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best friend lover


This is a fiction story. No real name was used in the making ;) It was a cool Friday night in August. A 5'4 girl named Deborah was sitting at home waiting for a call from her husband saying he was in her way home. It was 10:30 and she was starting to get worried so she gave him a call. As she was calling him, she heard loud music in the background and she hung up without another word being said. She got up and went to bed. As she was laying down her best friend Patrick texted her asking her if she wants to hang out tomorrow. She replied saying yes. Tomorrow morning around 10 am patrick cam… Read more

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Husband and wife get the knott


This is not my story I am just reposting it. If this is your story and would like me to take it down just let me know and I will do so. Bernard zoophilia b********y masturbation oral couple Let me make it absolutely clear before I start with this true tale, I am not in anyway gay. I have never wanted to be fucked by another man or even thought about getting intimate with a member of the same sex. Sure, I love watching two women going at it, in fact, I derive great pleasure from seeing a couple of girls suck and fuck each other. Tongues and fingers going to work. Breast to br… Read more

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My Son My Lover Part 1 rewrite


Hello, my name is Jane; and I’m 38 years old and I’m happily married to my second husband. I have 3 c***dren, my oldest is 22 and I also have twins at 5; however they’re my son’s c***dren. And before I tell how my son became my lover, I’ll tell you how he was born. I was 16; at the time I was on my final year at school my first husband was my boyfriend, 6 months prior to the exams my boyfriend knocked me up and 3 months after the exams I gave birth to my son. My dad f***ed me into marry my boyfriend and when my son was 3 years old; I divorced my husband because I found out that he was chea… Read more

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My Teenage Surprise

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

I was a late bloomer sexually because we lived on a farm where there wasn't many girls and I was a shy thin freckle faced thin boy. My first time having sex was at a whorehouse in Southeast Asia during the war All the strawberry boys were taken to Lilly, a plump Vietnamese prostitute, who was gentle and had broken in many a young military man. She would cover the small lamp in here room which was over the water with a red cloth to dim the room. the light made her look beautiful as she undressed,stroked, sucked and fucked the virgins to a climax. Also in the house was a secret room in the wa… Read more

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Lonly Kyle and the fantastic threesome,

Group SexSex HumorTaboo

During class Kyles phone rang in on the professor giving his best impression of a mad scientist in the lab. Kyle frantically tried to turn it down, but the damage had already been don't and his Professor was already all over him like a moth to the light. The Professor "So somebody didn't get the memo ah dipshit"? Kyle gave the professor an apologetic smile and said"i'm sorry emergency". Answering the phone he could hear loud shouting in the background as his friend Ema was trying to tell him something but the call ended just as soon as she said "party"! Kyle turn off his phone and thought just… Read more

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new years eve aftermath


My wife and I were invited to a party by her girlfriend for New Years eve. About 1:30 she got a call from her sons to wish her a happy new year. The Boys are 17 and 18 and are actually quite good k**s. My wife and I told her after she hung up that they were probably checking up on her so she didn't interrupt their party. she blew it off and we went on partying. her husband was out of town and she was glad we drove because she could now get blasted. We left the party at about 1:30 and I was the designated driver. I got her and my wife in the car. both of them were well oiled, but Cathy was t… Read more

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A DAUGHTER'S STORY (For Yng_Daddiesgirl)

First TimeTaboo

There was only thing I looked forward to every summer: the weekend camping trip with my dad. It is always just the two of us. Mom hates the forest so it was never a problem keeping here at home. I loved being alone with my daddy and watch him in the woods as he set up our camp. The location where we usually settled was right by a river which was just deep enough to swim in. I cannot tell you tthe thrill the first time I saw him in his very tight swim suit and the lovely bulge. Only one person the world knew about my little crush on my daddy and that was my best friend Shannon who was two ye… Read more

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remembering "uncle" buddy part one

Gay MaleShemalesTaboo

after many years of our having fun together, doing the role playing we so much loved, for whatever reason, you have disappeared from my life, and it is time to chronicle some of those times. when we first met it didn't take long for us to discover what a good fit we were together, you being the 6'5" 230lb uncle, and my being the 5'3" 120lb bad cock teasing little girl niece, how you liked that I didn't get into the "over the top" sissy get ups, but preferred keeping it simple with just my training bra, sexy little bikini panties, and full slip, you said that was "keeping it real" and it made… Read more

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Tanyas visits uncle John

First TimeTaboo

My older b*****rs daughter Tanya was coming to visit again, just like she had since she was a young. Now she had turned 18 and it was maybe the tenth time she came over during the last years. She had always been looking up to me alot not ever causing any trouble. If I said I used to listen to a certain band that would be the next thing she listened to when she came over next year etc.. Quite a lot had happened to her last year, now before me stood a cute blond and skinny teen with a more mature self confident look in her face. She was wearing a colourful dress revealing her slender but athleti… Read more

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AnalFirst TimeTaboo

One warm Saturday morning I was outside on my patio drinking coffee. Just enjoying the sun and warm breezes.When my neighbor came over she was smiling from ear to ear. I offer her a cup of coffee. So I had to ask her. Whats making you so happily this morning? She raised hands to the sky,with a twinkle in her eyes. Told me that her husband will be gone for the next year over seas. I know that they won't getting alone. Over all the times her and I have talked. So I thought to myself no one knew this about my wife and I but we were x swingers. And still play around when the opportunely Aries.M… Read more

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A woman perspective, Short sexual stories

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Yes it was dirty, but that was the driving f***e behind my participation, I wanted to wallow in the dirtiness of the act, the talk, the smell, the surroundings, all of it added up to the absurdity of it, it was raw at its best, even his smallness was accounted for, just to be taken and used in this manner appealed to me, this was real sex, good fucking, I felt like a woman doing her best to make him feel like a God, I held him tight inside me, a place where in the light of the day, he should in all reality never be there in a thousand years, unless he had bludgeoned me and tied me up in a subm… Read more

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First TimeMatureTaboo

*I didnt write this, just wanted to get this hot story out there more. This story makes me so horny and hard because I always wanted to fuck my big tits and round ass sexy aunt... by TooMuchTime (TooMuchTime2002@hotmail.com) Copyright(c) 2003, TooMuchTime. All rights reserved. I wasn't happy. For months, I'd been looking forward to my parents' vacation, if only because it meant I'd have the house to myself for two weeks -- the big dream of any 14 year old boy. Then, at the last minute, my stupid aunt had to go and move back into the area and need a place to stay. I barely knew the wo… Read more

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House entertainment, at the house


I couldn't believe what she had on. I said, "really?!? why wear anything at all?" "Don't worry about it" was all she would say to me. She was wearing shiny black leggings with an obvious camel toe. Her snatch had totalled gobbled up the crotch of her pants. She had on black patent leather heels. Her blouse was low cut, it wrapped over itself. It hung below her waist, hiding the fun curves, but left a fun surprise for the imagination. She wore no bra which was just silly. Her tits were completely bouncing all around. "What are we doing tonight?" I asked as she approached me. She g… Read more

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Did you ever end up with one of those nick names that sticks for years? Well, it started with this really slutty, heavy set chick that used to come to our frat house and beg our beer and let whoever fuck her. Guys would make fun of her and get her d***k. She was the frat whore and used to pass out on the floor and wake up with hardened cum on her face and be a generally filthy slut. I kinda got to be friends with her and hung out just talking. She'd talk about being such a slut and how nice I always was to her. She didn't play games like other chicks and was actually my friend. I never went ou… Read more

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Daddy's Perfect Girl

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

Daddy is a larger man. Standing six feet four inches tall and weighing close to three hundred pounds. Daddy has a big, full beard and looks like a young Santa Claus. Daddy has a warm, caring, happy personality and everyone remarks how great a father he is. Which makes Daddy's life all the more sad. You see, Daddy married a woman who saw a man that would be nice to her, care for her and treat her the way she wants to be treated, only daddy is overweight and she is repulsed by having any physical relationship with him. So she cheats. She sl**ps with men who are scum, treat her like she wa… Read more

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Catching Mom Out

First TimeMatureTaboo

What would mom do to stop me from telling anyone I knew I was going to get suspended if not expelled from my boarding school after getting caught in the girl school next door in a state of undress. We were doing what every other pupils at boarding schools do nearing the end of term, but we got caught. Instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen, I caught a train back to the f****y estate, consisting of 3 farms and a big manor house which will be all mine one day. I wanted to tell the parents face to face so made my own way back from the train station, walking the last mile or so acr… Read more

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Daddy's sneaky fun


"Mmmm, ohhh yes" the cries the man heard from his daughter's bedrooom. He knew his daughter wasn't home, so who was that making those noises? He began to open her door, but realized it was cracked open enough to see in. The man saw his daughters best friend making love to her own pussy with so many toys. The man stood in the door way just pushing the door open a bit further so he can get a better view. He watched the tall redhead rub her large nipples with her hands, then working her hands down her torso to just barely rub the opening of her clit. The girl found a dildo and stroked i… Read more

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A Daughter's Homecumming - Part 2

Lesbian SexMasturbationTaboo

After masturbating and cumming for the second time, I must have fallen asl**p on my bed, because I suddenly heard the sound of my Mum's voice and felt her hand gently shaking me. "Helen, wake up, come on sl**py head, you can't spend all the afternoon in your bedroom." As I opened my eyes I suddenly realised that I must have fallen asl**p immediately after my last orgasm, as my knickers were round one ankle, and my breasts were semi naked, where I had been playing with my nipples as I had been fingering my pussy. For a moment, I desperately tried to cover myself up, then I realised again… Read more

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My Daughter's Boyfriend

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Another story I wrote and posted in Literotica... As with my other works, I retain copyright. Please enjoy! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The phone ringing drew me out of the shower, my wet feet so slippery that I almost slipped and fell in the bathroom. I grabbed at a towel as I dashed to reach the phone, my wet, naked body leaving a trail of water drops along the way. I was able to answer the phone before the caller hung-up, my voice breathy from the short sprint. “Hello?” I answered as I put the phone to my… Read more

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Let It Snow


“I’m sorry love,” Jason said into his mobile phone. “It just fell down and there’s no way we can get any further up here on the moors.” The snow was unexpected and sudden and had caused a white-out. The high moor road was open and desolate and the white sheet had quickly drifted and blocked any forward progress and retreat. “Yes, she’s safe and here. Can you let the rescue teams know where we are, please. We’re in good shape. I filled up before I picked Callie up and I’ve got some drinks so we can hold out til morning.” He handed the phone to his daughter. “Hi, Mum! Yes. Don… Read more

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