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When I was 12 and getting erections I discovered a joy in a cinema
I was watching a soft british soft porn movie in London while on hols with my auntie
I sat in the back row with some old guys and a young couple
As I watched young schoolgirls stripping down to their sexy panty's and bras my
cock started to harden in my jeans I took out my hard prick and began to stroke it
"Darling let me help you " a mature blonde women had sat down beside me
She took hold of my swelling cock and slowly caressed the long shaft
"Just imagine that young schoolgirl on the screen is doing what I am going ... Continue»
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My Little s****r's New Job Part 4

I park in front of John’s apartment. Marissa is sitting next to me and i can see she is very nervous. She’s about to go up into the apartment to have sex with my friend John. Well, my friend is paying me to have sex with my s****r. I turn to look at Marissa and she turns to look at me. Her eyes are teary and she is visibly shaking. My arm goes over her shoulder and i bring her close to me.
“Don't worry, honey. John is a good guy, he won’t hurt you.” I give her a smile.

“I don’t know what to do. I’m scared.”

“ Don’t be. Don’t ask him questions and do what he tells you. Once he’s do... Continue»
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My Step mom Ch2

I was laying in bed later that night after having fucked Erin for the third time that day. My phone buzzed and I checked to see who it was. It was a text from my idiot father.

"What the fuck mother fucker? Seriously? You fucked my wife?"

"Um correction asshole, I'm fucking your wife. Obviously, you can't do a good enough job.", I replied to him

"That's it! I'm cutting my trip short and coming home. You and I are going to have a long talk when I get back.", he said in anger.

"Whatever, dick", I replied.

Later that night, I got up to go get a bottle of water from the kitchen. As I pass... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Birthday Present 2

Claire left the room with her Mam. A minute later Katie walked in dressed in her School uniform. I was still naked and my softened dick hardened immediately at the sight. Her hair was in pigtails. A cute smile on her pretty face. My eyes moved down her slim body. Blazer, White blouse, Grey pleated skirt, white knee length socks, and topped off by a lollipop jutting from the left hand side of her mouth, sucking it seductively.

"Wow Katie you look sensational !" "Mam said you like naughty Schoolgirls and I want to be very naughty" She replied. "I want spanking and fucking hard Sparky just
... Continue»
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My fantasy about Virginie

Virginie is my female friend Annick's other daughter, Bianca being her youngest (see other story for my fantasy with Bianca) I am praying for the day when she will bend over in front of me and look at me with bedroom eyes so I can burry my cock in all of her. She is one gorgeous 27 year old woman. I have always fantasied about her too. But what really got me into thinking I would be home with my entire cock inside her vagina is a trip to Cuba. She is so hot with her shoulder length blond hair and her cool looks. She is a tattoo artist and has a tattoo depicting a gorgeous large breasted woman ... Continue»
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Asking my b*****r to take my ass slowly.

This is based on something that happened to me but I've added a lot so you can't tell what's true and what's not. Everyone was over 18 at the time this took place.

When I entered college, my roommates were Cindy and Carol. They talked about sex a lot. Each had a boyfriend, and they'd go on and on about letting the boys feel up their titties in the library stacks and about stroking dicks behind the soccer fields. They especially would get into details about the boy's spurting, how much, how far, how often. It got to the point that they started competing with each other. I first noticed they ... Continue»
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Aunt Joan continued

Episode 2 – The Coaching Manual

Continuing the story of a chance meeting on the late bus that leads to a steamy encounter between generations.

I knew exactly what Aunt Joan wanted and I was eager to give her what she wanted but first I just had to sample her wonderful breasts and nips. I lifted myself up and placed my hands on her boobs, kneading them and plying her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. I held her breasts in my palms and fastened my mouth on one then the other nipple, sucking and nibbling at them. Aunt Joan was moaning with pleasure … ‘oh Bill that’s lovely’ but then p... Continue»
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I arrived in record time. My mini skirt riding high all the way to Mom's. Seeing my creamy thighs against the tops of my stockings pushed my sex drive to the max. Feeling so hot I can wait to lay my eye's on Mom again. I resting my right hand between my legs all the way there. As I pull into the Driveway I notice that I have missed Dad. He has already left to do some Fishing, that's OK by me. Mom meet me at the car when I arrive. She gave me a kiss on the lips, and helped me with my stuff.

Once inside she asked why I was dressed so seductively. I replied I wanted to look nice for you when... Continue»
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Mom & I Are Swingers

After serving three years of a four-year enlistment in the Air f***e, I was discharged early because of my promiscuous behavior. I guess I deserved it. I once went to a swinger club near the base and offered to take on everyone. I wanted to see how many people I could have sex with in one night. I lost count when I passed out during a strong orgasm, but I took on at least thirty-five men and six women. Some of them must have been in the Air f***e because word of my shameful behavior got back to the Base Commander. I got a good chewing out for that one, but they didn't kick me out.

It was ... Continue»
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Just another day of SIL domination!

So, Linda and I are watching her b*****rs k**s at their home and we are out by the pool. The k**s all need to get cleaned up and ready to go to a sporting event later that evening with their parents and we are free to go at that time. My wife Sarah will be along shortly to help with all the prep work and I am just doing some landscape projects after everyone leaves because it will be nice and quiet with no c***dren to get in the way. Linda and Sarah are going out for a bit, or something. I don’t care, I got stuff that needs doing.
I can see Linda’s boobs are full, and leaking slightly. No-one... Continue»
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Thursday night

It takes time ti write a good story. Follow me on instagram @raqm0900 and tumblr

Eating Sundaes early; Tony gets two cherries with his banana
Tony was sitting at his comp in his room, slowly stroking off as he surfed his fave site for something to catch his eye. He was still scanning pages when he heard a knock on his door. Quickly, he hit the panic button and a word doc popped open, showing his homework.

“Yeah?” he called, nonchalantly as possible. He dropped his hand to his fly and tucked himself away, then got up and started walking to the door. ... Continue»
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Aunt Liz (part-1)

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My Aunt Liz

From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful demeanor with an edge of sarcasm within her playfulness. When I was just a c***d and she came over to visit her younger s****r (my Mom), she would always take the time out to show me some attention. Generally back then; even though it encompassed some physical touching, the playfulness was wrestling or tickling, or a combination of both. Aunt Lizzie lived in our state’s capitol a couple of hours away from ... Continue»
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One night stand with Leila Part 1

Is there anything better than meeting a girl, taking her back to your room and making love without ever even learning each others’ real names? If there is, I’ve yet to discover it. Let me give you an example, one of my favorites, though it is damn hard to pick a favorite cherry from a bowl of perfect specimens each glowing red and shiny as searing ember and clear as an image viewed from the wrong side of a telescope.
Jackson Square, New Orleans, might be the perfect place to meet a new lover. Then again anywhere could be, if two like minded souls should be there at the same time. But it seems... Continue»
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Grandma's Secret

It takes time ti write a good story.
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A grandmother’s untimely demise brings to light an unexpected story about an apparently normal f****y.
Grandma's Secret

Earlier this month, my grandmother passed away in her sl**p. Nan had been only 66 years old when she died, but it hadn't happened unexpectedly. The doctors had given her two months when they discovered the cancer that was slowly destroying her body, and that was just about as much as she got. At least she didn’t suffer much.

After the funeral and... Continue»
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Sex with teacher

The other day I was out drinking with friends, which always makes me horny. I told my Sir that I wanted fucked badly. He was kind enough to post an ad calling for men in my area to come fuck me.
He knows that I prefer older, well-educated men so the applicants were vetted accordingly. I fell asl**p and when I awoke he had already found several possible matches. Once my Sir had narrowed it down to a few lucky candidates I was allowed to choose. Immediately I was drawn to one man, the professor, in particular, but another man’s huge cock also tempted me. However, my Sir and I agreed that the mo... Continue»
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Introducing My Older s****r

My s****r Melody is four years older than I. We had an excellent rapport, somehow a combination of fraternal and paternal, but without the judgments that often sour so many f****y relations. Though her suggestions, advice, offers for rides, help with picking clothes, she made my transitions as a teenager so much easier. She helped me to become a well-balanced k**, and that made for a pretty smooth relationship with my parents.

Melody was pretty, average in height, and with an average physique. She was active in sports but not committed to anything the way gymnasts or swimmers sometimes are.... Continue»
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My Stepmother, My Fuck Toy

My dad divorced my mom for a slut half her age when I turned 18. Her name was Cindi Carter and she used to be a model when she was in her early twenties, but more recently she was just living off my dad.

Although dad pretended to like Cindi for her personality, I knew all along he only liked her for pussy and big tits. She was just was your typical blond bimbo slut whose interests revolved about shopping, clothes and whatever lame TV show was on network television the night before. The thought that I might have to share my dad's personal fortune with her made me want to vomit. Not to mentio... Continue»
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My s****r's seduction

"Vicky, we shouldn't be doing this," I said as I looked down at her, staring into her eyes.

"I know, that's what makes it feel so good," she told me with an evil smile as she took my cock in both her hands and brought it to her lips.

My little s****r Vicky had always been an incredible tease, even when we were younger. Before I went to college she would tempt me by walking around the house in a skimpy little bathing suit or a pair of sexy underwear, she used to torment me to no end. I always thought that it was because she wanted to make me suffer, that she wanted me to be so sexually fr... Continue»
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Mom at the Prom

Edward Morelli heard the phone ringing. It was annoying the 18 year old, both because it was the fourth ring and also because it was interrupting his drinking. He took another swig from his 5 liter bottle of Jack Daniels and leaned across the living room sofa to the irritating telephone and answered it without looking at the caller ID.

“Hell-loooo,” he slurred.


“Yeahhhh. Who the fuck is this?”

“Your mother.”

The blatant reply, mixed with a tinge of parental authority, offset his alcohol-induced stupor. He sat up right and started clearing his throat.

“Mom! Hi, are you?... Continue»
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such a nasty slut , but i still love her

I was such a nasty little slut today. with. I just can't control myself. I mean fuck bby. You are the one that pointed it out in the first place. I just thought it was saggy old man ball hanging out of the bottom of his shorts. I need to see it all. Then i had to touch it. Just to be sure. Then that smell hit me in the face. Had to take a closer look. i tasted his thick long juicy black cock bby. Is that OK?. Once i tasted that musty precum my pussy got so wet. I slobbered all over his cock trying to suck and fit it in my mouth but he just laughs and tells me I'm a good little slut trying to... Continue»
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