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Happy 18th Birthday

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I should have had a very privileged upbringing. My father was a medical doctor and we seemed to have a very affluent life. But appearances can be very deceiving. He was a big man - 6 feet 5 inches tall. He did not believe in birth control of any means and he believed that a wife's role in life - and later his adult daughters - was to please and obey him in all things. He believed that a man was not a success unless his women were giving birth as often as humanly possible and it did not matter to him who sired those c***dren as long as he chose the men to mate with them. He arrogantly bel… Read more

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18 & Dumb Teen Slut Gagger

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

The next day I called in sick, I had lots of things to arrange. I went into my office, sat down and started planning. The first I had to do was to buy a web-domain, something like smoothskin.com (I have closed the site a long time ago). I logged on to my computer and registered the page and ordered a web-hotel. Once that was done, I started working on the layout and the information that should be included. In the afternoon Louis called on her cell: "Hi darling, how are you?" she asked. "I'm fine, but I had to go away for some time. Work you know..." I wasn't finished, and I had promis… Read more

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Wake Up


"Wake up guy." I cracked open one eye and looked up. Larry was standing over me nude, a lit joint in his hand extended to me. I reached up and took it and hit it hard, pulling the THC laden smoke deep into my lungs and held it. I handed the joint back to him idly noting that his cock was about half-hard. I released the toke with a whoosh as Larry took another hit and handed the joint back. I sucked in another lung full of smoke and handed it back and began to fight a cough. I held the cough at bay for about 10 seconds then exploded in wracking hacks, my whole body bouncing with the effort. "Qu… Read more

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My sister Laura


My life was never the same again after going to my big sister, Laura's house one saturday for our weekly piss up. Here is what happened... We started to talk about our sex lives after a bottle of wine, now to describe my big sister, she has short brown hair, blue eyes, size 12 with great tits (the first time i saw them was on a family holiday when she wore a white bikini top, her nipples shown through the fabric, this incident started my infatuation with fucking my big sister, luckily for me, she wanted to fuck me to. "you know, she said i remember when you used to wank off into my pa… Read more

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Hot Horse Ride - # 2

BDSMFirst TimeTaboo

After we step down from the hot ride on her horse, I notice Nikita has big eyes for the growing member of her horse. I take charge and lead the stallion to his stable and ask her "Please get me your dressage whip". As in trance, she obeys. Even in her hottest dreams she never went so far as ... Shivers run down her spine in expectance. With a shy smile and blushes revealing more, she delivers. "Thank you, my dear. I´m glad you like my proposition. Now, let me take you for a walk as well. Let´s do the same tracks as your stallion carried us. I will direct you with that whip, while you w… Read more

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Saturday Night's Main Event!!

Group SexMatureTaboo

As I promised I would furnish you with all the horny details of my saturday night at Sandra and Rob's house.I got to their house about 8:30pm and was greeted at the door by their daughter Cindy. When she opened the door and saw me she gave me a hug and then kissed me basically taking my tonsils out of my throat with her tongue. I thought to myself that if this is just saying hello, I could imagine what I was in store for the rest of the night. She took my hand and led me to the livingroom and told me that she had a surprise for me. I entered the livingroom and saw Sandra and 2 of her friends.… Read more

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Step Daddy Jack: Part 1


Me and My Step Daddy Jack: Part 1 I was my mother's only c***d. Jack was her latest ex husband after being married for 5year she divorced him. Jack was a complet super hot but hell he was a pervy jerk.. Jack was about 6feet tall had light brown soft hair, grey eyes little wrinkled skin a very hot toned body as he worked out a lot.. Was around 33, Worked as a partner in some firm. He was rich and had no c***dren.. My mom was his 3rd wife and he was my mom's 4th husband. They had recently divorced and then later she found out that she was very ill and soon passed away.. She had not… Read more

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ever sence i was little i thought our mail man was very sexy. thourgh out the years i talked to him when i can. i found out the we wereone of the last house on his route. i was talking to my mom about him one day. she really thought the same thing. we came up with a plan. it was that the next day she wouldopen up the door and have only a robe on but open and have her bra and g string on under. the next day hecame up and she opened the door> and she said "hi steve so you want to come over after your route." he said sure chris i will be over in a about 20 min. 20 min later he was knocking… Read more

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teaching my sister about sex

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ok she was 14 and i was 15 at the time she is pretty hot but still a virgin. we were close so i new that and she said i am tired of being a virgin i just want to get out there but i am to scared i will do something wrong and scare the guy a way so a few days went by and she has had her bf over the past few days one day he left so i said have you had sex yet she said no im am to scared so i said ok well want me to teach you she looked at me and said how i said well first when your makeing out with him slid your hand down his pants but you have to be smoth about it she said w… Read more

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Wife used

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

It all began, strangely enough, with an argument with a couple whose party we planned on going to. We left and returned home, had several drinks there. Decided to go out anyway. My wife loves to dance and while I appease her at times, I would rather play pool. When we go out, she tells guys she is married and I am with her. She still gets a lot of asks to dance. At 37 she looks younger, at least early 30's. On this night she had on a very attractive skirt, white blouse, and matching jacket. She has shoulder length brown hair, nicely tanned and full 34 breasts. Unfortunately she is very straigh… Read more

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to sore


Fuck, fuck, fuck.. This is what me and my husband love to do. Two to three times a day for the past twenty- five years. I have never complained, but as I get older my fuck hole does not recover as fast as it used to. Yes, I use my mouth and throat, ( yes I swollow and enjoy it) but my mouth / jaws get sore. So, last week I tryed something new. My girlfriends were talking and I remembered from the past - anal sex. When my husband and I got married he talked about going into my butt, but I wasn't interested and we were doing fine every other way of sex. Well, as my other ( cunt and mouth)… Read more

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A night out with my sister

First TimeShemalesTaboo

Following in from Shopping with my sister - Please read my other stories first to set the scene. Jane and I lie embracing on her bed, our naked bodies merging into one as we hold each other closely. "What do you want to do tonight?" I ask "I was thinking we could have a night out together, maybe a meal and a few drinks, see where the night takes us!" Jane replied. "That sounds good to me, I haven't been out for a few weeks because of my exams." "Well, I'll treat you to a nice meal and a bottle of wine on one condition" Jane offered with a devious smile on her face. "Go on,"… Read more

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 I married her thinking we wanted the same things, She was looking for a meal ticket, babysitter, and credit cards to support her d**g habit (Valium and whatever else she could get over the Internet.  She had a sweet little blond daughter named Gwen with a beautiful smile, a little  chubby with baby fat, just starting to develop boobs.   Her mom was wasted most of the time and a full time bitch.  Gwen and I got very close out of self defense and out of genuine fondness.  I focused on Gwen and my work for the next few years.  My  job took us to another state, halfway across the country.  … Read more

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i went with my mate dan to see his caual hookup. he said i mighy have a chance with her flatmate. SO WE ARIVED, AND FRANK WENT OFF W/ HIS GIRL, i sat watching tv. i srarted to hear them gettin sexy, so i yurned down the tv. before too long, er fltmate arrived. she was so fat, w/ a hot face. we chatted, and watched a movie. my cock was buldging in my pants, i made shore she saw. when i returned for the toilet, i made my move, kissing her lips, n feeling her flab. It was clear she was hot for me, sucking on my tongue, n moaning, so I slid my hand under her blouse. and little… Read more

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best frends nickers


My best freimd Shannon left me alone in her house on arvo. so i went into her wardrobe straight away. i pulled the top draw open, and it was full of nickers n bras......... so i pulled a pair out, n sbifffrd them... the, i went ito her parents bedroom, and found her mums nickers. i rubbrd them on my bals before i realised, the DIRTY PANTIES would be in the laundry. so i rummiged though th basket, and the was nickers, i smelt them, n licked the stained crotch.… Read more

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You didnt belive me...

Group SexInterracial SexTaboo

It all started as a normal day.I was walking home when i spotted a cute outfit in a shop across the road.I get to the other side but i remember i left my wallet back at work.“Damn it” i mutter under my breath. i walk back to work and get my wallet and step out the front door.Then this huge group of people , all men, saw me and started walking toward me.i ignored them and just walked the other way.and i get back to the shop and see its closed.i walk past the store toward my appartment.i see the same group of men that had tried to follow me before , out side my appartment. o… Read more

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Let me tell you about Gwen...   I married her mom when she was 12.  She was a sweet little blond girl, a little  chubby with baby fat, just starting to develop boobs.  She also had a beautiful  smile.  Her mom had been divorced from her dad since she was 2, and her dad was  emotionally distant, and basically he did not know how to deal with little  girls. He was a real redneck cowboy and just didn't get it, that she was sweet  and sensitive..  There was an older  brother in the picture, but he was quite a  bit older, engaged and soon to be married and generally thought she was a major … Read more

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A Girl Who Knows


Julie was always a girl who knew what she wanted and exactly how to get it. When she was young and wanted a toy that another c***d had she would get it. Whether it is by coercing them into giving it up, begging her parents or just flat out stealing it. Last year when she wanted to be freshman class president she worked hard and bribed some of the other High School classmates that were running into dropping out of the race. Of course she won. Frankly, when something was in her sights nothing, and I mean nothing could keep her from it. For the past week she had been concentrating on only one t… Read more

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My first attempt at sexual fantasy in prose. This is the 2nd draft. After my wife left I started spending some time at her sisters house. Hazel and I had always got on well and I enjoyed the company. I suspected she felt sorry for me and was just being sociable out of kindness. However I felt sorry for myself and accepted her hospitality eagerly. Just a few weeks short of our 20th anniversary, my wife Cheryl had declared one morning that she was emigrating to France. She seemed to glow with spiteful glee when she explained that our marriage was dead and had been for years. Thoug… Read more

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my cousin julia


For years she has been tormenting me, whenever they came to visit during my younger teenage years she would tease me with her looks, her words and her actions.??I am 26 and Julia is 27 now, nothing had changed, my Aunt and Uncle have come to visit and Julia has come with them, unfortunately. Since we were much younger I can always remember Julia being "advanced" for her age. My mom had described her as an "early developer" but I was sure she only knew the half of it. Julia was well developed with her firm perky breasts, flowing hips and long shapely legs. She would deliberately press her breas… Read more

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