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Taboo Porn Stories

My Panties (Part 3 of 3)

Story FetishMasturbationTaboo

Then next day I was at work and my cell phone ringed it was my b*****r. “Hey sis, what are you doing?” “Nothing just working” I replied “Eddie is coming over tonight and is bringing one of his friends tonight” “Mark, I’m not a slut! You can’t just have people I don’t know just show up!” “I know, but before I could correct Eddie he invited his friend”. “Well I don’t think this is a good idea, maybe we should just cancel”. “No you can’t I already told him it was fine.” Mark said. “Well I didn’t approve it” I replied. “Please… Please… You can t cancel now they are alr… Read more

Posted by tcg 5 years ago 1,607 96%

Living Back With My Mother

Story MatureTaboo

As I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, I contemplated the sequence of events that has led me back here to my c***dhood bedroom. It all started when I lost my small building business as the recession hit, then my wife ran off with someone else when the house was repossess. It was better for me to take my mothers advice and come back home than waste money on renting a flat. That’s basically why at the grand age of 38 I am back living with my mother, having my own room was a lot more attractive than sl**ping on some friends sofa also. I stared at the ceiling again, wondering how many 38 year… Read more

Posted by nckboy 5 years ago 20 15,879 99%

My Panties (Part 1 of 3)

Story FetishMasturbationTaboo

Let’s start off with me telling you about myself; my name is Tiffany and I am 19 years old. I have long brown hair (that falls about four inches below my shoulders) with blondish highlights, big brown eyes, and I’m about 5 foot7 inches tall, and I weigh around 118lbs. Like most young adults around my age living at home with the parents, being a full time college student consumes most of your time. When I’m not in class or studying I do have a part time job just to unwind, I waitress at the local TGI Fridays where at I can hang out with some friends. The job is ok, but hopefully soon my living… Read more

Posted by tcg 5 years ago 7 3,225 95%

My Panties (Part 2 of 3)

Story FetishMasturbationTaboo

The next morning I woke up late and it was the start of a new week, fortunately it was my day off from work again. Mark was at school setting up flyers for a fund raiser and my parents were going into the city to see a play. I opened my eyes and lied there in my bed thinking about what happened yesterday. I felt my attention refocusing on my laundry basket. I started thinking about Mark and Eddie stroking their dicks with my panties, and soaking them with their seed. I also thought about the four orgasms that my pussy had which saturated the white satin thongs I was still wearing, molding them… Read more

Posted by tcg 5 years ago 3 1,560 98%

Bar surprise !!

Story FetishFirst TimeTaboo

My boyfriend and I were bored with the same sex everyday and night. He suggested we find a third, a female. So We went out to the bar. We sit down at a table and start looking for a suitable female. While we are scouting for a female I go to the bar to order a few drinks. While waiting for the bartender to prepare the drinks. I felt someone put their hands on my leg and start going towards my thighs. I started breathing heavily. I looked up to see who was touching me. It was a female; red hair, blue eyes, light skin. She had the body of a goddess. Wearing fishnet stockings, a little red sa… Read more

Posted by sexuallauxes 5 years ago 8 1,235 78%

Dad Takes Over II

Story Taboo

(continued from Part I) As I threw her on the bed, her legs separated. I ripped my shorts and underwear off; my engorged, purple cock sprang out. In my lust, I grabbed her under her knees and pulled her to me, looking to plow her tight wetness in one thrust. I jabbed with my cock, looking at her eyes the whole time. I missed and rammed her clit, which made her moan. Too hot to miss again, I took my fat cock in my hand and put it at the mouth of her sweet wet slit, pushing in hard. She let out a long breath which turned into a long moan, which turned into a series of a****l sounds as I… Read more

Posted by lengthyguy7 5 years ago 1 1,234 70%

Finding Porn with my b*****r

Story First TimeGay MaleTaboo

My b*****r and I shared a bedroom growing up. We were a year and a half apart in age and kept no secrets from each other. We would see each other nude talk about sex openly and share any Playboys or Pethouses we found of dads or got from a friend. It wasn't uncommon for one of us to catch the other masturbating. The one doing the deed would cover up and the other would point and laugh typically, no big deal. We lived in the country and one day we about a mile from home when we spotted something in a culvert. It was two grocery bags full of dirty mags. Some of them were titles we hadn't seen… Read more

Posted by seymore_bunz 5 years ago 12 4,726 96%

Dad Takes Over

Story Taboo

This may have happened this weekend, or it may never have happened... My 16 yo daughter and I have developed a wonderful relationship over the years. Her mom left us for another guy when she was 2, but we have not looked back. As she matured, we became closer, in every sense of the word. The last few years she has wanted to go out more and start dating. It has been difficult for me to let her go, but I have encouraged her to date boys her age, and she has. I liked her first boyfriend. He was a good k** and a good influence on Courtney, but I am not too much on her latest. He is a sm… Read more

Posted by lengthyguy7 5 years ago 3 2,571 73%


Story MatureTaboo

Hi, I'm Randy and this is my twisted tale on f****y sex, better known as i****t. It started 2 years ago when I was 22. At that time, I had been married only a year to a beautiful sexy woman whose profession happened to be a stripper. We actually met for the first time while she was dancing at a local gentlemen's club. After we married, Debra, or "D" as she likes to be called, wanted to keep dancing. I'm a very open-minded person and had no problem with her doing that. The greatest part about having a wife as a dancer was we installed a dance pole in our master bedroom and I got to see her… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 5 5,675 99%

How I met my GF, and her daughter and stepson

Story HardcoreMatureTaboo

How I came to meet my GF, and eventually her Daughter and Stepson......who now live with me My situation began when after a divorce, I was in need of a place to live for a while. On the suggestion of a mutual aquaintance I spoke with a lady under his employ, who might be able to accomodate me for a while. We talked briefly and she offered to let me stay at her place, as her two c***dren were at friends for the summer in Baltimore MD. I followed her home after she finished work and she welcomed me in and showed me around. That evening we went to a dance and had a good time getting to kn… Read more

Posted by querico44 5 years ago 9 3,877 96%

swimming lesson

Story Taboo

Hi hope you enjoy my experience, which happened a couple of years ago while we were staying in a country cottage in the Lake District near Ullswater. Oh the we well that’s me Dom and my girlfriend Sue. The cottage we were staying in was pretty much secluded by trees all around us and we had a lake quite close by. We were very lucky in our choice of cottage private quiet and yet near to shops and a pub you could say we had it made this was our first break for almost two years and when we arrived at Ullswater we couldn’t believe what we were looking at the cottage is truly like looking at a pict… Read more

Posted by chrisjuhh 5 years ago 4 1,793 51%

That one time in the bushes next to school

Story Sex HumorTabooVoyeur

This, like all the stories I post on here, is a true story. I studied arts in high school, which basically meant my school was a melting pot of stoners, hot alternative chicks, emo k**s and a bunch of teacher’s still thinking they’re 16 years old. The school was one giant orgy: over the four years I attended it, I must’ve fucked about 30 to 35 girls, including all of my female classmates but one. I have so many stories to tell about my time there, but I’ll start with just one. That time in the bushes. At one of our school parties, I’d made up with this girl who was a year younger than… Read more

Posted by Mercutio85 5 years ago 5 2,939 96%


Story MatureTaboo

It was like a moment frozen in time: my white hand tightly gripping my belt buckle as the other and came down on her perfect, quivering brown ass. It struck with a hard, sharp smack, and she cried out in pain, her knees sliding apart slightly. She was kneeling on her bed, her face buried in her pillow, her firm, round pointed butt up in the air. She wore only a green tank top which had become bunched up near the top of her ribcage. I delighted in being able to see the bottoms of her deep honey-colored breasts... and her soft, naked butt which now had one long red mark on it... and her nearly-h… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 2 4,084 91%

From Andy to Amy

Story FetishShemalesTaboo

Story codes: CD TV mf voy mast nosex If you are looking for serious one handed reading, then you are in the wrong place. I hpe you like this. It's the stopry of a young man's first venture into cross dressing. Any similarity to me is entirely coincidental! Title: Andy to Amy "Why are you staring at my knickers?" I jerked upright. God, I really had been staring at her knickers - not the ones she was wearing, sadly, but a pair on the floor, presumably yesterday's pair. They were perfectly normal white knickers with little pink flowers on them and a tiny satin bow on the front -… Read more

Posted by justpeekinout 5 years ago 24 2,616 100%

The Zoo.

Story BDSMHardcoreTaboo

I live in the zoo with master, luckily he didnt want to ruin my natural beauty so he didnt change me. Master has over a hundred slaves, but only about 5 women. The others are all turned into a****ls. He removes their clits, most of them get no pleasure. They all wear beautiful make up and paint, and most of them have special tails. They are all masters a****ls. They are made to feel worthless, like a****ls. They were sold by their parents on their 16th birthday. They belong to master. He punishes them like a****ls, he whips and canes them. He cleans them like a****ls, using rou… Read more

Posted by lolaaaX 5 years ago 2 1,409 54%


Story MatureTaboo

(The following story is a compilation of e-mails between Lindy and her cyber daddy.) Standing naked before the full length mirror Lindy sees a sensual, petite woman of twenty.. with black curly hair and blue eyes. Her tanned skin stands in contrast to her alabaster 32 B boobs which frame her pinkish-brown nipples. They are hard and pointy as she strokes her full black pussy pelt thinking about her dominate daddy fantasy… Sitting down she spreads lotion over the soft skin of her legs and feet. Placing several toe rings on her sexy bare feet. Pulling on a thong and a braless tight fitting… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 2 2,026 88%


Story MatureTaboo

It was a quiet Friday evening and I was thrilled with the possibility of having a little private time. Mom and Dad had gone with friends skiing for the weekend and as I mentioned Alessandria was away at school. Me? Having just recently returned from a hitch in the Military had planned a weekend on the couch with some of movies I had missed. Oh yes, and I also planned not to waste my time in ignorance so I intended to ingest a large amount of American History, well to be more honest, I had a chilled case Sam Adams Summer Ale, he was a historic figure wasn't he, I was going to let him effect my… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 6 12,197 91%


Story AnalFetishTaboo

i meet Claire in one of them branded coffee houses’ you know the ones small cups and over priced hot water, i sat in a corner sipping my drink and reading the morning post. i put the cup to my mouth and sipped again looking over the rim of my cup a spotted a small slim woman looking intently at me. I felt naked under her gaze and started to blush; next thing i knew the woman got up put on her coat and walked over to me.... "in 2 minuets get up go outside turn right into the alleyway you'll see a red car at the far end get in and say nothing", she turned on her heels and walked away. i was pe… Read more

Posted by naughtyteddy 5 years ago 1,060 75%

Buying a girls panties

Story MasturbationTabooVoyeur

dylan_jones sounds like a fantacy come true........thank u that'd be fantastic! 2:33 pm, February 8 SniffyPanty i don't have all those anymore... sorry.... but i have lots of tights, panties and nylons looking just like those. i will send you a real nice outfit: -smelly panties that i peed in -cum soaked pantyhose stuffed in my cunt -a pair of tights smelling of my ass, pussy and perfume all that for 50euro (free shipping and a set of pics included) i guess you will look amaizing dressed in my dirty lingerie :P what u think? 2:15 pm, February 8 dylan_jones 1: Plaid Dirty… Read more

Posted by dylan_jones 5 years ago 3 664 63%

Setup by My s****r - 3

Story FetishHardcoreTaboo

Danae had me clean out her pussy. I wanted to fuck Linda but I knew what she wanted. I called Phil later that day and asked if he would be interested in taking Linda out. I know she is not your normal date. He laughed and asked if I thought he would get to play with those enormous tits. I laughed and told him I bet he got what ever he wanted. So he said he would call her for a date next Friday. Fuck Friday what about tonight. He laughed and said he had Jenny on the menu tonight. I laughed and told him I would see him later. I went into Danae's room and told them that he was intereste… Read more

Posted by biguy52x 5 years ago 1,859 100%