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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 8


I am enjoying writing these so here goes another ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I heard the shower water stop running i was standing in the kitchen and the phone started to ring so i answered and it was D*d we spoke for about 20 minutes and he was saying how he would be home tomorrow evening at some point, i wanted to see him but i was having fun with mom too, mom came downstairs and took the phone and spoke to D*d after me, the last few hours the weather had picked up… Read more

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A Mother's Desire 2


Helen awoke as the sun streamed through the bedroom window. She half opened one eye to gaze at the clock on the bedside table. It was just past 9am. Thankfully it was a Saturday and she wouldn't have to go in to work. She sat up in bed, a thin smile appearing on her lips as she remembered the events of the previous night. Mark had been practically insatiable and they had spent half the night fucking before they fell asleep. She wondered who was actually the insatiable one. Maybe it was her and not her son. The other side of the bed was empty. In a way she was kind of glad that Mark had g… Read more

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Night visit


It wasn't quite a thing she thought she would resume. She had come to think of it as of mistake. Andrew could thank Olivia who'd been tended to trust her inner feeling and might've been influence mom in some ways. They were kinda best pals, Nataly and she. At the age of almost forty, they both happened to have in common this strange sentiment, a certain propensity to feel light hearted. Though, it wasn't the Olivia who decided first to act on it. And that is uneasy part. Nataly ended up with a bit of resentment towards her friend, 'cause Olivia had become so relaxed about the whole thi… Read more

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Go on Sweet Caroline !!


A couple of days since the wild encounter with my neighbor Caroline and her boyfriend Pedro, I thought I needed to talk with them to make sure things were going to be fine between us. At mid afternoon I saw Caroline’s car parked there and then I crossed the lawn up to her front door. I was dressed in work out clothes; a sport tiny bra and tight cotton shorts. Sweet Caroline opened the door. She smiled at me and invited me in, but I could know she seemed to be a little embarrassed. She offered me some ice tea and we sat at her kitchen to talk. I told her how much I had enjoyed watching… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Katie and Frank had moved in across the street about 5 years ago. They had a daughter Zoe but no sons. I was at the time and unfortunately, this neighborhood was lacking k**s. Now, I am not the only k** in the neighborhood, nor am I the youngest. As with all new home owners, Frank and Katie made some nice changes to the house, including the craziest thing I can think of, an in ground pool. We live in a small New England town, right on the bay, and we have a few ponds in the area, so places to swim is never an issue, but Katie insisted on a pool, so a pool they got. Zoe was a true water baby… Read more

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Growing up with Mom and sisters


Ever since I was young my father always worked 2nd shift, which meant I was always stuck home with my mother and sisters. I never put much thought into the fact that I was in a house full of women. By the time I reached 14 y/o I had really started to notice woman. I found myself hanging out with my mom and sisters more when they would just be lounging around watching television. I would sneak a peek as one of them would reach for or bend over for something. A bare breast down the nightgown or the silhouette of soft pussy lips through the panties. I would jerk myself off to sleep every nigh… Read more

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"Fuck me harder!" Cynthia Young screamed at her new husband. It was their honeymoon, they were in Paris, France and they were staying at a fancy hotel. Cynthia's husband was George Young, he was the son of a famous musician and was himself a successful lawyer in California. At 22 years old Cynthia was younger than the 35 year old George. They met at a party held by a mutual friend and fell in love. A year later they were married and owned a house in San Fransisco. Cynthia was on her hands and knees in front of George as he slowly plunged his stiff cock into her warm pussy. At her request he… Read more

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My Step Sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Hi, I am Ryan, I am 16, have dark brown eyes, dirty blonde hair, I’m 5’ 11”, but the best thing about me is my 7 inch dick, I am still a virgin but I didn’t know that it all was about to change. Well, enough about me and on to my step sister. Her name is Sara, she’s 17, is 5’ 8”, has blue eyes, bright natural blonde hair, B cup breasts and she has an amazing tight ass that jiggles ever so slightly when she dances around the house. I know I shouldn’t be paying too much attention to her because she is technically my sister, but what the hell; she is so hot it would be a crime not to notice.… Read more

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Family Workout

TabooVoyeurGroup Sex

A milf and young personal trainer and then her daughter join in the most satisfying of workouts: that is before her husband also exercises his love muscle in the crowded home gym..... When Hamish Struthers set up a personal gym he never expected anyone else in his home to use it. He was shaping up because he was screwing his new personal assistant, twenty years his junior. Cindy Lewis was a hot steamy blonde milking a sugar daddy but Hamish didn’t care; his pecker was over satisfied and his libido higher by each encounter. God if his own twenty year old daughter Samantha had the repert… Read more

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Mom and Me and Long Summer - Part 2

First TimeMatureTaboo

We both slept sound because we were tired from everything that we did the day before. I was having a dream about me and mom naked on an island. I had this before, but in the other dreams, mom and I just ran around playing and swimming. In this dream mom and I were having sex on a large empty beach with no human on the whole island. We were alone and we didn’t care. As I was getting to the part where mom was about to cum: “Honey, its time to get up.” Mom said as she took the sheet off of me. “Shit”, I thought to myself. I wanted to finish that dream. “Hay but wait.” I am fucking my mom. Mom loo… Read more

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Aunt Annie #2


My wife's Aunt Annie had been in here new place for about six weeks, and we took a trip out there on Friday night. It was a two hour trip after work, and we we got there Annie gave me a big tongue kiss when my wife was out of the room, and well as squeezing my cock. It was obvious she wanted some follow up from the action when she stayed with us. We had decided to get takeaway Chinese for dinner, and Annie and I went out to pick it up. It was quite busy being a Friday, with a 25 minute wait. After a few minutes Annie said let's go and wait in the car. She was in the driver's seat, and to my s… Read more

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Five years ago, my best friend Pete asked me if his grandmother Irma could move in with me. Irma had been living with Pete and his wife Karen ever since they were married and now that the k**s are bigger they needed more room for the family. Irma 4ft 9, 110 pounds 71 years old long grey hair and a very good cook didn't seem to be too much trouble, and I was living alone so I decided to let her move in. My home has 4 bedrooms 3 baths so there was plenty of room for Irma. Pete had all her things moved over and Karen came over to help Irma set up her bedroom. Pete and Karen were excited… Read more

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SS Needs Helping Hand pt 2


As I walked into the kitchen I was not really paying attention to much. For some reason my mind was still trying to grasp the fact that Lacey, my 37 year old sexy sibling, had just screwed me silly and hinted that there was more to come. For that reason, I did not notice that in her haste to get in the house, she had dripped water all over the kitchen floor. At least I did not notice until my own wet feet went out from under me and I landed flat on my back. I just laid there for a moment, coming back to the present and wonderin… Read more

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Still more from Bandit and Caroline


I was walking back home that warm night down the quiet street. It was after midnight and I had just fucked one dog from the neighborhood… This time I had chosen a nice huge light brown Lab. His owner usually kept his gate unlocked; so it was easy for me to reach that sweet dog, which was ready to enjoy my wet cunt with his hard dick… I was in heat that week; every day in the mood for a huge doggie dick… I was fully naked as I walked back to my house. This time my loving Victor was flying away on a business trip and then I was not worried about coming late at home. The nice sweet Lab had k… Read more

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Beyond Mothers Kiss

First TimeTaboo

There was a new energy in the house since our 'New Years Eve' encounter. My years of thoughts and planning have paid off and Michael seems to be floating on air. An obvious skip was noticed in his step as he strolled around the house, in the days that followed. A sense of relief and satisfaction vented from him, like steam being released from a boiling pot. My slow paced indoctrination was wonderful, taking advantage of his weaknesses while exposing my own. This house was buzzing with electricity,... yet camouflaged well. Michael and I discussed in great detail our plan to keep things secre… Read more

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My Momma

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Not even in her wildest dreams did Donna ever expect to be in the position she now found herself in. Down on the floor, kneeling in front of her only c***d, the stacked blonde mother had her head tilted back against the edge of her son's bed. She'd come to Michael's apartment for a simple discussion, that was all. But somehow she had ended up like this, about to become the bull's-eye for a perverted game of target practice. She'd already taken off her delicate silk blouse to keep it from being ruined, and her large tits hung heavily as they strained against the lacy white cups of her bra.… Read more

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Interracial SexMatureTaboo

FUCKING BLACK MEN ©CATFUCKINGEVIL 2018 I love sex, a lot of sex. After I discovered sex with black men was absolutely the best sex I ever had, I decided I was going to fuck a lot of black men. As a single mom I had to balance my home life with my pursuit of sex. Complicating my life with a relationship was not what I desired. I wanted to fuck, plain and simple. This is a compilation of my sexual adventures over a period of about four years, prior to moving in with my amazing white lover, who was responsible for me discovering I love fucking black men. My white lover is a primal man with a b… Read more

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Me and my son


This story is really all my fault, I know it and I just don't care. You can say its good or bad, I am past the point of apologizing to myself over what I've done. My name is Janet and I was in the past a good mom, I lost my husband to cancer and just never got out. It's not that I didn't want the company of a man, too shy, too whatever. I had my fantasy lovers for sure, but masturbating in the shower while spreading your legs to expose yourself to some fantasy lover doesn't make you a bad person. Neither does masturbating in every room of the house, I think, having sex with your adult son?… Read more

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A Mother's Desire


Helen sighed as she reached deeper into the oven to clean out. She wished she had invested in a self cleaning oven.Her dress hitched itself higher on her ample arse as she bent forward, trying to reach a particularly difficult spot. An eerie feeling made her made her turn to look over her shoulder. She found her son, Mark, standing in the doorway, his eyes wide and bug eyed as he stared down at her. Helen began to smile and to mouth a greeting to her son until she realised what her son was staring at. Oh, my God! She thought. He's looking at my arse Not only was her arse protruding… Read more

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The naughty confessions

TabooHardcoreInterracial Sex

It starts at Church, my naughty confession I am Britney, I am 18 years old in my final year of high school. I have to a confession that I have to do before i enter College soon. I went to a church that one of my friends suggested that will help out my stress. I met this priest named Father Dickens. He has the last name of the man who made that Christmas story book. (Confessionall) Britney: Bless me Father for I have sinned Father Dickens: Tell me my c***d Britney: It starts how I was feeling stress about my SATs. I was studying everyday. 4pm-1am. I am a hard working student who is a athl… Read more

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