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Taboo Porn Stories

His Dad


Mia had been dating Ric for three months but it was his dad that she fucked all the time. It happened one day when she went over to Ric's house to take back his book. The dad was there alone and he invited her in. He gave her some soda and they chatted for a while. He then told her she looked very pretty and kept running his eyes over her body. For some reason Mia liked they way he looked at her. He was a good looking single man. He also told her she had a very sexy body and then ran a finger down the side of her face. He said to her "I have an urge to want to kiss you. Would you let me kiss y… Read more

Posted by chaseme 4 years ago 1 3,147 100%

Mrs. Lucyna Contd. history.


I woke up early in the morning, happy. Quickly ran into the room Mrs. Lucyna to it in accordance with her desire to awaken. She was lying on a bed, covered with a blanket gently, but not enveloped her beautiful breasts. I leaned over her and began to gently stroke her legs mouth going straight to her nice and warm and fragrant Pussy. When I arrived there already started drilling in dziurce language, and the same went hands on her gorgeous breasts. She always pretended to be asl**p, gave me in this way to understand that I have to do better than that. Our bodies understand each other without w… Read more

Posted by kamilrobotnik 4 years ago 1 792 67%

the elevator


Tom jumped out of the cab in front of County General Hospital, getting soaked to the skin as a summer thunder storm swept across Cobb County. Shaking off as much water as he could, Tom looked to find the correct bank of elevators that would take him to Dr. Golden's office on the tenth floor. Seeing one of the elevator doors beginning to shut, Tom broke into a sprint and stuck his arm into the closing doors and made them bounce back open allowing him entry. When he finally settled into the front corner of the elevator in front of the floor selection panel, he noticed a… Read more

Posted by amystafford30 4 years ago 3 3,104 100%

Kayla's first threeway

FetishGroup SexTaboo

Before me and Donald got together, I dated his buddy from college Eric. Eric was fun at times, not the best boyfriend or looker, but he had a nice sized dick and was a great lay. While we dated, Eric liked to have me get dressed and made up kinda slutty before we went to parties or bars so he could grab all over me in front of his friends to make them jealous or envious or something. One night we were supposed to be going to a party at Eric's friend's house, but that wasn't what happened. Turned out Eric said it was a party to get me to put on makeup and wear a tiny jean skirt, tank top, and… Read more

Posted by cuck-fan 4 years ago 2 1,703 85%

My audacious girl friend, ch 2.5

MatureSex HumorTaboo

I know some people are going to think this is distasteful; I have one friend who will most likely upchuck her lunch, but i swear it wasn't nasty at all. It was erotic as hell! It had to do with my audacious girlfriend; what can I say?! She was liable to do or say ANYthing! At any time and anyWHERE. Those of you with queasy stomachs, be advised that it IS ...different. Please stop reading right now and go in the other room and play with your kitty or something. Whatever trips your trigger. This probly ain't it. My audacious girlfriend's mother was still in the hospital, so we had the… Read more

Posted by George178 4 years ago 1 1,672 100%

quick opertunity

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

it was so hot as i met ann the 19yr old girl who stayed upstairs she had a vest top on that just held her tits in they looked huge like her nipples and her short skirt showed her frilly knickers she asked me for a drink as her mum was out she came in noticing my pipe and asked if i had dope for it i took a pipe and she asked for one i gave her one as she asked for more we had lots and i was stoned and looking at her feeling horny as she caught me looking at her tits and said as she cupped them in her hands you think my tits are nice i said depends what your nipples are like she said they are s… Read more

Posted by glasgowhorny 4 years ago 1,248 25%

The TRUE story of our sex life

Group SexTabooVoyeur

This is an absolute true and accurate story of our sex life. We are both 37 years old. She is a Black female about 5’7” with dark skin, wonderful D-cup breasts and a very shapely body. My name is Warren, white male, 5’8” coming in about 180. My wife and I have been married for ten years and began normal enough. However nobody wants to read about normal so I will fast forward two years into the marriage. My fantasy started out simple enough. I wanted to see my wife have sex with another man. Simple enough, right? But isn’t that the way all things begin? This was about to get much more murky a… Read more

Posted by warren38916 4 years ago 7 4,587 90%

Learning the Ropes

First TimeTaboo

The first time my penis got hard, I didn't know what was happening and I was a bit scared. It was like a bone and I tried to bend it to make it go down but it wouldn't. So I showed my mother my penis and she said: "It's nothing to worry about, dear. It's called an erection. It will go down on its own." And she was right. After a while my erection went down and my penis was normal again. Some time later, I went for a walk through the woods near our house, and I saw a man leaning against a tree. As I passed by, he whistled and when I looked, I saw that he was naked under his coat. His penis w… Read more

Posted by luv2bblown 4 years ago 5 2,669 100%

My Friends And My Mom

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

I have never been the same these last few months. My names Mathew, I'm 14 years old and I have a secret to tell. It all started when my I hit puberty; I could already see it coming. I was gay; and that's all there was to it. I would hide it reasonably well and I made some pretty regular friends over the course of my first and second year of high school. Two of these friends were 'Corey' and 'Charlie'. Corey was a 16-year-old dark skinned Latino boy, thin, toned in muscle and handsome. Charlie on the other hand was 11 ears old and was white as they come; he had a young cold face with i… Read more

Posted by luv2bblown 4 years ago 6 14,398 92%

Innocent until introduced to sex

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

This is me :) This is my first story so I hope you enjoy. Just so you know I am 18 but these stories are based around when I was about 4 years younger then I am now (You do the math hehe) I hadn't had any sexual contact with any guy and didn't understand anything about sex, while in school I would pretend I knew what other people were on about but I had no idea. As I have a curvy body, small breasts, tiny waist and wide hips with a big round ass I got a lot of attention from t… Read more

Posted by innocentteenblonde 4 years ago 19 14,289 100%

she loved it


at the end of the night most ppl had left or went to a room to sl**p as i sat smoking a joint alice came in asking if i enjoyed her and jims party great i said only down is my girlfriend was so d***k she was out cold and alice said jim was the same but am horny i said as drink gets me like that me to alice said i had been looking at her all night as she had on a flimsy short dress that kept opening up to show her small tits and dark pussy she had a few joints with me as we chatted and we got round to sex and likes and dislikes and how i talk dirty and wank a lot she asked how many times we fuc… Read more

Posted by glasgowhorny 4 years ago 2 1,889 54%

The Spanking


Jade walked in the door and her father was standing there waiting for her. He grabbed her by the arm and d**g her into his bedroom. He told her "Take all your clothes off. I am going to punish you." Jade looked scared but she began to take her clothes off just as she noticed on the bed was a belt, a paddle, a plastic ruler and a switch. She then got real scared. When she was naked her father grabbed her and sat down and pulled her over his knee. He first grabbed the paddle and then grabbed her by the hair and began to give her the first of many swats. Jade was crying and begging him to quit. H… Read more

Posted by chaseme 4 years ago 2 3,688 90%

Little sissy bitch


cant stop reading this Alright pet, here's how it going to be're going to do what I want. I don't really care if you like it, I could give two fucks if you do. I want to be in charge, I want a little toy to play with and I've decided it's going to be you. Get naked, now. On your hands and knees. Want you in front of me. I've got a little present to give to you today. Hmmmm....very pretty. Look what I have in my hand pet. Aren't they pretty? Wouldn't the look nice snuggled up against your cock, pulled tight over your balls, that little string gliding through your back… Read more

Posted by cummymummy 4 years ago 5 1,256 100%

Pay Raise


“So you're telling me you want a bonus?” “Yes, sir.” She said as she looked down at her boss. He reclined in his chair with his hands behind his head. Sarah had come by after work on a Friday, knowing her boss, Mr. Jackson, would be done with work and perhaps in a good enough mood to listen to her. She stood there in her black pinstripe pencil skirt and delicate white blouse as he liked. Mr. Jackson had mentioned that it suited her well, Maybe, just maybe, it could work its magic when she need it the most. He rubbed his chin and pursed his lips as he thought. “You have been doing a g… Read more

Posted by eroticemma 4 years ago 5 2,769 100%

stepdaddy Bill watches me with Uncle

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

I couldn't wring my wrists from his big hands, his fingers were clamped so tightly around my wrists. I pretended to fight a bit because I know how my struggling turns him on. It had become one of the several games we play when Mom wasn't around. This game made him cum the fastest. Me saying no and pushing him off me made his cock rock solid. The more I struggled the harder he pushed and fucked me and the faster came, my struggle would send him over the edge. But tonight I could tell he was determined to tease me and not loose control until he was good and ready. He had my arms pinned behind… Read more

Posted by sweetsimone 4 years ago 5 2,642 100%

Seein What I Could See, Pt. 6


Another chapter in the saga of a High-school aged young man and his exploits with with his voluptous middle-aged "Auntie A." These occurances start out as real, but blend into fantasy... Friday's yard work about done on a summer mid-day when a toot of the horn signaled the arrival of my Aunt "A" from town. I opened the garage door for her and waited at the trunk for her to open it so I could carry in the groceries. I was treated to a show as she stepped out of her car...her magnificent legs showing as she let her skirt ride up. Wow I thought, she's never looked be… Read more

Posted by thighfan 4 years ago 1,451 100%

Laura, Her s****r, and Friends

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

I have been dating Laura for a year now, and things have been going great. At 25, she's a full 15 years younger than me, but we get along fine. We usually have sex at my apartment, since even though she's a buyer for a major NYC firm, she still lives at home with her mom and younger s****r Michele. This weekend though, with her mom out of town, I was going to spend the night at her house for the first time, which meant, aside from the fact that I was going to spend the weekend banging my gorgeous girlfriend, also meant I would get a chance to watch Michele bounce around the house in next to… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 4 17,709 100%

Annie getting done in the forest

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

This is a true story, although it happened quite a while ago. The summer my twin s****r Annie and I turned eighteen and graduated from high school, our folks were worried that we had no plans or job skills. So they made us sign up for a government youth summer jobs program,clearing brush way out in the national forest to reduce the fire hazard. Usually the k**s who signed up were boys, but they didn't discriminate so Annie and I could both go. There were seven guys including me, plus Annie. All kinds of guys, hispanic and black and white and one huge Samoan k**. We had a group leader… Read more

Posted by man4all4 4 years ago 2 2,381 85%

uncle mike takes a turn


Uncle Mike and I were driving to the f****y camping reunion when he surprised me. "So Bill's been telling me some interesting stories about you..." I got nervous, not knowing what he was going to say next. Bill and I had been having sex for quite some time and every now and then Bill would mention how badly my Uncle Mike wanted me. he said that Mike was always talking about my tits and how good I must be in bed. Uncle Mike had never let on that he felt this way so half of me was wondering if Bill had made it up to turn me on. It was very effective! Thinking about any kind of sexual relations… Read more

Posted by sweetsimone 4 years ago 6 4,944 100%


AnalFirst TimeTaboo

My girlfriend Carla and I have never been swingers but have been having sex since we were both in grade school. She and I would hide out in my daddy's back yard shed and play with each other all afternoon. As we got older, we experimented more and more and she was the first girl I kissed, the first pussy I ate and the first asshole I licked. We grew up a little and were both seniors in high school when we went to a party at a friends house. There were dozens of other people there and things were going pretty good but as the night wore on and the crown began to th… Read more

Posted by bifun4u 4 years ago 30 10,054 100%