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one of my fantasys

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My wife is gema shes a 27 yr old slim blonde and very attractive and sexy, Im matt a 28 yr old average white guy , i have a small penis and cant satisfy her. From statements she has made and hints she has given I know she would like to have sex with abigg hung black man. I have tried to encourage her but she insists she doesn't need anyone but me. She has told me a doctor who is a black guy she works with has made playful sexual remarks to her and I know he would like to fuck her. I have met him and he is a big handsome guy, probably in his mid 30s, married with 2 small c***dren. My fantas… Read more

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My Special-Wank-to


My Special Wank-to My sister shaves her cunt I know because I’ve seen A picture on her phone That cunt was shaven clean Her tits are big and pretty I know because I’ve seen A picture on her phone Topless, proud and keen My sister has a sex toy I know because I’ve read Her online conversations And the kinky things she said I don’t know where she hides it Heaven knows I’ve tried I’ve tipped her bedroom upside down Despaired and almost cried Revenge is sort of fun So I stole her underwear And came inside them many times O life is so unfair! We touched when we were… Read more

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family Fun Times


Last week I began to tell you a story of a 3 generation family that has lived under the same roof all of their lives in family Fun Time. In family Fun Times I will tell you how this family became much closer. As you recall Shaun who is a young black man of 23, his Mother Nicole is 41 and Grandma Flo is 65 and I am about to introduce the 3 to each others genitals if they like it or not. Shaun is the only one of the Williams family who has an idea of what is about to happen. It felt like an eternity from the time I dropped of the tainted pizza till the door of the garage opened to the sound… Read more

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Drove to Sex with My Impotent Father-In-Law


My husband, Saul, and I have been married close to 2 years and our second anniversary was coming up next month in May. Our wedding anniversary is also my birthday. That’s right, my husband and I got married on my birthday. My husband is a very romantic guy, and he planned the whole thing so we could get marry on my birthday. With him putting my wedding ring on my finger was the best birthday present that I have ever received. Our honeymoon was a little short of about 2 weeks in Hawaii, but I had the best time of my life. Whenever we were in our hotel room, we fucked like crazy, that I swear… Read more

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Nose job - a teen story

First TimeTabooVoyeur

If an insecure young teen feels she has a weird nose it can very well land her a weird nose job. Strange string of observations: 1. A lot of young girls who enter amateur paid porn look like models, but their nose. 2. The first thing an insecure teen sees, since she started to look in the mirror at ten or eleven. Her nose!!! 3. Soon she sees nothing but her nose, whenever she walks past a mirror. She almost goes crazy! Mirors are everywhere in crazy capitalism. Even in school. Mirrors become quickly her main horror. From that moment on she only sees that "terrible strawb… Read more

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How it all started - My 1st EVER voyeur of toilet

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When I was 13, my parents went down to St. Ives for the August bank holiday weekend to stay with my aunt and uncle. I was going to stay at home but since my girlfriend at that time was away doing her geography fieldwork, I thought it might be worth taking a look at St. Ives and maybe try a bit of surfing with my cousin, Rob. As it happened, Rob was away that weekend - I think he'd had to go up to University to sort out a house with his mates or something - so I was piss bored. The weather was hot but the sea was really calm so I couldn't even make a tit of myself by trying to learn how to s… Read more

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Taught by Mom and Auntie

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

My sister, My lover My sister and I loved watching my cock sliding into her pussy, I liked the way her lips caressed my cock and she loved the way it disappeared and reappeared. We would sit for hours playing with each other before putting it in, then, if she was sitting on me, would ride slowly up and down so we could both watch the movement. If I was on top she would sit with her back against the headboard, propped up to see. We were twins and we had enjoyed the sensations for a couple of years now, not that what had happened before wasn't good, this was better. We would sit close f… Read more

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Vanessa No.2


THE FOLLOWING IS A WORK OF FICTION. ALSO, I'VE BEEN READING SOME LITERATURE LATELY, AND I FEAR MY WRITING STYLE HAS BEEN INFLUENCED(IT WASN'T BEFORE), BUT I THINK THIS SHOULD STILL BE GOOD. "Do you think you can watch these two while I'm out? It'll just be a couple of hours?" I was asked by my auntie. "No problem, auntie. That'll be fine," I answered kindly. I noticed in the past few years how sociopathic I've become. I could easily lie and deceive, though, my nature be kind. "Thanks. Don't let him stay on there for more than a couple hours, ok?" she asked. 'twas her son of arou… Read more

Posted by DanteHellsing 7 years ago 2 1,279 44%

Mother and Daughter

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

A Chance Encounter I walked out of the airport to the long term parking lot disappointed. Two weeks, two lousy weeks, wasted. I had wanted to see the Minister and all I got was the Under Secretary, blue eyed blond with big tits and no brain. With a bitter memory I now knew who she wanted to be under and it wasn't me, not that I tried. If I didn't change things now, the only way c***dren would see wolves in the future would be in zoo's or even worse, pictures. It had to change. I didn't even argue against hunting, the North American Timber Wolf was strong enough within their packs tha… Read more

Posted by chchboy 7 years ago 6 11,401 95%

Oh Daddy! your dick tastes so good

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

"How many times have I told you, Dani, curfew is at midnight!" Terry yelled as he caught his daughter stealthily creeping through the back door at 3 am... again. "Jesus dad, I'm 18, I think I'm old enough to decide how late I can stay out!" "Listen to that attitude. What's been getting into you lately? First dressing in all those slutty clothes, then swearing at your mother, and now this! I would say you're grounded, but that hasn't been deterring you at all!" Dani rolled her eyes. "Look, dad, do whatever the fuck you want. I don't give a shit anymore." "Jesus, listen to what's com… Read more

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Gina´s Gyno Club - part one

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

Of course, Gina became a student at the small but very prestigeous and long time liberal - maybe even libertine - famous university in Ohio, where Leslie after her MA with honours, immediately was appointed as an assistent professor. Although they split up as a couple after her first year there, they were still best friends for ever and passionate lovers. Entering their third Summer as intimate girlfriends, they looked forward to another hot Summer of love between them and with their mutual casual girlfriends found at Campus. But first day of academical Summer break, Leslie got an urgen… Read more

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Missy and her Daddy's first time


Seducing her Daddy My little girl, watching her grow up. She was Daddy's little girl. We did everything together. Taking her to the park. Then it was taking her to soccer games. She grew up so fast. Before I knew it, she had breasts that seems to just pop out suddenly. She went thru those first bra's like they where shrinking. Then it was prom night. When she came down the stairs, looking like an angel. Her hair flowing, her eyes sparkling, the smile on her face. I loved her, more than life itself. I often had thoughts of her coming to me, naked, as she was showing me… Read more

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the final chapter of jane

Group SexMatureTaboo

When summer came along and school was out we would spend many days out by Jane's pool, swimming laying in the sun and fooling around. Then one day her Mom took the day off from work and said we should have a small BBQ just the three of us. Now here I was helping out with the grill as Jane 5'6" long blond hair and a 110 lb athletic body with nice B cup tits and her mother also about 5'6" short shoulder length blond hair and a 115lb average body both in bikinis laying by the pool glistening sun tan oiled skin causing my cock to grow in my swim trunks. When the burgers and hot dogs where done… Read more

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Blackmailing Cindy


when I was 18I had a very good frien who s mom was a smoking hot blonde. all of us guys would get hard just talking to her, she was the kind that knew she was hot and turning all of us on. she would on purpose rub against our crotch with her sweet as, I know it was only to feel how turned on she had us as well as trying to size all of us up. Im pretty confident in my size and would rub her the same way just for her reaction as well.over time I had become real close as if I were a family member. I had keys to the house etc. I suspected she was fucking one of her husbands friends for a long time… Read more

Posted by lou4u 7 years ago 4 3,882 87%

Flower Institute - Northern dilemma

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

One of the most delicate requests to the Institute came from sexually liberated Scandinavia. A young Swedish teen wasn´t a virgin anymore. But her Mistress decided it was high time to try her butt for offer. Best by an expert sexpert pervert. So she wrote to the Institute in Amsterdam. Of course her letter was well received. Not only because of the contents. The directorate of the Flower Institute recognised the author immediately. She was very famous for her educational stories on horny hamster! The dilemma wasn´t that the teen wasn´t a virgin, of course. One part of the problem so… Read more

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the sleepover


Im the only c***d of a young single mother. She had no schooling, she made a living being a secretary. She worked hard, but her meager pay wasn't enough for us. Going into the sixth grade, we had a talk and she explained she had to get a night job to support us and id b ok alone till she came home...so it was. She had me at 19, so she was maybe 31 then. Sometimes she got home real late, and sometimes so drunk she woke me crashing into furniture. She was naive, going practically nude and sleeping in a sheer silk shirt that came down midway between her bellybutton and her pubic hair...frequently… Read more

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Trap set for Perverted Bother!


I always suspected my brother had a dirty side; I just never suspected how dirty it was, and just what effect it would have on me. My name is Christie. If I had to describe myself I would say that I’m shorter than average, with a perfect small tight ass but I carry a little more in the chest than most of my friends. My hair is shoulder length, which the boys love to have something to hold onto as I found out. Anyway my brother Ray and I are nearly 19. He works as a teller at the local bank, and I’m studying journalism at college. As for Ray his girlfriend is such a skank, and a cock-t… Read more

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Total Domination and Bottle-Fucked


'So tell me Mariel, what's a guy have to do to get into your knickers?' I looked at him, a tad bleary-eyed, yes I had been drinking heavily and my husband had conveniently gone to bed, and now his old friend had obviously decided he needed a fuck, and as I was here, why not use my cunt, so I replied, 'You need to catch me wearing a pair'. He laughed out loud, and I joined-in, if anything, just to show that I was neither shocked at his outright request, or offended by his offer. 'Tell me John', I felt the need to ask him a personal question, 'Why did you divorce your wife, if you feel the ne… Read more

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Flower Institute

First TimeTabooVoyeur

The Flower Institute in old Amsterdam made its claim to fame for its name by elegant deflorations. It orginated last century, after a special request from a young lady of noble class in Poland. She provided the founding capital for the erection of the foundation with its noble aims. Look what happened. Her hymen was on auction. Not to the highest bidder. Her financial offer was set. The most promising gentleman would get the honour to make her a woman. The announcement was only in Polish. As a well educated girl, she knew real gentlemen speak at least five foreign languages. Hence Polis… Read more

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Flower Institute - early history

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

Amsterdam was first in the world with many things. Good and bad. The first financial bubble: speculation in the tulip market. Tulips aren´t even Dutch, they originate from Turkey. The first banks as well. Happy to finance, speculate and invest in American independance. As the Brits were our favourite enemies. But also the first "Flower Institute" for transforming classy virgins into full blown women. But that´s a long story. Patient readers: welcome to next paragraphs. We did the "Golden Revolution" for the Brits, but had to swallow swapping New York for Surinam after we lost the seco… Read more

Posted by petdyke 7 years ago 3 1,107 46%