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Taboo Porn Stories

Why I found it hard to say no to Daddy

Story HardcoreMatureTaboo

An i****tuous happening, if told correctly, can be stimulating and erotic, after all it is about sex, and sex is erotic, if considered forbidden. I am the product of an i****tuous relationship, one that has brought joy, happiness and fulfillment, not the dirty evil and socially malfunctioning f****y, other would have you believe it is, yes I have been my fathers keeper and lover, and you know what, I still enjoy our relationship, twenty years later. My parents were confirmed naturists, and we would go annually on beach holidays, to the Canaries every Summer, but I did not know the full t… Read more

Posted by MarieL 4 years ago 5 8,346 95%

The Sexy Thief 2

Story First TimeTabooVoyeur

I woke up the next morning and turned on the video, but I didn’t start to jack off, I wanted to save up all my man juice for Jessica tonight. I walked into the Clarks back yard and just walked right in through the sliding glass door in the back of the house. I searched around and found what must have been Jessica’s room. I see what i was looking for in the corner of the room, her dirty laundry. I start searching through the hamper until i find them. The panties she had on last night, i stuffed them in my pocket and kept looking around. I walked into her bathroom and took a look around. I had… Read more

Posted by whodidthat 4 years ago 4 2,723 100%


Story First TimeMatureTaboo

As you may have already read in my first [True Philippines Story] on this ite ? I had been asked to take this sexy looking very young Pinoy girl along with me on a very drive across the Island so that she could be reunited with her parents. Now of course things went from friendly to completely sexy in a matter of a few moments which was once her Uncle had left us in my hotel room and she had relaxed and taken a shower as I had already done the same too just a few minutes before that. We had a most erotic night as you would have read in my first story ? and in the morning I woke up ear… Read more

Posted by PalKenRoy 4 years ago 2 1,936 100%

Dominating My Wife, Mother-In-Law And s****r-In-La

Story Group SexTaboo

This morning I woke up with a tingling feeling on my dick , I opened my eyes to see my s****r-in-law Tania sucking my cock , she was just 19 , short hair , fair , and small but growing boobs , with a nice ass , I don’t remember fucking her last night at least , but now she was sucking my cock , I was hard , my 6.5 inch cock was pointing right in her face as she began licking it and sucking it , I got up and she smiled at me , I instantly pulled her hair and made her suck me deeper and harder , she was wearing her nighty , when I was completely hard , I told her to get off me , she obeyed me an… Read more

Posted by sonyjames14 4 years ago 3 12,187 98%

Slavegirl Island 4.2

Story BDSMTaboo

Chapter Four (Part Two) PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF PATINA GOMEZ Jason and I took a leisurely lunch on the wide patio at the rear of Bianca`s mansion. We were shielded from the heat of the sun by a large umbrella. Bucks Fizz made an agreeable start to the meal. I was rather in the mood to get a little d***k. Jason had fucked me so marvellously, especially the last time over the side of the bed. I made myself imagine I really was a slave-girl...and it did a lot for me. Needless to say, however, I was thankful to come back to reality. To remain a slave. Despite the warmth, I shuddered. Abou… Read more

Posted by Victor-Bruno 4 years ago 5 2,542 100%

Ever wonder how a girl thinks, read on.

Story MasturbationTabooVoyeur

In English, most thing are either masculine or feminine, but in masturbation we can add neuter, when you consider vibrators, dildos and dongs. Yes I may still be a schoolgirl, but I know my English, as well as my sex toys, a small collection attained by deception and enticement. Boys and men love a good wank, mmmmmmmmmm,a lovely thought as it flashes through my feminine mind, I just love to watch men 'Whack one out', in fact for the last five years, since adding an extra digit to my age, long, thin, short, and fat, or a combination of any two of the aforementioned adjectives. Meanderi… Read more

Posted by MarieL 4 years ago 5 3,321 86%

The mother in law

Story MatureTaboo

It all started at a f****y party .My wifes mum and dad once again had a mega fall out and because my wife did not drink her dad asked her if she wud drive him home . we all lived a good hour away from where the party was so off she left to take him home .after a while she rang me to tell me she was going stright home after she had dropped her dad off and asked me if i could keep an eye on her mum and make sure she is ok . Well i was looking after her mum we were both at the bar drinking .We were both a bit d***k and getting a bit flirty the more we had to drink the ruder we were getting .Th… Read more

Posted by samprice590 4 years ago 3 4,914 88%

Craving men

Story Gay MaleTaboo

I really don’t know how and when I began having cravings for men. I have always had a girlish body, thin build, small waist, very little body hair, although what I think that set me apart from most boys was my butt. I often was mistaken for a girl because of my bubble, heart shaped butt. I am not totally gay…. I guess, because girls do turn me on. When I was growing up I would often go stay at my aunt’s house in the summer. I got to do fun things that I was not aloud to do at home like stay out late with friends and sometimes my cousin (whom was my age) and I would go drinking. This pa… Read more

Posted by si1973 4 years ago 4 2,553 100%

The Resting Blond

Story MasturbationTabooVoyeur

This girl (cat) use to come over to spend the night with my s****r all the time, my s****r isn't very social and has a hard time making friends. Even though she only had a few friends, she hung out with them alot. Cat would spend the night at our house almost every weekend. Cat was about 5'7" with blond hair and brown eyes, she had a nice face, but nothing to brag about. What caught my attention was her rack, she had nice bouncy c-cups and almost always wore a tank top to show them off. The rest of her figure looked good too, but her body was only average except those amazing tits. Before sh… Read more

Posted by whodidthat 4 years ago 6 2,225 87%

[b]Rachel and Stephanie (part 5 - Downpour)[/b]

Story First TimeTaboo

Best to read for first 4 parts before this one. We enjoy the rain and each other. Soaking Wet Still carrying Stephanie, and with my hardness pressing into her, we passed through the bushes and onto the large expanse of neatly mown lawn. We were exposed, for the first time, to the full f***e of the rain. It really was a torrent, up the tree we had been protected by the canopy and when we had reached the ground in the bushes very little rain had got through to us. Now out in the open we had no protection at all. I thought that I was already wet but now I was completely soaked… Read more

Posted by papa-echo 4 years ago 4 1,913 100%

Mother-in-law visits

Story Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

During one of my marriages I became really good friends with my Mother-in-law mostly because we were the same age. One weekend my husband, her son, had to go away on business on Saturday and wasn't coming back until Sunday night. She suggested that she come stay with me and we could make a girls night of it. I was thrilled. We went to the gym early then shopping and lunch. We weren't strangers to each others bodies because we shopped together a lot and would be in the dressing rooms getting dressed and undressed while trying on cloths including lingerie. After more shopping we decided to h… Read more

Posted by xtremsteph 4 years ago 11 8,989 98%

Every mother can change

Story MatureTaboo

Every mother can change indian sex story Hi all I'm rahul and this is my real experiences .. ENJOY Well folks I'm 24 and from chennai city, we live in a flat and my f****y consists of me, my mother and my father who works in the gulf. He comes only once a year. My mom is 48 years old but I must say she does not look her age. She is very fair and 5 feet tall, 60kgs and a bit bulky with a big ass and breasts. She is damn cute and beautiful, even now when she goes to the market people stare at her, but she is very modest and very strict. Now we stay in a building with tw… Read more

Posted by murads11 4 years ago 1 3,158 90%


Story MatureTaboo

MOM'S SECRET Indian Sex Story Note: ——I am NOT the author! I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here Hello Dear readers I am a 20 year old unmarried man from Karachi Pakistan My name is Shahid I am student of engineering I am regular reader stories at this site and I really enjoy and this is first time I am posting my true story. This is my true story about my mom which happened few months ago , and I want to share it with you and please do advise me accordingly We belong to a rich f****y and live in Karachi's posh area… Read more

Posted by murads11 4 years ago 2 3,312 38%

جودت والعائلة الكريمة

Story First TimeMatureTaboo

جودت وامه واختيه بدأت حياتي الجنسية بعمر متأخر، صحيح أني كنت أمارس العادة السرية(موزه للجنس العربى) منذ أن أحسست بلذة المداعبة لزبري، ولكن كمعرفة بالعمل الجنسي وبالحياة الجنسية وبممارسة الجنس، فقد كان ذلك يستلزم مرور وقت طويل من عمري، بسبب من تدليعي الزائد عن الحدّ في المنزل وعدم قدرتي على التكيّف مع أحد من الأصحاب حتى يمكن اعتباري بأني كنت أعيش وحيداً بكل معنى الكلمة. إسمي جودت، وعندما بدأت احداث هذه القصة منذ سنتين، أي في سبتمبر 2004 ، كنت ابلغ من العمر 22 عاماً، أنتمي الى أسرة أرستقراطية تعيش في أحد أحياء القاهرة ذات السمعة الطيبة، صحيح أن أبي قد توفى منذ زمن بعيد، إلاّ أن مدخو… Read more

Posted by murads11 4 years ago 6,084 80%

My Friends Black Mom

Story Interracial SexMatureTaboo

It was high school graduation and me and my friends were traveling in one big circle from graduation party to graduation party. As it started to wind down, three of us went to drop off Henry. It was commonly known in our circle that Henry's parents did not have a healthy relationship. They were never seen in the same room, they slept in separate bedrooms, and apparently had broke to their two sons that they were splitting up for good once the lease was up. So we got their expecting to feel a lot of tension, but instead arrived to find his parents acting amicably and mom Vanessa pretty buzzed.… Read more

Posted by youngc0ck187 4 years ago 7 7,648 98%

The lucky cheerleaders

Story Taboo

Man! It sure feels good to let go and pump a nice, healthy load of cum into my s****r Cindy. She's so soft and her pussy is sucking on my cock as it squirts. I can't tell you how good it feels. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that any b*****r who would climb between the thighs of his little s****r and slide his big nasty boner into her poor little pussy... and then CUM in that pussy... is probably a rat bastard. But it wasn't that way. Really! I HAD to do it! I had to do it for the team. Let me explain. Then you'll understand. It all started when I we… Read more

Posted by bigdickchad 4 years ago 3 3,803 96%

My sexxxy cousins

Story Taboo

Hi, I'm Mike and I'm 29 years old living in San Diego, I'm average looking and recently received a letter from my mom that 2 of my cousins would like to come here for the summer, of course I said OK, Vicky and Susie were 6 and 7 last time I saw them 10 years ago. My girlfriend, Vera thought it was a good idea too. I set off for the airport to meet them and see 2 gorgeous women come through picking up their bags; I'm so engrossed by them I forgot about my cousins. I must have missed them but these girls looked great, about 16 or 17, one blonde, one brunette with tremendous… Read more

Posted by bigdickchad 4 years ago 4,490 100%

The Sexy Thief

Story TabooVoyeur

On my 17th birthday my mom and stepdad went on a cruiz, and my s****r went to texas to visit familly in texas. I had gotten into a little trouble a few weeks earlier and was on a "diversion program" so i couldn't leave the state. Two weeks home alone, to do whatever i wanted. I had a plan, of corse it was all ruined, but what happened was way better then my plan. The first day they were gone i woke up early saterday morning ready to begin the best two weeks of my life. The house across the street was the Clark home. Mr. Clark was a lawer and wasn't home very much, Mrs. Clark was a Piano teac… Read more

Posted by whodidthat 4 years ago 7 3,517 100%

Leaving The Friend Zone Part 2 Birthday Surprise

Story Interracial SexTaboo

Lisa already lived a few weeks in my house. Mostly she was wearing tight fitting clothes but that was all i could see from her body. One day she walked into my study. She was wearing a white blouse, which last 2 buttons were open to show some cleavage and a pair of tight fitting jeans. She wore her glasses which she only needed to read. "Um Thomas." "Yes." "You know what day will be tomorrow." "No." "What!" She came closer and gave me a hug. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. "Tomorrow is your birthday." She was right. I forgot my birthday. "So how about if we go clubbing to c… Read more

Posted by lirror 4 years ago 1,760 100%

A sex Chat by me and Japnese net Friend

Story FetishHardcoreTaboo

Hiiiii i need your appreciation though inbox , friend request and comment • Sam Sin ok i will teach u let imagine i m ur bf wat r u wearing now??? Mary Mar 0k... I'm wearing shorts n t-shirt Sam Sin i m just holding ur hands and hugging u from back slowly i started rubbing nose on ur neck Mary Mar Hmm....go on Sam Sin Then i turn ur around lie on u then i took bottle of honey n chocolate Mary Mar Hugging u too I lay down on mine back Sam Sin hmmmm now i put some choclate on finger to ur lips now licking it from my tongue Mary Mar Hmmm....sweet... Go on... Sam Sin hmmmm… Read more

Posted by samsin36 4 years ago 296 33%