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Step Mummy's help


It was a cold winters day and Sandy my step mum was cleaning about the house, her and dad had got married 6 years ago and today was their anniversary, Sandy was 38 real good looking tall, slender, blonde, and the most sexiest smile that makes a man faint when she did it, Sandy met dad at a photo shoot, about 4 years after mum decided she was a lesbian, it really knocked dad for six but, Sandy asked if he wanted to go for a drink and the rest is history as they say. The phone rang and I answered it, it was dad saying he was busy at work and would be home a little later than expected, he had his… Read more

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Drinking with dad 2


It was nearly a month since Nikki fucked her dad, Ben. Her cousin's wedding was the first time she would be seeing him and she was nervous because she didn't know how things would be between them. This was the longest they'd gone without speaking that she could remember. Even when she was in college they spoke often. She was beside herself with worry that she'd destroyed her close relationship with her father. 'I have to find a way to make things right,' she thought. But that would be easier said than done. Her dad had not returned any of her voicemails or emails and as she looked around th… Read more

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Drinking with dad 3

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Lindsey knew her sister was getting lucky from halfway down the hallway. She knew Nikki was loud from the time she came home after school and heard Nikki with her boyfriend from the kitchen downstairs. Being a curious teenager, Lindsey crept up the stairs and listened outside the door, imaging what was going on in the bedroom. She was still a virgin back then, but she had a pretty good imagination and touched herself a she pictured herself in the action. By the time Nikki and her boyfriend emerged, just minutes before their parents were due home, Lindsey was on the couch downstairs watching MT… Read more

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Sucker for Mom Chapter 2


"Mom. Mom ... Mom..." Sheila heard someone say as if from a distance. She wheeled about and found her son, who had apparently been trying to catch her attention for quite some time. Sheila had been wrapped up in her thoughts, daydreaming about Terry and her lust for him. She flushed uncontrollably when she was forced to look him in the eye. She hadn't been spying on him for three days now, having forced herself to put a stop to her pussy-diddling, but her mind was still on him and her pussy oozed cuntjuice the minute she saw his boyishly handsome face. Could her son possibly kno… Read more

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Drinking with dad 1

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Nikki stopped at the liquor store and grabbed a bottle of Cuervo before heading to her dad's place. She wasn't positive he'd be home on a Friday night, so she texted him first. He was a good looking guy in his fifties and she knew he hadn't wanted for companionship since her parents divorced a few years ago. Typically, he dated younger women. His last girlfriend was in her early thirties, only half a decade older than Nikki! She just shook her head whenever she met one of her dad's latest conquests. But he was single at the moment, the way he liked it, he claimed, and so was she. That's why Ni… Read more

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First TimeGay MaleTaboo

This is a true story only the names have been chanced to protect the not so innocent! I have been friends with Dan now for all most two years and he only knows of my secret because of what I have offered him. We are like bothers in the fact that we like a lot of the same things from music to sports to a bunch of different topics. But we are different in one way, I am bisexual and he is straight… or so he thinks! So this all started about a year ago right before he had enlisted to join the Services. Dan is a Hispanic-Italian Male, 18 years old, 6’1”, and 160 lbs well built with the dark co… Read more

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My first sex


I'm male, when I was 18 my dad caught me in my mums "fuck me" cloths with one of her dildos up my arse. He was quite calm about it, he just dropped his trousers and said if I wanted to be a pussy he would treat me has a pussy. My arse was well lubbed so he slipped in easy, god he was rough with me and I loved it, when he was about to come he turned me over and fucked my mouth. I took all his 6" but he shot all over my face, 4 long spurts, 10 times what I come. We never talked for a week then he phoned to say get dressed in the same outfit. I have long hair and don't shave yet so look a… Read more

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Girl mates sister

HardcoreInterracial SexTaboo

I have been friends for a long time with a Indian girl. I always wanted to have the opportunity to play with her hard nipples that seem to forever be on show through her short thin dresses but was forever stopped by our friendship. Then one day her older sister decided to join us in her bedroom and hang around with us, her sister is tall, has dark hair and caramel eyes. She was a few years older then us and seemed reserved and dressed like it too dressing more to her strict fathers wishes then her younger sister. When we were sitting in the room my friend decided that she wanted some food… Read more

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My fucking family

First TimeShemalesTaboo

I'm really proud of this would love some feedback Why was I on all fours with my dad's cock in my ass and my sister's pussy in my face? Well little did I know that my mom knew about my secret. She knew that I had been wearing her and my sister's lingerie. It started when one day I was home alone and wandered down to the garage to play around on the air hockey table. I got bored and looked around as we had a lot of stuff down there. Boxes were piled up on one side and I looked in a few of them and found something that made eyes pop open. I saw a naked girl on the cover of a magazine… Read more

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Caught By Bestfriends Mom


Caught By Bestfriends Mom Well it was the middle of the week and my friend had to show us something. Promised not to tell anyone. We were 16 and hormones rising. Curious how the female body works. Sure we've seen porns and stuff but it wasn't enough that we just masturbated to them. We went over to analyze some videos he had found in his parents room. We were all pretty excited. Three of us made a bet, who will get to lose their virginity first? We were all sitting around the TV right before the sex was about to begin. We all imagined that it should be the girls job on how to do the blow… Read more

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Sexy mother in law


She was always leaving her underwear about for me to see i'm sure of it the little tart, my mother in law, has a great ass and her tits are still pert, she trims her fanny to a tiny triangle, frankly i love her pussy to bits its still nice and tidy as she likes to put it not over shaved but perfectly formed. i had gone round to fit a cooker in for her i knew it would be a warm night so i just wore shorts and t shirt and no undies, very common for me at night like to hang free. I called at the door did my own special ring so she new it was me, Peg answered thr door in her orange and black py… Read more

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My first time with mom / mother (real)

First TimeMatureTaboo

The time had come. My parents were divorced, actually my step parents because i was adopted by this nice couple a long time ago. More or less, i saw them as my parentd and even if dad left us i saw him as my friend and father. We used to go hunting, look at motorshows, go out and eat and so on. My mother and i. We were as a family, we had our routines and roles at our house. When i was with dad we had fun and didnt think about ordinary life such as homework and cleaning the room. But with mom, it was more focus on homework and go cutting the grass, but we had our moments too. Every frida… Read more

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Mom in the Hizzouse

Lesbian SexTaboo

I really should have thought twice when I accepted Mom's call. But, she'd been down since Dad left, and I hadn't been around to see her much, being busy with my own life. She wanted to come Downtown for a girls weekend with me. Life in the burbs was apparently getting claustrophobic and she wanted to go shopping and whatnot. So, I invited her to come Friday after work, and stay the weekend in my tiny little apartment. Friday night, and we went out for a drink in a swanky, but dreadfully dull hotel bar. As depressed as she was, she kept up good spirits, smiling and chatting away about… Read more

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surprise by sisters

Group SexTaboo

I remember the summer my sisters surprised me with their secret. I was the oldest c***d, and pretty much did anything I wanted. I was 2 years older than one of my sisters and 3 years older than the other one. I was a typical 13 year old male, high sex drive and all. I would steal panties from my sisters room to rub on my cock and balls as I masterbated. I went in and got a good dirty pair one day, and thought I would go to my shed and rub one out. I could smell the musk of the panties from my pocket as I tried to sneak out the back door past my sisters. My parents were bar owners and were alwa… Read more

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The Pool Party-Kristen Archives


POOL PARTY By Parker WARNING: This story involves rather a good deal of non- consensual sex, humiliation and any number of other things which should not be undertaken in real life. If you do not want to read this sort of material, STOP NOW! Copyright 1994 by me (Parker). Feel free to distribute (unaltered of course), but be discrete. ================================================================= I No one was happy to see Jennifer. Which, to an outsider, migh… Read more

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May's Taboo Chapters 3 and 4


May’s Taboo Chapter Three After getting dressed I looked at myself in the mirror and for an instant I hesitated about letting Mark see me dress liked this. Then I thought about the little show I just put on for Mark and I wondered if he went back to his room and started to jack off again. Summing up my courage I walked down the hall to Mark’s room and knocked on the door and at the same time I opened his door, walked inside, and ask him wha… Read more

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uncle todd


My Uncle Todd used my parent’s house to store some of his construction equipment for his contracting business. He often came by early in the morning with a crew of guys to load stuff into their big 4x4's to supply various building projects. I'd usually see my Uncle as I was leaving for school. He'd greet me gladly with those big smiling eyes and a toothy grin. Todd was my Dads brother and at the age of 52, he was a successful contractor in the state where we lived. He was a muscular, six foot two inch, rough-neck with a square jaw and soft, pouty lips. He had a big, bushy moustache and cl… Read more

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uncle tom


First off, let me be very clear about one thing: Uncle Tom was not my real uncle. He was the father of a friend and I used to spend a lot of time at their house in the school holidays. My own family home was not a happy place to be and Tom and his wife Ann had lots of room. They had a small holding and there were horses and ponies and loads of dogs and it was a great place for k**s. At this point in the story, I was just about 17 and had been a fixture for a while. I had come to stay to help out with the horses while Ann took their daughter on a beach holiday. Their sons -- my… Read more

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May's Taboo


May’s Taboo Chapter One What’s a Mom supposed to do when she comes home and finds her son jerking off to porn on his computer? I was shocked and mesmerized as I stood at his door watching him sitting there naked while his left arm was jerking on his cock. He was totally unaware I was at his door watching him as his back was facing the door he had not bothered to close. I had come home from my appointment four hours early due to my client… Read more

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mother son fun


Something a little different for all you horny bastards * I am a divorced 38 year old woman who has an only son named Tim, who is 14 years old. I have always had a strong sex drive and loved any type of sex. I also love to lay in bed and read most any kind of erotic stories. The internet has become my masturbation addiction. I love to print off stories and take them to bed with me as I play with myself. I have a smooth shaven pussy and am very clean. Nothing feels better to me than to masturbate to the tune of a good story. I usually know exactly where Tim is and if he is asleep when I… Read more

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