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Taboo Porn Stories


Story MatureTaboo

We live about 3 hours from my wife's f****y and we were heading there for the weekend and my wife told me that I would be staying at Mark and Michele's house. The k**s and she would be staying at her parents. My wife likes to stay up late playing cards with her parents and the k**s like playing with their cousins and I like to hang out with Mark. Michele is my wife's younger s****r. Their faces make them look like almost twins but my wife is about 5'4" and Michele is about 5'9." Michele is very thin and exercises everyday with small perky boobs that look nice on her sl… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 7 6,326 96%

Watching The Wife: Part 1 (Re-Edit)

Story Interracial SexTabooVoyeur


Posted by JonMcman 5 years ago 2,975 79%

Unexpected first time with Aunt

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

**This is my first effort. Any constructive feedback will be gratefully accepted! Many thanks. Chapter 1 sets the scene. Samir: N ephew Rekha: Au nt Saree: An Indian apparel;copy and paste this link to see pictures:… Read more

Posted by sds1943 5 years ago 1 6,204 100%

The neighbor who had mother and daughter

Story AnalMatureTaboo

I don't know if it's the Spring morning, the fact I am on my push bike, or I am growing-up, but my pussy is so sensitive and wet, as I turn onto my street and pedal to my home at the very end. I am coming home to an empty house, both my parents are at work and my younger b*****r has gone to school, the idea of having the house to myself adds to my excitement, as I loved walking around nude, admiring my nakedness in the mirrors as I float from room to room, the audacity of doing it and the sense of freedom you get from being naked, not to mention the thrill of being discovered, which of course… Read more

Posted by MarieL 5 years ago 13 6,096 96%

Helping Each Other Out

Story First TimeMatureTaboo

My mom and dad had always seemed like they had the perfect marriage. They always fucked. I would some times peak thru the door and watch. I loved how mom's boobs would shake or sway as dad fucked her hard. I also loved it when dad would pull his limp cock out of mom and some white cum would trickle out of mom. Mom and dad went thru a nasty divorce after mom found out dad was not only fucking mom, but his secretary, the checkout lady from the store, and several other women. The divorce d**g on for about two years and mom was devastated. I think she only went out on two dates during that w… Read more

Posted by zimabean 5 years ago 4 7,058 92%


Story MatureTaboo

Chapter 1 The whole thing seems so bizarre when I think about it. I am a 53 year old women, happily married to a wonderful man. We’ve been married for over 23 years and have two c***dren, a girl 20 and a boy 18. It was a second marriage for both of us and my husband has three older c***dren from his previous marriage. My daughter Cara is a Junior in college and is living at home, but she comes and goes like the wind. My son, Tim, is a senior in high school and just the best k** you could ever want. He is an excellent student and has lots of friends. He’s not much of an athlete, which is… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 10 14,877 97%


Story Taboo

My wife is the coolest woman on this planet. My daughter is the hottest one. How else do you describe two women - one who gets her own husband to screw their daughter and the other who lets him? I am Dipak Dorba, and I happen to be thirty-nine years old. My wife, Shanti, is an even thirty-eight, and we have a very lovely daughter Neha who is twenty. Like me, my daughter got married at the age of nineteen, but unlike mine, hers wasn't a love marriage. Besides, my early marriage to Shanti can be attributed to her pregnancy, but Neha's early marriage didn't have that kind of excuse too.… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 2 2,104 93%

The neighbor

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Lea was a beautiful woman and she was a porn star. She made adult movies and posed for nude pics. She was raunchy and love the porn life. She would do or pose any way they wanted. Her legs spread pussy pics were very common. She lived next door to a f****y that had a teen son. The son was always watching her as she moved around her yard almost naked. One day he knocked on her door asked if she had any jobs he could do for her. She took his hand and pulled him inside and shut her door. Once in her house she grabbed him and kissed him tonguing him deep. "Yes, I have a job for you. Get naked and… Read more

Posted by pattinudie45 5 years ago 4 1,930 94%


Story MatureTaboo

Lila was a vibrant, sexy 18 year old girl with big blue eyes and locks of gold; she was an only c***d, and since Lila's birthmother had died when she was an infant, Stacy, her stepmother, was the only mother she had ever known. They did everything together; from shopping trips to late night chats, Lila and her mom were inseparable. Lila always told her mom how much she loved and appreciated her, but this mother's day, she wanted to do something extra special for her. From the time she was a little girl, Lila had been entranced by Stacy's beauty. As Lila got older, she even began to develop… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 3 3,394 100%

Father time

Story Taboo

Saturday, two weeks ago, they were up here seeing to their old man and cooking, washing and cleaning (even though I didn't need them too). They were pushing me to find a new wife to come and take care of me. Finally, on Sunday morning as they were getting ready to leave and still pushing me to get a wife, I told them that I didn't need one. If I had someone to come in once a month and fuck me silly I would have all that I would ever need. The next Saturday I was going to saw up a lot of logs into firewood and stack it. Leah said that if I did the cutting she would do the stacking. She arriv… Read more

Posted by jabig6 5 years ago 4 2,537 99%

My Friends mom...

Story MatureTaboo

I think that my friends mom is seducing me... Can't say that it bothers me :) She was kinds turning me on from time we were in school. Always awesome hair, nice outfits...gentle hands... Anyway... I usually come to my friend for a beer or coffee...and she always comes, especially if my friend has to jump to his shop in neighboorhood and leaves me alone...she would came and usually in skirt, sit infront of me..crossed legs, uncrosing-crossing...playing with her hair...or she eats a cookie and then crumbles fall in her clevage, and then she touches her boobs, trying to get crumbles out.… Read more

Posted by bikonja 5 years ago 6 4,025 61%


Story MatureTaboo

Nicole Mitchell was so excited. Today was her 18th birthday and her father had promised her a huge surprise of a present. She had no idea what he could possibly have in mind for her birthday. He had given her pretty much everything she ever asked for since she was six and her mother died of a sudden bl**d clot in her heart. She knew it had been hard on her dad raising her all alone and she had tried her best to be a good daughter and not cause him too much trouble. She knew she didn't always succeed, but she did try. All she knew about her present was that he was taking her out to dinner th… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 4,486 98%


Story First TimeTabooVoyeur

My s****r, Julie, was in the shower, and I had to use the bathroom. I knocked once. No answer. I knocked again, harder. "What?" She could hardly hear through the rush of the water. "I need to get in there. I have to go." "Sorry...You'll have to wait until I'm done." I was about to get mad and bang the door with my fist and tell her to hurry up, but I give a quick twist of the knob first. The door opened. I smiled, knowing this would make her mad as hell. I moved into the bathroom, which was thick with steam from the shower. "Hey, the door was unlocke… Read more

Posted by Ticlem69 5 years ago 12 9,509 97%


Story MatureTaboo

I don't know if it's true of every parent, but it's certainly true of me: I have a favourite c***d: Janice, the youngest. The reasons for this are three: she is our only girl; she is by far the most caring, and she is the most vulnerable. Brad, Bob and Peter grew up in a whirlwind of baseball bats, hockey sticks and footballs — then left: to college, then into business, then into societies that rarely include us. Janice has always been different. Where the boys sped through life, Janice kind of bumbled along, spending most of her time in her head, or between the covers of a book, or help… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 2 2,484 99%

Daddy's Girls part 2

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Stan had been fucking Mae for over a year. He took her to his bed every night and fucked her several times. Sometimes during the day he would take her to his home office and fuck her or let her suck his cock as he worked on his computer. But now it was time for Sin to learn to please her daddy. Sin had just turned 15 and she was beautiful. She had full tits and a round bouncy ass. It was Saturday and he took her to his room. He told her "Sin your s****r has been making daddy very happy for a year and now it is your turn to help her. I want you to remove your clothes and stand before your daddy… Read more

Posted by pattinudie45 5 years ago 6 4,165 97%

Swim Coach

Story Interracial SexTaboo

I had been teaching at a small midwest liberal arts college when I got a note that the athletic director wanted to talk to me. I had no idea what he wanted but I agreed to meet him in his office. "Sit down George" he said. "George, I noticed you were a stellar swimmer in college." "Yes, I was" "We have a vacancy here for a coach. Are you interested?" "I've never considered it." "Well as you know our school is small and we can't attract the big name coaches the major universities do. We don't pay a lot, we consider it a boost to your teaching salary. We really need your help." "Let me ta… Read more

Posted by bufffreak 5 years ago 2 2,922 77%

Swim Coach Part II

Story Interracial SexTaboo

Regina toyed with my dick for about a minute, I grew hard as could be. She laid back down, taking me with her. "Let's try it on for size" I slid into her pussy. I couldn't enter all of the way at first. I slowly eased my dick in and out until her young pussy could take me. She knew what to do. She arched her back and worked her pussy against me. I stared down at her hard young tits and I came quickly. She smiled. As she put her robe back on and walked towards the door I heard her mumble. "Road trips are going to be fun? I didn't know what to do. I knew I should tell my wife and the school… Read more

Posted by bufffreak 5 years ago 3 2,257 84%

The Country Club Life

Story Taboo

I'm a 28 year old fit woman and I'm proud of my looks. I have two c***dren but I've focused on keeping a flat stomach and a tight ass. We live in a large two story home with a pool in the backyard and a separate pool house. My husband is a successful company man and he's on the fast track to success. You';d think my life is complete, but there are some frustrations. I'm fairly sure my husband is having affairs with the college interns he claims he needs. He spends at least two evenings each week working late and he travels out of town at least one week each month. Our sex life has deteriora… Read more

Posted by bufffreak 5 years ago 1 3,725 95%

The Office cleaner

Story First TimeMatureTaboo

Canon xxxxxx had been a priest all his adult life and celibacy was a way of life for him; he unlike the priests he lead had never had any difficulty with observing his vow and he recognised every day of his life that awoke with an erection but simply allowed it to subside. In seminary he had not been troubled and yet was aware of other's struggles, masturbation, homosexuality and lust for c***dren and nuns. He had he felt been very compassionate but determined to root out those who became a problem in parishes and their work in various settings which placed others at risk of their undesirable… Read more

Posted by ivorp 5 years ago 3 1,883 80%

Any More Questions?????

Story Gay MaleTabooVoyeur

I have always been jealous and envious of women from the c***dhood. The attention that guys would give these bitches, just because of dreams that would one day probably fuck them, which more than likely they never would, the bitches and Ho's know that. I was married at twenty years old and within six months I sucked my first ever cock of a married white guy unto completion, meaning he Came in my mouth and I swallowed ever drop. Them a few months later I was fucked for the first time by a black guy and also took all that cum in my mouth. I am not Gay but do admire the courage of Gay gu… Read more

Posted by cassadine 5 years ago 8 1,686 96%