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Helpless Mother!! Part 1

First TimeMatureTaboo

I never thought I will jump up with joy when my uncle called me from India and said my dad had passed away!I almost said "Yes" on phone but controlled myself and continued being sorrow! It was not because my dad was abusive or something! He was the best dad I could have! For that I was greatful to him! The main reason I was happy on his death was my mom! Yes my mom! I had my eyes on mom eversince I hit puberty! My feelings triggered when I saw two dogs fucking outside my house. Me and my friends joked about it then but in few hours time, I was jerking off on my bed thinking how good it will… Read more

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Helpless Mother!! Part 2

First TimeMatureTaboo

The next morning mom was already up when I got up. It was a Monday. The whole day has been horrible for me. She did not talk to me except when it was time to eat. I did not talk to her either! I went out for few hours just to get out of it! I came back about 8pm and saw mom was still waiting for me to have dinner. We then ate together silently as I kept watching tv while we ate. After cleaning everything up, mom went to her bedroom.I kept watching TV until until 11pm and then I went and slept on my bed. The next day was Tuesday! It is our market day and dad got veg’s from it last week for the… Read more

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Satisfying mother 3 FINAL


I waved at the black limousine. It had a placard with my name on it in the window. It stopped in front of me. I opened the back door and climbed in as an outbound jet roared overhead. I was passing through O'Hare International Airport on my way to make a sales call in Atlanta. "Welcome to Chicago," said Mother opening her full length fur coat. Her blue eyes sparkled mischievously. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black panties and thigh-high stockings. The panties had a smiley face on them and written in yellow above it were the words, "Welcome Home, Son." "Hi, Mom," I said smiling… Read more

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Satisfying mother 2


I awoke the next morning to find that Mother had already left my bed. I yawned and stretched then threw the covers off of me and got out of bed. I was so sated from last night's sex I didn't even have my usual morning erection. Mother was wrapped up in her terry cloth robe making breakfast in the kitchen and talking on her cell phone. I waved at her as I went into the bathroom. She smiled and nodded at me while continuing her conversation. I deduced she was talking to my father. Hot water sprayed from the shower head and I stepped under it. I lathered my body vigorously with soap and re… Read more

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spying on them


As I have written before, I grew up in a big family with many females and was exposed to nudity during my formative years. Once you see a real woman naked and with so many options, it is almost impossible to not want to see more. So I spent most of my teenage years spying on them. I cut a hole in the towel closet in the bathroom so I could watch from an adjoining closet and at one point I replaced the bathroom mirror with a two way mirror so I could watch them from my bedroom closet. Eventually they discovered it but we never talked about it in the open. I still think back to those days and wi… Read more

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I Watched my Daughter Fuck our Neighbour

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

Janice, my next door neighbour, left to visit her mother for a week, and her husband started hitting on our home, where I, a divorcee, and my teen daughter live, he thinks we are 'Fair Game', and if I am honest, it's laughable, but dangerously possible. My Daughter called out for me to come to her bedroom, which I did. Upon arriving there, she was looking out her bedroom window, so I went across and looked out to where she was looking, and my heart almost stopped beating, Brian, the neighbour I was talking about was standing completely naked, in his yard, stroking his cock. What caught m… Read more

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'little sis' chapter 4

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

I was a wreck about four days before prom. I couldn’t sleep. I knew I was attracted to Jason but my feelings for scott were based on severe infatuation. I was actually painting my toenails when I heard a soft knock on my sliding glass door. I didn’t know which brother it would be. I can’t lie I wanted it to be scott. I hobbled over to the door and let him in. I had to rag on him. I said ‘I thought you were going to make me wait. He didn’t even answer. I was so not wearing cute pajamas. I was totally wearing one of the t-shirts they give you when you donate blood. It didn’t mat… Read more

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My Step-Daughter and I go Camping


The story that I'm about to tell you took place 4 years ago when I was 53 and my step-daughter was 26 years old, the oldest of three step-k**s, 1 boy 25 at the time and the youngest a girl 23. This story is about the oldest step-daughter and myself. The wife and I met at a swingers party 2 years before this story takes place. Her three k**s are not into the swingers life styl like the wife and I are. A little about me, I'm only 5 feet 5 in. with a little bit of… Read more

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Halloween threesome


I was sitting at home wondering what I would be doing for Halloween. I could go to my friend's house, he's having some lame "scary movie" party with our usual gang of troublemakers. I could go to the local cruise scene and drive up and down the road watching others do the same. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the costume party my dad's company was having because I was a bit young, I'm 18 years old and there would be alcohol there. I really wanted to go to this party, just for the sheer fact of the having some fun. If nothing else, seeing everyone's costume would be worth it. Unfort… Read more

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S1ster's Visit

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

S*ster's Visit I had just stepped into the shower as my k*d s*sters voice shouted through the door. “Lee, let me in, I need a pee,” Alison shouted through the door as I explained that I had just stepped into the shower, she would have to wait. Alison was my younger s*ster; she had come to stay with me until she sorted out things with her boyfriend. Alison didn’t get on with our step dad so chose to come and stay with me. I stood for a few seconds considering her request, listening to her pleading with me. The only problem that I had was that I had just started giving myself m… Read more

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Daddys Girl chapters 5&6


The next morning Beth and I had woke up around 11am. I told her that she needed to come to my house tuesday afternoon after school. Remembering that daddy said I was to follow my instructions and so far I had. Thinking back to last night playing with Beth and actually letting Rex lick and fuck me. I really didn't think that having a dog fuck me was going to excitie me as much as it did. As much as i had fun my mind kept going to daddy. I love him and i love being with him and I missed him. I wondered what he was doing with mom since I knew she was off. I was kind of jealous that she was fuckin… Read more

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My S1ster And I And The Lesbians Next Door

Group SexLesbian SexTaboo

My S*ster And I And The Lesbians Next Door My name is Lily and my s*ster Ruby and I have always been more like best friends then s*ster. Our mom and dad provide us with everything we could ever need and they work hard to keep us in the nice house we have. I am s*venteen and Ruby just turned sixteen which is something I love to rub in her face that I am the oldest but it never seems to bother Ruby. When our mom and dad are at work, which is most of the time, I am in charge of watching Ruby which is never really an issue because we usually just hang out in one of our rooms and listen… Read more

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sister has a Secret part 3


Sarah was sat on her laptop, searching for something on the internet. She wanted to surprise Hope with something for her official leaving of school. She'd been looking up the cheapest, quality flights she could get to take them both on holiday for a week or two, but she'd been hampered a lot by Hope wanting to hang out together. Hanging out normally involved sex, after which Sarah had little energy left to search. Luckily, Sarah had the day off work while Hope was sitting her final exams for the year. She was looking through the normal travel agent websites while also looking on other… Read more

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My early birthday gift


My early birthday present, My life had been like a fairy tale of the adult sort lately anyone who had read previous stories would under stand that. Just to be clear though with everything that has recently happened I just want to make clear that my wife Lisa truly is all any man could or would ever need she is very sexy and has a naughty side. When we go on vacations especially she has her wicked weasel sheer when wet bikini, which our daughter Amy found and started down a path of her own. Lisa is also a huge flirt, and dresses sexy, and likes to flash after a couple of glasses of wine. When… Read more

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German Exchange Student surprise for Wife


y husband and I decided to take in one of the exchange students from the church program. The man who was assigned to us was called Franz and he was from Germany. Our k**s had both gone off to school and we had spare rooms so we thought it would be a good idea. Franz was 20 years old and for the first week we hardly ever saw him, they were all so busy at the church. Up early in the morning and getting back late at night. So one morning about 7am, my husband had already left for work and I thought Franz had left to so I went down stairs in my PJs to make a cup of coffee. As I turned into the ki… Read more

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Late Night Movies (chapter one)

First TimeTaboo

It was late and I couldn't sleep. I had to go to the bathroom so I opened my bedroom door and set foot that way. The moment my door swung open my dads voice called out from the living room down the hall, "Robbie? What're you doing?" This was expected and had become somewhat of a routine, whenever I would come out of my room this late at night my father always called out from a distance to see what I was up to. It was well past my bedtime and daddy didn't like to be disturbed late at night. He made sure of this by making a rule that any television shows that we watched as a family had to be ov… Read more

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Fighting with Mom - Really Fighting!!


OK, this happened last weekend and it was the last thing I expected to be doing. Mom’s been staying with us for a few days while her house is being fumigated. Last weekend, Janice and Ginger were out of town on a girls weekend, so it was just me and mom. Now mom and I have been having sex regularly lately, but it’s been nice, touchy feely sex. On Saturday morning, I planned on getting out of the house early to check on the mom’s place, hoping they would be finished soon. Having sex with mom is nice, but having her under foot daily was starting to get on my nerves big time. I was just g… Read more

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That's what friends are for!

AnalInterracial SexTaboo

Fuck, it’s been a hell of a rough couple weeks. My male partner, John, got diagnosed with early on-set Parkinson’s just before Christmas last year, but fortunately, the d**gs he’s been taking have calmed everything down- more or less. Then back in July, he was diagnosed with anemia and it turns out he had this degenerative bone marrow disease called MDS. And hell yeah- I slapped myself in the forehead and said to myself, “Shit- what NEXT!” Don’t get me wrong- I’m not complaining! Or looking for sympathy either- just got moved to write some shit down… call it therapy… dick therapy if y… Read more

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Sex HumorShemalesTaboo

by Jennifer Lorissa-Leigh "I tell you, Arnie, something's going on in there." Jeremy spoke as he and his friend looked upon the university's Institute for Human Sexual Studies. "I know Jerry went in there, and never came out." "Maybe he just quit school and went home to Nebraska, like they said," Arnie suggested. "What could possibly be in there that would cause someone to disappear?" "I don't know. Some kind of foul play's going on... maybe one of the professors is a serial killer, or something like that. I gotta get in there. I'm getting to the bottom of this." "Why don't you c… Read more

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Roadtrip with my sister


Vacations; they were supposed to be fun and relaxing in theory. And they usually were once we got wherever we were going, but dad never seemed to understand the idea of having fun along the way. It was all about getting where we were going on schedule and we could relax once we arrived. This year was a bit different than any previous holiday with my family. Instead of being stuck in the backseat with my sister while the landscape rolled past for hours on end, we had taken two vehicles and Kylie and I got to drive ourselves. It was a small improvement at least and it never would have happened… Read more

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