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Helping Mom


I'd been feeling really good lately, sort-of on cloud 9. There's something about getting laid well and often that really makes a guy feel alive, y'know? Anyhow, I was hanging out in the living room playing some video games and listening to music, having a good old time, when I heard my Mom come in from the Garage and from the sound of it she was carrying some plastic bags. That meant she'd been to the store, and that meant maybe she had some potato chips or something – I'd looked for some earlier, but we were out. So I got up, magnanimously, to "help" her – mostly as an excuse to look in the b… Read more

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Ja sam Bojan. Trebala bi mi cela knjiga da dodjem do price koja bi vas zainteresovala.Evo probacu da skratim maximalno.Bilo je to pre 4 godine.Imao sam tada 18 i isao u srednju skolu.Otac je radio u uglednoj firmi a majka je bila tada nezaposlena.Iako su mi roditelji bili veoma strogi , u to vreme sam imao devojku Anu ,(oko tri meseca),za koju su znali i moji i njeni roditelji.Ana je bila ljubav mog zivota,bar sam tada tako mislio.Cale je bio odlican sa svojim disom,verovatno zbog dobrih rezultata na poslu.Doslo je vreme odmora i njegov direktor nas je pozvao na sedam dana letovanja u njegovoj… Read more

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Testing Aunt V

First TimeAnalTaboo

By Blackstroker Introduction: He suspects that his Aunt V would let him, but plays it safe just in case he'd misread the signals. Testing Aunt V I’d been lusting after my sexy aunt Velma, Aunt V to us k**s in the family, my mom’s younger sister, ever since I was thirteen, after I walked in on her one day a year ago, wearing only tiny white see thru panties, during a visit to her home. The plump lump of pussy and the high round long nipple breasts that greeted my eyes that day stirred things in my young body and mind that permanently shaped my opinion of… Read more

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Tina Migliaccio and my filthy perverted cousin


My name is Tina Migliaccio. My cousin posted a story of our sexual encounter. While the story is partially true, I just wanted to tell my version of it. So one day I'm just hanging out, pretty much doing nothing, and I get a text message. I open it up and to my surprise it's a picture of a dick. A big nice hard dick I might add. So I answer with a lol and who's this. He continues to ask if I like it and I tell him it's ok. This goes on and on till finally he tells me its Michael cousin. Now I'm in shock. I cant believe my first cousin would send me a pic of his hard cock. He then tells me how… Read more

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My Step-Sister 04 – The ladder torture.

Sex HumorTabooVoyeur

My Step-Sister 04 – The ladder torture. My older, by 11 minutes, step-sister is sunbathing. Her tight teen body is perspiring under the summer sun. The very small bikini she is wearing has a piece of triangular material covering jut her nipples. Which, by the way are hard as she knowingly teases me. Her clean shaven pussy is just covered by a slightly larger piece of material. Her bum only has the strings holding the fabric in place. At just turned 16 Nichole has developed into a fine young woman. I know for a fact that she has only had one male lover; me. She took our virginities on o… Read more

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Die Ausgelieferte Tochter 1 Auslieferung


von Andrew_K für LoveAndPain Ich denke, sie hat sich ihr Leben anders vorgestellt, hat andere Pläne und Hoffnungen, von Familie, von Freunden, vielleicht von Liebe. Aber die Welt ist schon immer ein grausamer Platz für junge Menschen, was auch sie hart lernen muss. Sie hat sich nie Träumen lassen, dass sie für die Schulden ihrer Eltern aufkommen muss und in welcher Art das passieren würde. Aber nun steht sie vor mir und wird ihre Familie verlassen müssen. Sie wird den nächsten Teil ihres Lebens bei mir verbringen und ich hoffte, dass dies sehr lange der Fall sein wird. Ob sie noch weiss, we… Read more

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The Dream


The Dream I had a most peculiar dream about you. It was incredibly corny but I want to tell it to you anyway. It was about you and it’s not often that I get the pleasure of dreaming of you. Prior to the dream I was laying on the sofa watching a film down stairs. At some point I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew it was daytime. The light was shining through the curtains. I was still laying on the sofa, my trousers still on the floor so that I don’t over heat beneath the blanket. I felt slightly tired of body yet still alert. I could hear you walking down the stairs, your footstep… Read more

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My Cousin Stacy..........Part I

TabooFetishFirst Time

My cousin Stacy is two years older than I. She will always have a special place in my heart because she was my first sexual experiences in my life. I am 47 now and I still think of days gone by, when I was 13 and sitting on the couch at my grandparents house next to Stacy. We were alone and had been tickling, and flirting when Stacy leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Stacy has full luscious lips. I was surprised and kind of froze. Then she leaned in again and this time plunged her tongue into my mouth. This was my first French kiss. We kissed for what seemed like forever. Stacy then took the… Read more

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Sunbathing PT 1


Sunbathing PT 1 I was feeling particularly naughty today. I do everyday but today I was flat out horny. I didn't see getting fucked in the near future so I put on a little more then a micro bikini. The top tied at the back of my neck and back. There are small triangles covering my nipples. The bottom tied at the hips and barley covered my pussy lips and none of my ass cheeks. Just a small fabric that ran up my butt. I'm a few pounds overweight, well lets say ten to twelve. OK honestly probably closer to fifteen lbs. I still liked what I saw in the mirror even though I've got a bit of a po… Read more

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Scarlet Troopers Humiliation


My names Emma I’m a Scarlet Trooper Captain you may have read some of my other tales of the daily struggles myself and my squad of Scarlet Troopers face trying to maintain order. Scarlet Troopers are, just to remind you, highly trained mounted female soldiers we pride ourselves in our appearance and our skintight red lycra catsuits, Black leather belts, riding boots and black cropped jackets distinguish us from the rest of society. We wear our catsuits next to our skin no underwear it would spoil the look of a beautiful fit young woman’s body encased in second skin lycra. Our bottoms and vagin… Read more

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Anal sex, fisting and degradation - Part 12


I didn’t know if I was shocked or excited. Not only was it highly unethical to bring a 12-year-old in contact with sex toys, it was also forbidden for parents to have sexual relations with her c***dren. But on the other hand, if she wanted it and we could provide it, why stopping her? She would do it nevertheless and this way, we could have it under control and make sure she was okay. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Her ass wasn’t as prepared for it like mine, so we could start at the very beginning. Also, her gag reflex was still present. I thought back to the time I spend m… Read more

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The Tutor Pt. 1


I had been needing help for the longest to master the un-mastered elements of 11th grade mathematics. But I hadn’t had the tutoring help or the compensation to cover one. My parents were basically non-existent and I lived with my grandmother (who was stressed as it was dealing with the c***dren around the neighborhood) so I was forced to keep to myself about most things. But this need of tutelage was bothersome. A few days ago, I was in math class, failing as usual. Another test was announced to begin. I grabbed my pencil and prayed to god that I could pass this test and end the semester with… Read more

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Convincing Mother


The question on the minds of thinking men and women is: “Why does every (not all admit it) boy/man want to fuck his mother?” Perhaps the following story will put the question to rest. Jeffery came to visit his widowed mother. On temporary assignment he decided to stay with her rather than a hotel. After all she could use the help and he could pocket his per diem. Jeff and Ann got along well. She had never been to so many dinner, shows and movies. They built a bond that had not existed prior. Jeff recognized his youthful desire to see his mother naked still existed. He would masturbate to t… Read more

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Miss Wendy Double Fucked

MatureGroup SexTaboo

Wendy was a married school teacher on the west side who taught English in the upper grades. She was known as a tough but fair disciplinarian by her students and highly respected by the faculty. Although relatively happy at home, she became bored by her husband's infrequent fairass fucking where she rarely came, and began to fantasize about being fucked proper by some nice hard strong cockmeat. One afternoon after school session had let out, Wendy had two of her students, Todd – who was a footballer, and Jerome – a big black student, for detention after hours. As they sat at their desks doing h… Read more

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Wcked Stepother - Part 1

TabooFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Arabella was in a maths class when one of the office ladies came in to fetch her. The instruction was that she was to go the head teachers office immediately, the women seemed agitated. Arabella was not worried about the summons because she had done nothing wrong and did not have a reputation as trouble. Mrs Garton the head teacher was unusually pleasant normally being something of a dragon to all the girls. Being asked to sit down and having been given a glass of water Bella realised something was wrong. “I am afraid Arabella that I have some very bad news.” Mrs Garton paused. “I can’t make… Read more

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TabooFirst Time

“What are you doing Sonny?” “What does it look like.... I’m getting in the shower with you Sis.” “Well get the hell out of here!” " Your husband has gone to work. and that’s no way to treat a house guest...... come on Sis we use to take baths together.” “Shit that was twenty years ago.... And it stopped because Mom saw you were getting a boner.. Just like you got now.” “Here Sis don’t you need someone to wash your back? ...... Now doesn’t that feel good?” “Well..... Yes.. but don’t go lower... STOP it!” “Wow Sis you’ve got one great butt..... Mmmmmm love these cheeks.... And up your bu… Read more

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A night - a fantasy fulfillment - and a smoke !


Night with a fantasy - and a smoke ! Have to say it from the start, this is a true story about a fantasy came true. In order to get to my fantasy, i have to explain how i got to it. I discovered masturbation since i was young and due to being a smoker, i got into the habit of masturbating and smoking at the same time. I would do that for hours till it goes numb and cant help myself and burst. Nevertheless, this brought a fantasy in my dirty mind, smoking a cigarette while watching someone and smoking a cigarette while having sex. Bondage made it even more desirable, therefore here it goes… Read more

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Viagra problem solved by Indian Aunt

First TimeMatureTaboo

Jaya Kumari had finished all her household chores after sending her hubby to the office for his early morning meeting. Rajesh, her elder sister’s son who had come down for the weekend, was still sleeping in his room without taking his bath, so she thought of waking him up to taking bath and to have breakfast so that she can concentrate on her daily chores. When she went into the room he was still sleeping in his T-shirt and shorts and blanket was lying near his feet. Jaya shook him and asked him to go to take bath; he opened his eyes and said, “I will not bathe today, Aunty.” Jaya: “Rajesh… Read more

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Man's Best Friend: Pregnant and In Heat


A month later Sammy and I headed over to Brenda and Tide's. Brenda was looking as cute and little as ever. Meanwhile, Tide was half way through gestation - her nipples protruding out like pink little puppy sausages. Even though both girls were carrying the products of our unprotected sex they were both horny as fuck. All Brenda had to do was wave that positive pregnancy test in my face to make my cock pop up. Tide would stick her furry ass in Sammy's snout and his babymaker was ready to go. As Brenda kissed and licked my throbbing cock I watch intently as Sammy mounted his pregnant bitc… Read more

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Sex with lactating Indian Mother - part 1


One Friday, my friend Sarvan, a young priest in a temple invited me to accompany him to Chennai to attend temple rituals on Sunday morning. I was a teacher teaching mathematics and physics at a Bangalore high school close to Chennai. On Sunday we started at 6 am and it took us five hours to reach the temple. The temple was located in a rural village area and there were many cars parked around the temple. As I stepped out of the car I noticed two big Tata Sumo’s discreetly parked away from the temple. They were positioned slightly away from the temple. The temple was already filled to capac… Read more

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