hurried to the door and wondered who in the world was in such a hurry.  Unlocking the door I pulled it slightly open and ask: “What do you....” before I could finish he shoved a gun under my chin and pushed me back inside the house.  I was so stunned I didn't realize for a minute that there was another man and woman wit… Read more

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German actress gives interview in limo driven by h

CelebritiesGroup SexTaboo

'Why do you do it?' Rachel looked him straight into his eyes, 'I would have thought that was obvious', she replied, he sat open-eyed, her composure and directness, unnerved him, she was the archetypal sex goddess, statuesque and natural blond, high cheek boned and very, very beautiful, 'I love a good fuck, not to mention, the taste of sperm.' She concluded this sentence by drawing her pink tongue across her lip gloss, emphasizing her voracious appetite for mans seed, warm and salty, bitter and full of seminal fluid. 'What about your husband?' He was wilting in her presence, shifting uncomfort… Read more

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mom pretends to sleep


It was a frightful night, thunder crashing, lightning flashing, and I'd managed to sleep through most of it. I'd come home from an office party late, a little tipsy, and said hello to my son, Bobby, 18, and slipped off to bed, falling asleep quickly and not noticing the storm outside until later. That's when Bobby crept into my room. He was never good with storms and always sought solace with me, his single mother. But that was years ago, he hadn't done it for awhile, and now, at age 49, I missed those nights of cuddling innocence. At first, I heard him softly whisper "Mom," in the flash… Read more

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stormy night with mom


It all started when I was still in high school. I had thought of a way to get around my curfew. I'd start sleepwalking, not for real, just as a way to cover not being in my room if mom or dad checked up on me. To set up this cover I would make it a point to sneak from my room to the guest bedroom or the living room two or three times a week. I even had an excuse for developing this behavior. Mom and Dad were having some sort of problem. I found out about this one night as I was going to the guest bedroom, which took me right past their door. "Well if that's the way you feel about it then… Read more

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Katye By The Door

AnalGroup SexTaboo

KATYE BY THE DOOR BY L. LEACH and R. W. WYATT The doorbell rang.  My hands were wet from washing dishes and I was not in a good mood today. I looked around for a dry towel and ....three, four more rings...dang it! Wait just a fuckin’ minute will you??  Drying my hands I hurried to the door and wondered who in the world was in such a hurry.  Unlocking the door I pulled it slightly open and ask: “What do you....” before I could finish he shoved a gun under my chin and pushed me back inside the house.  I was so stunned I didn't realize for a minute that there was another man and woman wit… Read more

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Cleaning but first sex!

HardcoreInterracial SexTaboo

Larna sighed as I ran my fingers over her wet bulging clit. "We're gonna have to fuck soon or the top of my head will blow," she laughed. Ever direct, Larna never left me, or anyone, in any doubt about what she wanted. Lying on a blanket in the grass behind my place the sun was hot on our bodies, not that I intended this but things happen! Earlier I'd collected Larna from her place to do her usual three hours of cleaning and clearing at mine. I lived like a typical bachelor so while clearing up was needed from time to time I preferred to help the local economy by paying a nice looking wom… Read more

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Fantasy 1

Gay MaleMasturbationTaboo

This is an email i just sent to someone on this site, let me know what you think and should i do a full story . wow just watching you jerk off again, wow i have sprayed cum all over myself again while watching this, why dont you make one where you are laid on your back fuckingy yourself with a dildo and cumming at the same time, god how i wish i was fucking you maybe you are laid on the edge of the bedd with your legs spread and pulled back i could slide my rock hard cock into your tight ass, and slowly slide it inside you until my balls ar pressed against your ass, then i would spit on your… Read more

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Auntie Footjob


It was a Thursday evening,at 18:00 precisley,i had to go to my aunt's house to take her digital camera to donwload her photos;while i was riding my bike,i was thinking to how to try to lick her feet (I touched and massaged 4 or 5 times them),when i finally arrived. I saw my uncle in the garden cutting the grass,and after saying "Hi" to him,i got into the house: my aunt was stretched out on the sofa,with closed eyes (but she wasn't sleeping); she was wearing a white t-shirt that emphasize her big boobs and a pair of tight dark blue jeans,with her sweet bare feet with big toes and dark… Read more

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Collection Day Part Two

First TimeMatureTaboo

Her lathered hands caressed their way up my left thigh her eyes sparkled, for she, like most people, knew that men usually hang to the left. This was not the case at this time for the only hang left was because of the restriction the shorts had caused. As her soapy left hand came in contact her fingers gently wrapped their way around my shaft then to be joined by her right hand as the left continued on to explored my tight ball sac. Gently but firmly the right hand worked its magic while the left hand index finger drifted off the ball sac to explore deep into the crevasse of my ass rotating… Read more

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