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Taboo Porn Stories

son got punished

Story AnalMatureTaboo

Since then, I frequently visited my mom's wardrobe whenever she was out. I would wear her clothes, and it would make me feel sexy. I would pretend I am a woman, and take sexy pictures of myself. I realized how much I liked this, and this led to me realizing my bisexuality. I wanted a man to make me his woman. Because I wanted a man so badly, I would often go to Craigslist's casual encounter ads to find someone willing to fuck me. Every time I did, I would often chicken out from meeting them. One day, I left my email account open on my computer. I was out with friends. When I came back, I… Read more

Posted by hornymumfuckingson 4 years ago 3 5,648 100%

The Resting Blonde 2

Story AnalFirst TimeTaboo

I woke up Sunday morning and called my friend john, I told him i wanted another of bottle of vodka. 50 bucks but it would be well worth it, i waited untill my mom left and my step dad went to work. Then i snuck into my there room and found what i was looking for. My step dad had these weird spasms and he had to take muscle relaxers for it. I took three of the valium and three of the Xanax that my s****r took when she had an anxiety attack. I crushed up two of each and poured them into the bottle, shaking it really well. After that i put the bottle under my bed like a normal day, and at nine… Read more

Posted by whodidthat 4 years ago 1,577 25%


Story First TimeTaboo

my girlfriend lyn was called in to work at the hospital so i agreed to look after her younger s****r while she worked the grave shift which meant i'd have to spend the night. lyn's parents were out of town for the weekend. lyn's s****r kit is a 13 year old brat who seems to always get her way. i've known lyn for about five years now and i have seen kit grow into a teen. she still has a little baby fat but for a chunky teen kit has a rockin bod. her legs are her best feature and i love to ogle her meaty thighs. i've been lucky enough to catch glimpses of her inner thighs and panty covered… Read more

Posted by qrystofer 4 years ago 4 10,805 100%

once last time with her

Story First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

"My sweet Lord," I heard her whisper under her breath, as I framed her face with my hand, and gently turned her to look me in the eye. "Shh," I hushed, my face inches from hers, "don't speak." I curled my lips over hers, my bottom lip gliding into her mouth. I settled in closer, my other hand sliding down her arm to lace our fingers together. I closed my eyes as she kissed me back hesitantly, exhaling in a note that made me weak. Her other hand slipped around my head, and she tilted to deepen our liplock. How did we end up here? I threaded my fingers in her hair and pulled her… Read more

Posted by leslamya 4 years ago 19 2,715 98%

Michelle's Fetish

Story FetishMasturbationTaboo

This is a pee fetish story so if you're not into that you probably won't like this. If you do however I hope you enjoy my first attempt at writing! My name is Michelle I'm 19 and just started college. I'm not exactly sure how to start my story. I could start with the experience that made me into what I am today but I figure that can wait for now. Maybe it'd be better to give you an idea of what I look like. So lets start with the basics. I'm short... very short. Its the first thing people notice about me when I walk into a room. A few weeks ago I was walking by a group of sixth graders… Read more

Posted by peepeedaddy 4 years ago 3 5,067 99%

Fun with my Gyno

Story BDSMFetishTaboo

FUN WITH MY GYNO Continued; If you haven’t read part one of MY FUN WITH MY GYNO then this may not make a lot of sense!! I arrived at the medical centre just before midday, I was rather excited because as Dr Phil had explained the day before that due to my small vagina I may have difficulty in giving birth to a baby naturally and that this test was essential for me. I walked into the waiting room and the two receptionists seem to recognize me immediately, “Oh , Hi Sammy, you here, excellent just take a seat and the nurse will be out shortly” one explained. I sat down and picked up a magazine… Read more

Posted by sammythewitch91 4 years ago 12 3,338 95%

my son jimmy

Story MatureTaboo

Mr. Carr was the neighbor's name and he showed up on our door step pretty unhappy. He asked if Jimmy's father was home. Since John was out of town I told him not at the moment, but that I was Jimmy's mother Kate. I was surprised then to hear him say that I better keep my son away from his wife if I knew what was good for me and especially for Jimmy. I listened to him rant and rave for sometime talking about how my son was hanging around his house during the day trying to seduce his wife. Then as he wound down I tried to assure him I would look into it and take care of the… Read more

Posted by griffen1 4 years ago 16 16,848 99%

A Sibling Secret

Story First TimeTaboo

Kit nudged open the front door, exhausted but pleased. It had been a long day, and after all the stores and appointments she looked forward to just relaxing the rest of the evening. Laden with shopping bags she bumped the door quietly shut with her back, not wanting to wake the rest of her f****y. Sneaking in late at night wasn't a problem for Kit -- she'd done it many times before, and with more incriminating companions than cans of soup. She didn't make a sound as she laid down the groceries and tip-toed into the livingroom. Thomas was waiting for her. Well, to a degree. The now post-grad… Read more

Posted by jefffinn 4 years ago 5 6,181 95%

Sex in m****e School

Story Taboo

One day the teacher was teaching us biology class and explaining the human reproduction system. The teacher was telling about the penis, the sperms, the ovum, the pussy and breasts and the whole process of human reproduction. I just turned 13 and am in e···h g#@de, the teacher is an attractive female named Ms. Besbokners, she is 32, 5ft 8in, 110lbs, brunette. She was explaining the topic with help of sketches and diagrams, she was asking questions to us on the topic to determine whether we were understanding the topic topic of sexual intercourse. It was very interesting subject and all of us… Read more

Posted by fruitloop27 4 years ago 8 5,198 100%

Younger s****r sits on his cock.

Story MatureTaboo

To set the scene: We're sitting in the lounge watching a film. The lights are off and the glow of the screen is the only way by which to see. On the two-seater couch are my parents. In the deep armchair in the corner sits my younger s****r Imogen. I myself am sitting on the floor between my parents, resting my back against the front of the couch. We don't own enough furniture for everyone to sit at once, probably due to the fact that I'm rarely ever at home. College keeps me busy for the majority of the year. The floor is laminate, not great for comfort as you can imagine. I keep sliding away… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 41 21,635 100%

Cassie and her b*****r do more than study.

Story First TimeTaboo

It was a little after seven when my iPhone buzzed, letting me know I had a text message. I had it set on silent ring, since I was studying in the university library, which had been my practice for the past several weeks. Courses were getting much more difficult since I'd gotten into my major. The first two years were a breeze, but now I really had to study. The text message was from my s****r, Cassie. She's in her first year at the same university where I'm a third year student. We're only one year apart in age, but I skipped a level when I first entered high school. We were both home schoo… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 14 6,944 96%

Cassie and Tim make up and explore a nude beach

Story TabooVoyeur

I had just discovered that my k** s****r schemed to get me to have sex with her because she wanted to have my baby. She had been charting her ovulation for the past several months, and knew that she was fertile this particular weekend, so she got me back to her apartment for sex. After discovering her plan, I confronted Cassie in the kitchen, where she was preparing dinner. Cassie, still nude, slowly walked over to me and placed her hands on my shoulders.

 "You remember a few minutes ago when you asked what I was wondering?" She asked. 

"Yes, but what does that have to do with this?"

… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 7 9,636 94%

b*****r's erotic pictures of s****r turn to m

Story MatureTaboo

This story involves i****t between a b*****r and s****r. It begins with erotic photographs but ends where most stories do, with a couple of good orgasms. I love feedback, especially hearing how it made you feel. Please rate this story and give me comments. * In high school, the majority of guy's actions are largely influenced by the floods of testosterone raging through their bodies. The only difference for Jude was that he turned his passion into a hobby. Ever since he opened a professional quality digital camera for Christmas during his senior year he had been taking pictures. He had a… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 10 6,258 100%

The Host

Story Group SexShemalesTaboo

Sunday...ahhh, my favorite day of the week. You see, that's when me, and a whole bunch of naughty, horny (and usually married!) men get together while their wives are away at church ;-) Now, whenever you are bringing 20 to 30 men together to gangbang a high heeled, crossdressing cumslut like me, one of the most important things to consider is discretion. I mean, what would all those prudish goody goody wives think if they found out what their husbands were doing with my warm, wet mouth and puckered lil asshole while they were reciting prayers and singing hymns! Without fail, one of t… Read more

Posted by cdsexslut 4 years ago 6 2,661 100%

The Resting Blonde 2

Story AnalFirst TimeTaboo

I woke up Sunday morning and called my friend john, I told him i wanted another of bottle of vodka. 50 bucks but it would be well worth it, i waited untill my mom left and my step dad went to work. Then i snuck into my there room and found what i was looking for. My step dad had these weird spasms and he had to take muscle relaxers for it. I took three of the valium and three of the Xanax that my s****r took when she had an anxiety attack. I crushed up two of each and poured them into the bottle, shaking it really well. After that i put the bottle under my bed like a normal day, and at nine… Read more

Posted by whodidthat 4 years ago 3 1,494 100%

Nude Beach Experience

Story First TimeTabooVoyeur

My husband has wanted to go to the local nude beach ever since he found out where it was. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude but didn’t feel the need to have complete strangers looking at me completely naked while at the beach. Knowing he really wanted to check it out I agreed to go but told him that I may not take off my bikini but did decide to purchase a skimpy string bikini and surprise him. No reason that I can’t at least look really sexy anyway. I’m 46, 5’6”, 140lbs, 36C, long red hair, dark brown eyes, tight ass and flat stomach. He’s 43, 5’10”, 210lbs, 9 inches, brown hair and bl… Read more

Posted by evilbb 4 years ago 3 6,566 95%


Story First TimeMatureTaboo

Sunbathing A really nice summer’s day in England is hard to better. Hot but not too hot, no bugs or mosquitos as you have in so many other places and normally not humid at all. Of course the down side is that this happens very rarely but when it does it is truly wonderful and a great chance to get a little colour on your skin and enjoy the warmth of the sun on you. I am lucky to have a pretty secluded garden, screened on three sides with only one side where my neighbours can see in. As a result it is a great place to lie in the sun on a hot summer’s day. There is actually a… Read more

Posted by papa-echo 4 years ago 1 4,409 100%

Super Swimmers

Story HardcoreMasturbationTaboo

There are pretty much 3 things about me that I am excited enough to brag about, and up until a few years ago I didn't have any. Two of them I can discuss, and one of them is top secret. But don't worry, I'll tell you about it later on. And in detail! So hear me out. Certainly none of them are about my physical appearance. I mean I don't think I'm ugly, just nothing fancy. On a scale of Yasser Arafat to Brad Pitt, I guess I'm somewhere in the middle. It's what I come loaded with that gives me some bragging rights. Literally. I'll tell you more about that later too. I guess a good way t… Read more

Posted by live987 4 years ago 3 2,060 100%

Caught - not my work but i though id share it.

Story Taboo

Hi there. I don't know how many of the stories on here are real. I doubt some of them that result in perfect strangers having sex. Anyway, this story is completely true, and though it might not be as 'Gripping' as some of the other stories here, it is none the less true. I have masturbated my entire life it seems. When I lived at home, I was terrified (and a little excited) at the thought of being caught. I was very careful about when and where I did it, and managed to never get caught right up till I left for college. I'm not saying my parents didn't know, I'm sure they did, but I had neve… Read more

Posted by ImThatGuy86 4 years ago 2,144 100%


Story Taboo

not my work, i just came across it and thought id share it. When I was 8 years old my mom and dad got divorced. I lived with my mom from then on. Besides being my mom, she became my best friend. We did everything together. She had me when she was just 18 years old, so although she was much older than I, she wasn't THAT much older. When I was about 16 she tried telling me about the birds and bees, but I already had learned all that stuff. That conversation didn't last long and she said she figured I had already learned most of it. I had already been jacking off for probably 3 years by t… Read more

Posted by ImThatGuy86 4 years ago 3 11,617 93%