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First time with older man

First time with cock

A true story.
I was a teenager with a persistent erection, my girlfriend and I had lot's of fun and I loved her sweet nipples and wet hairy cunt, especially licking it. One day at school, a boy told me about being sucked off by men in the park and I was intrigued.

I had an evening job and walked to work through the park a couple of nights each week after school. I started leaving as early as possible and visiting the public toilets in the park, there were three different blocks, all quite small, but the middle one had along urinal and five cubicles at the back. I'd ... Continue»
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I was always very close to my Mom. In some ways I felt like my Mom and I were the f****y, and my father just lived with us. When my friends got to be adolescents, they got distant from their mothers, and even hostile toward them. But I felt as close to her as ever.

I didn't start dating until I was 18, but when I did, my Mom would always want to talk to me afterwards about how it went and give me advice. At those times, she felt more like a close female friend than a Mom. I remember how, after one of my first dates, she asked for details of how the date went and then finally said, "So? Did ... Continue»
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Mother's Day Surprise

"Good morning!" I said as I opened in the curtains in my mother's room, letting in the early morning rays.

"Morning," she replied groggily as she sat up and stretched.

"Happy Mother's Day! I made your favorite: An omelet, bacon, granola, and your favorite coffee blend!" I said cheerily as I sat the tray down on her bedside table and climbed into bed on top of her. I began kissing her softly, letting our tongues touch ever so often.

"What a great surprise," she said between kisses.

"Only the first of many for you today," I whispered in her ear. I then got out of bed and sat t... Continue»
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My Mother

I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of glass shattering. I rubbed my eyes and debated rolling over and going back to sl**p. My sense of concern got the better of me and I decided I should at least go see what had broken. It probably hadn't been an intruder clumsily knocking things over, but it was silly to take the chance on ignoring the possibility.

It was just Mom and me living in the small apartment; a mother and her eighteen year old son. It was a living arrangement that left me with more responsibilities than I really wanted, but I didn't mind too much. Mom was the only clo... Continue»
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My Father in law mistakenly fucked me in the dark

Aunt mistakenly fucked by FIL

How my Aunt’s FIL mistook her for his wife and fucked her in a brutal way

Hi, FRIENDS this is Nalini again, Thanks for the wonderful response I got from you people for my story “Aunty seduced by her Nephew”, urged me to start my new story of my Jaya Aunt which happened in her earlier days of marriage. I a simple house wife residing in Bangalore and newly married having a satisfied sex life with my husband.

The story I am going to narrate now is about my Aunt Jaya aged 43 years, who is living ... Continue»
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Rewarded For Being a Good Neighbor

The first time I saw my new neighbor Michelle a statuesque blond my jaw dropped. Her long blond hair went to her waist, she was about six feet tall, and had the figure of a Scandinavian goddess. She had to be in her mid or late 30’s, so a 57 year old divorced guy like me had no chance of attracting a women like this. But you can always dream. She was a divorcee who lived about three doors down with her two girls. I always said Hi to her when she was walking her dog and soon Michelle began asking me to help her around the house. Soon we became friends.

One spring night I heard the loudest... Continue»
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The Dream Diary 02 "Erica"

“Last night I had a crazy dream 'bout a chick in a black bikini. She was lookin' so good she couldn't be real. She must be a magic genie!"
Turns out she wasn't a genie, it was Erica. However she looked magical just the same. Erica usedto be one of my closest friends, who when I wrote this was also married to one of my best friends. We've known each other for years. Her husband and I have known each other since high-school! I've always found her pretty. Last night I found her awe inspiring. Of course I was sl**ping when I mysteriously found myself at her place. When ... Continue»
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Discovering I’m a Cougar Part 12

The next several days seemed to add tension to all the drama that had been going on.

Emily had announced that her parents had separated and would likely divorce. Her mom Bev called and we talked but she remained reluctant to end her issue with her husband even though they both wanted to have sex with Emily. Deep down she was terrified of her own sexual desires and what might happen.

Then there was Nate's f****y and the problems only seemed to get worse; at least other than his father who was now coming over regularly to fuck either Heather or myself.

Then there was my neighbors Sara a... Continue»
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Sex stories with gf 2

It was the week everyone was away and I was at work but u were feeling horny and started texting ur uncle saying how horny u were and sending him naughty pics telling him u want he's cock again and that u got wet just thinking of him inside u again so he said he was coming over, so u put the flower skirt on with black stockings no panties a very low cut top showing ur big tits and the heels I got u, u were getting wet already just thinking about it then u herd a knock on the door it was ur uncle he pounced on u kissing u hard just the way u like while roughly grabbing ur ars and pushing u on t... Continue»
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Sex story with gf

We were home and u were telling me how much u miss josie and always wanted to play with her as u liked her a lot, so I told u on the weekend to go to hers and spend the night u were really happy about it and told me ud tell me what happens, so u went on Saturday morning and u let e know when u were at hers, u were at her door and she opened it for u, u gasped at how sexy she was it was a sunny day so she had a short skirt and a bikini top on u started to bite ur lip as u hugged her, so u got in and u changed into the flower dress with taned stockings and ur stiletto heels with ur see thro blac... Continue»
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Gf fantasys

We were talking about are fantasys one day and I was saying I'd still love you to fuck s guy u really want to, after ur uncle u were more ready to feel new cocks so u thought of jack from ur work and said u like him and want to taste and feel he's cock, so I told u to tease him and see what happens, then u told me u already have with a naughty giggle. u told me ud been sending him naughty pics of ur self dressed up asking if he like and playing with ur self telling him u wish it was he's cock not the dildo witch turned me on so much knowing how naught u were being, so the next day when u got c... Continue»
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Sex story with gf

U were getting ready for work and I saw u put a short dress on that showed ur boobs really good and ur bum wen u bent over, and u put tights on but no panties witch was kinda hot and ur long sexy boots, I new u wanted to tease but I didn't no hoe much, even Charlie said u look sexy today witch turned u on a little as u like her, so u got to work and jack winked at u but u told him it's not he's turn today and Lewis came to u and asked u to go out again with him and Mike he's dad And u jumped at the offer as u wanted to get fucked by them, so u text me saying ur going to lunch but what I didn't... Continue»
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Fantasy with gf

U and ur uncle where talking on Facebook about having a date and booking a hotel for the night, he was surprised that u said yes but he asked if u were free the weekend and I told u to go as long as I get the details so u both had the date set and ready and he came to pick u up, and u told me he looked so shocked and kept staring at u but u loved it, u were in the short red dress and had see through tight on with no panties and ur stiletto heels, ur dress was so short he caught an eye fall wen u got in he's car, while he was driving u there u kept biting ur lip while looking at him and u saw h... Continue»
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Gf fantasy

I was at work and u told me u were really horny so I said why not go pick up some guys take them to the lodge and fuck them, witch turned u on more so u called Mell from work and asked if she wanted to go clubbing she said yes so u got ready, u wore and short tight black dress barely covered ur ars and tits with sexy tights the look like stockings and ur over the knee boots with no panties, then u met her at the club she told u that u were hot and u just said I hope so I wana get some cock, she was shocked and said but u have a bf u told her the I'm the one who said to do it as I'm at work and... Continue»
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Chav tv whore

After drinking numerous bottles of WKD blue at home i (khloe) was feeling Confident. I was wearing my shortest denim micro skirt, a bright pink thong, white fishnet sockings, white high heel ankle boots, bright pink bra, old white vest top far too much slutty make up and my peroxide blonde hair was sc****d back in a pony tail. No denying it I looked like a chav, a council estate slut. Deciding i fancied more to drink I pushed a crumpled up note into my bra along with my cheap fags in the other side and pulled on my adidas tracksuit top.

With a deep breath i stepped out of my council fla... Continue»
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Grandma's Magic Resort - Part III

'Grandma's Magic Resort - Part III'
(or 'One Fam1ly Visits The 'Real' Happiest Place On Earth)

an erotic journey by DizzyD

Susan finally gets it

After their dinner with Joni and Walter, Susan got a restful night’s sl3ep, thanks in part to the two bottles of wine they had shared, but when she awoke the next morning her mind was filled with the memory of what had happened between her and Tommy during their nature hike.

As she lay in bed thinking about her son massaging her hard clit until she came, and then taking his throbbing cock in her mouth just in time to swallow his tang... Continue»
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Best Friend of My Mom-1

Hi, Indian sex stories readers, I hope you all guys and girls are doing well professionally as well sexually. My name is Ronnie, from Chembur, Mumbai. A 24 karat pure Mumbai guy. I am 19 years old. I mean young*. Now, talking about my looks- my height is 6 ft, a lean perfect body, and an attractive face, my tool size is 6.8, which can satisfy any girl/lady. Today I am gonna narrate a sex story, which is a true incident which happened a couple of weeks back.

If you guys wanna give feedback to my sex story, you can contact me on aishabhatt372@gmail.Com.

So, without wasting any time let`s s... Continue»
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Seducing My Mother

For the last couple of years I have had to listen to my mom and dad fuck in the bedroom next to mine. The more dad was away working the more mom got frustrated, and when he got home all they would do was fuck all night long, which had me jerking off listening to them. Every time I would see mom in anything revealing I would end up with a hard on and would have to go to my room or the bathroom to jerk off.

We live in a three bedroom house in Plattsburgh across the street from a graveyard. My mom Dana is 40, 5'4 in height and ways in at 140lbs with short brown hair with blonde highlights. Her... Continue»
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My s****r

Lisa pulled into the driveway of the very familiar home she knew so well. Her mother was going to Denver for three months and convinced her to move back home and keep an eye on the house but more importantly-keep an eye on Michael, her younger b*****r. Lisa had enjoyed her apartment and the peace and solitude it gave her but she also had a yearning to come home, which puzzled her, yet she knew the reasons deep down inside herself.

Being twenty-five and yet some might have mistaken her for being forty-five or even fifty by the way she dressed. However, she had a beauty that was just hidden a... Continue»
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Milking sessions with auntie pt1

Cathy stood in the hallway transfixed , it had been a long time since she'd seen a young man naked ,Let alone one as good looking as her nephew billy.
Cathy thought back to the time her own son was Billy's age, how she enjoyed their milking sessions and how she enjoyed embarrassing him,controlling him. That was before she chose a wife for him to carry on her work.
Could I she thought as she watched Billy , could I control him?

Billy had forgot his auntie cathy was staying over , he had got up and jumped in the shower early to wash before school.
Billy was tall and well built for his a... Continue»
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