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Daddy's beautiful babe (part two)

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Ever since that day in the pool with my daddy a year ago, Our relationship has been getting even closer. He comes home from work and kisses me like he used to kiss mommy, sometimes for a longtime, sometimes for a short time, but every time made my heart best fast. Daddy was calling me babe, love. And sometimes, when I would rub myself against him, he would call me his little slut. Hearing him call me that made me quiver with excitement. I was so happy daddy was getting more open with me. He sometimes treated me like I was in trouble and would spank me hard, and other times he would say I w… Read more

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Alone Time with Ginger


I was laying on the living room floor late one Saturday afternoon, flipping through the channels on the TV. My sister Ginger was laid out on the sofa behind me, daydreaming. We had the house to ourselves for a week, because mom was on a business trip, and Mikey had to go with her. I tuned on a football game, and put the remote down. “Hey, you’re not watching this,” Ginger protested. At 1 3 years old, she was beginning to turn into a woman. She was also becoming the world’s biggest cock tease. Ginger was a cute little blonde, with barely there tits, a very bald pussy and a nice, firm lit… Read more

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First time dressing up: Part 2


Dressing in my sisters clothes became a regular thing after about 2 months of doing it, I would use her vibrator on my ass at least once a week. My family was gone more often so it gave me plenty of time to prefect doing my make up, hair and shaving my legs. One night when my family WAS home i was looking for a pen to write a card. I went too my parents room to look for one and on my step mom's dresser was a small blue key, i had no clue what it would go to and for some reason it seamed important. I put it back and continued on looking for a pen Two days later my family was i out so imminen… Read more

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Barged Into Mom

First TimeMatureTaboo

Barged Into Mom Like all young men, or most of them I would think, maybe even older men too, the first thing I do upon awakening is reach for my crotch for that reassurance that it’s still there, still working, or just to say good morning to a dear friend. There are times when you don’t need to reach there for any kind of reassurance, because you could feel the pressure down there; but you reach there anyway, even if just to show appreciation and acknowledgement of its presence. So there I was lying on my back, still groggy with sleep gently rubbing and squeezing my firm blood filled dic… Read more

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Best lover ever, my tw*n B****er

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

Hi my name is Amanda/Mandi (not real names, just on xHamster) I am half asian/mom and german/dad. I have a tw*n br***er two other br***ers and three s***ers. My tw*n is Karl and he is 5'10" about 185 pds of pure muscle. We all have moms asian looks, but the males have been blessed with dad's private parts. We live on a large acred farm in north central pennsylvania, USA. It is a farm that has been in fat**rs family from the earley 1800's. There are three houses on the land that dad's sister and her family, his brother and his family live in, with us in the third. I am goin… Read more

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Katie's Awakening

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

Katie had just finished soccer practice when her phone buzzed a reminder. Dentist appointment. She was late. Practice went longer than expected and the team had a meeting to hash out some of the drama that lingered from a party that weekend. These are the issues of playing on a women's college team, you not only have the straight girls who have guy problems, but the lesbians also have issues with each other. The team captain had to clear the air about something that happened between two girls on the team. Katie, being a freshman, was still new to this world and so listening to two of he… Read more

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keep the ladies happy


I would like to tell you about a true story that happened about 6 months ago when my sister in law and niece visited the wife and I for a holiday, I hope you find it good I will try and keep all the details in without boring you. Frances (sister in law) and Emma (niece) arrived unexpected one day, we was delighted to see them as usual, I had always fancied Frances and had coped a feel now and again without a refusal, I even got as close as to fucking her brains out but got disturbed by Emma and only just had time to put my cock away, well after a good chat they both refreshed themselves and we… Read more

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Was just sitting here fondling my cock while reading through some posts about guys getting hand jobs, and such, from people in the service industries (i.e., maids, masseuses, etc.) when I started to leak precum pretty heavily. It brought back a particularly gratifying experience that I had about 8 years ago. So rather than keep this experience to myself I've decided to share it so some of you might get some enjoyment out of it. First a little background on me. You see, I'm a guy who has had a lifelong fetish with masturbating in public places. And I'm talking about "out in… Read more

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my new friends

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

I lived at these apts and met this Guy who was about 2 years older than Me , We used to hang play video games and stuff , , so one day after playing some video games , He said Hey Mel would You like to look at some porno , no ones home . So after a while my cock was hard . Jim was rubbing the front of his pants . He said You horny ? He said its ok to jerk off , I was a bit nervous , but Jim stood up an lowered his shorts an under wear . He said come on Mel , so I took off my pants an underwear . His cock was thick an long , He said step over Here lets see who is bigger , so We stood face… Read more

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daddy's beautiful baby (part one)


(Disclaimer, I never had intercourse with my father but love watching other people do that and I love daddy role playing) When I was a little girl, I was taught to never be ashamed of my body, I was actually taught to embrace it, and to embrace the bodies of people I loved, when I was five or six, I decided I was tired of wearing clothes. I sort of boycotted them, and both my bother and father accepted it, I would come home, go to my room, and strip, leaving only a shirt on so I wasn't freezing. Eventually my mother warmed up and started being topless when she got home from work. My da… Read more

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My father fucked my glory hole

First TimeMatureTaboo

I can't help feeling the way I do about my friend. Although I am married, is it so wrong to think about him in this way? I decided to go to confession to find out...... (Stacey enters the confession box) Priest: Hello my ch**d, what can I do to you? I mean for you? Stacey: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been a month since my last confession. (The priest peaks through the hatch and sees a beautiful woman with ginger hair, take me to bed eyes. She was wearing a dress which exposes some of her tits) Priest: What is troubling you my ch**d. Don't be afraid to s… Read more

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hot tubbing part 2


so I bend her over the side of the hot tub and just looking at her pussy, my sister's wet pussy, waiting and wanting, craving her brother's throbbing cock. I grabbed her hips from behind and teased her hole with the head of my rock hard shaft I dreamed of our family tree intertwining; filling my sister's cunt with her brother's seed dripping with our i****tuous lust. I shoved my thick cock deep into her tight, wet pussy. "oh fuck me hard, like you did when we were k**s." I felt her walls tighten against my shaft as she called out for me to fuck her cunt. my balls half in the water slapping… Read more

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Finally Getting Lucky Part 2

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Read part 1 for more info. Please comment. Brian had just had sex for the first time, although the girl he was with, Ashley, didn't get to cum. She wasn't leaving him until she did. "You ready to go again" she asked him. "You want to do it again?" "Well I didn't get to cum so yea we're fucking again. You're gonna use that big cock to make me orgasm. She pushed Brian back on the bed and started sucking him. His cock was starting to get hard again. It felt so good to brian because she had his whole dick in her mouth. She was sucking him off with a purpose. She was making gagging sound… Read more

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My wife, her Mum and me {2}

AnalLesbian SexTaboo

So Kath, my wife, was just about to go to her mother's when she turned to me and said, “Are you sure?” I just nodded and told her to just play it softly. (See part 1 for the background) This then is roughly what happened; Kath arrived at her Mum's and they just sat and had coffee and caught up on what was going on. During this time Kath acted troubled and it wasn't long before her Mum asked her if she was okay. Kath told her she was fine but made it obvious she wasn't. “Come on Kath, what is it, trouble at home?” Kath let out a big sigh and just said, “I have a personal dilemma and… Read more

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Me, My Ex, Her Brother

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

It all started out when they came round, both not really, to my eye’s view, wanting all that much to be there for whatever reason. I asked them both why it was that they had come to be there. My ex replied that they were there to settle an argument between the two. I went to tell her brother why we broke up, but she interrupted by saying that I was not ready for commitment (adding nothing about the fact that I like men too). Anyway, their bet was about how she had said that she could get any man to receive a blow-job from her any time she wanted, even in view of another person. He was ad… Read more

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I went to see my Doctor to be fucked.


One year from the one five and I was horny for men. Every day I had to change my panties several times because I was so wet. It got so bad I began to imagine I could smell my own secretions, and even on a few occasions, managed to have an orgasm because my wet panties had bunched-up in my crotch and stimulated my hard clitoris, as I walked. On morning I went into the kitchen and my father was sitting in his boxers, which were open at the front, and for the first time I could see his cock. I stood at the stove and started self lubricating, and within minutes the front of my cotton pantie… Read more

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My Filipina niece

First TimeTaboo

First, a disclaimer: all those websites with Filipina "schoolgirls" in short dresses are pure bullshit. The girls always wear dresses/skirts below the knee and they graduate at 16, which is too young to be photographed nude. My niece, Kim, is s*****n, absolutely beautiful, tall for a Filipina at 5'6", and very trim -- 32B and XS panties. She is out of high school but with no job as most of the shops won't hire anyone until they are 18. When she was 14, she wanted a mobile phone and came to my house while I was in the garage where I was working on a project. I've always insisted that if… Read more

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Looking at girls at the Mall.


I dont know if there are any other perverts out there like me but if you are then I hope you like this story. One of the things I like to do on the weekends is go to the local mall and hangout and watch the girls. What I do is play a game where I watch a girl and i imagine what kind of panties she is wearing. In fact I have a little notebook where i describe the girl and put what kind of panties i think she is wearing. If i feel brave i will even take a picture of the girl with my phone. This story is about one of those days that happened this past weekend. was having a pretty good day, i had… Read more

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Neighbor Finds Relief

AnalGroup SexTaboo

We moved to a large subdivision a few years ago in Plano, Texas. On the street we lived on there were about 20 families in our block. One of the families was an older couple that had a son Ricky. Ricky had been in an accident when he was in high school that left him "not all there". The couple took care of him the best they could. One evening about 6 months after we moved in I caught Ricky in our backyard jacking off while watching my wife bathing. I watched him blow his load on my sidewalk and walk out of the yard back to his house. That night I fixed the blinds in the bathroom and our… Read more

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Mother in Law Offered Herself


Just back from a three week stint on an oil rig, I had to go to the mother in laws to pick up my new door keys from her. On knocking, June peered around the slightly opened door before opening it fully to let me in. Dropping my kit bag in the hall I turned to find June still in her dressing gown shutting the door behind me. “Just getting up” I asked jokily and went to hug her for our customary hug and kiss on the cheek. I could tell she had just been in the bath because of the sweet soapy smell coming from her “Coffee” she asked “Please” I turned the stool around at the breakfast bar… Read more

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