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Taboo Porn Stories

Nikki's Teen Intern Training [Chapters 5 - 6]

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

For chapters 1-4, click here Chapter 5 - Office Withdrawal A few weeks had gone by since the parking lot tryst between myself and Nicole, and I had promised myself I would not put myself in that precarious situation again. As a result, I had come off as an even harder scrooge who ran a tighter ship around the office. As great as it was, I had no choice but to be a puritan than risk losing my title and career for just some teen intern. I was lucky to not have been spotted by one of our firm's executives in Mr. Ba… Read more

Posted by cornball 4 years ago 4 2,669 100%

fondled in a night club


My friend Wiffer wrote a story “The girl in the spray-on jeans” and I liked it so much, I thought I'd write a version from the girl's point of view. Hope you like it... I was bored. Very bored. I hadn't been out for ages and all my friends were away. When I'm in this kind of mood, dancing always lifts me and I remembered some complimentary tickets I had picked up for Polyanna's nightclub that night. So I thought, that's what I'll do. I went through my wardrobe wondering what to wear and remembered some new jeans I'd bought recently. So I got showered and did all the girly stuff before putt… Read more

Posted by di1006 4 years ago 2 1,887 89%

His Girlfriend's Ok But Her Mom Is Awesome


All characters and terms including boy and girl refer to people age 18 and over. There they were, Spencer and Kayla both naked sitting on the bed, him sucking her tits, her playing with his dick, when the bedroom door opened. Spencer and Kayla stared in horror, his lips frozen on her tit, her grip almost crushing his hard cock. Standing at the door was Kayla’s mother. Spencer and Kayla were mortified, her more than him: after all it was her mother. The moment Mrs Lewis realised what she was looking at she shut the door and went downstairs. In a state of shock Kayla wrapped the duvet aroun… Read more

Posted by kistietaylor 4 years ago 7 7,993 86%

The girl in spray-on jeans


My story starts with a group of my mates asking me to go out with them to a local club. One of my friends had some complimentary tickets and it was a shame to waste them. So the 4 of us found ourselves at Polyanna's nightclub drinking and eyeing up the girls. That's when one girl in particular caught my attention. She was blond with curves in all the right places but what really attracted my attention were the spray-on tight jeans she was wearing which showed off her lovely bum as she danced and there was a hint of camel-toe too! I couldn't take my eyes off her bum as she wiggled sexily on th… Read more

Posted by wiffer 4 years ago 2 1,324 50%



I have been an avid masturbator since my early adolescent years. That is when I first discovered that rubbing my little penis, against the sheets on my bed, would bring this wonderful, unexplainable sensation. By the time I reached my mid 20’s, and decided it was time to marry my eighteen-year-old first cousin, Amy, whom I was fucking at least three times a day, I was spending a good portion of each day stroking my now “NOT very little” penis. Even with all of the fucking, at some point during each day, I would still find an opportunity for a bit of “alone” time. My cousin, who eventuall… Read more

Posted by fuzzy_t 4 years ago 20 10,586 100%



She was sitting having coffee when a man sat down across from her and began to chat. He was about fifty five and she was just eighteen. He was very attractive and they talked a long time. When she got ready to go he asked her if she wanted a ride home. She decided she would. They got in his nice new town car and as they drove he carried on pleasant conversations. Then he told her she was very pretty and quite sexy. He asked if she had a bf and would she ever date older men. She then noticed he had taken a road out of town. When she asked why he told her just so they could chat more as he wa… Read more

Posted by sweetdoctor 4 years ago 3 1,502 100%

Made fuck my best friends little s****r; Part One


Me and James had been friends since starting secondary school together and after living together in college for the last 4 years we had gotten to be best friends. Over the years I had noticed his s****r Chloe transform from a nerdy little girl who seemed obsessed with me into a serious drop dead gorgeous babe who wouldn’t even acknowledge me whenever I was over at their house. If I had known the woman she would turn into I would have been much nicer to her back then! My nightmare began on the night of her 18th party, James had invited me and said I could say at theirs after. As the party was… Read more

Posted by Scoobydoo456 4 years ago 7 10,810 97%

New Year (from Russian)


New year came nearer. - Well where we will spend New Year? - mother asked me. The next new year it was decided to spend at Pavlovs, Sanyok and his mother. The aunt Tanya was the beautiful, low woman. The big breast and deep thighs with the amazing back, were my old dream. I was in love with it from the first class. On December 31 about 21 hours I and mother sat in cozy chairs in Pavlov's apartment. I with Sank savoured cocktail, mothers watched TV and listened to us sometimes inserting the remarks. The aunt Tanya ran from kitchen in a drawing room, setting th… Read more

Posted by rusman88 4 years ago 1 1,138 100%

Mom showed me

First TimeTaboo

I grew up with a single-parent, my mother. She was a juvenile mother only f******n and some months when she gave birth to me. Her upstruck parents threw her out but had the decency to provide for her while she attended school, but when she was old enough to go to university they stopped the money and left her on her own. Anyhow she managed to bring me up, take a degree and work at the same time. By the time she was twenty-six she had taken her degree and started to work and by the same time I started to get curious about girls. More then curious obsessed. So obsessed with what t… Read more

Posted by showoffmybod22 4 years ago 11 13,969 98%

Breaking Babysitter Rules: Aftermath


Janice (the babysitter) and I ate the food she made. It was already dark out and we kept the curtains closed. She sat across me at the round table. She wore a big loose shirt that hung on her shoulders, underneath she wore nothing else. Every time she moved her cleavage exposed in a tiny bit. My cock was starting to build up a boner. It was still a little sore though since I was just twelve and that was my first time to fuck someone, not to mention I already came 3 times. I looked at my shorts, I didn't wear underwear of course. I looked at the half-boner bulging through my cotton shorts… Read more

Posted by blu3rthanu 4 years ago 4 4,085 93%

How I got to know about sex

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Hi I am Leila from gulf, i am 22 years old and my body figure is 36, 32 34. round face, long dark hair and my height is 5 f 1 inch. i belong to a Muslim f****y. I share my real story with you Wichita happened with me 2 years ago. I grew up in a very stricken Muslim society in arab. I was not allowed to show my face and even skin. I used to wear abaya, hijab, gloves and cover myself from top to bottom like most arab girls in saudi arab. I was taught by my mother and elders not to look at men and stay away from them. So I was following that way and religious Islamic law. In my teenage. I had f… Read more

Posted by hijab1 4 years ago 5 3,183 91%

neighbor sitters 2

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

IF you have read the first true event , then you will know that Trish and I had just finished having sex. It was then that she told me that there was much more that I didn’t know about. The next morning, which was the last night she was babysitting for us, she came over before I had to leave for work. We sat in the kitchen and talked about the event last evening. I asked her how it all got started with David and what more was it that I had yet to learn. I had time to listen due to being ahead in my work for the week. She told me that about 1 year ago, she had woke up and took a shower. She h… Read more

Posted by dixieman54 4 years ago 3 1,707 100%

My Fat Pig s****r


My s****r went out with her girlfriends for her 21st birthday. She was having a fun time, drinking, flaunting her huge 38DD tits around. Her boyfriend of two years was out with them as well, but was somewhat of a tool. My s****r would get lost in the crowd and dance and flirt with other guys. She loved the attention her big fat tits were getting her, and she wasn't afraid to use them for free drinks. As the night started to whine down, my s****r was pretty d***k at this time, and was walking past the men's bathroom, when two 'juiceheads' called her over... My s****r always had a thing for musc… Read more

Posted by myfatpigsister 4 years ago 9 4,267 92%

Fall For It


I lived with my mom, dad, elder bro, his wife, their 10 month old son and my younger s****r. I became cranky for no reason, I realized it was because of sex but masturbation 3 times a day would also not help. I needed a girl or a women. I was getting nowhere, I started to get into arguments with my s****r, the only good part was that we always admitted our mistakes and everything would be the same again. My elder bro was 6 years older to me so I wasn’t so free with him but my s****r was only 1 and a half years younger than me, we really liked each other and even shared secrets. We lived in… Read more

Posted by sameersaini 4 years ago 2 3,023 83%

Neighbor Sitters

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

This is a series of stories I wrote last year. Hope y'all enjoy. Let me know if you want part 2 My wife Becky and I have been married for 19 years. We have 2 small chi**ren that were not born until we were past 30. This was due to our going to college and getting our careers in order. We have a boy and girl ch**d and found that now that we have started getting comfortable, we can’t really have the time alone that we would have hoped for with 2 k**s needing all of our attention 24/7. So, it was a welcomed surprise when the new neighbors moved in with a boy and girl teenager. The par… Read more

Posted by dixieman54 4 years ago 2 4,026 100%

School time

HardcoreLesbian SexTaboo

Pati's parents sent here away to a private school as she was getting so wild and they could not control her. She loved sex and was caught under the bleachers fucking all the football players which got her and several guys kicked out of school. She had been fucking the team all season. She also had been sneaking out at night and fucking the star quarterback as he had a nice nine inch cock that she loved to suck and fuck. She was the teams personal slut. She also got caught posting videos of her naked in a hotel room with two men in their fifties as she sucked one cock and the other was fucking… Read more

Posted by sweetdoctor 4 years ago 2 3,884 100%


Lesbian SexMasturbationTaboo

It had been 3 weeks since that fateful day when Helen, and her daughter Clare, had discovered the vibratory delights of their washing machine, and as a consequence had gone on to make passionate love to one another. Helen's first lesbian experience at the tender age of 42! The incident had been praying heavily on Helen's mind ever since. Surprisingly it was not the i****tuous aspect that concerned her. Clare had been positively enthusiastic to make love to her mum, and had instigated some very lewd behaviour! No, it was the lesbian aspect. Helen had never felt any sexual attractio… Read more

Posted by mikethompson 4 years ago 4 3,423 100%

Janet and John - Book 4

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

Janet and John are twins. They live in a big house in the country. Janet and John have a beautiful older s****r Anna. See Anna and her best friend Missy cuddling in the long grass under the big tree. Anna pulled up her tee shirt. Anna was not wearing a bra. See Anna's breasts. "That horrid old man who writes these stories says my breasts are 'floppy'. Do you think they are floppy, lover?" Missy very carefully inspected one bare breast; planting little kisses all around the nipple. Then Missy very carefully checked Anna's other breast; lightly chewing on that nipple. "No, they are… Read more

Posted by dasx2 4 years ago 9 1,443 93%

Sexy Secretary Slave Search -21: Doggy Style

First TimeTabooVoyeur

Slender Sexy French Female Friends Ring The Secret Code For A Private Session Three times the door bell rings at my sex shop for ladies only. Ha, unexpected special guests! Only best friends know my secret code for those who are welcome upstairs to our private rooms. Such a sexy nice naughty surprise to recognise the face of beautiful Betty, foxy French friend. I bet she's with Nathalie, who is her boss both at work as at home. Wonder whether Max as well? I went downstairs to open up myself. All my remaining sexy secretaries took their Spring break. Good luck my granddod Petra cam… Read more

Posted by petdyke 4 years ago 5 3,924 77%

Nikki's Teen Intern Training [Chapters 1 - 4]

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

First multi-chaptered story of mine. This will be the first four chapters with 7 or 8 in all. Starts off slow, but picks up. Chapter 1 - Intern Orientation After years of arduous work and climbing menial rank after rank, I had finally been promoted to a very respectable position of management in my firm where I could reap the benefits of a heavier pay and a lighter workload. It had been too long, years upon years of 50-hour work weeks of taking on the most laborious aspects of the office, for me to fully enjoy what I had accomplished. As you can imagine, my long… Read more

Posted by cornball 4 years ago 8 4,426 100%