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Taboo Porn Stories

A Mom's Intuition For the Survival of Her Son


A MOM'S INSTINCTS FOR SURVIVAL Intellectual property of of DIZZYD427 … But GREATLY adapted! But at that moment, neither the young mother nor her son was thinking about any of that. The sudden, freak blizzard had reduced visibility down to zero, and the roads were getting worse by the minute. Living in the mountains had given Linda plenty of experience for driving in bad conditions, and the 4x4 SUV helped… but the problem was that she didn’t know anything about the area they were in. And as she was watching the edge of the road, she had inadvertently left the highway, and… Read more

Posted by fruitloop27 4 years ago 10 24,941 99%

The long nights


Jan's mom got married again for the fourth time. This time she married a man twenty years younger than her and not much older than Jan. He was good looking and very sexy and Jan could see why her horny mom wanted him. He mostly ran around the house after his shower with just a towel around his hips. He would let it ride way low as if he would love to show his cock to any one wanting to look. Sometimes she could see his hair sticking above the towel. Jan could only imagine how endowed he was as her mom liked the big ones. Her mom had a great body for in her late forties. Her tits were still per… Read more

Posted by youngqueen 4 years ago 1 2,504 40%

My lactating aunt


In the society where I was born and grew up, sex was not something to be discussed but a very private affair between a husband and a wife. When I was 12 I discovered my own sexuality by chance. One day while taking bath and rubbing soap all over my body I felt that rubbing my penis with the slippery soapy hand gave me a wonderful sensation. So I continued to rub my penis and all of a sudden I had my first orgasm which was overwhelming. Having discovered the joys of masturbation I became addicted to it when another fine day my penis shot forth my first cum which shocked me thinking… Read more

Posted by phys 4 years ago 4 14,819 91%

Best mates Nan and I


I was 21 at the time, my mate John (sadly no longer with us.) and I had our own roofing company. We had been best mates for around 10 years, since we started senior school and were in the same class. I must have been around 13 when I first met June, Johns Nan. It was a very hot day and John and I had gone to John's from school at lunch. We walked into the back garden and there June was topless on a sun lounger. She quickly covered up but we both got a good look at her beautiful big breats. We all sat down in the sun talking when John's mom Wendy came out with some drinks for us all, she was we… Read more

Posted by Luv2fbfuked 4 years ago 5 5,705 100%

Li'l sis Ruby at the Glory Hole

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

precursor/tangent story can be read here: Murray's Tavern Chronicles: Little S!ster Ruby at the Glory Hole "So how does it taste?" "It tastes like crap," Ruby blurted out smugly as she scarfed down a slice of lemon meringue with an exaggerated wince on her face. She still held onto that ch!ldlike honesty but mixed it with teenage sarcasm. I expected to hear that from her as she munched on the homecoming cake I purchased last minute for her. Had I known Ruby was coming back home today, I would have had time… Read more

Posted by cornball 4 years ago 10 12,281 98%



When their father died, Mike and Michelle's Grandparents moved in with them and their mother. They were the paternal grandparents. Their mother Georgia, was devastated and the John and Martha decided to help her. John was 62 years old and Martha was 59. Mike was in his bedroom looking at the newest edition of Nude Girl magazine, and had just began to stroke his hard cock. Martha unexpectedly entered and saw him with his 8 inch cock in his hand. Mike quickly covered himself and was very embarassed. Martha told her grandson that their was nothing to be embarassed or ashamed of. She told him t… Read more

Posted by miketaboofan 4 years ago 2 7,532 88%

A Mom's Sexuallity is Awaken Chapter Two


Chapter Two A Mom’s Sexuality Is Awaken Josh looked down at his mother’s head as she was busy sucking his cock again today. Her face was still covered from the last blow job she gave him earlier. Three times every day now she had been sucking him off. She never once complain no matter how long he’d take or how many times he wanted it. She would suck him off six times a day if he asked. On the morning of his 19th birthday she sucked him without stopping until he came three times. She was good and Josh could tell she wanted his cock. All the time she was… Read more

Posted by rollhigh 4 years ago 9 9,164 100%

The Kingdom


The king was the ruler of his kingdom. He controlled everything there. He also loved to fuck. He would even fuck some of his soldiers wives anytime he wanted. He had a room with several rows of beds which he kept his whores. These were the women he bred to give him more sons. If they had daughters they were allowed to keep them but the sons he took for his kingdom. They were taken to the the milk women. These were the women with the big tits full of milk and they nursed these sons. They had been nursing the kings sons for years and had big saggy tits. They kept naked tops and seemed to always… Read more

Posted by youngqueen 4 years ago 2 2,158 75%

Ronnie's Totally true sexual adventures

FetishGroup SexTaboo

When I walked in the back room four out of the six boys had their cocks out waiting on me. Michael who’s cock wasn’t out yet told me to take off my clothes. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. By the time I got my clothes off the final two cocks were out and ready. I was the only one in the room totally naked. Michael and the other boys just had their pants down. I didn’t know it at the time but, I loved the feeling of being exposed, vulnerable and powerless. It really got me excited. When I dropped to my knees the boy’s cocks hovered in my face and I was very eager to please.… Read more

Posted by dic_izinme 4 years ago 15 2,268 85%

b*****r watches his s****r then joins her.

First TimeTaboo

"Enjoying the view? ;)" The simple text message sent shock through me. I had been kneeling in the tree house, watching my big s****r with our much older neighbor in her bedroom. I was hidden in the tree house, or so I had thought, watching them through a knot-hole in the boards. I had my cock in hand, gently stroking it while they played on the bed in front of the big sliding patio doors. The view was perfect: slightly above them and only 20 feet from the window. I had snuck into my hiding place over an hour ago after I heard him arrive and I very publicly left the house leaving them al… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 15 14,411 100%

our gang part 5


Right we left Karen making tea for us stark naked after her s****r Sandra had just made her cum .In the living room Sandra was being striped naked by the 2 14 year old girls Tracy took Sandras t shirt off sexy brs she said then Linda pulled Sandras shorts down she had a tiny pair of red knickers on off came her bra great tits we all shouted Sandras face was bright red with shame then Linda stood behind Sandra and worked her knickers down to her knees turn round Linda said let them all see your ass a 14 year old girl was ordering a 46 year old married women about and she could not do a thing a… Read more

Posted by seagull64 4 years ago 2 2,535 100%

My horny mom

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

I've never really understood why people don't find there moms attractive, unless they are actually ugly. My mom was hot. She has long blond hair and a gorgeous smile. She is quite short but made up for that with great curves and tight ass and boobs that kept together nicely seeing as she is mid thirties. She always wears hot clothes that are suitable for girls my age. Very short skirts and tight shirts. Sometimes I think it's for me. I'm an only c***d but don't get all the attention because she has had a large number of boyfriends since dad left. It's hardly surprising but they all turn out to… Read more

Posted by qwertyu54321 4 years ago 11 17,612 99%

Slavegirl Island 4.3


Chapter Four (Part Three) PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF PATINA GOMEZ After we left Training Room Number five, Jason and I parted. I went down to the Club Bar and had an ice-cold lager. Most refreshing. I gathered from what Voyasha had been saying that both of the cock-sucking girls were in for a caning that evening. It seemed that she had been far from satisfied over the amount of spunk that had been taken down the throat. The point is, a slave-girl does not withdraw when a man starts ejaculating - as is instinctive with novices – but must go on sucking and swallowing until the last drop has b… Read more

Posted by Victor-Bruno 4 years ago 5 2,023 80%

It's a living


My dad left my mom shortly after I was born. He was just not ready for a wife and a c***d. My mom learned the hard way to use her body to support us. She was lucky to have a great body and nice big tits. I remember men coming to the house many times a day or night and mom would take them to her bedroom. She would be in there with them for about and hour then when they left she would shower and another man would come visit. I learned when I was a young teen she was a whore. She must have been good as she was always busy and we did have plenty of money. I asked her one day about the men and she… Read more

Posted by sexyyoungqueen 4 years ago 4 4,696 70%

The Whore - part two

Group SexLesbian SexTaboo

Part two The dog farted. “bl**dy hell Lucy!” Amanda waved away the aroma with her paper. The fire needed making up, but she couldn’t muster the energy to get out of her chair and do it. She logged onto the railway web site, and booked her ticket for London the following morning, then checked several more emails Izzy had sent her, using her work I-phone, complete with tracker, in case she needed to summon help. Izzy was insistent, wherever she went, the I-phone went as well….. Amanda walked into the restaurant of the Grosvenor Hotel. Her high heels sinking into the plush carpet. “Can I… Read more

Posted by SFS 4 years ago 1,989 100%

Tutoring todd

First TimeMatureTaboo

I was 34 years old when my life changed forever. My name is Sara and I am teacher in a Midwestern school. I was teaching introduction to algebra to a class full of 18 year olds. As in every class there was one boy that just didn't get the math. He was persistent and determined but he just didn't get it. He would do extra work and would even stay after school for instruction but no matter what I tried he just couldn't figure it out. The boy's name was Todd. He was small, skinny and kinda plain. He didn't have a lot of friends and I guess I felt sorry for him. I asked around about his parents… Read more

Posted by griffen1 4 years ago 7 5,192 95%

our gang part 4

Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

Hi again thought it about time i wrote part 4 so here goes it was quite a few months since we had all that fun with Karen and her s****r Sandra and we were getting bored so i said to the gang who now numbeard 7 5 guys 2 girls "whos up for some fun"sure they all said what you have in mind ?.Remember the 2 hot mums we fucked a few months ago lets pay them a vist .So i found out where Sandra lived as luck would have it her husband was on a fishing trip again so she was alone in her house her k**s a 25 year boy and his s****r 1 21 year old were still at uni .We knocked on her front door dont th… Read more

Posted by seagull64 4 years ago 2 1,738 100%

Exploring with Jenny

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

I had piled on a few pounds after I had my second daughter, well I didn't think it mattered much, my husband loved me and I had produced my share of the national 2.4 c***dren, so who cared? Then I stumbled into my husband letching over a neighbours wife, and his reasoning was that I obviously didn't care about myself or sex anymore so who could blame him for getting his kicks elsewhere? I was so upset, but I saw the reasoning, and as he promised that he hadn't been unfaithful I promised myself that I would get back into shape for him. That was nearly a year ago now and the winter was drawing t… Read more

Posted by JeanDauvere 4 years ago 3 4,602 100%

She loves me because she is free.


Well CC and I were at dinner the other night in our local place we eat .. We have our own table in the back and eat there all the time. She ( cc ) had on a little dress as allways and was soaked from teasing me at work allday noticed that the new waiter was hung like hell . She looked at me and said she would to feel that in her hands . So I told her to pull her dress up and get her top a little lower and to put her hand on the edge of the table so when he leaned in she could rub it. So she did just that and when she rub him he was surprised and apologized . He looked at me and… Read more

Posted by bigtoytime 4 years ago 3 1,614 70%

The Chorus


The Chorus Embracing his swollen cock. Into her mouth, gagging to almost throwing-up. Twisting the blowjob into her as an impalement of full body experiences. To inhale the sweet soapy scent of his balls and pubic hair, the pungent odor of his ass. He had pleaded like a small boy for her to fuck him and when she pulled out the small blue dildo it had shit on it. These are his fluid parts; his cum, his piss, his saliva his un-cried tears, the words that tumble like kisses from his lips. his sadness as it rolls in his soft belly like a tumble weed, aimless and unexpressed… Read more

Posted by blazingforth 4 years ago 474 67%