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Taboo Porn Stories

My second experience with a BBC and finally found

Interracial SexTabooVoyeur

I wouldn't call my first experience with a BBC a failure nor a success. It just wasn't anything like I have heard or expected. However, having been with one man other that my husband it opened up my mind to the idea of being with another to see if I just had bad luck on my first meeting. Even if it wasn't my idea of being with somebody else, how could I complaint, since my husband didn’t mind if I did and also liked to see me in action. It was 5 months after I had my first BBC that I let Roy set a new meeting with somebody else (Kent). Once again we set a meeting at a restaurant this… Read more

Posted by menage6969 4 years ago 1 3,995 100%

Tales of Dark Souls - chapter 1: Laurentius of The


He knew where he wanted to go. Already an outcast, Laurentius pressed deeper into the unknown regions of the great swamp, hoping to find some sign, some indication of where the great witches would be. Lordran was the answer, but the path to those forgotten lands was elusive and strange. As long as he kept to the swamps, he was at least in familiar territory, and could rely on himself to survive. Lost in thought, he came to the edge of a large pond, nearly a lake. Despite being so close to the water, he noted that there were few insects around, and little in the way of bird song. This insti… Read more

Posted by JustSomeGuyYouKnow 4 years ago 4 1,267 100%

XMAS 2004


Christmas 2004 It was Boxing Day (26th December 2004); I was working as a chef in a local pub usually on the evening shift. I had just finished work and had got home around 11.20pm; I had just got out the shower when I had a phone call from my s****r Sharon and her friend Tina, asking me to pick them up. They had gone out to Broad Street, Birmingham, but a huge fight had started in the street and the police, had closed the road making it very hard for them to get a taxi home. It would take me around 40 minutes to get to them, so just pulled a T-shirt and jogging bottoms on and slipped in… Read more

Posted by barney1968 4 years ago 5 3,189 100%

Preachers Wife Chapter 5 from Preachers Daughters


Pam, the hot 38D preachers wife who was now my willing cum slut sex slave, had just been getting fucked by me in her car or mine before church each Sunday morning, then going to the choir and church full of my cum, in her tummy, pussy and sometimes tight asshole. She was putting on dildo and masturbation for me on her bed facing the hidden cam that she now knew was always there. I had her 69 with her husband John and I had noted on hidden cam, that John and her were fucking like rabbits, more and more since I had been sinking my cock into them both. John, the preacher had only had t… Read more

Posted by harleyrider6969 4 years ago 2 3,656 93%

THE EYELAND PROJECT: First Crew. Chapter 1

First TimeTabooVoyeur

THE EYELAND PROJECT: First Crew By Otto Maddox Chapter 1 “The internet isn’t evil…no more so than is money and power. It is not the element that is malevolent, but the men and women who wield it without moral conscience.” – O.Maddox 2012 The house shook violently just as a tremendous wave of shaking rattled everything within it. Donna jumped, and for a brief second her heart skipped a beat. “Dammit…wish they’d warn us when they’re gonna practice bombing runs!” she grumbled loudly and with an angry tone as she stepped to the window and gazed out toward the air field in the d… Read more

Posted by crazyxxxcash 4 years ago 1 2,980 67%

My first massage

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

I came across this forum website that show places and bitches that give massages and happy endings and people write reviews and tell about the experience rate from 1 to 5 stars and talk about price and little bit about the girl. anyways I just came across it by chance and didn't think much of it but I started reading some of the reviews and I started to get rock hard some of them were in great detail and sounded like a story I would read here. I kept reading and decided to actually try a place It was just too much whacking off wasn't doing it for me. The first place I went to wasn't an actual… Read more

Posted by stupid12345 4 years ago 3 2,865 100%

Bath Time with Daddy.


Disclaimer, this story is about a Daddy Dom, not my actual father. I call my Husband "Daddy" and I am His girl, princess, baby. This has nothing to do with i****t. _________________________________________________________________________________ He dug his fingers into my hips and pulled to Him. Nuzzling my neck he wraps his arms around my hips and kissed me on the forehead between the eyes. "Baby, I'm glad you are home, you look tired." I nod weakly, silently. I feel nearly crippled from standing in heels for three days. I'm on the edge of tired bordering on cranky. He looks at me in the… Read more

Posted by WonderWoman22 4 years ago 12 4,462 100%

s****r in law cintinued

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

The week after our little affair my sistr-in -law ( Marie) still hadn't decided when she wanted to tell her husband ( Mick my brothr) about it. I kept bugging her trying to reassure her that I know him very well and that he will accept the idea. In fact I said that we will probably have to stop him from dropping his pants right on the spot. He was going to be home the coming Friday night and I finally convinced her that was the perfect time. We all were free that night and the next day. Well Friday night we stayed home and cooked dinner. After dinner we were sitting around having drinks… Read more

Posted by xtremsteph 4 years ago 3 4,246 100%

Fami**ly vacation - Part one


This was first posted as a blog entry but thanks to I now understand the difference between a blog and story entry. I've known these friends for about 12 years. Ever since their k**s were little c***dren. One boy, one girl who were then 4 (the boy) and 6 (the girl). We've grown fond of each other and the k**s now look at me like I'm part of their parent's close friends which I am. For the sake of this story I'll call them Jeremy and Lisa - you'll soon see why. Bringing you back to reality, the k**s are now 16 and 18 respectively and they've grown in… Read more

Posted by Ticlem69 4 years ago 5 8,751 100%

Fami**ly vacation - Part 2


This was first posted as a blog entry but thanks to I now understand the difference between the two. So here is part 2 of this story In the first part of this story, I told you about Lisa, my friend’s 18 year old daughter whom I had just had a cock rattling experience in the house we were renting during our f****y vacation. After our sexual experience, I hit the shower (yes alone, I didn’t know when the rest of the group would come back), and Lisa hit the shower in her parent’s area of the house. I decided that it would be best if I just went out… Read more

Posted by Ticlem69 4 years ago 4 4,117 56%

How it all started with my first BBC

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

Well, it has been almost 15 years since my husband decided to share me with somebody else. After all that time, now is when I am ready to share my adventures with others and how I change from a prude wife to a woman that craves black cock. At the time Roy (my husband) asked me about being with somebody else, I was reluctant and didn’t really wanted to do it at all. But, in the end decided to just go with it and let my hubby set me up with a college k** (Nick) that was not even 21 and I was about 7 years his senior. We met with him for a quick chat and he was as nervous as I was. We ha… Read more

Posted by menage6969 4 years ago 5 7,679 97%


First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

I don't think that most people would consider me a pervert. You know, a paedophile. Some guy that lurks outside school playgrounds or public parks, waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting k**. But the experience I had last summer would cast me as just that sort of character, especially in the eyes of modern law. Let me fill you in on my background before I tell you the story of my fall into sexual disrepute and criminal depravity! My house is one of those terraced, renovated Victorian jobs, in a small town in the West Midlands. For the benefit of those of you who may be wondering, the West Mid… Read more

Posted by Brown_girls_rule 4 years ago 7 4,360 96%

Preachers Daughter Chapter 15


For those following the stories, here is a update. Jamie, the 23 year old preachers daughter slut is pregnant with my baby, unknown to my wife, and she is living with us. I use her. Pam, preachers wife has been meeting me Sunday mornings and getting fucked before church and her husband knows about it, but has not confronted them yet. I told John, the preachers to wait. He is ashamed she loved sucking my cock and getting his virgin ass pounded. He has been enjoying fucking his wife Pam and I it seems even more into fucking her and eating her after I have had her and send her home.… Read more

Posted by harleyrider6969 4 years ago 1 1,880 91%

My mum's holiday


I usually phone my mum about once a week to see how she is. On this occasion I was quite nervous, considering what had happened between us the previous weekend (see stories: My Mum's Birthday, and parts 2 & 3). I thought she might be quite stand-offish, or even blame me for taking advantage of her when she was so d***k. But to my relief she seemed quite her normal self, and didn't even mention what had gone on over her birthday. Either she can't remember, or she's too embarrassed, I thought, or maybe she's decided to accept the fact that our relationship had fundamentally changed. Anywa… Read more

Posted by coradia 4 years ago 4 15,702 91%

A weekend with my Big sis Pt 3

Lesbian SexMasturbationTaboo

Chapter Three Lucy giggled, “OMG, you pair of fucking perverts, you’re s****rs for fuck sake. How fucking horny. When I said you weren’t my type Jay, I meant for a relationship. But for some good old fashioned sex you are just what I need right now. Chloe got a strop on last night when she saw me with you, so we’re not talking now. And as for you George, I always knew you had the occasional sip from the furry cup, but fucking your baby s****r, Wow!” After she finished her breathless tirade Lucy crossed to the bed and stood beside us. I handed her the hair dryer and bent my face to between… Read more

Posted by JayDenton 4 years ago 5 4,276 100%

Saying Goodbye to Granny


I met Alice a while ago on a bus trip that she was on in Oklahoma City. Since then I've been fucking this slim petite, 105 pound, 68 year old Granny on a regular basis. This weekend my little aging minx traveled to my house in Denver for the weekend. As usual, I took her in the ass on Friday night and led her to a screaming anal orgasm. We finished the evening with Alice sucking my cock twice draining my balls completely. The real action started on Saturday night, my friend Ken and I had a threesome with Alice that lasted until one in the morning. We spit-roasted (I was in her ass and Ken… Read more

Posted by jimbojim 4 years ago 3 6,184 69%

I love oral

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

The butterflies in my stomach are getting out of control. I haven't felt fear like this in a long time - a dread of something that is coming, but for which I have no frame of reference. It reminds me of when I was a c***d and did something wrong. I knew then that I would be punished - but I had no idea what form the punishment would take. Today, I know I'll be punished, too. I know it because it is part of what today is all about. But I have almost no idea what the punishment will be. Or even what I will be punished for. Perhaps I should start at the beginning... Several weeks ago,… Read more

Posted by LaureLeeFix8d 4 years ago 3 3,592 100%

A Quicky Vacation [part 1/3]


(Sorry I've been away for awhile, but I've been getting "inspired" in the pass 3 days. It's Sept. 2nd and I hope you readers of xhamster will enjoy my story. And thank you for ur comments, questions, and feed back <3) I was on my way up to the mountains, waiting to see my master again. Twisting the ends of my hair, biting my bottem lip, and rubbing my legs together as my mind was overwelmed with the thought of pleasure he will give me and I will give him. As I make my way up the mountains my mom got us lost. But my master's mother found us and guided us up to a cabin. We all go out anf have… Read more

Posted by coconeko 4 years ago 1,057 100%

Dolcett Palace


I did not write this. I found it on the web. ALL DRESSED UP After shaving her pussy completely in the shower, Trine looked at her body in the full-view mirror in the bathroom. She was not very tall, but not too short either. She wore her dark-brown hair shoulder- long. Her s*******n years old body was delicious, with its ripe, C-cupped breasts and fine, round bottom. All in all, Trine was happy with her looks. And that was good, she thought, because not much of her would be hidden this evening. She was a bit cross with the outfit she had to wear, but went into her room to p… Read more

Posted by fisterguy 4 years ago 1 5,220 73%

Fucking friends girl

First TimeHardcoreTaboo this is an image of my cock to show u what she got to enjoy!!! My name is Leo the picture above is my cock and this is the story when I was a senior in college I worked part-time in a movie theatre to support my monthly rent. It was an easy job. Just sitting round watching movies, and being a good friend to the head manager(Carla) made it easier. Carla had young b*****r(Dave), who was a senior in high school that worked with me on weekends. Quickly we became best-friends. Being 21 and buying beers, and having my own apartment, I was li… Read more

Posted by 1981leo 4 years ago 3 3,965 86%