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That Fateful Morning!

I really don’t know what came over me that dreadful Sunday Monday morning. I lay in bed around 6:30am having woken up from a reasonable sleep, I felt totally at peace with everything, I had nothing to do that day at all. I turn a glance at my Girlfriend Clarissa. I realise how fortunate I am to have her in my life, I have known her for only a matter of weeks now, but she has moved in with me as she had issues with her parents. I lay there admiring her beauty; her soft brown hair flowing over her face, which without a trace of makeup still makes her look like a model. Without moving under the d... Continue»
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After a Long Day !!!!!!!!!

After a long hard day at work all Helen wanted was to go home and soak in a nice hot bubble bath then have Mark her son massage her feet.

With a great sigh of relief Helen parked her car in her drive and made her way into the house. After sorting through the mail she climbed the stairs to her bedroom and stripped then headed to the bathroom and began running the water for her bubble bath. At that moment Mark walked in and smiled at her not even seeming to care that here his mother was stark naked in from of him. "Mum, guess what I got today?" he asked finally looking at her and blushing. "... Continue»
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Femdom Fantasy Dream Scenarios

Total remote controller
Woman mounts man, cover his eyes with a collar. then grap his thing to control him. she
turns it right to go right, left to go left. stroking back and forward to move. press the top to give special command. lift it to lift the man's hand. Descend the cock to put the mans head on the floor. As she controls him, she deliberately make him hit his head to the objects around and laughs. Respect to the mistress tradition, she turns while she is still on him. her foots right in front of him. she plays with his thing. while she is doing this, man knows the manner without any ... Continue»
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Mums Panties

When I stepped into the room the first thing that caught my eye were her Knickers. Lovely shade of pink, they were just laying on the carpet.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. After all, why were they there? This is my bedroom and I don't wear knickers.

I had turned 14 that summer, it was just my mother and I living in the house together as dad had gone years ago. We got along very well, had similar taste in movies, that we would watch together. We did read a lot and often discussed books we would read together. My mother had a career as a manger of an insurance office.... Continue»
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Sissy diary episode 2 - crossing the border

Dresden 10/21/17
I’m sitting in front of my computer and trying to decide on what to write in my Sissy Diary. It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened since then. My entire life is entirely different now. I have so much to share.
So, what’s changed? Let’s talk about the simple things first: My English has gotten so much better with every day, there is a soccer match currently on air and I’m not even tempted to have the TV on for background noise, for the first time in five years I have money, I take care of myself and my hygiene with a lot more diligence, my apartment is c... Continue»
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My Step Sister - Part 2

When I was 18 years old, my mother remarried and so I now had a step-sister, Chrissy, who was just a little older than me and very cute. She had blond hair, a cute little face, and c-cup tits that had no sag. Chrissy had walked in on me masturbating and convinced me to keep going and cum for her (see part 1).

Our town was growing and the High School was overcrowded. While the new high school was being built, we had split attendance. Some students attended from 7:00 am until 1:00 pm and other students attended from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Both Chrissy and I were in the 11-4 population. This m... Continue»
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Sissy diary episode 1 - intro

Before I start I want to take the chance to out me, instruct you what this diary is about and explain to you what plans I have for myself and how it could come so far.
I am 22 years old and I live in Dresden, Germany (so please excuse me if my english is a bit weird sometimes). I am a worthless sissy faggot and are looking for mistresses, daddies or (if possible dominant) transgenders who can accompany and push me on my way to reach my goal (how far you accompany me is 100% their decision) to become a trans sissy.
It does not matter whether it is keyholding, verbal abuse and humiliation, my ... Continue»
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Oop's I caught my Son.

It was Friday night and I got home about 20 minutes early, ready to begin the weekend. The house was silent. Mark, my son, must not be home yet, I thought. I decided to change into something more comfortable. That simple decision set off a chain of events that has forever changed my life.

When I walked in the room I froze in my tracks. Mark was lying on my bed completely naked. He had one hand wrapped around his hard cock. His eyes were closed and he was stroking his cock. I know I should have walked out of the room, but I was shocked and mesmerized by the scene in front of me.

It seame... Continue»
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A Stepmom's Story

Paul had never known his real mother, she had left his father Jack soon after Paul's birth, never to be seen or heard of again. It had been tough, but Paul's grandparents had rallied around, & somehow they had managed. Then, when Paul was 5-years old, his father had met & married Stacey - a bright, beautiful 25-year old, & they had been a happy family ever since.

Over the years Paul & Stacey had developed a normal mother-son relationship, to the point where he couldn't imagine anybody else fulfilling that role. Stacey was more conscious of the void within the family & did her best to fil... Continue»
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My Sisters

If anyone had told me, a week ago, that I would soon be fucking the living shit out of my two beautiful, large breasted, voluptuous, blonde twin sisters, I would have told them that they were crazy.

And I would have been wrong.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

Nearly a year ago, fresh after my eighteenth birthday, I headed out for my freshman year of college. I was a virgin at the time, but I was young, dumb, and full of cum, and had no doubt that I would be a sexual dynamo in no time at all. Suffice it to say, I was mistaken. I spent nine months studyi... Continue»
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Easing Into Mom

There she was laying on the couch face down. She was wearing a night shirt that came halfway down her thighs leaving exposed most of her sexy long legs. Even the plain material of the garment could not hide her massive ass.

That ass stood up proudly almost as if calling to me. It was past midnight and I realized that she was there because she and my dad had another fight about sex. From what I heard he wasn't interested and she was practically begging for it. I couldn't understand this as I thought it would been the other way around.

My dad had let himself go and had a pot belly from e... Continue»
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Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 11

Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 11

Friday, December 5, continued

Terri carefully slid two fingers into her mother's very wet vagina, bent them a bit, pulled back out, but not all the way. Went back in and pressed all around on the vaginal sphincter muscle.

"Ahhhh!" Sara gasped.

Next, Terri turned her hand over and her two fingers sought out and found her mother's g-spot and began massaging it.

"Oh, baby!" Sara cried out.

For the next several minutes the only sound in the bedroom, besides the wet sounds of Terri's fingers in her mother's pussy and her mouth sucking and nibbling on ... Continue»
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Crazy revenge on ladyboy part 2

So as she looked slightly shocked at the seriousness in my eyes I also noticed her guilty face trying to hide her arousal... I felt so in control and like this moment was mine , she was flushed and in awe just by me being in the room.. I thought to myself, that although my nature is more tender and caring, if she wanted me to be dominant and sissy'd then who am I to deny her...

She showed she wanted this In every way possible.. And to be honest, I just craved to see her gag on my unwashed cock still tarnished with my cutie filipina girlfriends naughty juice...

A young narcissist on a que... Continue»
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My Twin S!sters: Hole in The Attic

Only a half hour until everyone gets home. I must work fast to finish the job. I plug in the drill and hurry up into the attic. Ah, here is the spot. The drill spins as I press in down into the wooden floor. And then, light. I pull out the drill and look down into the hole. Yes, perfect. From here, I can see all of their room. My calculations were right. I race down and go into my s!ster's room; they are twins and two years older than I.

I look up at the ceiling. With the intricate pattern of clowns, teddy bears, and other drawings my parents placed on the ceiling when they were young, it wa... Continue»
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My Daughter's Warm Soft Lips

After my wife left with another man I was a single father of a daughter who was just turned ? years old. I was awarded custody after her mother left and had a hard time readjusting to being single again at 33 years old. I worked from home so didn't have much time to mingle or meet people.
I spent a lot of time on the couch after my daughter went to bed watching porn and jerking off.
Interracial porn ( Big Black Dicks with cute Innocent looking White Girls always got me hot ) and I would pull out my cock , oil it up with baby oil and slowly stroke while watching black studs feeding and cummin... Continue»
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We meet a stunnig women on vacation

Cindi, my wife, and I were both ready for a week in the sun. We checked into a secluded resort on the Yucatan Peninsula that promised luxury and serenity. Cindi is 5’6”, 110 lbs., mid length blond hair and firm smallish titties. I’m 6’2”, 195 and dark hair. We’re both athletic and Cindi sports a beautiful muscular butt.
We finished lunch on the veranda and gathered our things for the pool. This resort features a pool for the general public and one listed as an adult pool. I followed Cindi as she followed the signs to the adult pool. I discovered this meant topless. About 7 of the women had th... Continue»
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My 1st Time sucking a Dick

When I was younger an older boy from the neighborhood that used to take me down his basement where his parents were the super and he would show me porn magazines. He would talk about the girls and what he wanted to do with them and what he wanted them to do to him and he would pull out his dick and jerk off. I would jerk off too and seeing pussy getting fucked and girls sucking cock combined with my age would make my dick shoot about 4-5 feet streams of cum.
Especially after seeing him shoot his load. I loved watching him play with his dick ! His dick was very sensitive under his cock head an... Continue»
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TEENAGE MEMORIES - My first cock

It was 1974 and I was only 14, but I’d been wanking for around 6 months and had fucked Josephine a couple of weeks prior, the day before I’d been memorized as I’d watched two boys sucking and wanking each other off behind the boiler room at school so I was up for a good wanking session when mum and dad announced they were going out.

‘Fantastic’ I thought a long slow wank as I laid on my bed. “Uncle Frank is coming to sit with you” I groaned, I was old enough to be left on my own, but there was no point in arguing. Half past seven there was a knock on the door and dad opened it to Frank, we ... Continue»
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A Pokelove story CHAPTER3

A pokelove story

I do not own the Pokemon characters. This whole story is obviously fictional and of course all characters are over 18. It might involves more or less sexual activities between humans and Pokemons.

Chapter 3: the run

A few days after we caught Caninos, Ashley was looking all joyful. Every night she locked herself in her room with Caninos and Metamorph. No one except me knew what was making her so happy but she really looked gorgeous.

From my room I was hearing it all, night after night. Listening carefully I could hear her order Metamorph to change into a Can... Continue»
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My wife and my son (Part 1)

Watching my son make his mother give up her pussy to him was one hell of a turn on. I thought to myself, I wonder if she will tell me what he made her do or not.
I got home about an hour later but nothing was said. Debbie was in the kitchen fixing some sandwitches for lunch when I came up behind her and reached around her to play with her tits. I was wondering what she would do if she thought I wanted the get layed. Jimmy your son is home. I know, lets go into the bedroom and talk about Tom. I can't honey I am fixing lunch. I don't care. So I grab her hand and pull her into the bedroom. She ... Continue»
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